The Evil Empire

Editor’s Note: I delivered this speech this afternoon at the 2021 League of the South conference in Pine Level, AL.

I would like to begin my remarks by quoting at length some great Americans on the subject of imperialism and the threat that it has always opposed to America’s experiment in republican liberty and independence. Their sentiments on this subject have shaped my own views and sentiments.

“Overgrown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to Republican liberty.”

President George Washington, Farewell Address, September 17, 1796 (Domestic Extremist)

“If there is one principle more deeply rooted in the mind of every American, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest.”

President Thomas Jefferson (Domestic Extremist)

“We have never dreamt of incorporating into our Union any but the Caucasian race, the free white race. ..

We make a great mistake, sir, when we suppose that all people are capable of self-government.  We are anxious to force free government on all; and I see that it has been urged in a very respectable quarter, that it is the mission of this country to spread civil and religious liberty over all the world, and especially over this continent.  It is a great mistake.  None but people advanced to a very high state of moral and intellectual improvement are capable, in a civilized state, of maintaining free government.”

Sen. John C. Calhoun, Washington, DC, 4 Jan. 1848 (Racially Motivated Domestic Extremist)

“No one can understand the nature of a Consolidated Government, without perceiving, that it is only the first step to Imperialism.”

Robert Barnwell Rhett, A Fire Eater Remembers: The Confederate Memoir of Robert Barnwell Rhett (Racially Motivated Domestic Extremist)

“All we ask is to be let alone …”

Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Montgomery, AL, 29 Apr. 1861 (Domestic Violent Extremist)

“I consider it as the chief source of stability to our political system, whereas the consolidation of the States into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.”

Robert E. Lee to Lord Acton, Lexington, VA, 15 Dec. 1866 (Domestic Violent Extremist)

“Imperialism would be profitable to the Army contractors; it would be profitable to the shipowners, who would carry live soldiers to the Philippines and bring dead soldiers back; it would be profitable to those who would seize upon the franchises, and it would be profitable to the officials whose salaries would be fixed here and paid over there; but to the farmer, to the laboring man, and to the vast majority of those engaged in other occupations, it would bring expenditure without return and risk without reward.”

William Jennings Bryan (Domestic Extremist)

“War is a racket.”

Major General Smedley Butler (Domestic Extremist)

The League of the South was founded in 1994.

At the very zenith of the American Empire in the wake of the Cold War, this organization was launched by men who dreamed of Southern independence from it. The case against the Evil Empire is the same as it was back then. The American Empire is a burden for Southerners. We are being replaced in our own country. We are steadily losing our identity and culture. Everything that once made our country great and worth fighting for including our principles is being sacrificed by our imperialists. The fate of all empires is the same and the only question was how long ours would last and how much we were willing to lose trying to hold on to it. How much is ruling the world worth at the cost of our values and homeland?

This was a very fringe and marginalized view to hold in the early 1990s when our foreign policy establishment was drinking its own koolaid about American exceptionalism and the so-called “End of History,” creating the institutions of their “New World Order” like the World Trade Organization and styling themselves as Roman pro-consuls while drawing up their plans to win the 21st century through a combination of military conquest and spreading democracy across the Middle East. Southern independence was a long term goal. We always assumed that it wouldn’t become conceivable until the demise of American Empire. Surely, the crackup of the United States itself like the old Soviet Union would be the last domino to fall and would only follow an unimaginable level of upheaval in the world.

These two things have always necessarily been connected. We can trace the origin of the American Empire to the conquest of the Confederacy and Abraham Lincoln’s creation of a centralized and consolidated liberal democracy out of the ruins of what until that point had been a federation of sovereign states. In order to create this power base in North America, the Constitution had to be overthrown and opposition to New England’s vision of a global liberal industrial and commercial empire on the British model had to be crushed. This was accomplished during the War Between the States and the American Empire began to spread its tentacles across the Pacific and into Central America and the Caribbean immediately thereafter. Last time I was here, I gave a speech about how the loss of our identity, culture and homogeneity since World War II is largely the price we have paid for deeper imperial integration.

The United States ceased to be a nation-state several generations ago. The Pentagon and the foreign policy establishment now refer to our formal territorial borders as “the Homeland.” We have a “Department of Homeland Security” now. The “Homeland” is only our primary territorial base for the Pentagon’s projection of force around the world. At last count, there were anywhere between 600 to 800 officially recognized foreign military bases outside of the United States encircling the globe in at least 80 countries. No one knows the true number of American military bases overseas because the existence of many of these bases is a closely guarded secret. The Orwellian named “Department of Defense” has 11 official unified combat commands. These include NORTHCOM, SOUTHCOM, CENTCOM, AFRICOM, PACCOM and EUCOM. We are literally Team America World Police. We are obligated by treaty to defend at least 67 countries around the world including the 29 which are NATO members. The most recent additions to this laundry list of countries around the world which we are obligated to defend like the old British Empire are Montenegro and North Macedonia. The hope is that Ukraine and Georgia will join soon.

The so-called “rules-based international order” which requires “American leadership” and “credibility” is our euphemism for the American Empire. It isn’t based on any “rules” though. It isn’t based on “human rights” or “democracy” which are flaunted by many of our closest allies. It is based on raw American military power, the network of military bases strung around the world which allows the Pentagon to dominate foreign countries and maintain imperial hegemony over its many satellites and the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency which is its cornerstone. ZOG is the dollar-based global empire which is dominated by Jewish oligarchs. The regime leans on the vestigial trappings of American patriotism to perpetuate itself while simultaneously working to mock and deconstruct the beaten down remnants of the American nation. The ruling class sees the “Homeland” as a destination for cheap labor from Third World countries, a dumping ground for refugees from its overseas wars, a reservoir of cannon fodder, a bargaining chip in its trade deals and a place full of evil, backward and dangerous yokels with antiquated ideas of self government who are holding back progress because they have succumbed to “misinformation” and poisonous -isms and -phobias. It is the “base” for their projection of power abroad.

Many people have come and gone in the League of the South over the past 30 years. There was a major resurgence of American patriotism in the years after the 9/11 attacks before the Empire got bogged down in Iraq. Donald Trump came along and gave false hope to millions of people including many dissidents who ought to have known better. He was never going to Make America Great Again. The world’s great empires have tended to decline slowly and then suddenly. The rot in the British Empire and the rise of Germany and the United States was obvious for decades before World War I. The rot of the Soviet Empire was obvious in the Brezhnev years before it all came crashing down in the blink of an eye. The imbeciles who have been running the American Empire into the ground over the past thirty years have laid the foundation for its demise through 20 years of war in the Middle East and by building up a true rival in China.

In the aftermath of ZOG’s humiliating retreat from Afghanistan and its pivot to an era of “great power competition,” the world is chattering about how long the status quo can possibly continue. How long will it be until the overextended American Empire inevitably collapses? Is the defeat in Afghanistan a temporary setback like in Vietnam or only the beginning of the final unraveling? Will there be a resurgence of terrorism? Will the United States redeploy troops to Afghanistan like we have in Iraq to deal with the development of an ISIS-like situation? How will Russia and China challenge the “credibility” of the empire in other regions? How far can the Federal Reserve go in inflating our money supply and exporting inflation? How long will it take China to catch up to and economically surpass the United States?

The descent of the American Empire has accelerated over the past 10 years. The death spiral seems to have gained speed over the past 5 years and it has nosedived over the last 2 years. In a little over a year, the American Empire has been rocked by COVID, the George Floyd riots, Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, the Capitol Siege and now the defeat in Afghanistan. More shocks appear to be coming. Although he accomplished little else of lasting significance in office, Donald Trump was an immensely polarizing figure and has undermined trust in all institutions. Over half of Republican voters still believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. The level of state repression and censorship that we have seen over the past 5 years isn’t coming from a place of strength and confidence. It is coming from a sense of weakness.

I won’t bore you to death with poll numbers, but there are three in particular which jump out at me. The first is that 2/3rds of Republican voters continue to believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. The second is a YouGov poll from January which showed that 64% of Trump voters believe their race is important to their sense of identity. The most shocking poll was a YouGov poll which came out in June which shows that 66% of Southern Republicans and 50% of Southern Independents would support seceding from the United States. The deepening cultural divide which is reflected in these polls can be seen in other areas which have recently become polarized like sports and shopping and consumer brands. We’re now in a full scale culture war over vaccine mandates. In the wake of the death of George Floyd, the political establishment was bold enough to redefine the meaning of “racism” itself to mean systemic racism which has further increased the temperature of our politics. In the early 2000s, I remember when nationalists used to rail against the Joe Six Pack era, but whatever that was is behind us now.

The American Empire has become a tinderbox and there are any number of things which could potentially become the spark that sets off the blaze. There is the mania about the threat posed by “domestic extremism” and the possibility of another Waco by overzealous feds anxious to replicate all of their mistakes in the “War on Terror” at home. There are the COVID variants and the bitter divide over vaccine mandates. There is race relations which have rarely been this poisonous. There is the very real possibility of Donald Trump launching an even more deeply divisive 2024 presidential campaign. It could come from rising inflation or some sudden move from Saudi Arabia or China that triggers a dollar collapse and bankruptcy. There could be a major terrorist attack or another embarrassing foreign policy crisis that further reduces the standing of the Empire and further erodes its precious aura of “credibility.”

Rising empires like the American Empire of the 1940s and 1950s have an aura of inevitability and command respect. They have a mystique. Fading empires are possessed by a desperation to retain their hegemony. They lose their legitimacy at home and abroad and ultimately are overwhelmed by events. The great Southern fire eater Robert Barnwell Rhett once said that the Union “requires no conspiracy to destroy” because it was going down due to “the inevitable weight of its own gravitation.” The Evil Empire is similarly going down at a quickening speed into a vortex due to the inevitable weight of its own gravitation and really without the need of any exertion on our part. When it finally passes like a dead tree falling in the woods at night, the crash will inevitably plunge us into a deep political and economic crisis.

The stench of decay is now overwhelming. The decline of the American Empire has been so swift and severe and the incompetence of the political establishment that has been exposed is so broad that even normies have finally been shaken out of their slumber. Joe Six Pack has gotten angry enough to storm the Capitol. Just in the past few days, it has been confirmed that Dr. Fauci and the NIH helped fund the creation of the frankenstein SARS virus in China that gave us COVID to evade the ban on gain of function research in the United States. The coverup of this alone is a scandal big enough to discredit the regime.

The weight of America’s imperial commitments and obligations is wildly disconnected from the capability and the will to honor those commitments and obligations. The regime is more interested in fighting off the mounting resistance among its own people. It is only a matter of time before this is exposed. When the imperial economic comfort blanket from our zombie economy is removed, the nakedness of the hollowed out Empire will be revealed for all to see. We have become a polygot empire with nearly zero social cohesion only held together by the dollar and inertia. We squandered our inheritance and threw away our principles for a bunch of bloodsucking parasites could get rich. Many scores are waiting to be settled.

Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently compared Trump supporters to Brownshirts and Nazis and said that these “are the same people we fought in World War II.” He compared Trump’s actions after the 2020 election to the Reichstag Fire. A fence was built around the Capitol to protect the politicians from their own people. This is how over a third of the country is perceived at the highest levels of the American military by the failed portly generals pumped up with hubris and pride and festooned with unwarranted medals from the wars which they lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. The irony that they are the ones lording it over a vastly larger global empire than either Mussolini or Hitler’s while we are the ones who have always been opposed to it is apparently lost on them. These are not things which happen in normal times. The regime is focused on self preservation now. It can’t handle the swelling criticism.

It has been 20 years since the 9/11 attacks. We have been living through 20 years of accelerating imperial decline. Does the American Empire have the stamina to linger on for another 20 years? Will it take that long for it to be challenged and exposed on the world stage due the incompetence of its leadership and its own mounting insolvency and lack of internal cohesion? I doubt it.

A military which is more interested in renaming military bases named after Confederate generals, providing sex change operations for transsexuals, recruiting women with two mothers, indoctrinating its soldiers in critical race theory and purging anyone with traditional values as an “extremist” is not a military which will deter its rivals or inspire the confidence and respect at home which is necessary to maintain the American Empire. It is not a military which is protecting our liberty. By overruling and subverting the judgment of the president and civilian leadership on multiple occasions in order to perpetuate militarism, our current military establishment is much more likely to be the cause of the downfall of our liberty.

We can’t say that we weren’t warned. Our ancestors couldn’t have been more clear about the peril posed by things like standing armies, concentrated power, consolidated governments, conquest and the disastrous consequences of militarism and imperialism. Maybe we are the New Rome. Just not the “superpower” that our foreign policy establishment imagines itself to be.

I will leave you with this: there has always been only a handful of us who are strongminded enough to condemn and publicly oppose the Evil Empire. Everyone knows what happens to dissidents and organizations in the “Free World” who openly express their opinions on any number of controversial subjects. The repression has never been worse than it is today. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by this. You are not alone. There has never been more anger and disillusionment out there. The anger and level of alienation has grown by leaps and bounds over the last five years and especially over the last two years. It is not due to anything we have done. It is due to what they have done.

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  1. “The principle, on which the war was waged by the North, was simply this: that men may rightfully be compelled to submit to, and support, a government that they do not want; and that resistance, on their part, makes them traitors and criminals.

    No principle, that is possible to be named, can be more self-evidently false than this; or more self-evidently fatal to all political freedom. Yet it triumphed in the field, and now is assumed to be established. If it be really established, the number of slaves, instead of having been diminished by the war, has been greatly increased; for a man, thus subjected to a government that he does not want, is a slave. An there is no difference, in principle -but only in degree-between political and chattel slavery. The former, no less than the latter, denies a man’s ownership of himself and the products of his labor; and asserts that other men may own him, and dispose of him and his property, for their uses, at their pleasure.

    Previous to the war, there were some grounds for saying that -in theory, at least if not in practice-our government was a free one; that it rested on consent. But nothing of that kind can be said now, if the principle on which the war was carried on by the North is irrevocably established.” – Lysander Spooner, Northern abolitionist

  2. The planet’s wealth has been rapidly shifting from West to East, and very soon it will reach a tipping point. When that happens, the collapse will occur all at once, and everywhere. When the container ships filled with goodies from Asia stop coming, things will get very ‘interesting’. Empires are at their most dangerous, when they sense their own end.

  3. There is no need to speculate about what trigger mechanism will spark the final solution to the Empire of Evil and its minions. Biden’s imposition of a vaccine mandate on all employers of 100 people will do the job. That mandate will be expanded out from 100 employees to all organizations, for-profit and otherwise, whatever the size of their workforce, through OSHA regulations that the D. C. Circuit Court of Appeal always upholds, and the compromised Supreme Court Justices, Roberts and Kavanaugh, will join the house pets of the Establishment, the remaining liberals, in okaying hard totalitarianism. Take away a person’s ability to work, and he or she shall not eat.
    At that point, the normies will see truly what their assumption of good faith towards their betters has wrought. Giving any benefit of the doubt to people who will take down the world economy with a manufactured virus (China and the US conspired to create and distribute covid-19, for those of you still wondering) to maintain and gain more money is a fool’s game. Someone here at OD has been stating for the last 18 months what was coming in accepting the manifestly false pretenses of public health as the basis for our master’s actions. Time to reap what your ignorance and blindness have sown.
    You, sir, wanted Trump gone, so you could “critique” (that is, own) the libs, Well, you got your wish. Enjoy the consequences. As lazy and dumb as Trump was, he would not have issued the order to mandate vaccines under penalty of penury. Biden did. Advocating dissidents stay home and not vote had that result. The rest is history, as the other side plays to win, and with the puppet successfully installed the goal of literally destroying the country is in full operation. That young man in your household will reap the benefits of the coming storm.

    • Yeah, he wants to reinvade Afghanistan to own the libs. It was also Trump who presided over the lockdowns you bitched about for months. Don’t forget that he told everyone at his rally in Alabama to go get vaccinated. We’re not on Red Team or Blue Team here

      • No, I don’t believe Trump is on anyone’s side but his own. However, he was not functioning at the level of cognitive decline that Joseph is-Joe literally is a puppet for his chief of staff and other Obama functionaries within the Biden Administration. Trump maintained a Norman Rockwell naivete that hurt him trying to understand the forces working against him within his own Administration. Nonetheless, as an individual business person he would have understood what a vaccine employment mandate would mean for future business freedom to operate independently, and so would have resisted viscerally. That is what I meant. I certainly would not support Trump in 2024.

  4. Pray for the Yellow Stone Cauldera to erupt…

    Pray for a mega-drought in the American Southwest…

    Christian Russia can finnish off homo America with a thousand non-nuclear hypersonic cruise missiles….if provoked…

    Last night…White Guys standing for the negro National Anthem in Tampa…Cuckholdery in action..

  5. Trump was never on our side. Ann Barnhardt was one of the few to call him out for what he truly is when running against the witch in 2016: a grifter and a con-man. He did nothing in office except advance the interests of those who own his debt: the Kushner crime family. As flatly evil as the regime nominally headed by veggie-in-chief Joe the Pedo is, at least they carry their wicked flag openly. Trump and his handlers were a fifth-column operation who whispered among our ranks and did a fine job of derailing any effective opposition to the empire. Ditto for the Q-tards.

    Learn from the Taliban. They actually fought the empire for two decades and ultimately won. Thanks to Trump & Co. there is no meaningful resistance to the regime in the borders of the former United States. The fact that Cheetohead the Clown now want to re-invade Afghanistan – over abandoned equipment – after four years of false moves to get out of the quagmire tells you all you really need to know about the fraud.

    • Good post. Trump said everything we wanted to hear, with his first election. But once in, he betrayed his voters. He cared more about black unemployment, letting “immigrants” in, and letting rioters just destroy and loot businesses. The MSM and politicians accused him of everything, which I think was just part of the acting game, so if he had stood up for us, it would have been interesting to see how things would’ve played out.

  6. Another blow to the empire is happening now with Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

    I think Brexit has had a positive effect on Europe. The UK is just a Trojan horse for American imperial interests, so all Brexit ended up accomplishing was reducing UK/American influence in continental Europe. Overall, Brexit helped continental Europe much more than it helped the UK. We are seeing Europe act more and more in its own self interest instead of just acting as puppets of America. We saw recently even fag Macron saying no to Afghanistan refugees. Now the rest of the American tools just need to be purged and the browns deported, then Europe can move down a better path. Maybe Europe could deport their brown populations to the UK.

  7. “We can trace the origin of the American Empire to the conquest of the Confederacy and Abraham Lincoln’s creation of a centralized and consolidated liberal democracy out of the ruins of what until that point had been a federation of sovereign states.”

    This is really, really important. You can bet the usual suspects were backing this after Jackson handed their asses to them by abolishing the central bank.

    • Yes that is an important point – and it’s one that HW should write on. Your last sentence also raises some important background to what led to Lincoln’s disastrous war. Here’s a question worth exploring which would require some genuine historical research:

      How did Dred Scott come up with the money to take his case to the Supreme Court? Appealing a case to that level was expensive – even then. The net effect of the case is that it unraveled the Missouri compromise and the other legislative attempts afterward to avoid the extreme polarization which led to a very bloody war. How was it that Brazil, a generally far more violent society with many more negroes, managed somehow to outlaw slavery in 1888 with very little bloodshed? As always, the underlying question remain cui bono?

      It would not be a surprise if the usual suspects were behind both the abolitionists and the fire-eaters who wanted to expand slavery into places it was not present – stoking the flames so whites would kill one another in great number.

  8. The evicted and jobless could very well start another tea party, which would swiftly be confronted by the plutocrat’s pets, antifa and BLM. All it takes is one good shootout to really galvanize and put fear into the people. This would quickly dry up a lot of commerce and cordiality. That could be the next big thing. Or maybe vaccine protest fights. Antifa is already attacking anti-vaxxers in LA.

  9. George Washington – an Agent Of the Crown – was full of crap – he was the Original Stomper of White Domestic Extremists and set the precedent of how the US government would deal with internal White dissent when he sent thousands of armed Federal troops to snuff out the Whiskey Rebellion in Western Pennsylvania over some goddamn taxes. Look at the way GW is always portrayed in portraits – not as a typical citizen or man-of-the-people but in full military regalia as a conquering type like Napoleon.

  10. There were many bad effects from 9/11 and afterwards. One of the unintended consequences was the destruction of patriotism after twenty years of war in Afghanistan and a war against Iraq waged upon false pretenses. The Government leveraged the spontaneous outburst of patriotism after 9/11 to wage these two wars grinding down public support the whole time and ending GWB II’s miserable presidency with a bang as the financial system collapsed.

    As the Government continued to “diversify” the White population the older, reflexively patriotic (i.e. obedient to Government) generation died off. The younger, diverse wogs in the country replaced them without any connection to the roots, traditions or founders of the country. It’s ridiculous to expect Moslems, Hindus, Asians, Central Americans et al. to have any patriotic feelings, this is not their country. They have no connection to Washington, Jefferson, Franklin or Adams. Bunker Hill, Valley Forge and Yorktown aren’t their history. The U.S. is now just a globo-homo economic zone with a decaying business, military and political oligarchy looting the place.

    This matters because the iron logic of Empire requires war and the U.S. Government needs popular support to sustain a war for any length of time. Support for war rests upon patriotism, ultimately the willingness to sacrifice for one’s country. Since the U.S. Government has destroyed patriotism war cannot be sustained. The Government is going to learn this hard lesson as Whites fail to volunteer for the next Imperial adventure, the diversity fails and the Government turns to the iron fist to get support.

    • Re: “the iron logic of Empire requires war (…) Support for war rests upon patriotism”:

      The iron logic of Capitalism requires war. And support for imperialism does not rest on patriotism. Real patriotism is only present in a REAL country, and only supports war when the Motherland is being invaded or truly threatened. Popular support for imperialism comes the human tendency of greed, and the perception that some of the loot being collected from the rest of the world by imperialism trickles down to the working class – which gets things cheaper and doesn’t have to work as hard thanks to foreign slaves, and is comforted by seeing all other countries that are subdued and humiliated as “”inferior.”

  11. If Jeff Davis wanted to be left alone he should have given strict orders to all Confederate garrisons not to fire up Union fortifications – but when a man unsheaths his sword then he must be prepared to face the consequences.

    • The North started the war when they illegally occupied Fort Sumter. A separate power occupying a military installation unbidden on another’s soil is an aggressive act. Even then, for months, the Confederacy did not fire on Fort Sumter until Lincoln sent supplies to the fort which both US state secretary William Howard & Union general Winfield Scott specifically warned Lincoln not to do as it would be seen as a provocation. But to provoke the South into a war is exactly what Lincoln wanted.

  12. Your writing is superb Hunter! I don’t think that even the professional speechwriters can do such a good job! Great article!

  13. Pat Buchanan made a good point when he said the terrorists hate us because we are over there in their countries telling them what to do and invading their lands. We are creating our own enemies. It isn’t because of being a “democracy” or any of that degenerate nonsense. It is because the American Empire just thinks that it can spread everywhere, invade other countries, and then resettle those refugees onto our soil, erase our heritage, all the while they get richer off of our backs.

    Time to rip off their shackles. The post 9/11 patriotism afterwards was simply just propaganda manufactured to set up their little scheme.

  14. Very good speech, brilliant. I disagree on only two or three points:

    (1) U.S. imperialism actually began at least three decades before Lincoln. (For one example,at the time of the battle of Gettysburg, the U.S. was also attacking Japan, and nto for the first time; imperialist action against Japan began quite a while earlier.) It has only continued to accelerate since then. Imperialism is not exclusively a “Northern” tendency either. It is a capitalist tendency (actually integral to capitalism) and a tendency of monarchism, and feudalism, and it is a human tendency, known as greed or selfishness. Populist-reform could reduce imperialism temporarily but it will inevitably rebound, because it is of the very nature of capitalism.

    (2) Re: “Dr. Fauci and the NIH helped fund the creation of the frankenstein SARS virus in China that gave us COVID to evade the ban on gain of function research in the United States”: It was already known that the U.S. used China for gain-of-function studies on coronavirus, but SARS CoV-2 was not created in a Chinese lab, or in any lab. It is one of many NATURAL, recently-emerging zoonotic diseases including original SARS, MERS, Ebola, and Nipah. It is well known that the U.S. carries on internationally-banned biological weapons research in many overseas labs, located mostly in poor countries in proximity to the borders of China and Russia. And in spite of all the coincidences of respiratory disease outbreaks surrounding Fort Detrick and the military games in October, SARS CoV-2 is still a natural bat virus, and it was never kept at the Wuhan institute.

    (3) You cite the new vaccine mandate for employees of large businesses with more than 100 employees as a possible trigger for mass rebellion, civil war. However, it is Capitalism’s LACK of universal vaccination and other serious public health measures that is sustaining the pandemic in the U.S. (approaching a death toll of one million at the current rate by next spring) that may really cause the working class to revolt. Life expectancy is dropping and health care is failing for the working class in the U.S. Under capitalism, uncontrolled new, emerging diseases like SARS CoV-2 will continue to destroy the economy and health of the poor and what’s left of their social cohesion.

    • I should not dash these things off. I’m sorry, after posting the comment I noticed it was not you, Hunter, but commenter J.R. Chloupek on this thread who cited the vaccine mandate as the trigger. He wrote: “There is no need to speculate about what trigger mechanism will spark the final solution to the Empire of Evil and its minions. Biden’s imposition of a vaccine mandate on all employers of 100 people will do the job….”

      • The Vax is just a way to control people. It’s not stopping any pandemic. You should fear anything that is oversold to you. Just like a bad used car, it could be dangerous.

        • These mystery stabs do not prevent the spread of the virus, and they’re responsible for the evolution of the variants that will continue with every new (and hugely lucrative to Big Pharma) forced injection. Meanwhile, Ivermectin is being used by physicians actually fighting in the trenches like Dr. Paul Marik to save lives, stop the spread & truly destroy the shit, which is why bureaucrats in white coats like Thienth Guinea Fauci & his army of jewsmedia scum shout them down as dangerous kooks & cranks spreading Misinformation.

  15. Tens of thousands of Afghans to be resettled in America without consulting the public. I just can’t imagine why that would result in a ‘white extweemist’ problem! Could it be that the establishment imposes these incompatibles on us, and then just expect no reaction?
    The only way to eliminate white extremism( not that it’s a common phenomenon) is to cease policies that cause it. What do these troublemakers expect??

  16. “… of what until that point had been a federation of sovereign states.”

    Several times, I’m pretty sure, Mr. W., you’ve traded here, at Occidental Dissent, on that notion, i.e., that before the Civil War, the U.S. had been a federation of sovereign states. I think it fair to say you present it as something self-evident.

    The U.S. Constitution, as far as I’m aware, contains not a single phrase indicating that it is a mere treaty or some such thing, as is, say, the North Atlantic Treaty, which is the legal basis of the alliance or federation or whatever you want to call it that is NATO. In its every word, the Constitution is the legal foundation of a single polity; and Article VI, Paragraph 2—the so-called Supremacy Clause, which passed unanimously at about the midpoint of the Constitutional Convention—would seem to leave no question on the point:

    “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

    If my understanding is faulty, maybe you’ll be good enough to explain how.

    Similarly, you seem to present the existence of hundreds of U.S. military bases worldwide as evidence that the U.S. is “an Empire,” though a great many of those bases, I’d guess, are in place by treaties or similar agreements between the U.S. and the countries where they’re sited. Just as you call the U.S., which was conceived as a polity, a federation, you implicitly call allies and friendly nations imperial possessions. You have two things, in other words—not merely one—that you might want to explain.

  17. I noticed the reference to ZOG. Based.

    For 15 years I have travelled around the 48. I have found that the people in the lower Midwest, and the inter mountain west, are as good as Southern Men.

    We can live with them. The New England Men, the upper Midwest, and most of the West Coast , we have nothing in common with that scum.

    Our new Confederacy can be larger than just the South. It might go by the name Texas, and incorporate 25 or so States. It will have to enforce duties as much or more than rights. The entire population is degraded, unlike 1860.

    But “ZOG”, to the whole group live. Based.

    • Texas? Seriously? That state is too far gone because of the Mexicans that make up half the population- and the Blacks are big numbers there, too.

    • Funny you mention those New England men, aren’t they largely who defeated your great “confederacy”? In New England, all the Catholic Irish and Italian men I know, myself included, do not partake in globohomo, do not partake in having trans children, that’s all the Protestants. In New England, the working class Irish and Italians reject the faggotry imposed on society largely by Protestants. I’ve lived in the South, in Texas, it was all blacks and spics…….cool, Texas. My New England town is 96% White, could you say the same? Every man under 50 who’s Irish or Italian is conservative and hates liberals. I like the South and respect the culture and tradition, but you clowns post some of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on any right wing forum or news site. Britain is gay, Protestantism is cringe and your hero Robert E. Lee surrendered to an army of Irish and Italian immigrants. Get over yourselves, the North never fell.

      Now, shower me in hate. I welcome it because you’ll go on about how bad the North is, when people who have the same beliefs as you are all over the North but you rush to judgement because they were simply born someplace else than you.

      (Incoming Catholic hate in 3….2….1)

      I’ve been reading this site for a few weeks now and you boys sure are salty about that war you lost in the 1860’s. Just remember, none of us were alive during that. It’s over, time to move on. And stop basing the North when there are millions of men there who feel the same way you do. Enlighten yourself. Plenty of faggots and liberals in the south too you know, thanks Virginia!

      • As a descendent of both Jamestown & the Mayflower, I don’t harbor any more distaste for Catholics than I do for the Puritan assholes who came before them. I do have a rather dim view of Irish & Italians when considered AS A WHOLE because on balance, I believe they’re been pretty negative for the U.S. historically speaking; this doesn’t mean that I don’t like many of them on a personal level, and don’t enjoy aspects of their cultural contributions. And yes, I know that many of today’s Northern-dwelling specimens are solidly pro-White, and often far more kike-aware than the Southerners who have no personal day-to-day experience with jewing.

        I think it’s unfortunate, the way intraracial history has played out, Take the Anglo-Irish conflict in America: on one hand, the 19th century Anglos’ resentment of the sudden tidal wave of Irish immigrants certainly made sense: they WERE piss-poor, illiterate, diseased, violent drunks with a different religion; they WERE driving down wages, and they hadn’t created the country out of the wilderness while fighting off injun savages, They were immigrants, not pioneers. On the other hand, the Irish were crafted at least in part by their history under English domination, and were impelled to come here as a matter of survival during the Potato Famine.

        So personally, I think we should let old grievances go and make common cause against the common (((enemy))).

  18. “you seem to present the existence of hundreds of U.S. military bases worldwide as evidence that the U.S. is ‘an Empire,’ though a great many of those bases, I’d guess, are in place by treaties or similar agreements between the U.S. and the countries where they’re sited”:

    Hunter is 100% correct. And you know it’s not diffiicult at all for the Empire to arrange “treaties or similar agreements” with the puppet governments that it controls and dictates. Ecuador can protect its ecological treasures, the Galapagos islands and Amazon rainforest from everything but the building of U.S. military bases, and the Marianas islanders don’t want but can’t stop one either. The list of countries being dominated by these modern versions of medieval forts and castles goes on and on.

  19. Jefferson Davis was a great man. The Confederacy should have been recognized as an independent nation. It’s too bad France or England didn’t step in to help the South.

  20. No country is too small and poor to be subdued and exploited. Every crumb is gathered and consumed. After removing (assassinating) the last puppet president of Haiti, the U.S. is setting up the next narco regime in Haiti. Under U.S. direction in recent years, four new large prisons and hundreds of small prisons have been built in Haiti, and the number of prisoners, most of them held indefinitely without trial, has almost doubled – which is called bringing them “freedom and democracy.” The coup in Guinea this week was carried out by U.S.-trained proxies to break the multi-billion-dollar agreements that Guinea had recently made with China to buy its iron ore and bauxite.

  21. All this Washingtonian isolationist philosophy sounds good, but every great people when they become strong create an Empire. Either control others or you will be controlled. The peculiar short lived nature of the American Empire compared to others in the past which went on for centuries may well be blamed on the jewish takeover of our elites in the mid 20th century. Rome never went on a campaign against Romans elevating Barbarians to special privileges above it’s own, nor taught it’s own people to hate themselves. Normally in Empires the founding ethnic stock gets special privileges which compensate for their expected special duty to uphold it’s power. There was nothing wrong with Pax Americana patrolling the seas and expecting civil behavior among the worlds nations. This era will be looked at fondly once the Chinese start a brutal, Machiavellian, raiding of the rest of the world. Certainly without the Anglos the Chinese will have no problem colonizing East Africa for their excess population at the expense of the hapless blacks. Throughout Hominid history, advanced forms drove primitive forms into extinction. If whites choose silly sentimental platitudes dreamt up by their females they will follow the same fate.

    • “every great people when they become strong create an Empire”:

      The Bible shows that the evil tendency in man will always take every opportunity to take advantage of others. King Solomon inherited the throne from David at a time when competing nations were weak, and he immediately took advantage, forming a short-lived empire gorged on the loot, and even enslaved his own people. This is called “wisdom,” ironically. But the Bible also shows another side of human nature that is just as real. Usually this side appears only when the evil side has gone too far and is punished, but it can exist voluntarily too. It is a rare exception when people who prosper resist the temptation to create an empire.

      “Throughout Hominid history, advanced forms drove primitive forms into extinction”:

      It is generally the case as you have said, but in some conflicts between races, ethnicities and tribes the “inferior” ones have extinguished the “superior.” And who can say the Neanderthal species evidently driven to extinction by Sapiens was inferior? Every variant of humanity has evolved (been naturally selected) by its environment for some traits that are “superior” in that original setting.

      “If whites choose silly sentimental platitudes dreamt up by their females”:

      God and morality are not platitudes and are not created by females. If whites choose amorality and practical atheism, they will meet the reality of Divine judgement.

  22. “We, the delegates of the people of Virginia, duly elected in pursuance of a recommendation from the General Assembly, and now met in Convention, having fully and freely investigated and discussed the proceedings of the Federal Convention, and being prepared as well as the most mature deliberation hath enabled us, to decide thereon, DO in the name and on behalf of the people of Virginia, declare and make known that the powers granted under the Constitution, being derived from the people of the United States may be resumed by them whensoever the same shall be perverted to their injury or oppression, and that every power not granted thereby remains with them and at their will.”

    No objections were made to this crystal-clear ratification proviso. West Point’s first textbook also taught the sovereignty of the states (I once had the quote from it, but no longer)

    The idea that people so zealous of their rights & the independence that they’d just fought & won a war against the world’s most powerful nation to uphold them would turn right around and cede them to another “indivisible” central authority is laughable.

    But of course the Constitution was rendered (in that race traitor scum Dubya Bush’s words) “just a goddamn piece of paper” in 1865: might is all that’s mattered ever since.

    • Since Virginia’s act of ratification, as rendered here by you, NBF, is confusing, I was put to the trouble of researching it, to see whether there should be a comma after “United States.” In John Calhoun’s “Discourse on the Constitution and Government of the United States,” as transcribed at , there is, indeed, such a comma, which makes the wording intelligible and which I’ll guess you omitted unintentionally.

      Even if the proviso, as you call it, is “crystal-clear” and, moreover, may be said somehow to be operative, not only with respect to Virginia but to any of the other states, it makes of that ratification as a whole, at best, an ambiguity—i.e., a (slimy?) attempt to say yes and no simultaneously. With respect to any such ambiguity: contra proferentem (an ambiguous provision is construed most strongly against the person who selected the language).

      As to West Point textbooks: They’re not the Constitution.

  23. “As to West Point textbooks: They’re not the Constitution”

    It’s a window that provides a view of the prevailing mindset & the official position of the United States Military Academy of the time.

    • “Please, NBF—don’t waste my time”

      Only you can waste your time, Gianni.

      No one said that the textbook was the Constitution, but that one would never have been chosen for the USMA if state sovereignty was the myth you say it is.

      • You’re wasting my time, NBF, because I don’t like to ignore a comment that is addressed to me. From now on, I won’t respond to anything you say that is not to be taken seriously.

          • I was speaking of your September 16, 2:21 AM, comment, in which you quoted and responded to a statement of mine. I won’t be responding to any more of your comments.

          • PS The textbook, NBF, is “A View of the Constitution of the United States of America,” or “Rawle on the Constitution,” as it was abbreviated by Jefferson Davis, whose years at West Point included the two (1825-27) during which it was a textbook there. Its author, William Rawle, was a Quaker and abolitionist, a Philadelphia lawyer of Cornish ancestry.

            Though Rawle, in the work, was not antagonistic to a right, in each of the states, to secession, he did not maintain that the states were sovereign:

            “Great and peculiar difficulties attended [the formation of the U.S. Constitution]. It was not the simple act of a homogeneous body of men, either large or small. It was to be the act of many independent states …. Each state was naturally tenacious of its own sovereignty and independence, which had been expressly reserved in their ANTECEDENT ASSOCIATION [i.e., the league formed by the Articles of Confederation], and of which it was still meant to retain all that it did not become UNAVOIDABLY NECESSARY TO SURRENDER.”

            (See page 18 of Introduction at the following:

            Rawle’s remarks on secession are in the book’s final chapter, XXXII, “Of the Permanence of the Union,” and include the following:

            “The states, then, may wholly withdraw from the Union ….

            “The secession of a state from the Union depends on the will of the people of such state. … To withdraw from the Union comes not within the general scope of [the authority delegated to the state legislatures by the Constitution]. There must be an express provision to that effect inserted in the state constitutions. This is not at present the case with any of them ….

            “But in any manner by which a secession is to take place, nothing is more certain than that the act should be deliberate, clear, and unequivocal ….”

            (At is much if not all of that chapter, including what I’ve just excerpted.)

            Personally, I find what Rawle had to say there, about secession, virtually meaningless—since it would seem to leave open the possibility of a state’s repeatedly, for political purposes, seceding from and gaining readmission to the Union—but a man wrote a book, it was a West Point textbook for two years, and you, though apparently disinclined to Google it, wanted to blather about it.

            Maybe you’re interested to know what John Calhoun had to say about the fact that the U.S. Constitution does not contain language at all like the following:

            “Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom and independence, and every Power, Jurisdiction and right, which is not by this confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.”

            That’s the Articles of Confederation, Article II specifically, which Calhoun quotes on page “[115]” of his Discourse on the Constitution and Government of the United States; and regarding whose complete absence from the Constitution by which those articles were superseded, he says exactly this:


            He doesn’t even mention it. He merely says—if you can believe it—that the continued use, by the Constitution, of the name United States of America “affords strong, if not conclusive evidence that the political relation between these States, under their present constitution and government, is substantially the same as under the confederacy and revolutionary government; and what that relation was, we are not left to doubt; as they are declared expressly to be ‘free, independent and sovereign States.’”

            (See pages {“115”] and “[116]” at the following:

            At my Occidental Dissent comment at is my mention that Calhoun’s remarks on George Washington’s letter of transmittal of the draft Constitution to the Articles’ Congress are at page “[113]” of his Discourse I just linked above.

            Article III of the Articles of Confederation, as I might add, contains other language that, in those few pages I’ve read of his discourse, Calhoun doesn’t mention. In wording quite unlike anything in the Constitution, it say the states “hereby severally enter into a firm league of friendship with each other.”

            (See )

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