Ari Fleischer: Biden Is Half The Man We Thought He Was

Lets bring on Ari Fleisher, George W. Bush’s f***ing press secretary, and ask him for his opinion about the fiasco in Afghanistan.

Matt Taibbi:

In an interview yesterday about a piece I wrote on Afghanistan, Krystal and Saagar brought up questions I overlooked, including the revolving door in the contracting world, as well as the remarkable intransigence of the corporate press on the “forever war” front. Many long-ago disgraced or discredited hawks were mysteriously revived to play analyst as the gruesome footage from Kabul rolled in. “The same liars are elevated despite the fact that we knew they were lying,” noted Saagar.

TV rehabilitation of the idiots who got America into the Afghan mess was so conspicuous that it became a late-night punchline, with even Seth Myers making a bit about it. Myers only focused on the Republican ghouls revived, but he at least noticed, while Vox did a more comprehensive review that also puzzled over the on-air presence of people like Leon Panetta, who oversaw Barack Obama’s “surge.” …”

Note: Can we book George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to get their thoughts on the fiasco in Afghanistan?

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  1. The revolving door between the military and NGO refugee resettlement is just as big a money spinner though. Sofitel in Heathrow is a massive quarantine area now.

    • >he revolving door between the military and NGO refugee resettlement

      I suppose you mean US military action destabilizes parts of the world, causing refugee flows — ?

      Otherwise the military has nothing to do with refugee resettlement — actually the UN decides which refugees come to the US — also, there is a ‘revolving door’, but it’s between the US government, usually the State Dept which oversees the refugee program, and the NGOs — there is a LOT of money involved, and many of the top officers/management of these resettlement contractors are paid hundreds of thousands of $, and their organizations are paid tens of millions by the federal government to dump refugees into American communities.

      • Have you seen who gets jobs handling these refugees? Military commissions in the CV are a necessity. It’s a revolving door.

  2. This sociopathic kike pussy that has the blood of hundreds of thousands – if not millions – on his hands shouldn’t be calling anyone Half a Man.

    • I don’t like what he represents, but he isn’t dumb. He knows what he is doing, and I’m sure he doesn’t really make the decisions. So never underestimate the opposition.

  3. The U.S. now is like a low budget horror movie with the zombies coming back to life to feast upon the living. These scumbags like General Jack, Leon Panetta, Liz Cheney, Ari and the King of Failure himself, the Village Idiot of McLennan County Texas, the miserable George Bush II: Come on Down and claim your booby prize, a genuine, no imitations accepted crown from Burger King! Wear it with pride you damn fool.

  4. A real man is someone who makes an unpopular decision for the greater good, stands by it and endures the resulting barrage without caving. So far, Biden has ticked all the boxes………if only with this issue.

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