Taliban Agrees To Allow 200 Americans To Leave Afghanistan

The GOP’s solution to this problem was to reinvade Afghanistan, retake Bagram Air Force Base, break the peace deal, begin a new surge and resume the war and occupation. In reality, the Taliban had no incentive to keep American citizens there. The “hostage crisis” narrative was fake news.

Yahoo News:

“Taliban officials have reportedly agreed to allow 200 Americans, U.S. permanent residents and holders of other Western passports to depart Afghanistan on chartered flights on Thursday, according to several reports.

A U.S. official reportedly told Reuters that the group is expected to leave from Kabul on Thursday after U.S. special representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad urged the Taliban to allow the exit, the first large-scale departure of Americans from Afghanistan since the U.S. ended its withdrawal from the country on August 31.

The Associated Press reported that two Qatari officials say they expect 100 to 150 Americans to depart from Kabul’s airport on Thursday on a Qatari flight that had delivered humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. …

“We’ve been assured all American citizens and Afghan citizens with valid travel documents will be allowed to leave,” Blinken said. …”

It was all just more lies.

We didn’t stay in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years after Osama bin Laden himself left the country to fight “terrorism.” The American Empire always had an ulterior geopolitical motive for occupying the country. The “War on Terror” was the excuse that was used to justify our preexisting goals. We were meddling in that country and cultivating the jihadists there long before the 9/11 attacks.

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  1. Edit for Typo- They want us to think these are John and Jane Smiths stuck in Afghanistan, but in reality they are Hamza and Mustafa who simply have a US passport (thanks Bush) or are related to another Hamza with a US passport.

  2. I don’t remember ever reading anything that convinced me one way or another that we ever had an actual goal there.

    Whatever has really been going on its safe to say hasn’t been for our benefit.

    Given the obvious fact, that we all agree on, that there will be no real fallout to the regime for this since nobody can hold them accountable, there is no reason to think that the withdrawal was done for our benefit either.

    China looms large in this, and they aren’t coming to save us. I don’t rule out anything, but our regime is beginning to act like the occupation government of a foreign power, and I’m not talking about Israel.

    • It’s a little bit like the Switcheroo between the Corrino, Atreides and Harkonnen on Arrakis. Yes, something is not right here. Someone is going to get exterminated as a result.

  3. Did you notice how as soon as the US military departs, Mohammad is suddenly an American who ‘needs to come home’. They should just remain there. I’m sure their talents would be put to better use in Afghanistan.

    • Yes, these “Americans” have traditional American sounding names like Akhmed, Mohamed and Haji. I’m sure they will fit in well in the U.S. No doubt they are, as the idiots at the Wall Street Journal write “natural conservatives”, like Mexicans.

      If the WSJ is to be believed the Afghans will soon be watching Fox TV, reading the WSJ, subscribing to National Review, arguing the “conservative” case for free trade, buying the MyPillow guy’s shit, donating to the impoverished Trump’s 2024 campaign, studying the Constitution and no doubt, vigorously exercising their second amendment rights.

      Being second class citizens in the Empire we will quickly learn that Afghans just have a different but superior culture than horrible White people. They are the real “Americans”, better than us too. Their bacha bazi of sex with little boys, 1st cousin marriage to 12 YO girls, multiple wives and animal cruelty are just part of the rainbow flag diversity the Afghans will be enriching us with.

      Not so sure about throwing the homos off of rooves though, Mr. and Mr. Buttplug may not be all down with that little detail. As that paragon of virtue the wog London Mayor, Sadiq Khan (now there’s a good Anglo name!) said: ” . . . terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city”. The idiot then makes a comparison with Tokyo which has had zero Moslem terror attacks. Hmmm, I wonder why?

      Here is a cuck Australian site that says Sadiq Khan didn’t really say what he said even though the text contradicts the author. Who are you going to believe, the Lügenpresse or your lying eyes?


      • @12AX7,
        People of all races have qualities and talents that I admire.
        Muslim men have principles they defend to the death. The Japanese make great pickups and SUV’s. The Chinese have great food. Black Americans had great music until about the 90’s. But………..it doesn’t mean I want them as the majority of my nation. When you change the majority, you change the culture. We should have the right to say no thanks.

        • Hello Goose;

          I agree. My point was that Afghans belong in Afghanistan or those nations surrounding Afghanistan with similar peoples and cultures, not 10,000 miles away in absolutely alien (to them) cultures. I don’t wish ill on any group of people but I look out for my own first, last and always without any desire to harm others.

          The U.S. Government has been harming others for a long time as National Policy and then taking the remnants of this horrible policy back into the U.S. and allied countries. Invade the World, Invite the World it has been called. This would appear absolutely stupid and foolish but this policy of Invade the World, Invite the World is neither. It is a deliberate choice the ruling class has made and from their point of view things couldn’t be working out better for them.

          The useless cuck “conservatives” of all stripes operate under the assumption that the ruling class desires what is best for the U.S. in their eyes. The useless cuck “conservatives” lack imagination or are unable to admit that the ruling class of Western countries including the U.S. is choosing to destroy the nations they rule over with the idea that they will build another new nation from the ground up without historical baggage, from the year zero.

          This was the idea behind the French and Russian (really ‘The Usual Suspects’) Revolutions. The revolutionaries even changed the calendars; France dating the new calendar from the start of their revolution and the Soviets discarding the Julian calendar and adopting the Gregorian calendar. The slogan in the U.S. now is “Build Back Better” but it’s impossible to build anything with Third World types so the U.S. Government will just wreck everything in the name of “equality”.

          • @12AX7,
            I believe that the Jews deliberately cause these wars, which then generate push factors for refugees……all by design. Now, there are people in every racial group who are likeable people. Do I hate them as individuals? Of course not. I just hate that as a collective, they could one day outnumber us, a development that was forced, not consented to. A glass of water is great, but a whole river will drown you.
            It’s never been explained how diversity benefits us, the whites. We know it benefits the invaders, because they’re arriving from the third world. I hold the view that every race belongs in the culture they create, be it good or bad……… it’s THEIR culture.
            It’s also never explained why these war refugees can’t move to a closer more peaceful Islamic nation with their religion and way of life already in place.
            That’s the trouble with these Jews and their goons in general:- too many things they can’t explain away without sounding sinister or stupid. It’s because their agenda is to have us outnumbered, out bred, and out voted.
            What makes it so damn obvious is that nations like Japan, Israel and China don’t have such policies in place………….and are NEVER called ‘racist’.
            Thanks for your feedback, and enjoy your weekend my friend.

  4. 200 Afghan Muslims Democratic Party Voters coming to America…to enthusiastically vote Magatard Pickup truck driving White Male Trump Voters….into a violently persecuted White racial minority within the borders of America…

    Alex Jones:”‘as long as the come in LEGALLY…and obey the Constitution…..and pay their taxes…it’s perfectly fine….. hey how bout that Pakistani Muslim Federal Judge who just put Owen Shoyer in jail… no problem……”

  5. Wouldn’t it be ‘racist’ to deprive a nonwhite nation of its future doctors , astronauts and engineers??

    • @James,
      I carry a lot of white guilt because we’re stealing the third world’s best, and most productive minds away. Why isn’t the Left opposed to this talent pool theft?

      • Here in Florida , the Haitians culturally enrich us with rape, murder ,drug dealing , theft and financial dependency not to mention their filthy disgusting living habits ,as the breed like rodents on the tax payer fine

        We are so lucky to have people with a 70 iQ by the hundreds of thousands here.
        We just got another 5,000 in our small town in Naples.
        I am selling my house and getting out of here.


        This is our most famous citizen we were lucky enough to have from Haiti

        • @James,
          I’m at a loss as to why the US Marshall service bought him back to Florida. Why not just leave him in Haiti?
          And why does any US authority have arrest powers in another country?
          Diversity perps are never deported, like, for anything, yet when they flee the country and are no longer costing us anything, the authorities go after them, and bring them back! Fuck me!
          Yet one more way that taxpayers are forced to pay for what government decides.

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