Tom Cotton: The World Is Laughing At Biden After U.N. Speech

Here’s your choice, America.

Do you want strong imperialism and a strong ZOG which flexes its military might or do you want a weak imperialism and a weak ZOG? Joe Biden is weak on the world stage.

If the GOP was in power, we would be working with the Mossad to assassinate more Iranian generals and nuclear scientists. We would be crushing Iran with tougher sanctions. We would be trying to overthrow the governments of Iran and Venezuela. We would be arming Israel and cutting off aid to Palestinians and supporting more land grabs by Jewish settlers in the West Bank. We would be arming Saudi Arabia. We would be launching missile strikes on Syria to destabilize the Assad regime. We would boast on the world stage that actually we are in a new Cold War with China and Russia. We would be spending more money on the Pentagon. We would also reinvade Afghanistan and go to war with the Taliban to retake Bagram Air Force base and evacuate all the green card and SIV holders that Joe Biden left behind. We would also make it clear to China that we are willing to start World War III over the independence of Taiwan.

Note: Sure, China owns over a trillion dollars of U.S. debt and we have willingly offshored vast swathes of our economy there and given them the means to sink the U.S. economy without firing a shot, but lets ignore all that. We can’t talk about how this incestuous relationship called Chimerica was created and how politicians are doing nothing about it in spite of all their bluster and saber rattling.

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  1. Republicans just do this stuff to rile up their base. No matter what Democrats do, Republicans will say they’re being weak. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. Biden could nuke Beijing and Republicans like Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz would come out saying he’s a puppet for the CCP and that Xi is playing the dems like a fiddle.

  2. This is what I mean about the need to pivot from national politics to a discussion of regional balkanization and nascent regional politics.

    You are presenting a dichotomy of weak or strong imperialism as a case for what, supporting Biden?

    If you are in a situation where no matter what you can only go along with the program regardless of your choice, then its a skinner box and you are being played for somebody elses agenda.

    Trump is an orange boomer faggot. Biden was born a piece of shit.

    The correct answer HW, is neither.

    • I’ve never supported Biden.

      It is true that I given him credit for pulling out of Afghanistan. It was a tough decision. He made the right choice and paid the price for it. I have criticized him all year though and continue to do so. I also don’t have any appetite for jumping into politics and backing either side at the moment.

  3. Yes, setting your economy up so it’s vulnerable and dependant on an outside regime we have nothing in common with. Worked out wonderfully didn’t it……

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