General Jack Keane: China Will Take Advantage of Power Vacuum In Afghanistan

Lets bring on General Jack Keane for the umpteenth time, the failed general who was behind George W. Bush’s surge in Iraq and whose company makes Humvees and who profits from defense spending on these endless wars, and ask him for his opinion about the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan. How will China, Russia and Iran be empowered by 20 years of his failed policies in Afghanistan?

Note: At this point, why wouldn’t you bring on Bill Kristol and David Frum and ask them about their opinions on American foreign policy? Why not bring on Max Boot for old times sake?

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  1. The history of China is of mostly looking inward, with a very slow “organic,” natural, expansion of its borders to the north, south and west. 90% Han China does not want to be diluted any further with any more foreign elements. The Ethno-nationalist concepts of “socialism in one country” and “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” indicate China is focused on solving its own problems and perfecting itself instead of exporting a cosmopolitan revolution to the rest of the world, and does not really care if the U.S. is capitalist. China is historically interested in trade, but not world conquest.

  2. Oh you mean China do business with them without forcing feminism on them and without starting a war that will kill 100,000 people?

  3. Yeah, the Chinese are actually smart — as in Africa, they will concentrate on gaining long term access to Afghanistan’s mineral wealth (although the Chinese already control a large share of rare earth deposits), and take Putin’s advice by not trying to do any nation building/impose ‘democracy’, or spread ‘globohomo’ propaganda.

  4. Well, if these General Dingleberries are so worried about the rise of China…why were they..still are…enthusiasts for importing China’s Youth Population for training in Mathematics…Physics…Computer Science…and Biotechnology? And they are…and if a Native White Working Class White Guy publicly opposes this policy…he will be declared a terrorist by the DHS and the State Department ….Donald Trump’s DHS and State Department did just this…while at the same time going on Fox News telling a Chinese Goverment Official how wonderful it would be to import Chinese Youth Population because He is creating so many new jobs in the STEM Fields….

    Bomb China the Generals say…and they simultaneously say import China’s Youth…so China’s Youth Population…LEGAL IMMIGRANTS… can vote America’s Native White Working Class Youth Population into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America….


  5. China makes allies by trading and assisting in building infrastructure. The American empire only makes “allies” through threats and bribery. And if that fails then they murder people and destroy their cultures until they agree to vassalization.

    You can look at the policies in Africa for the contrast. America was helping Africa “develop” for half of the 20th century and all Africans got out of it was piles of debt, extremely rich warlords surrounded by impoverished masses, an AIDS epidemic, and their populations poached and transferred to USA and Europe. China has been assisting Africa for only a couple of decades and they have already developed respectable infrastructure in many places. By the middle of this century, parts of Africa will have better infrastructure than the USA does. And because China has actually been developing Africa, migration from those countries will be less, too. Who would want to move from Chinese-developed Africa to a third world shit hole like the USA?

    It will be easy for China to make friends in Afghanistan because America, under the leadership of guys like this child molester looking General Keane, spent the past 20 years murdering and torturing people there so women could learn to hate their fathers and get masters degrees in gender theory. The people of Afghanistan will be happy to have China as an ally that just wants to trade and not murder them or destroy their culture.

    • @Dart – What do you mean Africa’s population was “poached” during the 20th century? By whom?? And for what purpose?

      • I mean that the American elite transferred African populations from Africa to the USA and Europe. Often these were the more intelligent and educated Africans, and it was done intentionally to brain drain Africa. Since brains are in short supply in Africa, this would be considered “poaching” their populations and denying Africa the already limited talent that they need.

  6. The Empire must collapse because of its too numerous to mention internal contradictions. Our response should be to disengage as much as possible, stand back, let the filthy mess collapse and save what we can for ourselves. As the Empire declines the contradictions, hypocrisy and failures will only be heightened.

    “Diversity is our greatest strength” but diversity cannot run the military/industrial/utility systems that the Empire needs to survive. Wait until Dementia Joe resigns and Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President, Yikes! Dementia Joe is probably still Mr. President only because of how bad Cackling Kamala truly is.

  7. This guy is wealthy, right? Yet, has anyone looked more miserable and angry? These wildly rich fucks should look…happy! There is something very wrong with you if you’re in the 1% and you look like that. Not an advertisement for desiring to be a greedy sociopath.

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