PBS Frontline: America After 9/11

The upshot of the new PBS Frontline documentary on America since the 9/11 attacks is that the “War on Terror” has entered a new phase. YOU are now the “domestic enemy” for distrusting and rejecting the political establishment and its stenographers in the media. YOU are the “terrorist.” The Evil Empire now wants to do at home all the things it has done abroad to foreigners for decades.

The conservative solution to the metastasizing cancer of militarism and imperialism, which has explicitly turned its focus inward to menace American citizens due to mounting populist anger and opposition to its policies at home and abroad, is to continue to peddle the lies of the “intelligence community” and to give the Pentagon even more money and to shill for reinvading Afghanistan to own the libs.

Note: YOU are “fascism” for having always opposed THEIR efforts to dominate the rule the world.

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  1. I wonder what the response among the populace to something like 9-11 would be today. There isn’t really much sense of common America left, so I assume people wouldn’t care nearly as much. 9-11 was the last time any unity would exist in the USA. Even in hindsight, thinking back on 9-11 it wasn’t even bad, since it just killed NYC shitlibs and federal bureaucrats. All of those people would just be turning kids into trannies today if they were still alive, so it’s for the better that they were killed off back then. The downside was what came afterwards.

    • I was 12 when 9/11 happened. I remember feeling a sense of “us” was attacked that day. “We” were attacked. I had no family or friends in New York, but I still felt the “us” and “we” at a visceral level. I was delighted when the Bush Administration bombed the Taliban within like two months. “We” were supposed to get revenge for what happened to “us.”

      It was all a lie. It was all bullshit. Not that the 9/11 attack was staged – from my POV, a bunch of dirty, stinky Brown men hijacked the planes and crashed them – but there was never a “we” or an “us” that was attacked. Like you said, the people who died in the World Trade Center were mostly liberals and corrupt bureaucrats. I suppose the firefighters were innocent, but they only account for 300 of the +2000 something deaths.

      Sportsball is one of my pastimes, and yesterday, I read on article on ESPN about the Mets-Braves game that was played on September 21, 2001. It was the first sporting event in New York since the attacks. Reading the article, and the 9 minute video that accompanied it, felt surreal. It felt like it was written in 2004, not 2021. There was a lot of the old “We all love America, we all suffered that day, we’re all in this together.” Diana Ross’ rendition of “God Bless America” was highlighted, with pictures of the diverse choir behind her (“See? Blacks love America too!!”). Not a single word in the whole article – or the video – about White Supremacy, White Privilege, systemic racism, oppression, or genocide. ESPN knew better than to whip out the culture of critique for the 20 year mark of 9/11. This was about (((unity))) and (((patriotism))).

      I’ve got to give the Jewish media credit. They know how to tug on heartstrings, and they know when to do it. Its amazing how they can concoct an entire lie – “the American people are a people, and we are united!” – just by phrasing the words properly. In reality, 9/11 was the inevitable consequence of our invade the world/invite the world foreign policy, and Americans of different races and values have nothing in common.

        • I was just thinking of that sentence. I was in Upstate NY at a job when 9/11 happened. I was outside when all of a sudden, people began gravitating toward the lounge where the TV was.
          The ONLY people who were ‘losing it’ were the Jews. True fact. The rest of us thought, What the hell? Is this B.S.? Then the non-stop collapse of the (already insured for the event by a Jew) “Twin Towers” was played over and over, and the “Dancing Israelis” made a brief (but noticeable) mention that day, then suddenly disappeared from the J-news.

          I was upset and angered that this had happened, and I never liked Moslems, but the ‘jewyness’ of this whole J-Op just stank to High Heaven then, and it has only continued since then.

          Listening as often as I can to Fash the Nation, (FTN) has helped me clear my mind of the propaganda of forty years. I would suggest your readers do the same.

      • I was 12 when 9/11 happened. I remember feeling a sense of “us” was attacked that day. “We” were attacked. I had no family or friends in New York, but I still felt the “us” and “we” at a visceral level. I was delighted when the Bush Administration bombed the Taliban within like two months. “We” were supposed to get revenge for what happened to “us.”

        I felt none of that. I knew the Empire had taken a hit. But I wasn’t 12, either.

      • That’s all I heard on the radio and TV the last couple days about how “united” we were in the period immediately after 9/1. Problem is I don’t remember us being that “divided” in August 2001. I really only noticed the “division” when Trump started running for President. On retrospective it was already starting to creep in with the Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, and Occupy Wall Street crap during the Obama years, but you could sort of avoid it until Trump caused these demons to drop their mask. The only thing I think they may genuinely be referring to about how it “brought us together” after 2001 is a coded way of saying black people briefly for the most part dropped their public Anti American animus and felt some sort of bond to the nation momentarily. Still, September 10th 2001 was the last day of the 20th century and the country was still fairly white and perverse lifestyles were still frowned upon.

    • If 9/11 happened today half the right would be calling it a deep fake and the other half would be howling for Muslim blood. Nothing has changed in 20 years, we just got even stupider.

  2. During the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan during the Cheney (and Bush) administration, the U.S.’s resources were strained and could not keep up with socialism in Latin America and a number of countries began to slip from the Empire’s grasp. When the U.S. lightens its overseas military burden with a strategic step back from Afghanistan and maybe a few other countries, it can concentrate more attention and resources on taking full control of the population of the U.S. “homeland,” in preparation for escalating the wars against foreign countries especially China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela.

  3. ZOG is everything they pretend to oppose. They are terrorists with weapons of mass destruction. They trample on the human rights of people in their own nations, including whites, and commit mass murder.
    The greatest human right of all is the right to exist, as a race, and as a living person.
    Dedicated human rights activist, David Duke, discusses at length the the shenanigans that go on behind closed doors by ZOG and the establishment. He’s well worth checking out.

  4. The irony is that the U.S. Government can’t fight its wars without the class of people they despise: White, Christian males with an interest in firearms, hunting, outdoors, machines, technology etc. The U.S. Government is actively discouraging the core people who make up the military from entering and reenlisting in military service while at the same time the same idiots in the U.S. Government are promoting wars in various parts of the world.

    It’s difficult to see a good outcome from this situation.

  5. Christ, the Palestinians, the unborn, the Muslims and now whites what do they all have in common? They were and are all innocent and they were and are being persecuted and tormented without reason by the Goddamned Jews. There is a message in the cold blooded murder of the innocent Christ as to what the Jews are and always will be.

  6. Whites keep The System purring along but The System hates Whites – quite the conundrum. 66,000 White cucks stood tonight at Raymond James Stadium for the singing of the Black National Anthem as part of the ongoing ritualistic humiliation of Whites.

  7. The position makes no sense. Then you have Biden threatening people to take a jab that doesn’t appear to really do much anyway. At best a palliative. No better than a good diet, ibuprophen and hydration.

  8. On 9-11, I was awakened with an excited “We’re at war! New York has been attacked!”. I went back to sleep. By that time, I was alive to the kike. My subsequent explanation that we had been attacked because the gummint spent decades attacking Muslim states via proxies, had overthrown their elected leaders, and had given carte blanche financing & political cover to Pissrael’s dispossession & oppression of the Palestinians because of the control of “American” jews infesting the US were met with anger from patriotards like the selfie-taking “insurrectionists”.

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