AP: Virginia Cuts Robert E. Lee Statue Into Pieces

Imagine being stupid enough to join the U.S. military to be sent off to some place like Afghanistan or Syria or Iraq to fight for this regime and its ideology.


“RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A crowd erupted in cheers and song Wednesday as work crews hoisted an enormous statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee off the pedestal where it has towered over Virginia’s capital city for more than a century.

One of America’s largest monuments to the Confederacy, the equestrian statue was lowered to the ground just before 9 a.m., after a construction worker who strapped harnesses around Lee and his horse lifted his arms in the air and counted, “Three, two, one!” to jubilant shouts from a crowd of hundreds. A work crew then began cutting it into pieces. …

Some chanted “Whose streets? Our streets!” and sang, “Hey hey hey, goodbye.” One man with a Black Lives Matter flag was escorted out by police after running into the fenced-off work area. No arrests were reported, and there was no sign of a counter protest.

Workers used a power saw to cut the statue in two along the general’s waist, so that it can be hauled under highway overpasses to an undisclosed state-owned facility until a decision is made about its final disposition.

The job was overseen by Team Henry Enterprises, led by Devon Henry, a Black executive who faced death threats after his company’s role in removing Richmond’s other Confederate statuary was made public last year. He said the Lee statue posed their most complex challenge.

“It won’t transport in this height, so we need to lift the rider off the horse and transport it that way. From a thickness standpoint, we don’t know how long it will take. Are there iron supports? It’s a total mystery,” Henry said Wednesday. …”

This happened because Democrats took over Virginia.

Why did that happen? It happened primarily due to NOVA which has changed the demographics of Virginia. The scum of the earth have flooded into the Beltway over the past twenty years.

Why did that happen? Why was there this momentous demographic change in Virginia over the past 20 years? What do you think caused that?


“WASHINGTON—The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, led policy makers to embark on one of the largest spending binges in federal government history, transforming the private sector, the Washington metropolitan area and Americans’ relationship with their government.

Two cabinet departments—the Defense Department and Department of Homeland Security, which was created after the attacks to consolidate a number of existing agencies—saw huge funding increases as Washington geared up to fight two conventional wars, conduct world-wide operations against small, distributed networks of terrorists and harden the home front against future attack …”

This is what we built up in Virginia as a result of the orgy of defense spending in the Beltway that has occurred since the 9/11 attacks. We didn’t “rebuild” Afghanistan. We built up NOVA.

Note: Trump made good on his promise to “rebuild the military.” He made the problem worse than ever by squandering so much money on the Pentagon.

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  1. Strange how no one seemed to be offended by that statue when it was erected over 100 years ago, a time when there were still many former slaves and Union Civil War vets around to complain about it, if they wanted to.

    So now that the Lee/Traveller equestrian statue has been scrapped and will probably be recycled as cans for soft drinks and dog food will the Negroes finally stop raping, looting and rioting?

    • Hindus and Pakistanis in America….not a 100 years ago…..that’s why…

      And the Hindus and Pakistanis in Virginia at some point in time will vote with enormous demographic force to take the guns away from the Native White Men of Virgina…almost happened 4 years ago..

      Alex Jones:”‘as long as nonwhites come here LEGALLY and obey the Constitution and pay their taxes…it’s ok with me…”

      • Someone on Gab said the other day that Alex Jones’ job is to make sure that white “patriots” never stray off the retard reservation.

        • Yes…keep them on the retard reservation….Infowars commenting system is atrocious and only a retard would use it….

        • Alex Jones was/is married to a jewess with jewish children. Shills for “our greatest ally” between selling his supplements to boomertards.

          In case some of you haven’t been paying attention lately, little lord richard spencer has gone full covid parrot of the judeo-American empire. He even went as far as tweeting that this is “A pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

          Caveat emptor on both of these liars.

          • “richard spencer has gone full covid”:

            Then Spencer is right about something. The so-called mandate is very weak, and the force of ignorance and contempt for scientific knowledge in the U.S. population is very strong. Their will be many lawsuits and delays, and exceptions, and false vaccination documents (as in Israel where many of the Orthodox were never really vaccinated and carry false records) and the “labor unions” and big businesses with over 100 employees will be able to work the slaves work through the pandemic. Don’t worry, the so-called “freedom” (capitalism) that you hold dear will be protected not harmed by the very weak vaccine mandate and other U.S. pandemic policy. The U.S.’s pandemic policy is designed to protect and benefit big business and the super-wealthy elites and bourgeoisie. The rich know that more widespread (but still not universal) vaccination is THE CHEAPEST WAY to deal with the unexpected natural disaster (Covid is a natural virus, one of many emerging zoonotic diseases) which means it won’t involve a better but more-expensive-to-manufacture conventional vaccine such as Sputnik or the Chinese Sinovac vaccine (better because they are wider-spectrum, proven technology, and possibly safer than the U.S.’s much quicker-and-cheaper-to-manufacture experimental mRNA vaccines). The interests of the rich and the poor happen to coincide in the vaccination campaign: more vaccination is better for the health of the working class.

      • The Union vets who formed The Grand Army of the Republic didn’t march for the destruction of Southern monuments, they understood their suffering. In 1913 there was a famous 50th anniversary reenactment of Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg by veterans from both sides and another one in 1938. They don’t look like enemies anymore.


        None of this means a damn thing to the wogs who have flooded in since 1965. They would just as soon build condos all over Gettysburg and melt down all bronze memorials. The gulag awaits us if they aren’t sent packing.

        • You can be sure those anti white bolshevik terrorists are still figuring out a way to deface and ultimately destroy the Stone Mountain Confederate monument.

          • Yes. The destruction of Stone Mountain will likely be next. Mount Rushmore, coming soon…within 5 years? Sooner ??

  2. ZOG’s War on (of) Terror has certainly been a windfall for the military/industrial/intelligence/security/defense contractor complex. Meanwhile countless thousands of wild-eyed Mohammedan terrorists pour into this country every year with no one to stop them.

    • If the United States really wanted to stomp out terrorism in the world,they’d begin with “our greatest ally.” There is no other source of domestic and international terrorism than Israel on earth. To our eternal shame, the parasitic zionist state of Israel has more influence over 100 US senators and 435 US representatives than all 50 US states and territories combined.

  3. This didn’t happen because the Democrats took over Virginia – this happened because the Christ-Killing Tribe took over the US. If the US’s demographics and leadership were still the as they were in 1950 – the vast majority being White – nobody would gave given 2 shits about a bunch of beautiful statues of some old military officers from a bygone era. If the US was still the same as it was racially and morally in 1950, nice White families would go to the park and have a picnic and look at the statues and carry on with their lives. But the self-loathing kikes and their minions – the niggers and the faggots and the rest of the 21st Century US’s degenerate flotsam – look at those statues and seethe with jealousy at White history and culture – so since the kikes run things – those statues must come down as part of their ritual destruction of the White race.

    • They didn’t take over anything. The White ruling class brought Jews into the fold. White elites love Jews and hate lower class Whites. If the country were controlled entirely by Whites, they would just invite a bunch of Jews to take everything all over again like they did before.

        • >completely inaccurate

          Actually there is a lot of evidence for this:

          >White elites love Jews and hate lower class Whites.

          Jews are the world’s premiere victim group, and everywhere in the West it is absolutely mandatory today for Whites to prove their moral fitness to lead by showing obeisance to Jews — and Charles Murray wrote a book called ‘Growing Apart’ about the already significant and still growing class divide between upper and lower class Whites in the US– terms in the modern American lexicon like ‘redneck’, ‘flyover country’, etc are evidence of the contempt upper class Whites feel for lower class Whites — but even more importantly, elite Whites were part of the Establishment that pushed thru ‘free trade’, which gutted manufacturing jobs, previously a mainstay for lower class Whites and the primary way for them to gain (lower) middle class status.

          You can also see the H-1B visa in this context.

          Aand then these same elites ignored the consequences for decades, including the opioid crisis, which has now killed almost 1 million people (probably 80+% white) since the turn of the century.

          • @eah – I’ll add to your list of anti-White pejoratives, “White trash”.
            I see that one on even forums like this. Often.

        • How is it inaccurate? The White Anglo-American elite invited Jews to join them, just like the British elite did. The British elite have been in bed with Jews for centuries. That is historical fact. The only people with Stockholm syndrome are those like you who have loyalty to the White elite that wants them dead.

          We already know what you get when Whites run things. You get gay ass cancer.

      • The jews guilted Whites into handing over power. They knew what they were doing when they took over the media.

    • It’s ashame that none of the members of the LEE family have made any public comments in Robert E. Lee’s favor and defense. Male or female.

      I would think that Brad would have picked up on it, if any of the Lee descendants had said something.

  4. Yes it sounds like twenty years in Afghanistan has certainly improved America…..
    Maybe George Floyd’s bloated head will be installed in it’s place.

  5. What kind of vile human garbage delights in doing sick things like this? The American Empire is nothing but an evil corporate anti-White, anti-Southern, and anti-Christian wasteland.

    This is a precursor to tearing us down as a people.

  6. When the Easter Islanders started toppling their statues it was the beginning of their end, no more trees, no more boats, no escape, and soon they were dwindling down to nothing.

  7. Like it or not Lee was a Christian, a big one. Lee chose to lose rather than harm the innocent, the Christ killers hate this kind of person. Because, because they are morally superior to those who wage war in the innocent, the Jews.

  8. Can t we recruit terminally ill cancer patients from VA hospitals to go around the country targeting PC Woke BLM statues

  9. Questions I always ask about this kind of thing: how many of the workers involved in removing and desecrating the statue were white? — how many of the cops who were there to protect the operation were white?

    Anyone who finds/watches video of it is invited to let me know.

    • Everything is “just a job” anymore. They don’t even care. They care more about the football game on TV that night.

  10. Very sad to see the statue of General Lee taken down. And they even cut him in two. A Negro led company cut him in two. And yet, most White Boomers ignore this destruction of our heritage, and focus instead on fantasies about Lindell and Trump.

  11. I just watched a video of the removal and noted a nigger on the crane box of the removal crew did a *black power* salute after they lifted the General and his horse from his pedestal. They hate us, and yet most Whites will not wake up to what is happening to this country. We do not want to end up outnumbered and backed into a corner like the Afrikaners are, being slowly genocided by negro overlords, but that is what is starting to happen.

    • You try to tell the average White their people are targeted for elimination….most don’t believe it. I don’t know if it is inability to connect facts, or simply repression.

      • They don’t believe enough blacks are bad…they see a “good one” at work or church, so they think this redeems the rest of them, when this is only an exception to the rule.
        They’ve been taught that genocide means minorities and not whites. Even most conservatives go along with this.

  12. @ when I get too heaven, after I meet the Lord, am reunited with my family, I will look marse robert up, so I can tell him how much I love him, how glad I am too see him, they can tear all the statues down that they want, we love marse robert and thomas jackson and good ole Jeff davis, their is nothing they can do, we will always remember them and love them in this world, till we meet then in the next world,

    • @Terry Smith,

      The removal of the largest Confederate statue in America from it’s graffiti covered pedestal was meant to be a demoralizing and humiliating event for White Southerners to witness. This was the tribe’s golems opportunity to crow, while the real force behind wokeness, fagtifa, and blm giggled like the possessed girl when Fr. Merrin died of a heart attack in “The Exorcist.”

      The part about meeting General Lee in the hereafter is a very comforting cope.

    • Yes. Traitors are a different level of disgustingly vile cowards from the ugly evil villains who gloatingly did the physical dirty-work .

  13. Immigrants helped turn VA blue, but i thought it came out that yankee libtards escaping the cities where the main force that turned the state blue.

    • I doubt there is one in a million Yankee who wanted these statues torn down. Unfortunately the shaggy looking white degenerates who participated in this sort of thing last year were overwhelmingly local talent. The Negroes naturally hate us but the local Whites?

      BTW in cities in the North there are statues to Union generals too. No doubt the wogs are equally offended by them so those statues will have to go also, it’s just a matter of time.

      • @12AX7,

        When the rabid obscurantists read that many of the Union’s generals took part in the wars against the American Indians, their statues and monuments will be torn down too.

        • November,

          There is General Sheridan. His comment on –The only good Indian is a dead Indian is well known. I do not know under what conditions he said that statement. Maybe under the emotions of the moment.

          While I laugh at the idea of the concept of the Noble Red Man nonsense I do disagree with General Sheridan on his comment. I believe because of his historical importance his statues should remain.

          It should always be up to a popular vote on such matters. City councils are easily intimidated by others since there are only a few members and are known. Either way to have mobs dictate policy is to be ruled by savages.

          • Nearly all statues and images of Stalin and Lenin have been destroyed, often by mobs, in “Khazarkraine” and eastern NATO-member states. The toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad is another example of imperialist destruction of history.

            The Empire and Zionism are eager to topple the Assad statue in Damascus. The ancient architecture of Palmyra in Syria was destroyed by U.S.-Israeli “radical Islamic” proxies. Bombing in imperialist wars has destroyed immense numbers of historic buildings and artworks all over the world, as well as millions of innocent people. How is the U.S.-supported (at least up to that time) Taliban’s defacing of Buddhist or Hindu statues any worse?

          • “As the Iraqi regime was collapsing on April 9, 2003, Marines converged on Firdos Square in central Baghdad, site of an enormous statue of Saddam Hussein. It was a Marine colonel – not joyous Iraqi civilians, as was widely assumed from the TV images – who decided to topple the statue, the Army report said. And it was a quick-thinking Army psychological operations team that made it appear to be a spontaneous Iraqi undertaking. After the colonel — who was not named in the report — selected the statue as a ‘target of opportunity,’ the psychological team used loudspeakers to encourage Iraqi civilians to assist, according to an account by a unit member (…) Shortly after the world was wowed by TV coverage of the toppling of Saddam’s statue, doubts were raised. A Reuters photo of the square was circulated showing a much smaller crowd than the close-up TV footage implied. Eyewitness accounts belied the news coverage of a ‘jubilant’ crowd: ‘it happened at only about 300 meters from where I was, and it was a very small crowd. The rest of the square was almost empty, and when we inquired as to where the crowd came from, it was from Saddam City (a poor neighborhood some distance away). In other words, it was a rent-a-crowd’ (Rev. Neville Watson, interviewed on SBS-TV, Australia). British columnist Robert Fisk, writing from Baghdad on April 11 for The Independent, described the statue episode as ‘the most staged photo opportunity since Iwo Jima.’ And this from David Robie, senior lecturer at Auckland University of Technology: “I watched BBC World in the lead-up to the toppling. The square was largely empty except for three strategically positioned U.S. Abrams tanks and an armored personnel carrier plus a small paltry crowd of 100 or so, many of them apparently journalists. A BBC World news presenter kept asking, Where is everybody?” https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2005/4/14/106819/-

          • @Cristina,

            General Sherman’s actually quote was, “The only good Indian that I have ever met was a dead Indian.” It’s semantics.

            No historical statue should be removed by the uncivilized mobs infected with talmudic fever.


            I read the the Mexican Supreme Court rule unanimously that making abortion illegal is unconstitutional. Didn’t I warn you that this was coming? Follow the money behind the abortionist’s campaign, and I guarantee that you will find conversos and outright jews.

            Again, conservatives and the Catholic Church look weak and obsolete in these matters.

          • anonymous USSR/CCP,

            Statues of Lenin and Stalin should have been melted down, and used for molds of statues of Hitler, Dr. Göebbels, and other heroes of the Third Reich.

        • November,

          Thank you for the clarification on Sheridan’s comment. There is a subtle difference that is important.

          Yes you did say these matters would hit Mexico sooner or later. What happens in the United States flows into other societies unless those societies protect themselves. Mexico imports US television/movies and the culture. Most Mexicans dress and act like Americans. The sombrero is usually just a costume piece just to name one example.

          The American world Empire continues to claim victims. And yes conservatives and Catholics are on a losing streak. I do believe the Church in Mexico is sincerely against abortion while I sense the American Church is just pretending.

          Since the Revolution never stops I wonder what the next battle in Mexico will be?

          • @Cristina,

            When I have an inkling in regards to the next domino falling in Mexico. I’ll let you know.

            p.s., When I referred to the Catholic Church as being eunuchs, I meant the ‘church father/hierarchy.’ The laypeople obviously can still observe traditional dogmas.

            From a political perspective, Christianity and conservatives are ineffective weapons against the judeo-American post-modern steamroller.

            As you said, Mexico receives movies and television shows from Hollywood aka “Talmudvision.”

            If you watched that 20 minutes video that I linked on this thread, you will kind of understand where this crazy train is heading.

            Btw, I do not like the Russian government. They just aren’t as degenerate as the West, but both Putin and his foreign minister are pro-jewish shills and anti-National Socialist.

          • Cristina,

            “Since the revolution never stops, I wonder what the next battle in Mexico will be?”

            Darn it! You sent me down the ‘rabbit hole’ again.

            Were you aware that Frida Kahlo’s childhood home “La Casa Azul” located in Coyocàn, Mexico is also the same town that (((Leon Trotsky)))and his second wife Natalja Sedova lived after communists/marxists Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera persuaded the government of Làzaro Càrdenas in January of 1937 to provide asylum to the two international bolshevik revolutionaries?

            Coyoacàn was where Kahlo joined the young communist party in 1927. It certainly appears that this municipality of Mexico’s capital was the equivalent of Petrograd in Russia for being the reservoir of communist subterfuge.

            You would know much better than I, if Coyoacàn is still a vector of marxist political activities.

            On a side note, both Lev Davidovich Bronstein (((Trotsky))) and his wife escaped being caught by National Socialist force in France and Norway. Though they left France in 1933 when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Deutschland, later fled Norway, under political pressure from Stalin’s USSR.

            What might have been had those two bolshevik monsters ended up in SS custody.

        • November,

          I thank you for your 2 detailed responses to my comment. Diego Rivera is infamous for his statement–No Hay Dios! I have heard of Frida as well of course. My grandmother knows of them more than I do. She was born in the early 1930’s.

          Mexico City is generally the center of radical politics in Mexico. You wrote that politically speaking modern Christianity and conservatism are worthless. That is because they act like the Revolutionaries are in the right. They seem embarassed to fight evil.

          I am under few illusions on how evil Mexico has been since the most recent Revolution ending in 1921. . As soon as the Communists won they attacked religion and race. It was not until 1991 that priests were allowed to wear priestly garb in public. My loyalties are to the Mexican people more than to the government.

          I was aware of Trotsky given refuge in Mexico. The Devil protects his own. Trotsky might have escaped Norway in time but he was assassinated in Mexico later in 1940.

          A priest in the United States at the school I am attending introduced the class to a book called —“No God Next Door” written I think in 1937. You would find it interesting. Yes it is in English. It is about Mexico at the time.

          You once mentioned a man who noted why females are more religious than males. I forgot his name. If you could mention him again I will read him.

          Perhaps I missed it but you wrote about a 20 minute video on this thread but I do not see it. Perhaps there are so many comments on here that I overlooked it.

          • Mexico which wants to be socialist, if the U.S. would let it, protected Evo Morales the first indigenous president of Bolivia when he fled from the U.S. and Neo-Nazi (capitalist) coup. I have respect for AMLO who is really doing all he can, given the proximity of Mexico to the U.S. hegemon.

          • November,

            I forgot to add that I too am cautious about Russia. I have been studying the Russian language for a couple of years and have been exposed to contemporary Russia as a result.

            It is laughable to see young Russians giving out gang hand signals as if that is cool. The older Russians seem pro-communist still and the younger Russians seem to want to be degenerate like the USA.

            They are less evil than the United States but it is still just like comparing one gang of thugs versus another. Still I believe it would be better to raisie a family in Russia than the United States despite my criticism.

            I am pretty sure that if Occidental Dissent was in Russia that a good portion of it’s readers would be jailed or fined and this website shut down. According to Wikapedia the Communists are still relatively powerful.

            The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF; Russian: ???????????????? ?????? ?????????? ?????????; ????; Kommunisticheskaya Partiya Rossiyskoy Federatsii, KPRF) is a communist political party in Russia that adheres to Marxist–Leninist philosophy.[3] It is the second-largest political party in the Russian Federation after United Russia. The youth organisation of the party is the Leninist Young Communist League.

      • Union generals would have been indian fighters too. They’ll be targets soon enough. The problem with statues.

  14. They rip these statues down because they know there will be no blow back from White Southerners. They would never try this with the criminal coons they erected because they know there would be hell to pay. Passiveness is weakness.

  15. I always thought it was a great touch in the LOTR films — can’t remember if they’re in the books — where it’s shown that the forces of Sauron decapitate Numenorean statues and replace their heads with grotesque parodies and leave graffiti all over conquered Ithilien.

    The Age Of Man is over, the time of the Orc has come.

    • There’s a scene at the Cross Roads in Gondor where Sam and Frodo come across a statue of a Gondor King that’s been beheaded by the Orcs and a rock with a red eye shape painted on it. Yes it’s in the book. Tolkien did have the original head laying in a meadow with a crown of flowers growing around it in his description. “ah the king yet wears a crown” says Sam. Lee’s qualities speak for him. A lot of people must look at this scene and wonder wtf is happening now. Especially given the evacuation of Afghanistan and the flood of a new 100,000 Sandpeople.

      • “the flood of a new 100,000 Sandpeople”:

        Logically so, because Imperialism needs more people at “home.” Numbers are a weapon, a form of power. Empire needs an enormous, growing, young population at “home,” to balance or surpass any country it is conquering or dominating. Sixty years ago the U.S.S.R. had more people than the U.S. but now the U.S. has twice as many, and the balance of power has shifted. India’s population is set to surpass China and it is much younger (especially since Covid has culled millions of older Indians).

  16. That well crafted statue, a tribute to American history and a great American, coming down is a travesty. There was nothing but petty malicious motivations for removing it. This just further solidifies my hatred for the forces behind this. It’s a safe bet these f**king stupid minority dupes have no idea who Robert E. Lee was with their public elementary school dropout level of education but their CIA/FBI NGO, federal government bureaucrat, “intelligence community” handlers have some idea, they are the real enemies, not so much their dumb as dirt bootlicking for scraps dupe militias. I’m also really surprised no twerking and gunfire broke out when the statue reached the ground.

  17. “Imagine being stupid enough to join the U.S. military to be sent off to some place like Afghanistan or Syria or Iraq to fight for this regime and its ideology.”

    This could be expanded upon exponentially. Numerous books could be written about this stupidity.

    Alas, none of it would have any effect on the White MAGA Patriotard demographic we all saw convert instantaneously to neoconservatism when Biden did what Blormpf promised to do.

  18. Northam. Bush. Trump. Biden. Niggers. Mud invaders. Yank abolitionists. Lincoln. The United States of America. Above all, the kikes.

    God damn and piss on them ALL.

    Henceforth, the ONLY worthy allegiance is to the White race. To ourselves, alone.

    All else is delusion beneath contempt.

    • Had the Confederacy been recognized as the nation it was, the US Federal government would not be so big and bloated now.

  19. So we had a gang of anti-White anti-South radicals “proving” today (09/08/2021) that Robert E. Lee must have been a truly “wicked” man to have fallen into their anti-White barbaric hands. And just where was Lee’s God to have allowed a monument dedicated to him to be delivered into their possession with hardly a struggle? It was so easy for these anti-White radicals to cut the Lee monument today and no pro-South Whitey supervision around powerful enough to stop them. They must of had a lot of fun tearing down something beautiful (sort of like what they have been doing to the once beautiful city of Richmond itself).

    But this may not be the end of the story. These anti-White race pimps/punks may be in for a future shock.

    Lee even though dead for over 150 years now may not be as defenseless as these street thugs/vandals think he is. There was (and I do mean was) a historical revisionist who proclaimed her hatred for Lee and cut people off who praised Lee and tell them that they did not know the real Lee. And one day as fate would have it this hateful anti-South anti-Lee nut was given private access to a set of Lee’s formally unpublished private letters. So she writes a book — Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee through his Private Letters — and includes these letters along with some of her own personally motivated negative comments about Lee. So of course all the decadent Left-leaning Lee-hating historians just love it and she gets awarded the Lincoln Prize.

    Here is a critique of this anti-Lee author’s book where he shows her flaws: “Misreading the Man: Robert E. Lee and Elizabeth Brown Pryor”, Jan 19, 2015

    A review of Elizabeth Brown Pryor’s Lee biography, “Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee Through His Private Letters.”


    But that’s not all. An unseen hand “finds” this woman eventually:

    In 2008, Pryor was awarded the Lincoln Prize for Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee through his Private Letters. She shared the honor with James Oakes, who won for The Radical and the Republican: Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the Triumph of Antislavery Politics. Pryor’s book is notable for using hundreds of Lee’s previously unpublished private letters to create a fresh biography of the Confederate general. Pryor is also the author of the biography Clara Barton: Professional Angel about the founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton.

    Pryor was killed in a rear end vehicle accident caused by a speeding car driven by Robert Stevens Gentil in Richmond, Virginia on April 13, 2015. Gentil’s long term mental health issues led to episodes of manic delusions, including the belief on this occasion that his car was flying…
    — Wikipedia: “Elizabeth Brown Pryor”

    So watch out you anti-White anti-South haters who dare to go after Lee. One day you may be stopped at a light and when taking a peek through your rear-view mirror you may see a crazy man trying out his new “flying car” coming straight at you at over 100 miles per hour. They may have to cut what’s left of you and your car to pieces to drag burned chunks of you out — a fitting end! Justice served!

    • I admit that I haven’t read this anti-Lee screed but I don’t have to, I’ve seen that shit before. There is a long tradition disgracing the halls of academe of “scholars” who churn out crap. There is a ready made market for the “academics” and “critics” just waiting, mouth agape to chow down on this bullshit that simply reinforces their narrow views, prejudices and destructive pride.

      Seeing the misbegotten mobs vandalizing the Lee and other Confederate statues including such famous Confederates as Christopher Columbus, Frederick Douglas, Fr. Serra, Catholic missionary, Kit Carson, Winston Churchill, Ulysses S. Grant, King Leopold II of Belgium, the elk in Portland Ore. etc. It’s difficult to take anything the Dixie haters take seriously. They can be dangerous but ultimately they are parasites living off the talents and work of better men whom they despise because of that fact. They are merely spiteful mutants.

      Here is an example of a “scholar” feeding the prejudices of the “better” class of people. In this example it’s the ownership of firearms. The author, a history professor at Emory University advanced the controversial thesis that firearms ownership in colonial America was rare. Soldiers armed themselves from Crown depots that were seized around 1775 and colonial troops were unfamiliar with firearms at the beginning of the Revolution. Firearms ownership didn’t become common in the U.S. until after the Civil War when the price of firearms declined.

      The author used probate records from New England extensively because they still exist and are some of the best evidence one can find. The scarcity of firearms listed in probate documents in colonial America would indicate they weren’t widely owned because being valuable, they certainly would be listed. The author won the Bancroft prize in history because of his “research.”

      Upon further examination other scholars were unable to duplicate the author’s research and his prize was withdrawn. An independent examination of extant probate records in New England as well as other records indicated firearms ownership was universal and everyone from that era knew how to shoot and hunt. The author, like so many of his compatriots is a fraud. Take what the academics say or write with a grain, maybe even a pound of salt.


      • These so-called “scholars” (twitter “historians”) love to “stretch the truth” to put down the South / the Right in general to be accounted most worthy to lend their “research” findings to prove how “good” the Left/North really is/was and just how “bad” the Right is/was. The anti-South attackers love to find “racist” actions/comments by Southern historical figures while ignoring similar actions/comments by their Northern counterparts and other hypocrisies.

        Here is a podcast back in Nov 2020 by Phil Leigh who made a request to Adam Domby to be to be interviewed on his YouTube channel to discuss Domby’s attack book on the South — The False Cause. Domby apparently did not respond. (Yesterday — 09/08/2021 — on Domby’s Twitter acct, he tweeted showing an image of the Lee statue separated at the waist and pulled into two pieces with comment, “I feel like I just found the cover photo for the second edition of #TheFalseCause?”


        Phil Leigh:
        While watching a seventy-minute interview with Professor Adam Domby about his book, The False Cause, I was surprised at the number of errors, biased interpretations and even endorsement of “extralegal” conduct by anti-statue mobs. The False Cause focuses on Civil War and Reconstruction memory, particularly involving Confederate memorials.

        First, and foremost, Domby erroneously proclaims that the signature Confederate statues erected in Southern courthouse squares between 1900 and 1920 were chiefly installed to celebrate white supremacy. In truth, they were erected because the old soldiers were fading away. The typical surviving Confederate veteran was aged 60 in 1900 and 80 in 1920. Moreover, memorials for both Federal and Confederate soldiers surged during the war’s semicentennial from 1911 to 1915. Additionally, prior to 1900 the postbellum South was too poor to fund many memorials. Even in 1900 the region’s per capita income was only half the national average. Finally, after the sons of Confederate veterans eagerly joined the military to help win the 1898 Spanish-American War, Union veterans realized that their former rivals were also Americans who deserved their own memorials.

        Second, Domby wrongly singles-out Southerners as racist without mentioning Northern racism. Consider, for example, the widespread obsession with defeating black heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson.

        Johnson became the first black to hold the title in 1908. Since most white boxing fans were outraged that a black had become champion, promoters searched for a white boxer to beat Johnson. In 1910 they matched him against previous champion Jim Jeffries who had earlier retired undefeated. San Francisco novelist Jack London had summoned The Great White Hope, “Jim Jeffries must now emerge from his Alfalfa farm and remove that golden smile from Jack Johnson’s face. Jeff, it’s up to you. The White Man must be rescued.”

        The bout attracted unprecedented attention. Led by The New York Times, the mainstream press was hostile toward blacks: “If the black man wins, thousands and thousands of his ignorant brothers will misinterpret his victory as justifying claims to much more than mere physical equality with their white neighbors.” After Johnson won the fight, race riots erupted in New York, Washington, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Omaha, Columbus, St. Louis and Wilmington, Delaware.

        It took boxing promoters another five years to find a white fighter, Jess Willard, to beat the aging Johnson in 1915. When his victory was displayed on a bulletin board updated by telegraph in New York’s financial district the roar from the streets “would have done credit to a Presidential victory,” according to the New York Tribune. “For a moment the air was filled with hats and newspapers. Respectable businessmen pounded their unknown neighbors on the back” and acted like gleeful children.

        Third, Domby sarcastically disparages the fighting qualities of the Confederate soldier. He suggests that the Civil War would have lasted far longer than four years if Southern warriors were any good. He’s merely repeating a common but flawed analysis taught by academics. America’s Revolutionary War, they argue, lasted eight years, which was twice as long as the Civil War. But that remark overlooks the relative casualties.

        Soldier deaths during the Revolutionary War totaled 25,000, which was 1% of the population. In contrast, at least 300,000 Confederate soldiers died during the Civil War, which was about 5% of the available white population. (Assuming a larger 400,000 Northern soldiers died during the Civil War their loss ratio would have been only 1.8%.) Thus, the Confederate death ratio was five times the rate of the Revolutionary War in half the time. Such casualties were unsustainable. If America were to engage in a war today and endure the same proportional losses, the number of dead soldiers would total nearly 17 million.

        Fourth, to support his assertion that Confederate statues are “all about” white supremacy Domby referred to businessman Julian Carr’s speech at the 1913 Silent Sam statue dedication at North Carolina University. Carr notoriously boasted of whipping a black woman shortly after the War as punishment for insulting a white woman. In the telling of the story Domby makes a number of ommissions and misrepresentations.

        First, his claim that Carr was the most prominent speaker is dubious. There were five others including the state’s governor and the university’s president. None made racist remarks, nor are there any such words engraved into the statue.

        Second, although the nineteen-year-old Carr’s racist incident is indefensible, Domby fails to explain that he later became a major benefactor to blacks. His was among the first Southern textile mills to employ blacks in production work as opposed to maintenance. His donations to black education included the North Carolina College for Negroes, presently known as North Carolina Central University (NCCU). The school’s black founder praised Carr:

        I have never known the first time for him to fail to give to any enterprise which he thought would benefit the colored people or to lend his influence in their behalf. . . I have known scores and scores of colored people who were the recipients of his kindness and generosity. . . I have never known a colored person too poor or ignorant who went to General Carr for assistance who did not receive the same.

        Third, Carr also helped black educator William Gaston Pearson who was born a slave in 1858 and worked as a youth at the Carr Factory. Carr recognized his potential and financed his education at Shaw University where Pearson graduated in 1886 at age 28. Thereafter, Pearson began teaching in Durham. In 1922 he became principal of Durham’s Hillside Park High School. In 1931, Hillside was accredited by the Southern Association of Secondary School and Colleges, a major achievement for a black high school during the Great Depression. Pearson also made other business, religious, and educational contributions to the Durham community.

        Even if, for purposes of argument, it is assumed that Southerners seceded for slavery, it is not the reason they fought. The North could have let the first seven cotton states secede in peace but instead chose to coerce them back into the Union. Thus, they fought to protect their homeland from invasion. As historian William C. Davis put it,

        The widespread Northern myth that Confederates went to the battlefield to perpetuate slavery is just that, a myth. Their letters and diaries, in the tens of thousands, reveal again and again that they fought because their Southern homeland was invaded. . .

        Fifth, Domby excuses such present acts as mob destruction of Confederate memorials by explaining that any laws protecting them justify that opponents use so-called extra-legal means to demolish them. Since “extra-legal” is merely a euphemism for illegal, Domby’s argument is the same as the one the Ku Klux Klan used. The Klan argued their extra-legal conduct was necessitated by the ironclad control of the voting apparatus of Carpetbag regimes. Even though he condemned the KKK, South Carolina’s last Carpetbag governor (Daniel Chamberlain) considered it a predictable result:

        No excuse can be framed for its outrages, but its causes were plain . . . It flourished where corruption . . . had climbed into power and withered where the reverse was the case. What is certain is that a people of force, pride, and intelligence [when] driven to choose between [temporary] violence and lawlessness and [permanent] misrule will infallibly choose the former.

        In his farewell address to the Massachusetts legislature in January 1866, Republican Governor John Andrew warned that Reconstruction should require no humiliation in the South and that it should ally with “the natural leaders” of the region. He prophetically explained that if such men were not taken in as friends, they would resume their leadership as enemies. Republican Reconstruction architects Thaddeus Stevens and Oliver Morton ignored Andrew’s advice.

        Chamberlain ultimately concluded that Radical Reconstruction was born of sinister motives, cruelly exploited Southern blacks and was destined to die of its own inadequacies. In retrospect he was certain “there was no possibility of securing good government in South Carolina through Republican influences. . . The vast preponderance of ignorance . . . in that party, aside from downright dishonesty, made it impossible.” The blacks, he felt, were egregiously abused. “Race was used as the tool of heartless partisan leaders.” Blacks were “mercilessly exploited for the benefit of a political [Republican] party, and heartlessly abandoned when the scheme had failed.”

        Sixth, Domby makes the common mistake of citing the Declaration of Causes for secession of such states as Mississippi and South Carolina as so-called proof that the Civil War was all about slavery. Yet he ignores the sectional conflicts that are revealed by comparing the constitutions of the CSA and USA.

        Unlike the Federal Constitution, the Confederacy’s did not permit protective tariffs. Southerners were ahead of their time in recognizing the benefits of Worldwide free trade. They also outlawed public works spending, which were instead to be financed by the states themselves. Since Southerners disliked crony capitalism their constitution prohibited subsidies for private industry, which were arguably allowed under the “general welfare” clause of the Federal Constitution.

        The Confederate Constitution only permitted spending for military defense, repayment of national debt, and the operating costs of the Central Government, not pork barrel spending. In order to further discourage pork spending the President was given a line item veto and bills were normally introduced to Congress by the executive branch. If Congress originated a bill it would need a two-thirds majority to pass as opposed to a simple majority for one proposed by the President. Although her constitution authorized one, the Confederacy never formed a Supreme Court. As a creature of the Federal Government, Confederate leaders, their parents and ancestors had observed that the U. S. Supreme Court tended to make rulings that increasingly concentrated power in the Central Government, which was contrary to the South’s tradition favoring states’ rights.

        Seventh, even though Domby states, “Anytime you have someone trying to prevent a topic from being debated, it is a sign they are on the losing side” he never responded to my request to be interviewed on this YouTube channel.

        In sum, Domby’s interview by the Avery Research Center suggests that his research merely follows the predetermined conclusion of cloistered academics regarding the reasons for Confederate memorials. Presumably his only purpose was to find evidence that the statues were erected to celebrate and enforce white supremacy, particularly up to 1920. But given the wartime loss ratios noted earlier, only a cynic could reach such a conclusion. To repeat for emphasis, if America were to fight a war today with the same loss ratio as the Confederates, our soldier deaths would total about 17 million. Nobody can doubt that 30 years later the families would badly want to build memorials to both the dead and survivors before they faded away.

        • These “scholars” are a stain on the institutions that have hosted them. Cornell West is a black “scholar” who bounced around from Harvard, Yale, Union Theological Seminary, Princeton, Dartmouth, Pepperdine, and the University of Paris cackling all the while about black “culture” including such weighty contributions as hip-hop.

          These “scholars” are academic grifters who have correctly gauged the current zeitgeist and are riding it for all it’s worth, they have nothing to contribute. When times change, which they certainly will, all of these frauds will be unhorsed in the blink of an eye. Robin DeAngelo is another one of these losers, their day will come, count on it.

        • These rebuttals are useful for educating deliberately misinformed Whites and giving them the facts & confidence to stand up for their ancestors and therefore themselves, but no one should be under the delusion that shitlibs like Domby give a flying fuck about facts, “the marketplace of ideas” or truth: they are lying (((Cultural Marxist))) scum who are doing everything they can to become dictators so that they can ramrod the justification for gleefully oppressing then exterminating Whites from the face of the earth,

          There is only one Answer to the jew-minded race traitor vermin.

    • @Banned for Life Obviously God values stupid browns more than intelligent whites. Which is why religion is against evolution and natural selection. “Everyone is God’s children”.

  20. Do not fret too much. This is at best a short livedPyrrhic victory for our enemies. As I’ve written several times on OD, the White race is ‘The Golden Goose’ of humanity, and when we are no longer able to keep the rest of the world comfortable, fed, and healthy with our ingenuity and undeserved altruism (I’m looking at you kumbaya Christians), their societies will crumble and perish. This is a lot closer than most think.


    Why the collapse of the West could lead to the extinction on mankind. The ultimate schadenfreude.

  21. David where does this Ralph Northam live, hang out? He can be punished in quasi legal ways, things like neighbors playing Lynyrd Skynyrd “Freebird” our and over and over again.

  22. We are seeing here at home what the Russian people endured during the revolution and subsequent demolition of the monarchy, Orthodox Church and the cultural heritage of Russia at the hands of the bolsheviks.

    We should be humble enough to realize we aren’t the first this has been done to by these people.

    We should be aware that its only the beginning, and prepared to weather the storm thats coming, even while our “intellectual” leaders are becoming fatalistic and wringing their hands about how hard it is run podcasts and blogs under mild censorship regimes.

    We should also take hope from the fact that no empire lasts forever, no regime maintains stability forever. There is always hope, and the only way we can really lose is if we give up and go quietly into history as the latest species lost to extinction.

    With that in mind, our mandate is clear, plan for the future and what comes next, short/mid/long term. Our responsibility is to try our best. Success or failure is for fate and providence to decide.

    We don’t bear the worlds problems on our shoulders, only our own.

  23. This happened because we got outnumbered. As George Floyd riots spread, we should have had several hundred of our guys out there surrounding the statues along Monument Ave. Instead, only a handful defended them and they were easily routed. Now we deal with this failure to organize. I also blame Trump for not invoking the insurrection act early on.

    • Unfortunately the normal people were busy at work to feed their families and didn’t have time to confront the spiteful mutants on a rampage.

  24. “Lee never won a battle of strategic importance. All of his successes took place between June 1, 1862
    and April 30, 1863, including the drawn Battle of Antietam which was a profound strategic loss, as it dispositively closed the door on recognition of the Confederacy by European powers.

    “Lee’s period of winning battles against inferior commanders ended on July 1-4, 1863, when Lee fought and lost the battle at Gettysburg. Following that loss, he spent the next 10 months in an inert deadlock with the Union commander Gordon Meade.

    “From the day U.S. Grant took the field on May 4, 1863, Lee never again exercised the strategic or tactical initiative. Grant forced Lee from prepared defensive positions to prepared defensive for a month until Lee was locked down in a siege at Petersburg, Va. from which lines he was finally forced in April 1865 into headlong flight. Eight days later he surrendered his army.

    “Lee never understood the war he was fighting. He fought a war of maneuver and battles that could not have won the war, while his master Grant, fought a modern war designed to deprive the enemy of civilian support by breaking the civilian morale for war. Grant won several important strategic victories that changed the balance of the war: Donaldson and McHenry which opened Tennessee and Georgia to invasion; Vicksburg which closed the Mississippi, isolated the trans-Mississippi and opened the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to Union occupation; Chattanooga which cleared the way for Sherman’s invasion of the Deep South and, of course, subduing Lee.

    “The total count of armies surrendered through Lee’s surrender as all other generals on either side =zero, Grant = 3.

    “Lee was not a great general, but has been embraced by persons wanting to somehow distract from the brutality of the old slave South and the Confederacy and adorn the insurrection with a veneer of ‘honor’ and ‘heritage’ that its actual brutal venality does not allow. Lee is an icon of American self-deception, needed to” justify” the age of Jim Crow. His undeserved ‘reputation’ is an effort to conceal historical truth as and an attempt to glorify something to avoid facing the reality that their values have been overcome in American history.

    “Jim Crow is a half century dead and we still have to see these fools glorifying this mediocre failure.”


  25. “Lee never so much won a battle as was given victory by incompetent opponents. Even in victory, he never changed the strategic circumstances of the war, one bit; the Union retained the offensive and occupied major parts of Lee’s home state getting ready for the next attack.

    “Lee enjoyed the force multipliers of fighting on his home turf, usually fighting on the defensive and shorter interior lines. He fought his entire war in a few counties in Virginia and acted to undermine his governments armies elsewhere in the ‘nation’ by shipping out his bad generals and insisting he could win a Napoleonic victory.

    “Worse, he didn’t understand the war he fought. He fought a war of battles and places, while the opponent who overcame him understood it was a war between people and victory could only come from breaking the will of the insurrectionist population to sustain armies in the field.

    “Lee could not have won the war commanding the armies of either side. Great generals win battles of strategic importance. Lee was a failed local insurrectionary leader.

    “He is deified because he fought for white racial superiority and Jim Crow needed a heritage aside from the brutal venality of slavery. We don’t need to keep pretending he was what he wasn’t.”


  26. “Lee’s army fought with same weapons as its enemy. The problem was Lee.

    “Even measured as a Napoleonic general, Lee is a failure. Napoleon was all offense–keeping the initiative and forcing his enemy to react to his movements. Napoleon was all about strategic achievement–battles that changed the war or brought political results. Hell, he won a whole war by maneuver without even fighting a battle at Ulm. Napoleon sat down and with a stroke of a pen eliminated 99 German principalities. Lee never even won a single battle that changed his war or brought any political results. The two men’s names ought not be said in the same sentence.

    “Lee was a butt sitter. His four victories were all blocking battles. After each victory, he sat his army down instead of driving his enemy to destruction or strategic inability–as Napoleon and Grant always did. After Lee’s two greatest victories, he was beaten far worse by the enemy he’d just beat and let escape whole. Antietam 21 days after first Bull Run and Gettysburg seven weeks after Chancellorsville. In both of those loses Lee suffered casualties amounting to one third of his army.

    “After Gettysburg, Lee never tested either Meade or Grant by taking up the offensive. He fought strictly on the defensive for the last 22 months of his 34 month command. Finally, Lee was finally defeated by his own soldiers, over half of whom deserted him. Napoleon and Grant were great generals. Lee was a failed local insurrectionist commander.”


  27. “I don’t say Lee is a terrible general. just not one that never won a strategic victory; not anywhere near great. He won four battles in the first 11 months of his 34 months Eastern command and none in the final 23 month. That’s a record that usually gets generals relieved.

    “After each battle victory Lee retired his army behind fortifications and allowed his enemy to retain the initiative while still sitting on his (Lee’s) Self-supposed soil. He never exploited his victories. He insured they were won in meaningless vacuums of inert defensiveness.

    “Great generals win strategic battles. Great generals exploit their victories for political or strategic results. Lee did not. After his greatest victory at Chancellorsville, he took more time before moving north than Grant took to fight the whole Overland Campaign a year later that pinned Lee to the seige he only escaped by full flight and abject conditionless surrender.

    “I didn’t mention the period before he assumed command in the East because it is not so gloried. He lost to McClellan in what is now West Virginia (a strategic loss with military and political consequences that still exist.) He supervised engineering of fortifications and acted as Jefferson Davis’ advisor. Maybe ‘excellent’ to you, but inconsequential to the war.

    “Before June 1, 1863, Grant had taken Forts Henry and Donelson and accepted the surrender of an army, more importantly he cleared the Tennessee River for Union domination which was a strategic results–the fall of Nashville in Feb. 1862 and Memphis when Lee was fighting his first battle were the kinds of fruits Lee never gained. Grants victories and the control of Tennessee’s rivers also ensured Kentucky would not join the insurrection.

    “Oh yeah, before Lee took command Grant had also won the Battle of Shiloh, ending insurrectionist offensive action on the Mississippi.

    “A clear eyed comparison of the two men should make clear that they functioned in different classes of generalship.

    “Lee’s four victory’s were, in fact, resultant from profound flaws in his opponent. Each was won only because of the incompetent acts of Lee’s opponent. That is a fact we can discuss in detail, but that should not be faulted to Lee. He was a good enough general to exploit those weaknesses and sweep his ill-lead enemy from the field. By the same measure, 10 month in inert deadlock with Meade after Gettysburg and never for a single day risking taking the initiative against Grant, who sought nothing else but to force Lee to try, is to Lee’s credit.

    “However, that isn’t the record of a great general. You’ve got to win strategic victories to be great or even good.

    “The only reason you think Lee was a great general is because he fought for white supremacy and the Lost Cause Myth was embraced north and south to avoid the uncomfortable fact that Jim Crow was just as much a denial of the founding values of freedom and equality as slavery.

    “In the 21st Century, the record of those times still exists. We don’t have to fool ourselves to pretend we are somebody we are not.”


    • Last year and a half of the war, Lee’s men lived on 1,000 calories a day. Despite being outnumbered and out-supplied, Lee was able to extend the war about two years, almost single handedly. Grant would never been able to win if the stats were reversed- a starving Union army, vastly outnumbered.

  28. “We don’t have to fault Lee, his soldiers passed judgment on him for us. Lee held the balance of military power in his confrontation with Grant from May 4, 1864 to April 1, 1865, by virtue of fighting on the defensive from behind prepared positions with rifled weapons. That is inarguable; Grant was not able to break Lee’s lines for that who period. In his Memoirs, Grant tells us that a man with a rifled weapon fighting from behind protection was worth five approaching in the open. In modern parlance, Lee enjoyed a five to one force multiplier as long as he fought strictly on the defensive and from behind prepared positions.

    “The final judgment on Lee’s leadership and his cause was given to us by his soldier, over half of whom deserted him before his line were broke. Lee could never been dislodged by Grant if only his own soldiers hadn’t voted against his leadership and cause by more than half of them skedaddling.

    “That is to ignore the facts that Grant drove Lee into a siege in just 39 days, Lee never won a battle with strategic consequences, Grant won several.

    “Only white supremacy and its shadow blinds you to the relative merits of the two generals. Grant was great general–the towering military figure of the war and the man who won the war. Lee was a failed local insurrectionist leader who fought is whole command in a handful of local counties, lost his two offensives and otherwise fought totally on the defensive–not taking to the offenive at all during the last 22 months of his 34-month command. Lee surrendered this sword to Grant, the last of three traitor commanders of whole armies who did so in the war.

    “Wipe Jim Crow out of your eyes. It is apparent in the your inability to see what is obvious about those times.”


    • Woah there. The industrial capacity of the confederacy wasn’t sound. They couldn’t have lasted it out without an external allied power funding them or lending a navy. You are asking a political question. Lee was a Fabius Cunctator general. He was hoping the French or British or both would intervene. The military strategy was sound given what he had to work with.

      • As I reflected on those comments, which I encountered at another website, I eventually did wonder whether it could be argued that Lee made the best of the situation, i.e., that he took a Fabian approach as you say. It would be interesting to see what the commenter whose posts I pasted here would say in response to that argument.

  29. We are dealing with murderous Marxist, Communist, Anarchist , etc thugs who hate us so much they are desecrating the graves, monuments of our ancestors and laughing in our faces as one of those wicked dogs yesterday who was yelling and calling for the head of Lee’s monument to be cut off and these radicals would kill all of us if they could get away with it. Violence will lead to more violence so there is no avoiding it. We are going to have to eventually fight to the death before this is over and kill or be killed. The Left wants it that way.

    I have always admired those who lay down their lives for their family, friends, race, nation, etc even Japanese Kamikaze pilots and other unpopular fighters. They selflessly willingly pay the ultimate price of death for the good of their fellow defenders.

    Pray that we can avoid violence but be prepared to fight to the death if that is what it takes.

    May God Save the South!

    Kamikaze … (“divine wind” or “spirit wind”), officially Shinp? Tokubetsu K?gekitai …, “Divine Wind Special Attack Unit”), were a part of the Japanese Special Attack Units of military aviators who flew suicide attacks for the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels in the closing stages of the Pacific campaign of World War II, intending to destroy warships more effectively than with conventional air attacks. About 3,800 kamikaze pilots died during the war, and more than 7,000 naval personnel were killed by kamikaze attacks.

    Kamikaze aircraft were essentially pilot-guided explosive missiles, purpose-built or converted from conventional aircraft. Pilots would attempt to crash their aircraft into enemy ships in what was called a “body attack” (tai-atari) in aircraft loaded with bombs, torpedoes or other explosives. About 19% of kamikaze attacks were successful. The Japanese considered the goal of damaging or sinking large numbers of Allied ships to be a just reason for suicide attacks; kamikaze were more accurate than conventional attacks, and often caused more damage. Some kamikazes were still able to hit their targets even after their aircraft had been crippled…
    — Wikipedia: “Kamikaze”

    • Banned for Life, regarding Japanese imperialism, do you know who taught Japan to be imperialist? During the Civil War, a few days after Gettysburg, the U.S. also attacked Japan:

  30. “Lee never follow up a victory to achieve a strategic result. He could not have won the war. After Second Bull Run, Lee took a leisurely stroll up to the battlefield at Antietam where he arrive 20 days later to loose to the same enemy he’d defeated less than three weeks earlier: escaped whole because Lee didn’t pursue it, refitted and reorganized.

    “In the same period of time, 20 days, at Vicksburg, Grant crossed the largest river on the continent, fought and won six battles, captured a state capital–destroying its military and rail stores, and put a whole army under fatal siege. Doing so produced several strategic results, if you wish to discuss them.

    “After his greatest victory at Chancellorsville, Lee took a vacation rather than drive his enemy as Grant did during the Appomattox Campaign. He enemy, again escaped whole, refitted and reorganized to again defeat him in the next battle which took place 59 days later, Grant fought the whole Overland Campaign in 1864 in just 39 days, driving Lee out of Northern Virginia and into the fatal (for Lee’s army) siege of Petersburg. Hell, Sherman only took 37 days for his whole march to the sea.

    “Can you deny one single fact here that I cite?

    “Don’t take my word for it. Take Sir John Keegan’s assessment of Lee. He said Lee never had a strategic notion about how the win the war. Grant won it by a military strategy he devised and executed. The insurrection ended when Davis escaped into a south that no longer supported the insurrection. Lee died not understanding who Grant won the war,

    “Lee lacked the initiative to win the war that he didn’t understand.

    “Reconsider the man, based on the facts in the historical record. HIs reputation was inflated from that of a failed local insurrectionist leader to a great general because Jim Crow needed heroes for white supremacy after the war.”


    • Good comment, John Bonaccorsi. The most glaring examples of Lee’s poor judgement are his strategically impossible invasion of Pennsylvania, and especially, Pickett’s charge.

      • Of course I am against removal of statues of Lee. Only statues of Satan, and pornographic (nude and topless) statues should be destroyed.

      • The comment was not mine. I encountered it and the several other comments I’ve posted here on the same subject at the website I linked after each of them.

        Another commenter here, at Occidental Dissent, seems also to have thought, as you thought, that these comments I posted about Lee were my own, so maybe my putting them in quotation marks and following them with a link did not make clear enough that they were not mine.

    • I have been reading Grant’s autobiography off and on for several months and I hit a section where he used the words “supplies” or “supply” it seems almost like every other sentence. He was just a glorified quartermaster whose continual resupplying and foraging when needed kept him at an advantage in most situations.

      In fact Nathan Bedford Forrest actually threw a wrench in Grant’s operations and delayed his plans for six months by his successful raids on Grant’s supply line in late 1862.

      The success of the three Confederate raids in December 1862 was striking. General Ulysses Grant had to retreat from Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee, giving up his first attempt to capture Vicksburg. Forrest had so thoroughly destroyed Grant’s supply line that the Union forces would make no move for the next six months. While the raids were in progress, General William S. Rosecrans had won a tactical victory at Murfreesboro, Tennessee (the Battle of Stones River) but the success of John Hunt Morgan’s raid against the Louisville & Nashville Railroad pinned Rosecrans in place for the next six months. With Grant inactive, the Confederates concentrated their cavalry in Middle Tennessee to support General Bragg who had made his headquarters at Tullahoma.
      — The Essential Civil War Curriculum, “Nathan Bedford Forrest”

      And Grant lived up his name as a butcher by trying to overwhelm the South by throwing warm bodies at them. And he would smoke 20 cigars or more a day to keep up with Lee in hot battles (and that habit did kill Grant in the end) whereas Lee reportedly did not use tobacco (and very little alcohol if any at all).

      I believe Lee with the handicaps of fewer resources and fewer men was a much greater general than anyone the North had. Remember Lee was Lincoln’s first choice to lead the Union army — let’s not forget.

      • An interesting reply, Banned for Life. It would be interesting to know what the person whose comments about Lee’s generalship I pasted here would say in response to your statement about Forrest’s disruption of Grant’s supply lines.

        I’m not a warrior myself, but I could imagine worse things than serving under a glorified quartermaster.

    • @ John bonaccorsi, you are to be commended for your armchair generalship, your distortion of actual facts, at your bully pulpit, of stagnated jealousy, the odds we faced were insurmountable, without the tactical brilliance of the noble ” marse robert”, the war would have been over in a year, that it took federal forces, as long as it did, mr.grant or not, shows the incompetence, of inexperienced butchers, a social failure, such as mr.grant, giving a freehand by the social failure in chief himself, mr.lincoln, I cannot think of another two friends, in all of western history and civilisation, who so unencumbered without consience, or empathy, so lustfully sacrificed, their young on the altar, vanity, greed and hatred and envy of a better people, the degree too which the men of the north, have indoctrinated the ellis island hyphenate’s, truly boggles the mind, the kensington area of philadelphia, demonstrates how well the negroes have done, under the watchful eye, of the men of the north, the truth of the matter, is this, the people of the north, recognised the brilliance of the noble ” marse robert “, even before we did, that’s why the evil mr.lincoln offered the Gallant ” marse robert ” command of the whole union army, the black guards of the sinister and wicked black republican administration, not being men of honor, such as those who faced them, in martial combat, responded as all scorned bitches do. They put on a petulant display of pettiness, that remains unequal to this very day, marse robert put his God and his people first, before any personal consideration at all. So unlike the fiends across the potomac, marse robert was the epitome of a christian officer and gentleman, w.churchill himself, acknowledged him as he put it ” the greatest of the English speaking captains “, I will end this post with a personal thought and reflection, my beloved commander is the greatest of my people, then and now. As always, with much respect mr.bonaccorsi…………

      • I know nothing about war or generalship, Mr. S., and couldn’t even tell you were Shiloh is. The comments I posted were made by someone else, at another website, to which I provided links. I found them interesting, though I did eventually wonder whether Lee made the best of the situation. I wondered, in other words, whether he was taking a Fabius Cunctator approach, as our fellow commenter Captain John said, in reply to those posts of mine. I myself haven’t the military knowledge or understanding to say.

        “W. himself”? Well, I guess he is something of an expert on the subject of squandering English blood in war.

      • @Yerry Smith,

        fdr and winston Churchill were much, much worse and dastardly than lincoln, and as far as savage war criminals go, RAF Marshal arthur harris and dwight d.eisenhower top even grant’s starvation campaign at Vicksburg in their brutality.

      • PS “… the odds we faced were insurmountable …” smacks of excuse-making. It doesn’t entirely comport with the views of your instigators, prior to Fort Sumter:

        “That the Republic of the South shall sustain her independence, there is little question. The form of our society is too pregnant of intellectual resources and military strength to be subdued, if, in its products, it did not hold the bonds of amity and peace upon all the leading nations of the world.”

        (See eighth paragraph at http://www.civilwarcauses.org/spratt.htm )

        • @ mr.bonaccorsi, there are some, who would imply, that marse robert, sought to hold out, long enough, till their was european intervention, marse robert, sought european RECOGNITION, marse robert, knew it his was our fight and our fight alone, he more than anyone else , knew the odds we faced, he as well as others, thought and believed, if we could damage as much as we could union forces, even possibly destroy their armies, the people of the north would tire of the war and God willing, we could have a negotiated settlement and most of all PEACE, marse robert was an older man, as this war began, as he grew older, he grew wiser, he carried the burden of the survival of our fledgling southern republic, the responsibility of the army under his command, his obligation to God in heaven, his family and those under his care, as well as his own personal sense of honor and duty, as well as his own personal standard of excellence, I honestly know of ,no one, who could have done any better what so ever, I say this without malice or resentment.

  31. America has become such a disgusting place.
    Niggers, mongrels, race traitors and faggots saturate and permeate every public square…
    And i live in a VERY white and VERY “conservative” area of FL.
    Its unreal how stupid people are.
    From what i’ve noticed here, the boomers share the attitude of “it wont be my problem much longer” which of course i ,like any normal person, despise.

  32. Scene from movie Gettysburg where General Lee proclaims the outcome was all his fault:


    Robert E. Lee offers resignation as commander of the Confederate army

    In the aftermath of his defeat at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Confederate General Robert E. Lee sends a letter of resignation as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia to Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

    The letter came more than a month after Lee’s retreat from Pennsylvania. At first, many people in the South wondered if in fact Lee had lost the battle. Lee’s intent had been to drive the Union army from Virginia, which he did. The Army of the Potomac suffered over 23,000 casualties, and the Union army’s offensive capabilities were temporarily disabled. But the Army of Northern Virginia absorbed 28,000 casualties, nearly one-third of its total. As the weeks rolled by and the Union army reentered Virginia, it became clear that the Confederacy had suffered a serious defeat at Gettysburg. As the press began to openly speculate about Lee’s leadership, the great general reflected on the campaign at his headquarters in Orange Courthouse, Virginia.

    The modest Lee took the failure at Gettysburg very personally. In his letter to Davis, he wrote, “I have been prompted by these reflections more than once since my return from Pennsylvania to propose to Your Excellency the propriety of selecting another commander for this army… No one is more aware than myself of my inability for the duties of my position. I cannot even accomplish what I myself desire… I, therefore, in all sincerity, request your Excellency to take measure to supply my place.”

    Lee not only seriously questioned his ability to lead his army, he was also experiencing significant physical fatigue. He might also have sensed that Gettysburg was his last chance to win the war. Regardless, President Davis refused the request. He wrote, “To ask me to substitute you by someone… more fit to command, or who would possess more of the confidence of the army… is to demand an impossibility.”
    — history.com, “This Day in History — August 08”

    Union General Abner Doubleday (baseball fame) pointed out (not his exact words) that the South seemed to get the breaks at Chancellorsville while the North seemed to get the breaks during the Gettysburg campaign.

    “Part of his [JEB Stuart] cavalry also attacked the Fifth and Sixth Michigan regiments at Littleton, but were repulsed. He then, having no time to spare, kept on his way toward York to find the army he had lost. He passed within seven miles of Ewell’s column on its way to Gettysburg and neither knew that the other was near. Had they effected a junction it would have saved the rebel cavalry a long, fruitless, exhausting march, which kept them out of the battle on the first day. It was one of those accidental circumstances which seemed to favor us in this campaign while almost every incident at Charcellorsville was against us.
    — Union General Abner Doubleday, “Campaigns of the Civil War: Chancellorsville and Gettysburg”, 1882, p, 121.

    What significant change happened between Chancellorsville and Gettysburg that many think was the cause of the South’s loss at Gettysburg? Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded at the end of the battle at Chancellorsville. Not only was Stonewall Jackson a superb general but he was a man of great faith who believed in God and he prayed for success on the battlefield. And it appears God did answer his prayers in battles where he defeated armies much greater in number than his own. In other words getting the breaks was really answered prayers and the man who was offering those prayers was missing at Gettysburg.

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