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  1. Can’t stop thinking of a comparison with the Fremen. Doesn’t mean I approve though, given how that fictional Jihad turned out for the rest of the universe.

    • There’s a new Dune coming out that seemingly looked good until I found out they changed the Dr Kynes character played superbly by Max Von Sydow in the 84 version into… a black woman. Seriously, did the studio force this? Or was it a voluntary abomination. I can already see them forcing a character to be blackened which is bad enough but could be salvaged by a talented black actor bringing an “Othello” type touch to the character instead of ghettofying the portrayal. The gender change, however, completely ruins it. Sort of like that strange female Starbuck in the remake of Battlestar Galactica.

  2. Biden may just be a front for America’s REAL UNELECTED rulers.”

    Yeah, its called a Jewocracy, where Jews manage both Rep/Dem parties behind their visible Prez puppets. Same basic system exists in all these ‘democracies’ of the world. They set this American Jewocray up, shortly after the institution of the Federal Reserve…All Presidents since then have been their pawns..

    The current US Sec of State is a JEW named Blinken. This explains why the evacuation operations in Afghanistan were such a disaster. Blinken is a Satanist.

    Don’t worry…the mobs of mongrel Afghan scum will arrive safely in the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada etc….they’ll be housed in new apartment complexes & will be given free money, cars, food & white women for the rest of their lives in whatever western nation they come to…but hey, don’t do anything about, just keep watching your porno vids, get a new tattoo, smoke your weed, watch your simian sports & pray to Jesus…

  3. The ruling class in Afghanistan shares the same amoral outlook on life as the ruling class in the West. They will fit in perfectly. In the U.S. they will be living in NOVA, no-show jobs at “think tanks” like The Brookings Institution, complain about discrimination and be described as “visiting scholars” as they hop from one university fraud to another. They are all scum.

    When the dollar goes bad it’s game over for all of these scumbags, not until then however.

  4. Very good selection, Hunter! I had seen another video of the drug lord Dostum’s palace that showed only the golden sitting room with the gold-leafed walls and furniture. American taxpayers contributed millions of dollars to the building of this palace, and other mansions, to buy the loyalty of the warlords and reward the puppet rulers of Afghanistan.

    In your video selection I noted that the mujahadid says: “In my opinion he was a devil because he built such a house with the blood of the people of Afghanistan. People have nothing to eat but he has a mansion (…) We have spent all our lives in the mountains and deserts. Our people have nothing to eat and live their lives at gunpoint (…) the politicians, the rich and powerful have built such houses by shedding people”s blood (but) we hope to see Allah’s paradise (so) these things don’t really mean anything to us.”

  5. The Empire (U.sury S.ystem) that gave billions of dollars to the drug lords and other one-tenth-of-one-percent collaborators, will not allow the ordinary Afghan people to have access tens of billions of their own dollars held in Western banks. The new government of Afghanistan is in desperate financial straits, the people are already hungry and winter is coming. The U.S. is determined to starve them into submission by financial sanctions.

      • Re: “God does not care for those, not His own”:

        He is “the Light that lights EVERY man” – John 1:9

        That means every human being, including all human beings who are Muslim. Limiting the possibility of salvation to Europeans as you do is “Talmudistic” Pharisee-like thinking – like the Pharisees described in the Gospel who regarded other peoples, and even the working poor of their own blood, as worthless and “cursed” – John 7:49

        • “He is “the Light that lights EVERY man” – John 1:9

          That means every human being, including all human beings who are Muslim. ”

          ANATHEMA. You cannot read the Bible with Egalitarian, universalist eyes, and expect to hear the Word of God, because you are not submitting to HIS Word, His Will, His Ordering of the Universe, but ignoring the very prohibitions God has erected- cf. Rom. 12:1-2.

          But why should you listen to me? I’m only a priest, with advanced degrees, who reads the LXX and the Greek NT in the original… Just reading the various English translations of the Word, you see this egalitarian dogma SUBSTITUTING THE PLAIN MEANING of the Original Tongues. It’s endemic these days…

          What I am intimating is this: the Bible clearly has words for your position- “Though you pound a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain, Yet his foolishness will not depart from him.” (Prov. 27:22)

          So, instead of just hearing my voice, let’s hear from some other intelligent folks, huh?
          Starting with our own history…

          In his first debate against Stephen Douglas in 1858, A. Lincoln stated clearly: “I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position.”

          If there IS a ‘superior position’ (and there is) then there is also, an Inferior position. History is replete with that. – secular witness to my premise. Toward that end, another quote?

          ‘The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.’ – George Orwell.

          What is the forced REMOVAL of all those DWEM statues and names we have been seeing since 2016, if not an attempt to ERADICATE your (if you are White) own history? What’s that saying, ‘Only the VICTORS write the history books?’ And you would DARE to presume that some godless savage is a White Man’s equal? Especially a demonic inbred Ay-rab Mud-slime?

          Here’s a protestant: “Theology and history,” as Peter J. Leithart reminds us, “are not ultimately divisible.” Our history as Europeans/Christendom Men, is TOTALLY opposed to your stance. It is, nothing less than HERESY. Just as the fake Pope, Bergoglio, is a god-damned faggot heretic.

          Just one writer of European/White stock, as corroboration: “Who has ever seen ‘the individual,’ if not defined by his family, his region, his profession, his language, his inheritance, his faith? Removed from these defining characteristics the individual is an abstraction, and a political system based on an abstraction must either end in despotism or revolution.”- Juan Vazquez de Mella, https://www.unz.com/article/can-the-south-rise-again/

          I want neither Biden’s Despotism, nor the Anarchy of a multicultural post-White America.

          Let’s hear two churchmen, one reputedly RC, one Orthodox, about ‘equality’ of persons, shall we?

          “The people should be led, not followed, as God has ordained… Those who say, ‘The voice of the people is the voice of God,’ are not to be listened to, for the unruliness of the mob is always close to madness.” – Deacon Alcuin of York to Charlemagne

          “Equality is known to produce strife. Therefore God allowed the [European] human race to be a monarchy, not a democracy. But the family is constructed in a similar way to an army, with the husband holding the rank of monarch, the wife as general and the children also given stations of command.” – St. John Chrysostom, Homily 34 on I Corinthians, 7

          Even a pagan like Anglin seems to know more about the reality of this situation, than you do:
          “What I’ve tried to do this Sunday is frame the larger context of the lunacy that we see happening around us at this pivotal moment in American history. We have no choice now but to redefine our identity from the ground up. That means going back to the very basics: Jesus and family. It also necessitates that we separate from the multicultural sinkhole that is every urban center in the country, and reestablish a collective racial consciousness.” – https://dailystormer.su/american-endgame-part-ii-practical-solutions-to-real-world-problems/

          YHWH God does NOT love all men equally; indeed, all ‘men’ are not even MEN in the Biblical meaning. For God, ADAM is ‘the’ Man, as the Hebrew of Genesis 1 makes quite clear. All others are merely clay to be used by the potter AS HE SEES FIT. “But who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? “Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, ‘Why did you make me like this?’ Romans 9:20

          Here’s another wise man to illuminate your folly, who was also a racist to the core- as most Russians are – Fyodor Dostoevsky: “Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles.”

          Why are the imbeciles offended, today? Because the CRAP that passes as “Xtianity’ today in the West, is totally aberrant. Two more quotes:

          “From the outset we must clarify that we Orthodox, not taking part in the politically- correct spirit of western and especially ecumenist “Christianity,” do not refer to those religious communities who have, sadly, been separated from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church as “Churches.”… These terms are, for us, not derogatory, neither are they slurs, but they are theological and even technical terms which best describe the spiritual and ecclesiastical delusion and error in which you find yourselves. We, in fact use them with love, for when one loves his brother he tells him the truth hoping to bring him back to his senses…Neither is Papism a “Roman Catholic Church,” because it is neither Roman, nor Catholic, nor a Church”…. And, as far as the mindset of SODOM- “Unbelievable! This impudent transsexual proclaiming inside a Papist temple and before the “clergy” that sodomy is the will of God! Meanwhile, the pathetic “archbishop” not only didn’t kick him out of the temple, but instead, he “communed” him! And what is more scandalous – the Vatican is playing deaf to the protests of the believers, who have characterized the service as a “porno-funeral.” Etc. -http://orthodoxinfo.com/ecumenism/epistle-to-pope-francis.pdf

          As I have said at length elsewhere: “The only reason why ANY Evangelical can claim to be a Christian, is NOT because of their aberrant theology (which is all you wish to see, in your myopia- and blame them for that, thinking IT is ‘Xtianity’) but rather, they are Christians, because they are OF THE RACE OF ADAM. As such, they are covenantally OF THE RACE OF CHRIST, and are fellow-heirs. [ cf. Enaboakpe’s book, ‘Black Man: NOT Descendant of Adam.’]

          Their (Evan-jelly-goos) aberrant theology does not save them, their covenant does. Oh, yes, they DO obey the law of God (one would hope) but it is not the sect or cult they belong to, but WHO THEY ARE… “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed [ Greek- SPERM], and heirs according to the promise.” [Gal.3:29]

          The fallacy of most Protestants is believing that the accusations St. Paul leveled against the Edomitic [sic] ‘Jews’ in the first century were a blanket condemnation of those who sought to justify themselves via their race, ALONE (the only real ‘sola’ in the Bible!).
          There are only three possible ways of looking at this:

          1) Grace (alone) – anyone of any race can become an ‘Xtian’ – but the word ‘alone’ is NOT IN THE MSS. Luther added it, and thus brought down the curse for ‘adding to the word of God’ on himself. [ cf. Rev. 22:18-19]

          2) Race (alone) this is the position of Lindsedt, the Nazis, and the pagan IDIOTS. They think their blood will save them. Puh-leez. Neither of these make sense. This second premise means ANYONE, even [hypothetically] Cain, can claim ‘godlike status.’ The first means any ‘Tom, Dick, or Harry’ can SAY they are in God’s Family, and from that, you get the ‘N-word is my brother’ heresy.

          But, as Christians are wont to say, “What saith the Scripture?” It’s pretty clear.

          3) the ‘Graced Race’ – this is the only possible biblical position. God calls ONE FAMILY out of all the earth, out of all the ‘sons of men.’ And clearly, ADAM is the only REAL ‘MAN’ according to God’s definition. So, we get Adam’s seed and David’s line, culminating in the ‘fair, ruddy’ able to blush’ race of ADAM, in the Messiah, J.C. But, we know from Scriptures that both He (and God the Father) gives these [sic[] ‘Chosen People,’ the choice to ‘serve Him this day’ Josh. 24:15 – or not! And continues to give HIS PEOPLE [Matt. 1:21] this option.

          Same with the Church. In it are ‘wheat and tares,’ just as it always has been, and from WITHIN THE CHURCH there is a ‘race of God’s People:’ and from them- and only them- does the Elect in the Church, come. Prior to the Reformation, that meant EUROPE. We all know this, for goodness’ sake! This is true, just as IT WAS in the O.T. – There were godly Hebrews, and UNGODLY Hebrews- AND THE FIRST CHOOSE LIFE, AND THE SECOND GROUP, CHOSE DEATH. Yet still, it was ONLY THE SONS OF EBER who were the ‘apple of God’s eye’! NO ‘GOYIM’ were ever considered as a ‘son of the covenant. IN THE SAME MANNER, the Jews (Khazars/Edomites/Pharisees) NEVER WERE PART OF THAT 12-TRIBED Family- witness the forced conversion in 150 B.C. under Hyrcanus.

          THIS non-biblical ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT GOD’S ELECTION, led to the ‘bowl of wrath’ of the [sic] ‘Jews’ being filled enough, to cause Christ, the Son of God, to come to Earth, for crying out loud! THAT WAS WHY HE CAME TO EARTH- to render judgment on a mongrel race who claimed (and still does, to this very day) to be HIS PEOPLE!

          So, yes. The CZ heretics are angering God (and man) greatly. They SERVE THE DEVIL, and the SPERM OF SATAN- i.e., the ‘Jews,’ rather than God. [The word ‘seed’ in the LXX, and the Greek NT wherever you find it, is the word from which we get the English term, ‘sperm’- you can’t get more ‘incarnational’ than that!] But even so, they are still… WHITE.

          WHITES are God’s People. But each White Person has to ‘bend the knee’ to ‘make his calling and election, sure’ as St. Paul said. No non-white possesses the ‘pneuma’ of the Holy Spirit, but they may possess a ‘form of godliness.’ And we ALL need to REPENT of the first and second heresies I outlined, above. What the Whites who laud the Jews do, is TWICE DAMNING- in that they see in’ the seed of their father, the Devil’ [John 8] what they think is Christ’s family. But all it is, is ANTICHRIST. And they, (as Christ’s brethren) treat lightly their own Elect status, which has been their’s, ‘since the foundation of the world.’ [ Eph. 1:4]

          Quoting the ever-sandpapery Ann Barnhardt, the Catholic Faith’s position (when it still WAS Catholic) is this:

          “Islam is a political system, NOT a religion, and unless and until humanity wakes the hell up and STOPS referring to it as a religion, there is no hope.”- https://www.barnhardt.biz/2017/06/05/cut-the-crap-islam-must-be-exterminated-heres-how/

          As one holy Orthodox Bishop has noted: ‘We are all his Creation; but we are NOT all, therefore, His Children.” Exactly so.

          • Fr.+ An impressive and eloquent rebuttal. “Universalism” and “equality” doctrines are brainwashing techniques thought up by devils in an attempt to defeat nature and God.

          • Father John,

            I especially liked your quoting St. John Chyrsostom. He is one of the Doctors of the Church.

            In a sane world someone like me should not have to be concerned with this. If men were men my time would revolve around talking with my girl friends about guys, clothes and getting married someday. And learning to cook which I love.

          • May the Light that lights every man God enlighten you that Christ died for the sins of the WHOLE world, not for sins of a chosen few as John Cohen taught.

            I also have seminary background, several years of Koine Greek and can still read and translate NT Scriptures and LXX, patristic writings etc. Welsh Quakers don’t believe in “saints” but I have appreciation for historic and ethno-national Orthodoxy. Your position that other races cannot be saved, regardless of proof texts and selected quotes is still heretical.

            Here is a priest I enjoy quoting:

  6. Browns and blacks are like brown or black spiders. You admire them when they’re outside in their natural setting, but it doesn’t mean you want them inside your house crawling around. Their behaviour doesn’t alter for either setting.
    I truly admire Afghans and the Taliban……….in Afghanistan.

  7. Meanwhile, I just read, lol, that Australia is GASSING Covid camp inmates!!!

    Well, ok, it was on the Fake News site called Natural News, Mike Adams, AKA The Health Ranger.

    That site is all lies, but at least this one is funny.
    GASSING the inmates.

    They cut Lee up today, or at least an idol of Lee was cut up today in Virginia. I prefer winners, honestly. Lee was a loser. The Taliban were willing to do what Lee called dishonorable. Meaning it would hurt his reputation.

    The Taliban fought to win. Lee fought to lose, hoping to save his reputation with the enemy. And it worked!! But only so long. So today they cut up his idol. Now he is not just a loser, but hated

    China wants that copper in Afghanistan. So they will recognize the Taliban, and they will get that copper, and Ivan will get a pipeline. And the girls get to attend school, at least until they don’t, lol.

    Biden said today, that my employer must fire me, because I am unvaxxed, and do not, do not, do not do the testing charade. So I will need to find a company with less than 100 employees to work at. Life in Bidenastan

    Remember, they hate us for our freedom.

    • Is that what natural news is pushing now? Made up news? I remember them decade ago as vitamin merchants Mike adams the vitamin pimp.

      The real sad thing about that is Australia is actually under strict authoritarian lockdown cause of pandemic so a untrue story like that just stirs shit with unnecessary misinformation

  8. Utter ruthlessness is the key to victory in war. Winners will do whatever is necessary; if their enemy goes low, they go lower.

    Remember that.

  9. “Taliban is organizing a major celebration on September 11th to mark the liberation of Afghanistan from the US occupation and the creation of the new Afghan government. The Russians and the Chinese have been invited. As are the Pakistanis. Not sure about Iran (do you know?)? The Afghan government could be called a ‘GITMO government’ since 5 members are former GITMO hostages and one, the head of security/intel, is still on the FBI most wanted list (…) what the Taliban will do this Saturday, it can’t even be called ‘spitting in Uncle Shmuel’s face.’ It’s even more than that. Maybe we could speak of ‘urinating into Uncle Shmuel’s face’ or some other even ruder metaphor showing both the total and utter contempt in which the Taliban hold not only the USA but the entire AngloZionist Empire”: https://thesaker.is/the-taliban-9-11-the-empire-maga-and-paranoia/

    Poland “expects” that Russia will invade tomorrow, on September 11th: “As for the Poles, they are fearing Russian invasion, so they put barbed wire (I kid you not!) along their eastern border. Which reminds me of a Russian joke: a man walks down the street minding his own business, when he sees a woman on a balcony screaming ‘help! he wants to rape me! help!!!’ from the top of her lungs. The man looks up and says, ‘ma’am, calm down, I have no interest in you whatsoever and you are on the balcony while I am in the street’ to which the woman replies, ‘yeah, maybe, but I can come down!’ The Russian military is engaged in some large and serious, not fake, military maneuvers: 200,000 soldiers in both Russia and Belarus. Hence all the wet pampers in eastern Europe (especially in Poland – the “hyena of Europe” always was a cowardly animal). The Poles have even predicted the date of the Russian invasion: tomorrow (not a joke). I have terrible news for Poland, the Baltic statelets and the Ukraine: nobody in Russia has any need for you, or your land. Nobody. Oh, and, for your information: ‘defenses’ like walls, barbed-wires or even trenches cannot stop a modern military, such crap would not even slow the Russians down.” Ibid

  10. I thought we were there for the main reason of preventing them to set up a government that would harbor terrorists like the ones that hit us twenty years ago tomorrow. Nothing more simply than that.

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