Tucker Carlson: The Rules Are Different Now

This is the first decent clip that I have seen about Afghanistan on FOX News in three weeks. The problem isn’t Joe Biden who is getting killing in the polls for defying the foreign policy establishment and doing the right thing for once and withdrawing from Afghanistan which is the policy that we have always supported regardless of who has been president. We don’t give a shit about personalities. Presidents come and go and what matters is the decisions that they make while in office.

The problem is the Pentagon and “intelligence community” and the “journalists” who are committed to imperialism. The most amazing thing about the withdrawal from Afghanistan is that it has revealed the “journalists” are more committed to cheerleading for endless war and American imperialism than in defending and protecting Joe Biden. In fact, what we are seeing is a continuation of what happened to Donald Trump when he made anti-imperialist noises. Joe Biden is being punished by the Pentagon and Deep State and the “journalists” for following through on the peace deal with the Taliban.

This is why we were stuck there for 20 years. Barack Obama and Donald Trump didn’t have the guts to pull out of Afghanistan or any of the other quagmires the Pentagon, foreign policy establishment and “intelligence community” had mired us in like Iraq and Syria because doing so would have caused a huge tantrum in the media and in Congress which would have cratered their poll numbers. In theory, the president is supposed to be in charge of foreign policy with oversight from Congress, but in reality the Pentagon, foreign policy establishment, powerful senators, the “intelligence community” and the “journalists” have been running multiple presidents. They have seized control of the wheel and have been running our foreign policy in defiance of public opinion. The best example of this is the Russia hoax which went on for years and was created by the “intelligence community” in partnership with the “journalists” to threaten Trump with impeachment in order to control his foreign policy. It worked too.

It is not merely cultural degeneration which is a feature of dying empires. We’ve created a military establishment that is accustomed to dominating and projecting power around the world and killing millions in the process. We’ve also created an “intelligence community” which has spent decades learning how to subvert and overthrow governments abroad like when Trump attempted to install Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela. It was always fanciful to believe that what the Pentagon and “intelligence community” has done abroad like in the “War on Terror” wouldn’t be unleashed against their domestic enemies here at home. The Pentagon and “intelligence community” subverted the Trump administration from Day One and now they are doing it to Joe Biden for ending the war in Afghanistan.

This is why when you turn on any of these cable news outlets – FOX News, MSNBC and CNN – what you find are these retired generals like General Jack Keane who work for defense contractors or CIA and FBI agents explaining to you why the withdrawal from Afghanistan was the worst thing ever. They are not even trying to hide the fact that they are on state media trying to openly mold and manage public opinion. The same parasites who plunged us into these wars and who lost the wars and who grifted trillions of dollars off the American taxpayer and who created these terrorist groups in the first place in places like Afghanistan are suddenly all over television trashing Joe Biden. No dissent from the narrative is allowed even though the majority of the public still supports withdrawing from Afghanistan.

It is a huge mistake to pile on Joe Biden for partisan reasons for withdrawing from Afghanistan which is the policy that we supported. The only thing that accomplishes is making it even harder for future presidents – Democrat or Republican – to cut these antiquated trip wires and pull troops out of other countries.

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  1. My own opinion is that Bidens dementia may have actually helped him do this. People with dementia get confused, but also get stubborn, and difficult to deal with. Because he’s not really rational, he can’t be talked out of it, and political bribes, nice positions in corporate companies after his presidency, etc, all have no meaning to a confused man, he’s stuck on this one thing, and can’t be talked out of it. if you’ve been around dementia, or Alzheimer’s patients, you know what I mean. So while his dementia is a tragedy, I really do feel compassion for him, it’s awful to watch. (I have more loathing for the disgusting people trying to use him for their own power and wealth) God works in mysterious ways, and I never expected someone like Biden to accomplish this, but it worked, and it also humiliates all the right people. But the cost in lives, etc, is awful. Dealing with evil has a cost, the cross being top example.

    • If this were true, that Bidens withdrawal was just a retard strength Alzheimer’s tantrum, they would have just killed him and let Kamala take over.

      Joe Biden has never done anything good for Whitey and this will be no different. He had a reason, but past being prologue there’s no reason to think it was because he was tired of seeing White blood and treasure wasted. Given how many brown people got shipped to swing states, thats more likely to have been his reason, “refugees”.

      I don’t buy this stuff about not piling on Biden. This site had no issue piling on Trump and ignoring the little good he did, especially around the covid deal, which was endlessly and relentlessly laid at his feet in an election year even though it was clearly a psyop.

      Whats so special about Joe?

      I wont cheerlead for an enemy. I don’t owe him anything.

  2. Once again well done Joe!, what ever the reason mindful or mindless, well done

    I´m a veteran myself and i want to say thank you Joe Biden, Only in America would you have to endure this for ending a un-just and illegal war

    This country is beyond redemption and God is taking notes

    For us
    Deo Vindice

    • Indeed. Logically, Dementia Joe doesn’t have to justify leaving Afghanistan, the war mongers who want to continue the war there are the ones who need to justify their position. Anyone, anytime who advocates for war has the very high burden of justifying their position. To any sane, moral person war is an unmitigated disaster with unpredictable and horrible consequences. It’s illogical to bring the horrors of war down upon oneself.

      This was true on Dec. 8th, 1941 when Franklin Scumbag Roosevelt, before both houses of the ho house known as Congress and on live, nationwide radio called for a declaration of war against The Empire of Japan because of their attack on Pearl Harbor. Regardless of whether FDR baited the Japanese into attacking and left Pearl Harbor vulnerable (highly likely) it was Japan that attacked first.

      This gave that notorious scumbag FDR all the casus belli he needed. N.B. FDR did not call for war against Germany on Dec. 8th, 1941, he lacked any casus belli. Adolph foolishly went before the Reichstag on Dec. 11th, 1941 and declared war on the U.S. (to the everlasting joy of Churchill and FDR) lacking any casus belli against the U.S.

    • I’m glad we are leaving too.

      But I don’t think any of this was done for the benefit of White working class soldiers.

      There is more going on here than it appears. But while we wait to figure out exactly what, I’m glad we won’t have that as yet another endless conflict our guys are exposed to for no reason.

  3. Other than Tucker Fox News is unwatchable, and that bright Chiron at the bottom of the screen is burning a hole into my old plasma TV. So I switched over to CNN as I waited for Biden’s address which was running a late and they were echoing the Fox News talking points. Got me scratching the old noggin. Jack Keane kept coming back on Fox over and over as they awaited Biden’s delayed address to the nation. Next day I a fliped on a morning AM talk show in my town and the local radio host is doing a call in interview…with… Jack Keane.

  4. “A likely scenario is that Afghanistan was surrendered at the urging of the Chinese, who saw an opportunity to blackmail old Joe Biden for many kickbacks he and his son, Hunter, had been taking throughout his years in Washington, D.C. It is no secret that the Chinese have had their eye on Afghanistan’s mineral deposits.

    As far back as 2013, Hunter Biden’s equity firm scored a $1.5-billion deal with the Bank of China. In 2013 the Red Chinese declared sovereignty over the South China Sea. Allies in the region were upset. Vice President Joe Biden was sent to China to confront the Chinese. He flew to China on Air Force Two along with his son, Hunter. Joe Biden failed to challenge the Chinese. Instead, he went soft, and, not surprisingly, his son returned to the United States with a $1.5-billion deal.

    In a May 2017 email exchange between Hunter Biden and his former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, the two discussed how to cut Joe Biden in on a multi-million-dollar deal with a Communist Party billionaire. In the email, Joe Biden was referred to as “The Big Guy.” That email exchange was one of thousands of messages found on Hunter Biden’s laptop that he left behind in a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware in April of 2019.”


    • Don’t expect this theory, which I think is a good one, to get any traction on this or any other dissident site.

      Historically I’ve noticed that the Chinese are off limits for criticism and on the contrary are usually held up as paragons of traditional values like with the article lauding the CCP for banning queers from TV, or Anglins now storied sinophilia and faggotry over the Chinese.

      No mention has ever been made that I’m aware of that the political left here and in Europe has been funded by and in collusion with the CCP as long as it has existed, and was also the Soviet Communists before they more or less disolved.

      Much of the cultural disarray we see in the West now is a direct result of fifth columnists actively or indirectly allied to China, Hanoi Jane being a prominent example, or the Weather Underground, a Maoist terrorist group and many other examples.

      One of the reasons for this protection the Chinese enjoy on the dissident right is owed to something I’ve criticized in the past, the pathological tendency to blame Jews for literally everything regardless of how extreme or slim the connection.

      Second, our own intelligence services coopt the dissident movements in other countries on both sides by flooding them with cash and resources and weapons in extreme cases. In this age of free moving money it wouldn’t surprise me to find out half the dissident right talking heads were taking money from the CCP and using the now well known antisemitic tendencies of European/White Nationalists against themselves, constantly distracting from the larger elephant in the room that increasingly has little sloped eyes, bad hygiene and no social skills but considers itself the master race ascendant.

      Honestly yours is the best explanation I’ve seen yet for this clusterfuck in Afghanistan.

      It sure as shit is more convincing than the prevailing theory that Joe just happened to accidentally do something right, as though that has any explanatory force at all given his 50 year history as a piece of shit.

      There are several standard explanations that have to be considered in the phenomenology of politics, as they are by far the least complicated/most parsimonious and I think these have to be ruled out before you can consider anything else.

      1)Corruption is THE most likely explanation for any decision made by an elected official. If I have to justify this position then folks just haven’t studied their history enough because its just obviously so.

      2)Incompetence. Its a myth that politicians succeed on their merits. Most succeed because they have no scruples and are paid for (see point one) and when given lattitude generally have no fucking clue what they are doing.

      3)Malice. Activists, ideologues, fags and women are vicious, vindictive and know no restraint when given power and are capable of terrible excesses.

      The majority of normal men are far less complex in the structure of their ego, and are more secure in their identities since they are naturally reinforced when in power since thats who is best suited for it.

      Women, fags, activists and ideologues don’t enjoy that natural reinforcement and compensate by being viscious.

      Dumb luck doesn’t rate on my list of most likely explanations of political phenomena. I’d sooner accept dousing for water as the best way to site a well then accept that for no reason anybody can discern Joe decided to do just this one good thing for Whitey. It just doesn’t square with reality.

      If I go with my gut, it says it smells a big rat.

  5. Getting out of all foreign wars is a good start. Bringing home every vet that is stationed overseas in some foreign land is another Put them all along the border.

  6. The last president who really tried to carry out the unitary executive function of Article II was Nixon, and they pulled a coup on him for it. There would probably be a real effort to remove Biden if they thought Kamala could win an election, but she is just extremely unpopular with everyone. If they pulled a coup on Biden now and had him replaced with Kamala, there is a strong possibility she would lose to Blompf in 2024. The threat of Trump beating Harris is probably the only reason the media isn’t being flooded with fake Biden scandals attempting to remove him right now. But after he wins the next election, they might try removing him.

    • I am shocked, shocked! The Empire never lets go once they sink their teeth in unless one of its conquests turns into a massive, uncontrollable clusterfuck causing massive public blowback like Vietnam. If the Empire’s adventure ends up endangering the political careers of the Solons in the Ho House known as Congress then the Empire will abandon ship on its adventure quicker than the Titanic but, of course, bringing its camp followers and satraps back to dump them in the Empire.

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