Newt Gingrich: U.S. May Spend More Money on Defense After Afghanistan Withdrawal

Clearly, we need to spend more money on the Pentagon, which sees us as “fascism” and its “domestic enemy” and is currently purging people who share our views from the military.

We need to spend more money on these failed generals like Gen. Jack Keane who lose every war that they start and the corrupt defense contractors gorging themselves at the trough in DC and the “intelligence community” which created all of these terrorist boogeyman groups in the first place.

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  1. The Empire MUST spend more on “defense.” The logic and nature of imperialism requires it. As long as the Almighty Dollar (that “we” REALLY “trust in”) remains the world reserve currency and the majority of world banking is U.S.- and U.K.-based, there can be no limit to the height of military spending. There will be no turning back from imperialism – temporary tactical withdrawals or “defeats” notwithstanding – until it is too late to turn back.

  2. It will just bring the occupational government down faster. US troops can not only not deploy they apparently can’t retreat successfully either. The Petro$ is running on fumes. Would suck to be Taiwanese right now but then they are not really free either with a Blockrock/Rothschilds controlled Central Bank. Free range slavery works better than Communism. So far anyway.

  3. In the context of Afghanistan, what would ‘winning the war’ have actually looked like? And if this ‘winning’ couldn’t be achieved after twenty years and two trillion, then when?
    I need someone to define ‘winning’.

  4. In all of the reporting and commenting and interviewing on the recent events in Afghanistan, the most important thing that is never mentioned is WHY the US military was in Afghanistan. Remember that war criminal Shrub Bush sent the US military to Afghanistan to capture/kill Osama bin Laden, as bin Laden was announced as the person behind the 911 attacks on America. The truth is that Israel and the Bush criminals did 911. bin Laden was just the scapegoat to hide the truth of what Israel and the Shrubbers did.
    I have always thought that America was terminal UNLESS the truth of 911 was told and Israel destroyed.
    And, so , here we are in Sept of 2021…20 years later. And, yes, America has been destroyed.

  5. Gingrich is such a wretch.

    These people serve the Establishment, they don’t represent you — that should be obvious by now.

    When Jennifer Rubin made merry over the absolute decline of the white population since the 2010 census, she also said Whites should be prevented from ruling as a minority — when I look at white politicians today, nearly all of them really, here exemplified by Gingrich and Trump, I can only agree that there are a great many Whites I don’t want to see in power either.

    • The Holy Roman Catholic Newt has been talking a lot of crazy shit lately—like selling the boobs “title lock insurance”. As if some criminal is just going to walk into a recorder of deeds office and change a title, and not give the local sheriff something to do for the day. Maybe if there were a lot of private sales in your area, the notary was corrupt, the recorder of deeds was asleep, and the sale was never published, it might be possible to pull off some kind of a scam. But, then you also have the little problem of the criminal financing the sale, and assuming the tax liability. Plus, I’m sure there are any number of details I’m leaving out.

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