FBI Director Christopher Wray: “We’ve Doubled Our Domestic Terrorism Caseload”

The FBI is a bigger threat to our people than anything overseas.


“WASHINGTON, Sept 21 (Reuters) – The number of U.S. domestic terrorism cases under investigation by the FBI has more than doubled since spring 2020, its director told a Senate hearing on Tuesday, after the Justice Department warned that white supremacists and militias pose a growing threat.

“The domestic terrorism caseload has exploded,” FBI Director Chris Wray said during testimony before the U.S. Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The bureau now has about 2,700 domestic terror investigations open, up sharply form about 1,000 in the spring of 2020, Wray said. …”

No one showed up for the Fed Rally.

No one is exercising their constitutional rights either though because of these people. The First Amendment still exists as a formality, but our rights have effectively been cancelled.

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  1. Stupid conserva- and patrio-tards do not want to see that this is the logical consequence of the idiotic ‘War on Terror’ — the creation of a huge and expanding security state that will naturally look for new enemies to justify its existence and growth.

    Other than not wanting to pay for it, everyone should now be able to see there were very good reasons why before the end WWII Americans were wary of/did not want a standing federal army.

    Rand Paul should be talking about more than just ‘muh Constitution’ — it is now time for guys like him to aggressively make the case for dismantling the security state.

    • “this is the logical consequence of the idiotic War on Terror” – not necessarily. AQ was a well defined alliance of well defined targets with identifiable leadership and state sponsorship. NATO chose to take bribes from them to brush everything under the rug rather than defeat them.

  2. The Empire is waging a low level political war against the very people who make things run day to day and also fight the Empire’s wars. It’s difficult to see how these idiots in charge can survive the next national crisis when Deplorables are inclined to just give the Government the finger, sit on the couch and watch things disintegrate on TV like the BLM/Antifa/FBI riots of 2020. Poisoning the well you drink out of is never a good strategy.

    All of the talking heads on TV, the “Think Tank” geniuses from places like The Brookings Institution, college professor types and sports/entertainer types are useless in a crisis. They rely on the system of grift, fraud and numerous rackets constituting most of the U.S. economy for their daily bread.

    When the wheels come off it will be the Deplorables who will be in a relatively good position, not the Hillary bitches. The diversity premium will go to zero then negative when things fall apart. The scumbags will be in a bad position because of their own stupid decisions. Fuck ’em. Take care of your own and Devil take the hindmost.

    • One has to wonder what outcome they want. They don’t seem so smart to me. Even if they can gate themselves off from the brown hordes, they will have such a limited world.
      A smart person would want a white world.
      But if those doing this think it would be better if they became the white people, and ruled over the browns, that’s like defeating your opposing team, by eliminating them, and putting a lesser team in place to conquer.
      They only have to look at what our cities have become, to know what the future will be. If they think the mixed ones are going to work and provide them with labor, they are stupid.

  3. Rabbi Paul’s ZOG masters love to stick him in front of a Capitol Hill microphone when a (D) gets into the White House to make it look like the (R)s are fighting the Good Fight just like they did with his squirrely pa – the lolbertarians/Trumptards eat it up.

  4. The question of governance. ZOG is losing its legitimacy and its authority. Read this.


    This pasta nigger has it right. Peaceful, hopefully, but if not? It goes without saying.

    I’ve been saying this about balkanization for years now. We must pivot. The Liberal vs. Conservative, team blue vs. team red dichotomy of national politics is a deliberately constructed cul de sac of control. The Alt Light spends all its time owning libs. We spend most of our time owning Conservatives. Its equally pointless.

    You want to know whats not fake and gay? Its this. What are those future balkanized countries going to look like and how will they be governed?

    We should apply our attentions to that eventuality and how to affect it, and regain our franchise, rather than to wringing our hands about a hopeless situation in washington, or scoring points in a game nobody wants to play anymore.

    • The fbi is too busy looking for nonexistent White ‘domestic’ terrorism to care about daily spying from Israel. You;re not going to bite the hand that trains you.

    • They even changed the laws for espionage. It has to be proven that Shlomo knew in advance the espionage in question would damage the US. We are worse than stateless we are a slave colony.

    • Like the Federal Reserve Police the Capitol Cops answer to no one – they’re all part of the Cabal’s Praetorian Guard.

  5. ZOG doesn’t care about rioting Negroes or Red terrorists because those groups are under ZOG’s control. But armed and organized white citizens are a totally different matter.

  6. ZOG is a bunch of criminals. We know they are criminals. They know that we know that they are criminals. We know that they know that we know that they are criminals. Yet, they are still criminals.

    Who is ZOG? The international Jews, wall street bankers, congress and their staffers, the executive and jewdicial branches, the media, the generals, the high clergy. All criminals.

  7. A few cops from Connecticut were driving a rental drunk as fuck and got into a serious accident. I was in the area and drove past it.

    Car was upended. These are our cops.

    Very unfortunate and I had no pleasure in seeing it. But just bad.

    Seatbelts are more reasonable then the jab it seems. If the young cop was belted in he would be here today. I’m far more worried about bad drivers than getting the flu.

  8. Law enforcement by definition exists to protect the interests of those in power.

    Never expect good faith from a cop. Never expect their understanding of your plight.

    They have an inherent conflict of interest that precludes their being dissidents.

    Expect them to hurt you for their own benefit.

  9. I was watching Carlson’s show, he was talking to one of Trump’s henchmen and he asked him why doesn’t the Governor of Texas put the Texas National Guard out there to try to stop this invasion? I thought that was a very good question. Carlson was like so it causes a constitutional crisis, so what. We going to have to try to stop this crap at some point, or lose the country.

    The question asks itself, are these Goddamn Republicans good for anything except starting another overseas war? They won’t even defend their own states.

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