Ross Douthat: What Comes After The 9/11 Era?

If you loved the Global War on Terror (GWOT) and its fearmongering about a “mushroom cloud” over New York City and its “strategy” of invading Iraq to ignite a cascading revolution of liberal democracy across the Middle East, you will love the hawks in Washington who now want us to be willing to go to war with China over Taiwan in what is being called “the era of great power competition” in Washington.

New York Times:

“A consensus can change slowly and then, under the right pressure, all at once, and for Republicans that pressure came from Donald Trump. No dove or systematizer, he still made realism and anti-interventionism respectable again — with immediate consequences for my friend. Two years after Team Jeb! declined his services, Colby was in Trump’s Pentagon helping devise the administration’s national defense strategy. And now he has a new book, “The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in an Age of Great Power Conflict,” making the case for a foreign policy that leaves the post-9/11 era decisively behind.

As the title suggests, this is a realist’s book, laser-focused on China’s bid for mastery in Asia as the 21st century’s most important threat. All other challenges are secondary: Terrorism can be managed with “smaller footprint operations,” the liberal Trump-era fixation on Vladimir Putin mistakes a sideshow for the main event and the longstanding Republican focus on rogue states like Iran and North Korea is equally misguided.

Only China threatens American interests in a profound way, through a consolidation of economic power in Asia that imperils our prosperity and a military defeat that could shatter our alliance system. Therefore American policy should be organized to deny Beijing regional hegemony and deter any military adventurism — first and foremost through a stronger commitment to defending the island of Taiwan. …”

We just lost a war to the Taliban.

So, we are going to respond to that defeat by pivoting to a potential war with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)? We’re going to stake everything on a guarantee of the independence of Taiwan?

Note: Doesn’t this remind you of Neville Chamberlain’s guarantee of Poland?

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  1. Asian nations should be ruled by Asian people. Let the world realign into Ethno-Spheres instead of out dated Nation-States. In that regard I have no problem with the the new Chinese East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere as long as they leave New Zealand and Australia alone. The U.S. State Deparement helped create the Chinese juggernault anyway. (Thanks again John Marshall)

    • Australia and New Zealand would be freer under Chinese domination. They are prison colonies ruled over by worst kind of feminists and faggots anywhere. In addition, long before “covid” they had decided to make themselves as “diverse” as possible.

      I’m not saying I want China to conquer Australia and New Zealand. What I’m saying is that I don’t care one way or another because regardless of whether or not it happens, those countries are not going to be White homelands. Going to war over them would be as pointless as going to war over Taiwan.

  2. The new 9-11 documents released pointed to Saudi Arabia but of course, Israel was left out. You will never know the full truth about 9-11 because they will protect the real culprits at all costs.

  3. The Jews are not going to stand to have themselves ruled over, talked down to and belittled by the Chinese. There can be no peace when Jew supremacy is under threat. Once America goes down to a humiliating defeat, remember those who lead us into a conflict we did not want or need to fight, the Irish and the Jews. Remember them.

  4. The Gray Lady is the flagship of capitalist media and a CIA mouthpiece, so this should be taken seriously: that “the liberal Trump-era fixation on Vladimir Putin” was merely “a sideshow for the main event” which is the escalation of the war on ethno-national socialist China. The “pivot to” (escalation of) war on China actually began during the Obama years. Capitalism MUST fight; it cannot allow socialism in one country (no matter how small) to coexist peacefully. The NYT says “Only China threatens American interests in a profound way,” but the existence of a different system in even one very small country threatens “American interests” and will not be tolerated.

    But the U.S. must also “pivot” toward Latin America now, to stop erosion of control of its “home” hemisphere – like during the height of the War On Terror when so much energy and resources were focused on the MIddle East that Latin America started to slip away and it took more than ten years to regain control. Latin America is trying to rise again and “here’s a snapshot of what it looks like: Bolivia’s Kawsachun News has a good summary of the movement to get rid of OAS (the U.S.-controlled Organization of American States, aka “The Ministry of Colonies”) and it also reveals how the resistance countries are growing, along with some key individuals who are implementing actions which will subsume Yankee hegemony. Watch for Mexico and Argentina to rise: both have people who are seasoned power players. Mexico’s Marcelo Ebrard along with Lopez Obrador (AMLO) are growing in strength (…) Latin America has a very large pool of leaders whose skills, IMO, approach the level of Putin, Xi, Lavrov, Wang, Zhakarova and others who are shellacking Biden, Blinken, Kamala and their sycophants. One difference: almost all have survived actual physical combat. Brazil’s Lula, Fernandez in Argentina, Bolivia’s Arce and Evo, Venezuela’s Maduro, Cuba’s Diaz Canel, Mexico’s AMLO, Peru’s Castillo and more. They are not backing down and they are working together”:

  5. They are pivoting to China and also to the “war on domestic extremism” (war on normal White people). Simultaneously declaring war on the Chinese and on the only citizens they have who are potentially competent enough to fight the Chinese. Interesting strategy. Let’s see how it works out.

    Have fun fighting to bring sodomy to Taiwan with your army of trannies and spics. We’ll be sitting this one out.

    • This is why Biden will bomb Crimea. He can’t mobilize whitey against Chinky if he is attacking whitey at home.

  6. What does the Chinese military threat to Taiwan actually amount to ?

    Is it still possible to carry out opposed seaborne landings on the territory of missile-armed opponents ? The Normandy landings were touch and go and that was with air supremacy. With current missile technology it seems obvious that anything on the surface would end up on the seabed in short order and then you wouldn’t have a supply line for your invasion force.

    Missiles and air strikes alone haven’t forced a country to capitulate with the exception of a small country like Serbia. So the only other option China would have would be to attack Taiwan’s merchant shipping from its home waters, and given America’s blue water supremacy and China’s own economic dependence on oceanic shipping lanes they would certainly come off worst.

    Given all this I can’t see that any credible military threat to Taiwan actually exists.

    • China isn’t going to take Taiwan militarily, anyway. China is smart enough to avoid falling in ZOG’s obvious traps like that. All China has to do is wait a few years and Taiwan’s government will just voluntarily join China. America will probably try to win through coups and assassinations, as usual, but China will handle that as easily as they did with Hong Kong.

      The people in Taiwan are already wanting to rejoin China, since they can see the upward trajectory China is on, in contradistinction to America’s decline, and they want in on it. All Taiwan got from being America’s pawn is to become the laughingstock of east Asia as the only Asian country with “gay marriage.”

  7. I don’t give a shit if mainland China absorbs Taiwan by force or otherwise. The Taiwanese………are Chinese by blood.
    I don’t like anything about China for multiple reasons, but oppose any military folly with them.
    I’ll reiterate:- the best way to win any war is to not have any, and just have economic and immigration policies that are conductive to putting America and Americans first.
    Making your own nation the best in the world is the only way to win a war.
    Remember:- we lost against Vietnam and Afghanistan………which are fucking third world countries! So whyyyyy bother with China??
    We need to rid our major institutions of Jews, and just fix problems at home.

  8. The Japanese have had defence consultations with Taiwan … Japan has come to the realisation that if Taiwan falls, they will be alone, and next to be crushed by China

    Their best odds to get the USA involved, is to have Japan join in defending Taiwan from an attack … if the US lets Taiwan fall, they will obviously let others get crushed all across East and South-East Asia

    War is coming, may as well have it now rather than later when it would be much worse … this is Japan’s quiet view, and it should be the Western view as well

    As much as USA intervention in other countries has usually been a mistake and a horror … the USA and the world should defend Taiwan as a matter of honour, and as a necessary, inevitable fight against Chinese hegemony

    It was immense stupidity to claim for decades that Taiwan represented ‘all of China’, up until Nixon’s reversal going to Beijing … China should have been recognised back around 1950 … along with Taiwan as an independent small state

    But as much as the USA has been a deranged, ugly, evil hegemon … there is no morality in letting China become the new one

    • I disagree that Taiwan should have been recognized “as an independent small state.” It should have been recognized only as a Chinese territory, and never occupied by the U.S. military or its Kuomintang anti-communist proxies. Chinese merchant fleets plied the South China Sea for a thousand years. It is absurd to deny their historical right to the sea lanes and the islands they settled many centuries ago.

      • This is the most overly spacious application of history as justification for a territorial claim I can think of.

        Having ships sail by a place hundreds or even thousands of years ago?

        Might as well say Italy has a right to annex all of North Africa, the Levant and Turkey because you can find major Roman settlements in all these places. At least the Italians could say that they built infrastructure, continuously occupied and both culturally and economically interacted/influenced these regions in a very dramatic way for a substantial period of antiquity and to some degree even all the way up until 12 to 13 hundreds.

        What’s the CCPs claim again? “A long time ago we used to sail by them sometimes”.

        It’s absolutely laughable to use something even remotely like that as precedent.

        There’s no way the CCP is using it as anything other than a shit test.

    • Japan is an irrelevant garbage dump. What Japanese people want has no effect on anything because the Japanese people are powerless simpering cowards.

      Taiwan will simply join China voluntarily within the next decade. Taiwan has zero reason to remain the puppet of a falling empire like USA at this point. And White people have zero reason to oppose China. There is no honor in fighting for a fake country like Taiwan.

    • Japan is much larger than Taiwan in both land area and population. Unlike Taiwan, it’s not populated by ethnic Chinese. China has never claimed Japan, has never tried to invade Japan even in the distant past, and is aware that, unlike Taiwan, Japan has a mutual defense treaty with the US. In sum, there is no commonality between Japan and Taiwan. Your domino theory is as baseless as the one touted during the Vietnam War.

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