Axios: Why Afghanistan Fell Off of the Media’s Radar

This really says it all.

The “journalists” weren’t interested in Afghanistan until the withdrawal. The catastrophe was that the war and occupation ended which has been such a boon to the defense contractors based in the Beltway. The end of the war has been traumatic, painful and humiliating for state media.


Note: There is still hope that we can go somewhere else and plunge into another quagmire as big as Afghanistan. Maybe Ethiopia or Eritrea?

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  1. The USA invaded Afghanistan on behalf of Israel (behind the scenes), the TAPI pipeline and causing chaos in Muslim countries part of the reason and the phony reason, grabbing the supposed 911 mastermind Osama bin Laden (Mossad did 911).

    The USA either receives orders from Israel or must get permission from Israel to do just about anything of significance in the Middle East. Why did Israel allow the USA to move out of Afghanistan? I can think of a few theories.

    Why did Biden leave a reported huge amount of military equipment in Afghanistan? Part of the deal with the Taliban to provide supposed protection for Americans against terrorist organizations during their evacuation of Afghanistan?

    Did the powerful Israeli Firsters in the Biden Administration receive orders from their bosses in Israel to leave a huge amount of military equipment in Afghanistan to help insure for decades chaos and fighting in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries in the region? Muslims in the Middle East fighting amongst themselves, an old Israeli strategy.

  2. “The USA invaded Afghanistan on behalf of Israel.” The talmudics are the seed of Satan, [ John 8:44, Acts 13:46, I John 2:19] and are a curse on any Christian nation that aids her. She has been covenantally disenfranchised for 2000 years.

    Let every Jew perish, that the world may survive.
    Deo Volente.

  3. There wasn’t much for the scumbags in the Lügenpresse to report as long as the battles were small, out of the way and the U.S. casualties were few and far between. From their point of view it didn’t make for interesting reporting that could be used to sell advertising minutes.

    TV is ultimately just another bidness like Boeing being a merchant of death or Ford selling pickup trucks the Taliban now have or VW, Toshiba, Google, local drug dealers or any other good bidnessmen. It’s all about making as much money as possible in the shortest period of time possible without going to jail. There is the added dimension of low rent propaganda with the Lügenpresse lacking in other bidnesses however, sort of like a cheap, never ending soap opera.

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