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  1. Homosexuality seems to be at least at times an as important motivating force as Jewishness for neoconservatives. Murray, that awful harridan Watters in Britain and others seem to be animated by Islam’s attitudes towards gays and at best indifferent or in watters case equally as hostile to Christianity.

    These people were never our friends and endless Muslim baiting — however odious we find Islam– isn’t going to save us.

    • Well yeah it’s been one of their issues since the beginning. Neocons have used Iran’s treatment of faggots as a reason to go to war with them and have cited Israel as the only “enlightened” nation in the region on the issue. Bush used it the same time he pretend to oppose gay marriage. Even guys like Rick Santorum did too.

    • I telling you the anti-white anti- Christian coalition is Jews, queers and the Irish. Muslims are our friends, they are willing to let us live in peace provided we do the same to them. Look in closer and you will see the same people who were attacking Muslims are now attacking whites.

      • How can the Irish be anti white when they are fucking white? Holy shit, you are one dumb motherfucker Robert. FYI, most Muslims are probably anti white themselves

        • “Robert Browning” is an anti-white troll who posts here to sow division. It posts under other names and has been around for years. This blog has always had a pro-troll moderation policy going back many years.

          • ATBOTL,

            I like your comment below a lot. I could not find a Reply button there so I posted here. The anti-Irish mentality is something I find bizarre on here. From my viewpoint you are all just northern/western european whites.

            And no I do not possess any Irish blood.

        • Irish allow their anti-Anglo feelings to manifest themselves as anti-white ideology. I’ve seen it many times.

        • Growing up in Chicago I can assure you that the Irish are batshit crazy and their disposition and intellect is nowhere near other N Europeans.

          • Which is why Ireland is the 4th highest country in the world on the UN’s development index, effectively tied with Denmark and only below Norway, a Northern European country with massive oil reserves and Switzerland, a country that was never invaded, colonized or even had a war for 500 years. The development index is a measure of many statistics including income, life expectancy, health, mental health, crime, corruption, education, standard of living, fiscal stability etc. By any way of measuring it, Ireland is objectively more prosperous, civilized and well organized than the UK, Germany, Sweden or the Netherlands.

            Irish people are ultra-racially pure R1b NW Europeans, literally the most NWE group genetically. English by comparison, are relatively more related to Russians and Southern Europeans.

            It’s hilarious to see these anti-white troll parrot ludicrously outdated stereotypes about Irish people. Their handlers need a firmware update. IRL, WASP racialists dropped any problem with the predominately Nordic Irish long before 1900. When Irish immigrants immediately built massive school, university and hospital systems as well as banks and insurance companies with entirely their own money, that were often better than government and Protestant funded institutions, that basically ended the possibility of anyone taking the idea that Irish people were stupid or lazy or backwards seriously ever again. Obviously, that achievement by Irish immigrants foreshadowed Ireland’s meteoric economic and developmental ride to the top elite level nations.

            Real anti-Irish sentiment in America was mostly before the Civil War, that’s why these trolls are so absurd. Actual claims of Irish racial inferiority by WASP intellectuals were almost entirely from before Darwin published.

      • “Muslims are our friends, they are willing to let us live in peace provided we do the same to them.”

        Not friends necessarily but to your point about their willingness to live and let live I agree when it comes to Shia but certain types of Sunni Islam which are aggressive and expansionist and view migration as a type of Jihad against the West.

        • @Lyov Myshkin—-There are two branches of Islam, a Jew branch and a Christian branch. The Shia is the Christian branch. The Sunni is Jew. Read up on Sabbatai Zevi , the Jew messiah who was forced to convert to Islam and the Donmeh and you will find the root of the Jew branch of Islam.

          You should know this Jew. I are testing us?

  2. ZOG is going to have a hard time whipping up the American public into another hysterical, hate-crazed frenzy against the Taliban. They are also going to have a lot of problems recruiting enough healthy young white heterosexual males to fight their endless wars for Zionist world domination. Of course none of that is going to deter the brainless blonde shiksas at Fox News from doing the bidding of their satanic jew masters.

    • The motto of Fox TV: “veritas liberabit vos” roughly translated as: “follow the fucking Benjamins right into the sewer”.

  3. If it’s any consolation Fox’s Boomer base viewership is dying off en masse as a result of the resurgence of the Boomer Culling Coof.

    • Has there ever been any generation more afraid of death – or even just getting sick- than the babby boomers? And they demand that younger people get the jew-jab, even if it means thousands of them might develop serious health problems as a result. The baby boomers don’t care, they must feel safe from the kung flu at all costs!

      • Exactly. The election of Biden was a form of generational panic. God forbid the US have a 50 year old president. He might cut the boomer benefits.

      • # boomer, boomer, everybody talking about the boomer, generalities about the boom generation, really won’t work, I tell you something, as truthfully as I can, when they were young, some of the boomers were BAD ASS, every preceding generation, since the boomer generation has waxed worse and worse, the boomers were america’s last normal generation, with the most abnormal circumstances, the difference between the boomers.and the young of today,.boomers were alpha, the young of today, beta, the boomers were a.very lucky generation. Whining about your racial elders, is showing your weakness, your ignorance, your jealousy and your lack of intellectual depth, only our people do stupid shit like this publically, your not hurting us at all, only yourselves, as you typecast your self, I cannot believe, that a true southern nationalist, would spew this unnecessary tripe, enjoy your weekend gentlemen.

        • Then elect a younger man. OBAMA was also a late Boomer. There’s no reason to have a man over 60 run a country.

        • @Terry Smith — SO TRUE, every word of your post. All these bitter little (and older) boys who create nothing and know NOTHING of the real world.

          As for the age of the President, who here voted for this doddering old idiot anyway ??

  4. I think the shock is that Blair and Company really didn’t expect this from a Democratic President. They were blindsided with Trump’s rhetoric and got tricked into supporting a Dem with some isolationist instincts. It’s a shocking moment. Trump was only pandering to isolationists you dumb Liberal bastards.

  5. US Military Policy in Afghanistan for 20 years=Slaughter of Afghan Civilians in the name of worthless Negros…specifically George Floyd……….Same policy in the Eastern Ukraine:Slaughter Young Pregnant Orthodox Christian Russian Women in the name of worthless negro George Floyd….

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