Taliban Announces Big Changes In Afghanistan

Look at what the Taliban has done in Afghanistan since ZOG’s defeat there and the American Empire has lost its credibility. This is so outrageous that we have to reinvade Afghanistan.


It is even worse than you have heard.

A literal hate crime!

They’ve painted over a sacred mural of George Floyd.

The Pride flag no longer flies over the U.S. embassy.

We’ve saved $300 million a day since leaving Afghanistan.

The Taliban have brought back their Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice and imposed sharia law.

The Taliban have announced that they are willing to have diplomatic relations with every country in the world with the exception of Israel.

The Taliban have stopped Glenn Beck from flying out refugees.

The last Jew in Afghanistan has fled the country.

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  1. Praise God.

    Removing the IDOL of Geo. Floyd is not only a sane, but a supremely godly act.
    Alleluia. Dear God, Arise and smite Thine enemies.

    Let the Gentiles Praise thee, O Lord. Let all the Gentiles praise Thee.

  2. The last Jew has now left Afghanistan? Yes we can’t have these pampered pooches in some unknown dustbowl unless evil goyem is there to protect him now can we?!
    As for the Taliban:- they just up and do what most of us would love to do. They don’t just have American weaponry…………. they’ve also got some balls.

  3. “We’ve saved $300 million a day since leaving Afghanistan”:

    MINUS the daily cost of maintaining more than 100,000 Afghan so-called “refugees” (puppet regime collaborators) inside the U.S. borders.

  4. That last Jew said he was not going to leave no matter what. Kind of like Michael Cohen saying he would take a bullet for Trump. Them Jews have an ability like no others to make you laugh yourself wet.

  5. Glen Beck. Is he back to sniffing glue again or is it huffing spray paint? The guy is insane. I would like to see about 120 Afghans, equivalent to a small company of infantry dumped on his property.

    BTW, the $32 million Glen raised to bring “Christians” from Afghanistan to the U.S., couldn’t that money have been better spent in the U.S. where there are many real Christians suffering? Think how much needed medical/dental care could have been purchased for White Christians whom the U.S. Government couldn’t care less about.

    Did Glen Beck’s “charity” take a slice off the top for “expenses”? $32 million buys a lot of good times for people and ya know, they do need to relax after the arduous task of rescuing “Christians” from Afghanistan. Plenty of beer, weed and coke money there.

    I wonder how many of these “Christians” were followers of Christ Jesus last month, say August 1st, 2021? How many of these people had instant conversions to Christianity when they saw Glen’s airplanes landing and will go back to Islam once settled in the U.S.?

    How is there a grain of charity in inflicting these primitive, violent Moslems on Christians in the U.S. who have no money or political power? It is smug self-righteousness, arrogance and that fatal sin of pride (which goeth before a fall) on the part of these hypocritical, wealthy “Christians” to go 10,000 miles away to do their stupid, fucking “charity” when there are people 10 miles away who need help.

    Charles Dickens skewered these assholes in the 19th Century in “The Ladies’ Societies” (1835) and again in “Bleak House” (1853)” where he referred to this type of charity as “Telescopic Philanthropy”. They made a big noise about their “charities” while doing little good and were outraged by problems thousands of miles away while indifferent to problems even in their own families.

    • Mormons are repulsive – they would drive past 1000 starving, destitute Whites to help one Mexican peasant on one of their “Missions”.

    • I remember when that jackass Beck said he would explain why no WMD were ever found in Iraq. This was well after the invasion, and he was going to give it a year. If no WMD were found within a year, he was going to tell us why. I didn’t listen a year later, but I bet the liar never did.

  6. Muslims do things like fight for their countries, cover up pictures of bootlip drug dealers and cast faggots off of
    roofs because they are Real Men – I am a Christian but as I become older I have come to see that Modern Christianity(the last 200 years) is used to suppress men’s base instincts to defend their race and culture. Adolf Hitler held the Muslim religion in high regard and it is not difficult to see why.

  7. There were also complaints about the British abolitionist Wilberforce, in that he spent so much time wanting to free slaves, but some wondered why he never said a word about sailors and others held captive in Algiers and the Barbary states. Not one word.

  8. Oh no. No more gender studies In Afghanistan. Oh well let’s get back to killing babies and selling the parts here in the good old USA…. SIGNED, ANY Left wing loon

  9. The last jew in Afghanistan is headed to the USA. Why not “the home of the jews ” Israel?

    Does this make Afghanistan number 110 or 111, if you want to count Guatemala?

    Side note: The Taliban want diplomatic relations with every country except Israel.

  10. So what’s up with that homeless dregs video the Chinese are using (successfully) to make Generation Bastard’s America look bad? What does that have to do with the Taliban? Still, it’s encouraging to see the world figuring out that the good people who built mid 20th century America and put a man on the moon have largely died off. Their inheritance is now in the hands of outsiders and bad people who make up a majority in this fallen land, overruling the remnants of the Bedford Falls America at the ballot box, showing what a death cult so called “democracy” actually is.

  11. One has to ask, Would a White man be better off governed by the Taliban or governed by our current Progress Elite?

    Painting over Floyd was a nice touch.

    More importantly, evidently the Pakistani ISI pulled a fast one on everyone, especially the Russian, Chinese, Iranians and Indians. We will have to see how than plays out. But it looks like Pakistan has the whip hand in Afghanistan.

    • Even sharia law – a nasty thing in many respects – is preferable than being ruled over by the Synagogue of Satan and their various white step-n-fetchits (Masons, etc.). The picture shown on Chinese media is a perfect example of the result of such rulership. The interesting thing is how all the Muslims imported into western countries vote in lockstep for the Synagogue and their lickspittles.

  12. Hey Hunter,

    Please include our/Farstar comic of the tough (White) guy USA military running away from our Afghanistan occupation and being handed our ZOG homo gay rainbow flag to take with us.

    The locals don’t want our pop, ZIO, BLM culture, factory, blue haired women soccer players demanding equal pay etc.

    I’ll send it over to you now as an attachment.

  13. I’m very sad to report my 20 year experience trying to work with (good looking, nice wives and children) Mormon LDS Church of Latter Day Saints/Sissies has ended in failure.

    LDS Pols like Jeff Flake, Mittens Romney are the ultimate cuckservatives, the Jews always like to use good looking, wholesome LDS pols to front for them. Neo Con Jews tried to steal Utah for Hillary by having an LDS CIA guy run for President of the USA in Utah. Mittens Romney was one of the only GOP Senators to vote to impeach Trump over the ridiculous Russian Collusion conspiracy nonsense.

    LDS Pols tend to be as bad as the worst anti White Jews on open borders immigration. LDS voters in Arizona were the ones who kept re-electing John McCaine all those years. LDS worship all things military and are happy Janissary slave warriors for the Sunni Islamists House of Saud and of course for ZOG.

    LDS Mormons suck at politics. Glen Beck is so typical. Anything to remain on ZOG TV.

    • A very difficult task trying to “work with” people who believe in made-up histories and made-up entities.

  14. Hey John. I have a great PDF posters of George Floyd BlackLIESMatter if you are interested in mass distributing.

    This is an area where we really fell down, we used to be able to do literature distributions, street posters, Now we seem to mostly just type on internet blog comment sections, and this goes, up, goes in to the void.

  15. The Taliban is right about women. They are right about Jews, too. And the cursed idols of the heathen. They are also right about smoking, which they ban. They are also right about Opium, which they oppose, even at a loss of income.

    They are rural people, and they look so awkward in the urban setting. And they are certainly no friends of mine.

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