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  1. Ashley Babbitt was White so Globohomo is glad she is dead. The black cop was scared so he just opened fire. If the situation was so dangerous why he was he the only one who opened fire?

    • Trump should have been there leading them. The fact that he wasn’t speaks volumes about the kind of man Trump really is. Yet, he’s succeeded in conning his supporters that most of them still stand by him.

  2. Back in the “good old days” of my journey through life, when I still had a modicum of faith in the integrity of our government, my views would have been sympathetic to this man as a “public servant”. Back in that bygone time, I believed that law enforcement served the greater good, that justice was (somewhat) blind, and I had this crazy idea, that I’m thankful that I’ve since rejected, that elected officials deserved some sort of special protection because their job put a target on their backs. I knew that many of them were corrupt, but I guess I believed that taken as a whole, our leaders were basically good people who for better or for worse SERVED the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    The last half decade of hysteria about immigration completely vanquished those pretenses from my naive mind.

    I can halfway believe that this DC officer felt that the people inside the chamber with him were threatened, that his duty was to protect those people, and he had no way of knowing the scope of what was happening outside the chamber. I can halfway sympathize with him.

    However, I no longer believe that our “leaders” are good people taken as a whole. As a whole, they are traitors at worst and whores at best. I believe that the founding fathers intended that these people be accountable to the people, that they should be willing to stand before a crowd of angry voters and and account for their actions instead of hiding behind the barrel of a loaded gun.

    Furthermore, if they believe that they have the right to take my ability to protect myself from me by banning various guns or ammo, they shouldn’t be allowed those protections of lethal force.

    This DC cop isn’t the issue. The issue is that our government is out of control and they do not believe themselves to be accountable to the people. January 6th was the Rubicon. It was the day that we all learned our place as peasants. Rabble.

    Democracy is a lie. At least we know the truth now.

    • @Citizen the issue is that we have people walking around high on drugs robbing, shooting, stabbing and all around acting like uncontrollable animals but to approach them and use force is a hate crime. Whites are on the chopping block and killing them is sanctioned.

      There is no standard of proportional action amongst the law or Feds. The only standard is if you are a protected class you are untouchable and if you arent it is open season

    • I bet he wishes he hadn’t taken the shot or had just fired the bullet into the wall instead. He’s a truly ignorant bastard. I can’t see him having a normal life ever again. He’s forever Babbit Clipper.

  3. The Federal Government is evil.

    Fight back.

    Starve the beast.

    Stop purchasing goods subject to federal excise tax – gasoline, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, ammunition, etc.

  4. That was not a justified shooting. They held off on this to avoid the comparison in the treatment of Byrd and Chauvin. If both killed the innocent, shouldn’t both be treated in the same way by the law? Or do we have special privileged characters who are above the law?

    • I believe he was issued a Glock which doesn’t have a safety, it’s always ready to fire. Imbeciles like him shouldn’t ever have firearms in public. People like him are a menace to themselves and others through their incompetence, bad judgement and stupidity.

    • Joggers are not being held accountable. Every pass is available to them. While whites were busy watching football and cheering on their favorite ballplayer, the anti-whites were getting stronger. I don’t see most whites upset at how Chauvin was treated, or how there was already plans made to get him, if he wasn’t found guilty the first time. Most whites are so mentally numb and they hear about these things, and just forget about it over beer, sports, and TV.

  5. This is the face of affirmative action. Listen to the slow labored speech. The garbled accent and confused look. It does’nt suriprise me that this guy left his gun on a bathroom sink it does surprise me even knowing how messed up this country is, to think he rose through the ranks making him an senior officer responsible for protecting the Capitol of the United States

    • If they can keep passing him through for enough years, he will be able to stop working while he is still young, and collect a generous pension, living off the working taxpayers. These jobs are just another form of welfare.

    • He’s a murderer/incompetent. He couldn’t tell the difference between hazards. Given that, people shouldn’t have stormed in without expecting murder and incompetence from the authorities. Most of these cops are just as bad. The system in venal.

  6. The incompetent affirmative action negro who killed an unarmed White woman was disciplined for leaving his loaded gun in a public bathroom at the Congressional Visitor Center.

    If the races were reversed, he would already be in jail in order to appease the savages. Riots, looting and arson would follow.

    • Everyone knows that. Negro incompetence and insulation from it is a public secret. I think this is what forced him or his handlers to finally decide to go public, trying to do damage control.

  7. Just think what would happen if the cop was White and victim was black. The controlled media would have him persecuted without a fair trial. He would be compared to Byron De La Beckwith.

  8. How was she ‘posing a threat’ at the point of the actual shooting? She was an unarmed female!
    At least Derek Chauvins taking out of George Floyd ridded us of a career criminal, and did so accidentally.
    Why does Byrd remain at large?

  9. He shot an unarmed woman climbing through a window when there were other cops behind her who weren’t being attacked by the crowd. So he has no excuse. He’s a murderer, and a far more clear-cut case than than overdose nigger Floyd who absolutely refused to be arrested. But because he too is an untouchable nigger and she was a hated White Qtard Dump supporter, the kikemedia & the rest of the (((system))) is giving him a free murder pass.

  10. You retards have turned into complete Dindus over Ashli Babbitt. The only reason you’re defending her is because she is a white Trump supporter.

    • @”Objectivity” – Why shouldn’t we support Ashli Babbitt?? She is a non-threatening White woman, with no criminal record, who was executed by an incompetent (at best) Black diversity hire who is facing ZERO consequences for fucking up.

      Racial solidarity is a winning strategy, and we’d better be learning it — quickly.

  11. Has anyone recently taken a hazard perception test? Sure she was a potential hazard… But a devoloping or immanent hazard? He’s a murdering incompetent. He shouldn’t be allowed to drive let alone guard dignitaries.

  12. I can’t watch anything with those cia funded holt brother bastards in it.

    The lesson of this ghey op is don’t listen to grifters bullshit lies of stopping the steal and don’t let them lead you into a fricking fed honeypot! Ya naive afs patriottard dummies

  13. How can you just post videos from other networks like this and pass up the opportunity to make obvious points, like juxtaposing the killing of an unarmed White woman by an overzealous “cop” being ok since he’s a coon?

    What about the obvious juxtaposition of this softselling with the fury last summer over the killing of unarmed coons by White cops?

    I can find these videos linked in a hundred places. What I can’t get a hundred places are insights from a pro White historian commentator.

  14. With Jefferson [Davis] imprisoned and politicians and lawyers deliberating his legal fate, Varina stepped forward to take charge of her family. After her husband had been taken from the Clyde, she was not allowed to leave the ship. Instead, the Federal authorities sent her back down the coast to Savannah, where the U.S. Army kept her basically under town arrest. Closely watched and restricted to the town, she lived in a hotel.

    Upon her arrival in Savannah, she wrote that she trudged from the docks to the hotel “quite in emigrant fashion.” She had primary responsibility for her four children, with assistance only from her twenty-three-year-old sister Margaret, who had spent the war years with her, and Robert Brown, a former Davis slave who stood steadfastly by his mistress’s side. Varina had very little money and practically no possessions, even clothes. According to her, Federal soldiers from Irwinville to the Clyde had ransacked the family belongings and taken whatever they pleased. She and her children had barely more than they wore.

    Although the warm reception given her by the citizens of Savannah heartened Varina, the well-being of her little ones caused great anxiety. She feared the torrid temperatures of a Deep South summer would devastate her unacclimated brood. The baby, Varina Anne—Piecake—did come down with whooping cough, and her mother was convinced the heat made it worse. Yet potential psychological and physical harm concerned Varina even more than disease. She was greatly distressed at the taunting of her sons by other boys and soldiers. Three-and-a-half-year-old Billy even picked up the words to the popular ditty “We’ll Hang Jeff Davis on a Sour Apple Tree.” The social revolution accompanying the destruction of slavery engulfed her when a black soldier leveled his gun at a young Davis who had called him “uncle,” a paternalistic endearment whites often used for favorite older bondsmen during slavery.
    — Cooper, William J.. Jefferson Davis, American

    So a black soldier threatened one of Jefferson Davis’s children with a gun for addressing him as “uncle”. Makes sense … at least to radical Blacks. These people need to be put on a reservation. The segregationists have been right all along. The White Marxists/Communists/Anarchists/etc just sic them on other White people for political gain and terrorist purposes.

  15. No, Seeker. She was an unarmed protestor gunned down by a moron with a badge. Speaking as a security officer, there are many steps to take before you simply shoot someone. Also, the coward did it hidden, didn’t announce himself, say ‘stop or I’ll shoot.’ That is clearly SOP.
    He clearly violated every police procedure, but it makes no difference. It’s kind of disgusting watching CNN with their ‘panel’ defend this jerk.

    He was ‘afraid.’ If you’re afraid, you’ve no business being in police work, but the entire Jan. 6 thing was a set-up, an upscale Charlottesville with a fancy dome and marble floors. it’s been shown the capitol police testimony on almost everything is inaccurate, doctored, and contradictory.

    Of course, there are those who say this was an entirely staged event. Go to Miles William Mathis’s website, and he claims the entire Jan. 6 event was staged by military intelligence to solidify power by the system. He especially said Air Force intelligence was behind it, and since Babbitt was an air force veteran, this, to Mathis, is a red flag.
    There are those who wildly support Trump no matter what, and those like yourself who hate Trump for whatever reason. Well, this is your site, but most of us are protesting injustice and police murder.

  16. My distaste for this regime hijacking America since the 60s non withstanding. What government in the world wouldn’t open fire on rioters storming it’s capital government building? Would Belarus, Indonesia, or Bahrain allow such? The only problem is the hypocrisy we saw last summer coddling the BLM Antifa scum. If we had a real government those revolts would have been put down the way the Burmese Army puts down revolts.

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