Global Times: The Taiwan Question Is Very Close To a Tipping Point

Washington seems to have settled on a plan to ensure that the mistakes it made over the last 20 years in the “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) in destabilizing countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya are dwarfed by the mistakes that it tends to make over the next 20 years.

Note: Launching a “Domestic War on Terror” while stumbling into a war with China and Russia over Taiwan is worse than anything the neocons could have dreamed up.

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  1. 1st Lie: “Taiwan is free.” No, Taiwan is controlled by the same bankers the US and EU is. I don’t know how much control these bankers have over China but I think I would be willing to take my chances if I were Taiwanese. Globohomo might have been light on Taiwan in the past but they are still under the same system and the final result will be the same. Every country gets a different infection strategy.

  2. Communist China has cried about Taiwan since the 1950’s. Once and awhile the Chicoms would shell a couple of tiny off shore islands belonging to Taiwan. Yawn.

  3. ” . . . Washington seems to have settled on a plan to ensure that the mistakes it made over the last 20 years in the “Global War on Terrorism” . . . are dwarfed by the mistakes that it tends to make over the next 20 years.”

    The U.S. doesn’t have 20 years left at the rate things are going. Ironically, a war against China, the subsequent defeat and the domestic political turmoil this will trigger may end the ruling class’s evil regime and open the door to better things. A defeat will showcase the fundamentally weak nature of the U.S. forcing the Government to institute conscription for the first time since Jan. 1973.

    After a defeat the U.S. Government and its stenographers in the Lügenpresse would put on a full court press trying to convince Whites it’s their duty to answer conscription notices and fight the Government’s wars. After the destruction of cities through integration, the diversification of suburbs through immigration, de jure discrimination against Whites as policy why should Whites help this globo-homo shopping mall government that wants them dead, six feet under?

    Even the Republicans, cucks and normies on Fox TV would have a hard time answering that question.

    It’s highly likely Whites will defy the U.S. Government’s demands for White conscription to staff the military in response to a self-inflicted military crisis. This open defiance in wartime will be a major domestic political crisis of legitimacy for the ruling class. Naturally the ruling class, the wealthy, the Usual Suspects and the colored folk would be exempt from conscription exacerbating the Government’s political troubles.

  4. What a joke – China makes all of our stuff – if the pissing match with China over Taiwan goes hot the US consumer economy grinds to a halt.

  5. They are trying to intimidate Taiwan right now while the US looks extremely weak and degenerate into some sort of reunification deal without having to go to war. They really also do not want to break the semi conductor industry in Taiwan as all those chips go straight to assembly lines in China itself and a war would really hurt China, and the world’s economy. This is all the fault of the degenerate US elites who chose to ignore the warnings and build up China for the last 40 years without any sort of recognition of a two state solution like in Korea that would destabilize Taiwan’s security situation. Democracy truly is a degenerate form of government, unable to come together for any sort of big picture, next generation type actions the way a King can. Nixon and his cronies knew the mortal threat the Liberal Jewish Media and it’s hippie culture it was fostering meant to the long term future of America and no body was able to do a darn thing about it. No I don’t have any “constitution fetishes” because it has proven to be yet another recipe for failure, and a lot quicker failure than the Roman Republic ever turned out to be. Take it’s good points, throw out the bad, and come up with something new because America now has a majority of quite simply bad people and no popularity contests will ever produce a successful government in this bastard child of the former 20th century America that put a man on the moon.

    • I largely agree but it was the boomer hags not the hippies that got us here. All these hags took the Jewish poison and are now in their 70’s sitting on ruined families with medically damaged lgbtqp+ grandchildren or no grandchildren.

    • ” . . . Democracy truly is a degenerate form of government . . .”

      Indeed. It is a form of government fundamentally based upon bribery and extortion, even bribing the electorate with their own money, even unto national bankruptcy.

      Try telling people however that voting themselves the treasury is a stop on the road to perdition. They either know it already and just want to rip a piece off on the way down or get angry at any criticism of muh democracy or muh constitution, especially the Fox TV watching, civic nationalist, National review type, good Republican, thoroughly cucked “conservatives”.

      At least the Left knows what they are doing. They are exploiting all the fundamental weaknesses of democracy to obtain power and are trying to keep it permanently. The “conservatives”, thoroughly cucked on equality and muh constitutional rights has no effective response to the Left. The last 100 years, particularly the last 70 years stand as witness to the uselessness of “conservatives” and their idiotic ideas as the left steamrolled them time after time without an effective “conservative” response.

      What were the “conservatives” trying to conserve anyway besides their lucrative grifts and scams?

  6. I dont care if China conquers Taiwan (or Hong Kong) and adds to to the Chinese East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. They can take all Asia for all I care. Biut not New Zealand and Australia. I would love to see the world realign into Ethno-Spheres instead of obsolete nation-states. For us that would be all the English speaking White Anglo-Saxon nations into one metapolitical collective.

  7. A Southern boy loves a British accent and as one who has been to the UK I can also tell you British girls go bonkers over a Southern accent but hate a new York accent!

  8. China threatens to do military jet fly-overs soon. The Biden administration is being pushed hard to escalate, and win, the hybrid war on China. This may be the U.S.’s last window of opportunity to subdue and re-subjugate China. Inside China, and the Party, there is another war going on: the struggle between socialism and capitalist greed (the evil side of human nature). The socialist vision seems to be gaining a little lately, under Xi’s leadership.

    • I should have added: The global U.sury S.ystem can win without firing a shot if China becomes corrupted completely with capitalist greed, and it doesn’t have far to go. Then China will blend perfectly into the world system of exploitation that doesn’t respect national boundaries and nationhood. DPRK, Cuba and other small hold-outs of ethno-national socialism will fall soon after.

    • How do you plan on the US subduing 1.5B Chinese – we can’t control a few thousand rioting niggers or Afghani goat herders with AKs? The US military is weak – it looks real badass in the recruiting ads, movies and YouTube videos, though.

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