The Taliban Have Joined The Chat

Who knows if this is real?

I’ve seen these memes circulating on Twitter.

This is the funniest thing that has happened since ZOG’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan which has devastated the Pentagon, “intelligence community” and the foreign policy establishment.

Note: I’m shocked that Afghans weren’t impressed by American culture.

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  1. I hope he keeps on with those Memes! It was Kipling who decribed it as the Graveyard of Empires and Kipling was one of us! Imperialists anger and angst energize me just like a medieval Incubus! I feed on their despair!

    • Kipling grew up in India and it affected him greatly. I wouldn’t say he was like the “American right” exactly who have only had experience with garbage foreigners. A great man without a doubt though. The Man Who Would Be King is a great movie if you haven’t seen it.

  2. As Moonman and Ben Garrison once said, “Control the Memes, Control the Planet. Fascism is back, and the Left can’t stand it”

    • @Dart,

      Tell that to your cousins back on cuck island that muslims are better than Catholics, as they are being raped, beheaded, and attacked with acid.

      You are the type of guy that gets “fraged ” by his own troops.

  3. The US is a joke – the only people that take this country seriously are the people that are doing well by sucking off the titty of Uncle Sam either directly(.gov employees and welfare/Medicaid recipients) or indirectly(retired Boomers fully into stocks, MIC, Big Media, Corporations and Big Tech, etc).

  4. It’s just some 4chan kid larping. Real Taliban would consider meme culture as part of the degenerate west, and they’d be right.

    • Anti-jew/anti-Black/Anti-homo/Anti-anything memes are the best and fastest way to get through to a 10 to 20 year old White kid now so it doesn’t really matter who generates these things.

  5. We have met the enemy and he is … us?

    Troll In A Turban 1

    That’s the ol’ ballgame, fans; thanks for coming out to the park & drive home safely.

    Now, I think Western Civilization & Islam are oil & water and I condemn, w/o reservation, “the religion of peace”; that said, funny IS funny and the joke’s on you USAY2K aka Clownworld.

    No ragheads wanted in our nation (the USofA is a country, ceased being a nation at least two generations back); but I certainly support them having their own ethnostate – but on their own soil and far away as possible.

    For the record, I also support Israel’s too; (tho whover politician offers one more drop of American blood or one more dollar of American treasure tried for treason & it’s a capital offense.; If a jewish homeland can survive on its own however,, more power to ’em.)

    But back to the sportzball metaphor …
    In the offseason draft, let’s choose Freedom Of Association w/ our first pick, and if Non Aggression Principle still available round 2, let’s grab him quick too.

    Our team gets those two on it. I like our chances against ANYBODY – ChiComs, “the Rooskies (even tho “no more brother wars), Hell, even ZOG tho their control of everything will maybe make tough sledding.

    I’m game, how ’bout you?

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