Joe Biden Drones The Wrong Person In Afghanistan

I don’t believe Joe Biden did this on purpose.

Clearly, this is just the latest “intelligence” failure in Afghanistan. The military and “intelligence community” are grossly incompetent. The whole withdrawal has been a massive “intelligence” failure. Do you remember the media freak out over Russian bounties in Afghanistan?

Note: How many times did this happen in Afghanistan over the course of nearly 20 years there? How many innocent people did Obama and Trump kill with drone strikes like this?

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    • Remember, Iran is only a year, a month, a week, a day, possibly hours away from having da bomb!

      Remember, Iran has produced 1,000 Lbs., well maybe 500 Lbs., maybe 50 Lbs., well maybe three ounces of, maybe half an ounce of Uranium enriched to 10%, 20%, 80%, 500% U235!

      • Iran has been a year, a month, a week, a day, possibly hours away from having da bomb for at least the last 25 years.

        Someone needs to translate Aesop’s fable, “The Boy who cried, ‘Oy vey, the Wolf!'” into Hebrew for God’s “chosen”. Maybe they could learn something.

      • They’ve had this nuclear program since the 90’s, how come they don’t have a bomb yet? If they were really going to plow ahead with it they would have had one at least fifteen years ago. The Manhattan Project got going in 42 and spent over half of the time it took to get the bomb just building the facilities at Oak Ridge and Hanford. Once they got going it took just about a year to get enough material for 4 or 5 bombs and this was pioneering the technology nobody had ever done before and no one knew would even work?

  1. The Russian bounties story wasn’t even intelligence failure, just an obvious lie. I imagine this was not a failure, either.

    And they wonder why Americans have no trust in “the experts.”

  2. Millions slaughtered by ZOG in the War On Terror and this one incident gets the bright beam of the jewish media’s spotlight shone upon it – the whole thing stinks of week-old gefilte fish. The BoomerTrumptards, NeoCons and MIC just can’t let it go.

  3. How about all the Syrian people being killed by Israel’s constant bombing and missile attacks, that Western mainsteam media never mentions? How about all the indigenous people constantly being killed by the Israelis in Gaza, the world’s largest open-air genocidal prison camp? How about all the brave Yemeni people being genocided every day by the Saudi monarchy with U.S. assistance?

    This most recent U.S. drone attack on Afghanistan is just a drop in the ocean of blood of all the ongoing U.S. imperialist wars. Normally, war-cheerleading Western mainstream media would not mention such an attack, and especially not admit that it had killed children, who can’t possibly be “terrorists.” But the media is punishing Biden (he’s serving as the scapegoat) for ordering the withdrawal (strategic step back) and they are piling on him with news about “his” most recent drone attack.

    • In the news today, but almost completely buried by mainstream news: The terrorist bombing at the airport in Kabul did not cause most of the deaths. Most were killed by bullets, that were fired by U.S. troops guarding the airport who were trying to hold back the crowds.

  4. ‘killed the wrong people’. And who would have been the ‘right’ people to kill? Afghans who want to rule Afghanistan their way? Goodness who would have thought….
    Fake media………your trusted source of fair and balanced reporting, and advocates of peace….

  5. A whistleblower released secret info showing that 90% of the people US drones kill are innocent civilians. Killing the wrong people is the normal state of affairs in clown world.

  6. We are Muslims now. Do you really think that Mick, Biden or Miley take your pick has not thought about droning Americans in their sleep? “We have been patient with you”……

    • The US government doesn’t have the balls to go to an all-out war against “Domestic Terrorist Whites – they never pick on or attack an enemy that they fear(i.e. Russia, China, etc).Now, a covert war with arrests, assassinations, debasement of the race through media and entertainment and environment, etc is a different story – that’s the Long War Strategy and that is what is occurring now.

  7. The Afghan Debacle occurred because Biden and his handlers were entirely focused on their Republican Governor political enemies. I suspect the whole thing was out of sight out of mind until the Taliban walked into Kabul and caught them by surprise. All they had been paying attention to in July was masks and schools in red states and ways to take down DeSantis.

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