Afghan Women Demonstrate In Support of Taliban

We can leave now.

Afghan women don’t want to be liberated by the Pentagon, CIA, FOX News and Raytheon.

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  1. Mass Murder in the name of Femmism…

    Mass Murder in the name of homo rights….

    Mass Murder in the name of Martin Luther King…

    Mass Murder in the name of the worthless Negro George Floyd…

    If you support the above… will get free tickets to see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway…

  2. I appreciate their natural tendency (call it the God-in-man tendency) to be modest, to NOT want to show off their bodies in public. Their older women teach the younger to be modest, as the Scripture says, while in the West, our older women set the opposite example for the young.

    Encouraging women, and men, toward deliberate immodesty and finally, public nudity, is much easier to do because it relies on the stronger, opposite natural tendency and the first sin: pride, that goeth before a fall.

    Their ethno-national culture is NOT compatible with the Las Vegas and Hollywood “culture,” and it should be respected.

  3. Any day on which a woman in Afghanistan reads a public statement that is videoed and put before all the world—even if it’s a Taliban-prepared text in which she calls for more female circumcision—is a bad day for the Taliban.

    • Because our generation – the boomers – was the last generation to actually have a moral and normal America. And even though so much has transpired, so much evil has been shown, we still in our hearts see the country our parents first introduced us to.

      All I want, is that country back.

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