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  1. @ well, nobody ever said, the last days were going too be easy, the lack of ambiance is disturbing though……


  2. I don’t believe that most of the people in that video can be saved or treated to a point where they could live a life with even a shred of dignity let alone productivity.

    I’d have a hard time believing there is any practical or humane alternative to euthanizing them.

  3. They don’t work, but they all have cell phones and service. You pay for this, through your cell carrier who charges you a “tax”.

  4. If the USA military was used not in Afghanistan for the last 20 years and instead on the Southern Border stopping drugs from coming in?

    Many of those young lives would of not been in that video wasting away?

    • Marijuana is legal in most places now. Alcohol is legal and cheap. They’d find a way to get their poison. But I agree, the military should be at the border keeping parasites out.

    • The USA military was in Afghanistan for the last 20 year to product the drug trade, specifically opium production. ZOG’s in-country motto, “The our afghan allies can’t learn to spell Heroin without a Hero!”

      • Much worse than that. The US built the concrete dams that provided the undying hydrology in Helmand that allowed the place to grow the opium. In the 1950s! The occupation can be traced to Eisenhower. Get it now? Afghanistan was an economic colony back into the 1950s. They never harvested it there before American civil engineers changes the water table and salute of the soil.

    • >If the USA military was used not in Afghanistan

      A tiny fraction of what we spent in Afghanistan can provide absolute border security. We also could have lowered the age of Medicare, upgraded dilapidated infrastructure, shored up Social Security, all sorts of stuff. I watched a video of a professional antifa, ahem, American soldier, destroy a $300,000 bearcat left behind in Afghanistan — an American’s median salary for ten years flushed down the toilet in a few minutes.

      We sure owned the libs who got rich in northern Virginia from this.

  5. When the power goes out, hour one of the next war, all these people will quickly die. It won’t be pretty, either.

  6. We need some perspective. The videographer was circling a small area. Some (50%?) of the people seen were just walking by or standing and not doing anything bad, and seemingly ignoring the druggies. There were stores and businesses there and they didn’t look abandoned. This is nothing compared to descriptions of the Five Points area in Manhattan in the 19th century. All cities and towns have drug areas. They’re small and everyone knows where they are and how to avoid or handle them. It’s bad for children though, but I saw no children in that video. There’s nothing that would make this better. Carrie Nation? I bet she was an extreme abolitionist who if she was here today would demand that blacks be billeted in nice houses owned by and lived in by whites. Drugs and alcohol are with us forever, and a lot of us need them to live good productive lives, or any life at all.

    • Kensington Place has been notorious for decades as the East Coast go to place for top grade heroin sales in the street.

    • Hey Yawn. You are excusing disgusting and evil behavior. You say it’s a ” small area” in Kill a delphia. Actually it’s a continuous one. Much of Philly is a bombed out dump. The City of brothers has many horrible areas. Their murders this year are quite high for an average sized city. It’s a hopeless dump in truth outside of a few White areas and Chinatown.

      This video shows the fact that America is at best a ” B” country now. The barbarians that spent trillions on a war only to enrich their buddies and defense contractors should be doing life in jail or face execution.

      As has been discussed here often, America’s best days are long behind it. We now are rapidly sinking into an expensive third world country. Universal healthcare is still not a right in America but spending trillions on wars to kill and maim a couple of million people is all good.

      We have a Democratic Party like in Philadelphia with its effeminate Irish mayor giving fellatio figuratively to any black he sees. He led the charge against the ” evil” Columbus statue but not a peep regarding real issues like black and brown crime that has turned Philadelphia into another loser American city.

      Hope left the building right after the ” civil rights” bowel movement. It’s been nothing but a mess since with no end in sight.

      That neighborhood in Philly in the video above is very appropriate and reflects many American cities in this expensive third world dump called Merica.

  7. I don’t really get why American elites want to live in a society like this. Do they just get off on it? Being surrounded by slums and messed up mentally ill drug addicts everywhere makes them feel even more wealthy and successful? We could have nice cities and solve problems like drugs and so on, but instead the elite choose to worsen these problems.
    These are all the result of deliberate choices made by elites, but why?

    • Several of these drug addicts were pretty teenagers. The drugs make them willing and available for sex.

  8. I see that the sidewalks haven’t been privatized, the last public space for those who have nothing. Some expensive cars on the street, signs of big money nearby. Blame the victims not the system.

  9. At one time in Pennsylvania, and many other States, they would round these people up and take them to the “funny farm” type hospitals where the dysfunctional would get help, therapy, and even little jobs that paid money that were part of the therapy. Do gooders abolished these hospitals.

  10. When America leaves Afghanistan, they all would have said take your American flag with you and by that they mean the Israeli, BLM, and Gay flags.

  11. Must be heroin causing them to bend over like that.

    Fuck the zombie scum. I have no compassion for any adult who decides to use hard drugs knowing full well that that is the end result.

    • Most likely meth or fentanyl real heroin doesn’t really exist anymore cost too much to mass produce. Also K2 is huge in philly and literally turns you into a creepy ass looking zombie

  12. How do you suppose (hypothetically) these people would be had none of the this New World Order ever come to pass?

  13. Scenes like this in Philadelphia and other US cities were in the BBC opioid documentary ‘Death on the I-95’ from several years ago — it’s still around; search for and watch it.

  14. The USA and UK should have allied themselves with NS Deutschland, instead of instigating war on the men and ideology that would have saved us from all that has come to pass, since the end of that war for jewish hegemony.

    “Western civilization died at Stalingrad.” – Dr. William Luther Pierce

    • November,

      I agree with what you wrote. Was there ever a chance however that the Anglo would be anything other than pro-Jewish and pro-Communist? My family considers this an anglo protestant website and continue to wonder why I am on here. I have my strategic reasons of course.

      • To the contrary, Stalingrad SAVED civilisation. The defeat at Stalingrad ensured that the Nazi war machine would never gain access to oil from the Caucasus and would run out of fuel, and that any further work on an atomic bomb was impossible, so it was given up on. If the Nazis could somehow have captured and held Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad, they might have been able to hold off the U.S. invasion and resume nuclear weapon development.

      • @Cristina,

        Until they (individually and as a group) understand their role in what lead to our present day dystopia, they will not be trusted in leadership positions in our struggle.

        There have been Anglos that have made the connections between their group’s establishment elites and super glue tight relationship with international jewish finance.

        Strategic interests? That sounds ominous.

        • November,

          My observations and experiences with anglos in Texas is that they will never understand. My comment strategic interests does sound more mysterious and important than my current station in life warrants. I knew you would notice it.

    • The Empire’s need to involve itself in every war and Churchill’s envy and hatred of Germans destroyed Western Civilization. After WW2, the Brits finally realized their hypocrisy and lost their national confidence. America then took on the British role of never passing up a good opportunity for a war and attempting to push its now warped ideas onto everyone else.

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