National Review: Why We Can Accept Afghan Refugees, and Should

This website is strongly against imperialism.

  • ZOG is fundamentally a dollar-based empire, not a republic or nation-state, and just a base for the projection of military, financial and cultural power abroad
  • Imperialism is what created the very terrorist groups in the Middle East and Central Asia which became the justification for yet more meddling after the 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • Imperialism transfers wealth out of the productive economy and systematically redistributes it to corrupt defense contractors in the Beltway. It also redistributes wealth to the people who own the debt which is created by imperialism. This is the financial incentive for endless wars
  • Imperialism is the reason that White working class and White middle class soldiers from the Heartland either die or end up maimed for life on distant battlefields in countries which they would have otherwise never visited like Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Imperialism is what we spend much of our budget on at the expense of other things like infrastructure investment
  • Imperialism is the primary reason why we have one sided free trade agreements with all of our “allies” and even our foes like China. The economic interest of the American worker is sacrificed by the State Department to the foreign policy needs of the American Empire
  • Imperialism has created an “intelligence community” which has learned how to massage and manufacture public opinion and subvert and overthrow governments in foreign countries. Increasingly, we see the “intelligence community” applying these skills in this country
  • Imperialism has created a military establishment which is less and less accountable and responsive to civilian control and which now defines people like us as their “domestic enemy”
  • Since the days of the Roman Empire, imperialism always leads to hollowed out cities in the imperial core, a consumer economy and cultural degeneration and demographic replacement. The Roman Empire fell due to refugee resettlement gone awry
  • Imperialism leads to a cosmopolitan, transnational ruling class which no longer thinks in terms of national interest and power and which ceases to identify with the native working class
  • Imperialism leads to a loss of liberty as citizens have less and less control over their own government and its military
  • Imperialism has led to a seething, alienated Muslim underclass in Western Europe and crime and other long term social problems

The case against imperialism can be made on so many levels.

National Review:

“If you don’t imbibe the noxious prattle-on-demand that calls itself cable television “news,” you might not realize that a crew of pundits and talking heads has spent much of the last few weeks warning that the fall of Kabul to the Taliban will mean an invasive flood of Afghan refugees pouring into our streets, ravaging our daughters, and imposing sharia law on our cul-de-sacs and HOAs.

Never mind that those refugees are running from the imposition of an especially brutal form of sharia law, or that to fight a terrorist cell, we invaded their country two decades ago, and some of them helped us do it.

Never mind that the people wanting out of their country are so desperate to leave that they flooded the Kabul airport, sent children on ahead, and clung to the bottom of departing C-17 military planes.

Never mind that some of them — the ones who’d been on our payroll, mostly — may now be killed for the crime of taking a paycheck. …

But it would be tragic if we let those same voices consign men, women, and children to violence and oppression at the hands of the gang of Central Asian thugs who just chased us from our embassy in Kabul, or to languishing in makeshift refugee camps with no meaningful educational or economic opportunities.

Especially when we don’t have to. …”

We have fools who start wars in distant countries.

We have “journalists” who are fools who lie about those wars.

We have a military establishment and “intelligence community” that is extremely talented at destabilizing and wrecking foreign countries and creating huge waves of refugees.

After taking our money, using it to destabilize Afghanistan for 20 years, creating a pretext to occupy Afghanistan for another 20 years and losing a war to the Taliban, the same people who supported this now say that we have to take refugees from Afghanistan. We are “morally obligated” to our “Afghan allies” including all the random people who weren’t interpreters who converged on the airport to get their golden ticket to a refugee resettlement point in Wisconsin. It would be tragic for them to stay in their own country. We had to fight them over there for 20 years in order to import them here.

The people who are incapable of minding their own business and created this gigantic clusterfuck in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria and Libya and other countries like Yemen then get all sanctimonious and style themselves as “humanitarians.” It isn’t very Christian of you to oppose their destructive wars which create millions of refugees and their plans to resettle them here. It isn’t very Christian of you to believe that the best thing we can do for these people is to LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Note: “Fascism” is the lack of interest and support for the warmongering generals amd foreign policy establishment and their project of imperialism abroad. “Fascism” is valuing independence and self government and rejecting militarism and wanting to mind your own business.

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  1. I subscribed to NR back when they still had some paleos on the staff. Peter Brimelow was warning against open borders, Joe Sobran was their very best writer, and warned against getting into imperialist wars for Israel. John Derbyshire was there and was fired for being too commensencial in an article he didn’t even write for them.
    If those past three names are too “strong meat” for you as Mark Steyn might say well even he was there too.
    They were all sacked or in Steyn’s case I believe he quit because he was so fed up with their fecklessness.
    I would like to see NR relocate their offices from New York to Kabul.

    • Doobyshire has a nonwhite wife and mixed kids. Why would anyone listen to him? Don’t tell me what to do, if you’re not going to play by the rules yourself.

      Some of these paleos just look at this like a hobby and to see how much publicity they get.

    • I would like to see what happened in OKC happen at the NR offices; not advocating it, mind you, just would like to see justice meted out by God. Damn it, these people deserve to be held accountable for their lies and crimes! Just like Rachel MadCow should be sacked for her blatant misrepresentation of the LIES about Ivermectin.

      I hate these god-damned bastards and jewish whores with a righteous hatred. Ps. 139: 22.

      Arise, O Lord, and smite thine Enemies. By any means necessary. Rom. 1:32

  2. The National Gay Boy Review serves the following special interests:



    Jeff Bezos…NAMBLA

    Bill Gates…NAMBLA

    Mark tapeworm parasite Zuckerberg…NAMBLA

    Log Cabin Republicans…NAMBLA


    Comet Pizza…NAMBLA

    The Military Homosexual Pederast NAMBLA Industrial Complex


  3. What did flyover America get out of this war? Refugees…………and absolutely nothing else. Two trillion of your money gone, and that is ALL that you’ve gained.
    Did the war make your streets safer? Did it make the southern border more secure? Did it eliminate grooming gangs in the UK?
    Next time they tell you to ‘take it to the ballet box’, remember this:- that won’t achieve a thing.
    There’s only three certainties in war:- billions wasted, more dieversity and disfigured returned men.
    Finally, it’s not as if they weren’t aware at the start that the conclusion of this war would ‘unexpectedly’ create refugee movement. It was all by design.
    I’m just………tired of these unelected goons behind the scenes who pull all the strings. They’re lurking behind there regardless of who you vote in.

  4. America has now undergone the greatest transfomation of all as it has now morphed into the world’s first anti-nation in which it makes war, both domestically and internationally, on all forms of authentic organic nationalism. In other words we went from “these united States of America” to “The United States of America” thanks to Lincoln. So despite what the Retarded Right may have you believe there is no direct connection to what America was then and what it has become. Our history is one of multiple covert revolutions that have changed America which for the most part went unnoticed by “We the people.” Look at an America flag and what do you see? 13 red and white stripes representing the 13 colonoes . (That is still accurate) and 50 stars representing states. Stars represent sovereignity as regards vexillology and states are no longer sovereign in America so that part is a lie! Should we now replace it with one large 5 pointed red star in light of what America’s ideology has turned it into? Change the flag? No. Better by far is red state secession and the formation of a Greater White Heartland as a free and independent nation! All roads lead to the GWH or they lead nowhere but extiction! Get off the USS Titantic before she drags you to tthe bottom with her! She is taking on water fast!

    • Nonwhites, who are becoming the majority, don’t care about any of that patriotic stuff or our history. They care about the next check in the mail.

      • True but the U.S. Government will find its agenda impossible to implement with the Third World wogs overrunning the Empire at home. It’s Whites who make the military work, it’s Whites who are the reliable ones who keep the technical systems functioning. Notice how utility workers, whether in trade type or management jobs are overwhelmingly White.

        Think of the Air Traffic Control system staffed with angry, low IQ, 300 Lb. Laqueeshas directing air traffic or fixing those high voltage radars, yikes! None of the ruling class want the Air Traffic Control system staffed with angry, low IQ, 300 Lb. Laqueeshas especially because the ruling class loves to fly all the time, preferably of course on someone else’s dime.


        Think of the Air Traffic Control system with angry, low IQ, 300 Lb. Laqueeshas in charge:

        ATC Dallas this is United flight 123 give me a landing vector.

        ATC Dallas this is United flight 123 give me a landing vector.

        ATC Dallas this is United flight 123 give me a landing vector. Are you there ATC Dallas?

        Yeah Mofo, dis is Laqueesha, what yo problem?

        This is United flight 123, I need a landing vector now!

        Mofo, who you think you talking at? You better change your tone wid me now or you don’t get no landing vector. WTF is a landing vector anyway?

        This is United flight 123; tell me what runway to land on, my approach heading and altitude, I’m at 12,000 feet now and descending. Tell me the wind direction and speed on approach, I’m low on fuel.

        Sheeet, land on any runway yo want Mofo, don’t matter to me. How you gonna land if you up in da sky at 12,000 feet, you gots to come down to da ground to do dat. What wrong wid you cracka?

        ATC Dallas which runway? I need to know now!

        WTF wrong wid you! Jus land on da ground, those runways be at least a mile long, pick one.

        ATC Dallas I’m at 7,000 feet now and descending, low on fuel, what is the wind speed and direction?

        Sheeeet, I don’t know nothin about directions or wind but dat wind blow my weave off my head when I comes to work, dats why I be late again, I gots to have my weave looking better than those hos I works with.

        Dallas ATC I’m 12 miles out at coming in at 1,500 feet, direction 180 degrees, I need that vector now!

        I done told ya cracka and I ain’t telling ya again! You gots to land on da ground. I’m trying to finish doing my nails now, you bothering me.

        Dallas ATC, United 123 here, I only have fuel for one approach, I’m landing on runway two-niner, runway two-niner, my altitude is 400 feet, please clear runway two-niner now, now!

        Dis is Laqueesha, who you be talking at Mofo and I ain’t taking yo sheet no mo. I be turning these dials on dis radio dat says UHF so I don’t hear yo no mo. I done told you what to do.

        Three minutes later: Yo! Laqueesha, dis is yo main man, Trayvon. Did you see dat big explosion about three miles away? It looks, like it was dat runway dey call 29. Isn’t dat the one you was talking to?

        Laqueesha: Trayvon, I don’t know nuffin about dat. I done told dat cracka what to do, it ain’t my fault if he fucked up. I’m goin home now anyway, I got to fix my weave and nails. Later Mofo!


        The initial FAA investigation into the crash of United Flight 123 attributed the crash 100% to multiple, horrendous Air Traffic Control errors. None of the AA Air Traffic Controllers were capable of speaking proper English, knew correct terminology, how to read a radar screen or operate the radios. They knew none of the proper protocols even though they got an extra year of training and were selected because they were the ‘talented tenth’.

        After the initial FAA crash report was released there was a firestorm of criticism alleging racism by The Usual Suspects, Congressional Black Caucus, ADL, NAACP, $PLC, Rev. Al et al.

        The original FAA crash report was then withdrawn and replaced with a fill-in-the-blanks PDF that attributed the crash to the dead pilots and the scourge of racism. Laqueesha and Tyrone, one of Laqueesha’s baby daddies, were promoted and assigned desk jobs after the second FAA crash report was released.

        When the Chinese ambassador was asked at a press conference with Mr. President, Cackling Kamala about the national scandal enveloping the crash of Untied Flight 123 he just smiled and said he prefers to fly a Chinese airline into the U.S. and go by train or limo when he has to travel in the U.S., even if if the trip is 1,000 miles.

  5. Imperialism, anarcho-tyranny, capitalist realism, multiculturalism, neofeudalism, and neoliberalism all label the same phenomenon.

    Some liberals wonder why basic services are getting dysfunctional, why it is difficult to rally the public, why tribalism is emerging, why our culture lacks creativity and just reboots the past, why corporations are becoming increasingly autocratic, and why the United States can’t achieve its foreign policy goals.

    Well, democracy and nationalism rise and fall together as concepts. Organizing states around people who have something in common inspires creativity and achievement since people want the applause of their group. It is also what generates civic mindedness since harm anywhere is seen as harm to the collective. Otherwise, people just conclude that vice (such as addiction or obesity) harms only yourself, or conclude that others are being individually irresponsible or unwise, but they will not perceive a wider organism. A man wearing a dress in public in the past would be beat up because he makes the entire group look weak to other groups and to your own women. Now the attitude is that it doesn’t impact me. Does it?

    Another way of looking at this: Americans of all ideologies too often have an unverbalized Whiggish theory of history where everything and everyone just sleepily marches in one direction, when in reality there are many threads that can move in multiple directions.

    Cosmopolitans often have big goals like fighting global warming and eradicating disease. They’re not going to get anywhere in a neofeudal age where the great families known as nations are disintegrated and fanatic sectarianism and cultishness dominate instead. Some things will become possible in this new world while others will become impossible.

  6. Whites are so out of it that many think they are a majority in the world or have a large share. They think massive demographic changes will not affect them or their offspring. Well, guess again, morons.

    Whitey is under 15% of the world. Yet they still have savior complex because many Whites are ashamed and embarrassed that as a racial group they create the best and most advanced societies. Thus, their ” White man’s burden” must be shared with the world. Thus, Biden and his band of lunatics, have taken in about 50 thousand Afghans in just a month. It will be about 4 times that when all is said and done. Then the old ” family reunification” jazz will kick in.

    Mosques will rapidly increase in the dying White heart land in places like Nebraska, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, etc. After all its very ” Christian” to be replaced. That is basically what Senator Ernst, Senator Sasse, Senator Romney, Iowa Governor Reynolds and others are saying. And again, not a peep about White South Africans coming here. What? White Christians coming to America!!. Perish the thought! No, we get a bunch of Omars, Tlaibs and Aoc’s instead!

    The ” fun” is really going to start when Whites are officially minorities in a land that would be nothing without them. Suddenly, who will pay for the next wave of refugees? Who will pay for Laquasha and Lee Roy’s Bayyyy Buhhh? Who will create nice schools and neighborhoods? The Asians I guess. Where is the money coming from for the ultimate welfare check called ” reparations?” All so at least half of it can be spent at duh strip club and Kfc.

    You see how filthy and evil old man Biden is by promoting a mass rush on the border and a rapid influx of refugees. Imagine when we get one black and brown president after the next?

    This is what happens when you allow 55 years with no end in sight of third world immigration. This is what we get with 30 million illegal aliens. This is what we get with a mostly Jewish owned Hollywood and news media.

    Egghead trash like the National Review is still dealing in Gdp when it should be dealing in Dna.Their idiocy knows no limits. They are a huge help in bringing in what they hate- socialism. Since renegade capitalism has given a huge middle finger in helping White people have children, maybe big bad socialism will do just that.

    America is being shit holed either way and we all know it. Now learn Hungarian, Spanish and Russian among others. Your Elder years may surprise you.

    • There’s probably close to 50 million illegals here, and still coming. Some towns in Central America are ghost towns, as they’ve all come up here to live off of us.

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