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  1. Here is something to make you scratch your head Brad. Why is Abby allowed to have a Youtube account whereas any one of us who had one that gained more than 50,000 subscribers even after doing everything they could to divert viewership, was purged.

    I never even so much as cussed let alone use racial and ethnic forbidden words but they still nuked. It shows that for now Foreign policy criticism is still accepted but who knows for how long.

    • Abby Martin is a leftist like Jimmy Dore and Secular Talk. They are pretty much all that is left on YouTube that is even remotely interesting. Most of their accounts were growing back in the day, but have been throttled over the past few years. They complain about it all the time. The anti-imperialist Left and Pop Left haven’t been purged yet, but their ticket will be up soon.

    • The link is fine. After trying it several times, I found it necessary to turn off the “adult” safety filter to access the video. But as expected, the video has no “adult” content. In other words, Youtube was directed to censor (in this case semi-block) the video for its political content.

      Many useful videos that were completely decent and not portraying violence have not only been restricted but disappeared entirely for the “violation” of informing about the system too accurately.

      • @anonymous – It is not the case, too, that one has to have a YouTube “account” in order to be able to change the “adult” settings? A blatant form of censorship itself!

        I refuse to create a YouTube account because this is obviously a way to track who is interested in which dissident, or other for that matter, content for profiling purposes.
        Not that everthing isn’t being tracked anyway….

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