George W. Bush’s 9/11 Speech

We responded to this last night on The Political Cesspool.

The worst president of our lifetimes gave a speech on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to explain the connection between his Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) and how that project should now be turned inward by the national security state to target American citizens as “evil doers” and “terrorists.” As many of you will probably vividly recall, this is what the critics said would happen at the time. Eventually, the national security state would turn its attention from Muslims to White males.

Note: Joe was having another one of those days in which he faded in and out and was lost in senility. Even on his worst days, he is not as bad as George W. Bush though.

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  1. WE have the NSA and other govt agencies spying on US citizens thanks to the POS Bush. In a just and lawful society he and his ilk would be tried for war crimes. The Democrats are scum but the GOP is worse in my book because they pretend they care about the average American.

    • After 9/11, the “acts” were the big cap on our freedoms. No one can get around technology now. And I agree about the GOP and their fan club who chant “We are all Americans”.

    • GOP is definitely worse. Even the new “war on domestic terror” was worse under Trump compared to Biden. Biden’s crew talks a lot about it, but overall they have locked up fewer of our guys than Trump did.

    • @Dart – We’re not even a year in — revisit those “stats” at the end of year 4 of Biden. Sounds to me like they’re just getting started.

      • My guess is it will continue as it has. It’s merely an election strategy for Democrats. They need to keep their base engaged, and they do this by playing up a phony threat of “White supremacy” and insurrections.

    • That’s a pretty good guess at what happened. Thanks for posting. Remote piloting seems the only explanation for the tower hits. If there were hijackers I don’t think they knew they were on a suicide mission. I’m no longer convinced there even were hijackers as something like 7 of the named hijackers turned up in their home countries after 9/11. Pentagon attack was probably shaped charges not even a missile but there is the curious issue of the light posts that were knocked down. Maybe both? Who knows? What did they do with the passengers of Flight 77? They just murdered several thousand maybe they just did a Las Vegas on them.

  2. Nigger-worshipping White cucks at NCAA spearchucker games(including Tuscaloosa)across the country chanted “Fuck Joe Biden!” yesterday – and faux-patriot douchebags like Jaye Ryan think the US is worth saving. When Muslims get pissed they grab guns and go to war – when Whites get pissed they act like faggots at sporting events.

    • I am telling you, you can tell who is on team Jew by who attacks innocent Muslims, the queers and the Irish. And neither can answer your questions on Muslim guilt so they gotta block you in the name of free speech. Retodded or what?

    • @ Revelation 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devil’s, and the hold of every FOUL SPIRIT, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

      • @ I believe that verse Revelation 18:2 is referring to the empire, these times and the wicked among us, starting with mr.Bush and family and friends.

  3. Re: Cowboy Ben’s the real axis of evil tweet & photo.
    It makes me sick that ALL THREE were RE-ELECTED.
    Twenty-Four years of Globalist scum.

  4. @ < I address the evangelicals across our land, you heard the words that came out of the man's mouth, you know who he is, you speak the same english I do, you read the same bible that I do, Revelation 18:2, speaks for it's self, those of you, who would continue too associate with, identify with, vote with the republican party, you have erred, you have strayed from the path, you are antichrist, repent and give thanks too the Lord, for revealing , these dark souls, for what they are, we know where we stand people, it could not be more clear, therefore, choose ye this day, who you will serve, thus saith the Lord……………..

  5. I was against jewmurca’s torture of sand niggers at places like Abu Graib, not because I cared about them but because I KNEW that in time the kikes & their whores like that filthy vermin Bush would do the same against Whites who resist their plans.

  6. Both parties have been scamming us for years. George W. Bush is the real “evil doer” here along with his whole family. Especially his dad Bush 41 because he is nothing but a war criminal too!

  7. Imam al-Duhbya, the great Islamic theologian, needs a one-way ticket to Kabul so he can teach the goat-men there all about the “Religion of Peace”. When they’ve finished with their response, what’s left of his worthless carcass could be made of use in an amusing game of buzkashi. They could even televise it. Way more fun to watch than niggerball.

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