Jimmy Dore: Why Vaccine Mandates Are A Bad Idea

The vaccine mandate is calculated attempt to piss people off and maximize polarization so that our politics can continue to be dominated by COVID for as long as possible. It is a ginned up culture war that works to the advantage of Democrats who are on the ropes on other issues.

Note: The debacle in the California recall election shows how this works.

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  1. Good to see HW has changed his stance on the COVID scam. Last year at this time he was clutching his pearls in fear like an old woman.

      • Why not? You have supported ongoing covid-19 restrictions on the basis of public health as a public good requiring cooperation and faith in government officials providing truthful information. What has changed now? BTW, I’m not trolling you with this rhetorical question, even though the temptation is strong, given your disdain for honest debate on covid and serial ad hominemism towards those who disagree with the Alabama sage. So the answer is. . . . ?

        • Nothing changed.

          I never supported vaccine mandates. There is no reason to believe it will work. It is coercive and COVID is now an endemic virus which will never go away. The window to stop COVID closed well over a year ago. We will be dealing with it for the rest of our lives

      • >Never supported vaccine mandates

        LOL, yeah OK — but that hasn’t been a theme until rather recently, right? — otherwise as suggested you were fully on-board with all the COVID hysteria, which more than anything enabled and emboldened the control and security state; I also made fun of you for that, i.e. your naivete re where that would lead — for a guy who seems to understand that the government acts against the best interest of you and people like you in every way imaginable, your support of it re COVID was incomprehensible.

        You need to own up to that.

        • If memory serves, the argument at the time was that COVID was a hoax, but it was also real and it was just the flu. Millions of people would starve to death because the economy would collapse. The U.S. military would be deployed to force people to take the vaccine. The lockdowns would last forever. And yes, I pushed back against all of that at the time. I never supported permanent lockdowns or vaccine mandates. It is true that there was a window to stop COVID like the original SARS virus at the very beginning, but that ship sailed a long time ago.

          • >If memory serves, the argument at the time was that COVID was a hoax

            Maybe some were saying that, *but I never did* — my take was *strictly political* right from the outset; to me it was and still is *a matter of personal freedom* — I did not and do not want the government to tell me what to do, or have the power to do so — I saw where all of this was headed.

            The government can issue all the public health advisories it wants, with recommended best practices — or urgent advisories with strongly recommended measures/best practices.

            But no thanks to executive orders, mandates, etc — all of that bullshit to micromanage my life and restrict my personal freedom.

            I honestly do not understand why you did not see this at the time — ?

            And the daily running COVID data was absurd.

            But sincere thanks for the rest of your work, which I like and find valuable.

          • Do you remember the original SARS virus? The one that was stopped back in 2003?

            It is important to stop these things at the very outset. The alternative is that it never goes away, thousands if not millions of people die from it, even more people end up hobbled with lifelong medical problems and it costs trillions of dollars. That’s why I didn’t see your point at the time. It is not a good idea to just let these viruses rip especially one as bad this one which appears to be a frankenstein virus that was created in a lab. But anyway, that ship sailed a long time ago and the window to contain and eliminate the virus closed a long time ago. It is never going away now.

        • Expecting the host of a blog to own up to his false consciousness is a pointless endeavor. He or she will only deflect with false attributions and misdirection, as does our host below. Yes, in fact he shilled for the liar Establishment all through 2020 as to covid-19, its alleged seriousness, Trump’s fault for every negative effect of the virus, even if the result of the action of others, like China (letting the virus escape through unfettered international travel) and Democratic chief executives ( halting economic activity by “nonessential” workers, i.e., anyone who opposed those moves as unjustified scientifically and morally ( imposing covid-19 costs only on your political and social enemies)). But when confronted, he will invite the interlocutor to review the OD archive, confident no one has time to actually do so, even though his blind acceptance of the covid-19 gospel is there for all to see.
          The problem is our host is content to monitor the situation, like his bete noise Trump, instead of offering constructive suggestions for escaping the bipartisan foolishness. Everyone’s a critic, but not everyone is as dead set against cooperation as he supposes. In reality, most people, whatever they look like or feel is the best way to live, are willing to fight evil, but not if disrespected as human beings by bigoted slurs or intellectual snobbery.
          So don’t expect Brad to acknowledge you. He has driven away many a thoughtful and perceptive commenter, like Ivan, Boomer X, and others too numerous to mention. Too bad, really. The solution is out there: a General Strike by all against the few, then a Sovereign Wealth Fund based UBI to socially- insure all risks to income, not just those approved of by the lucky wealthy. Join me in that fight. Leave Brad to his delusions of grandeur as the ersatz people’s pundit. Huey he ain’t.

          • Yes, the OD archive is fully intact and goes back over a decade. It can be easily accessed on the sidebar by clicking on either the “Health” category or by month. I pay more than I have to because I want to preserve the archive.

            Feel free to search through the archive and point out where I ever supported vaccine mandates. We weren’t arguing about vaccine mandates at the time. We were arguing about 1.) whether COVID was a HOAX, “just the flu” or a real virus, 2.) the deadliness of the virus, 3.) the lockdowns and whether or not they would be permanent, 4.) would the economy collapse and 5.) whether millions of people would starve to death. We also argued about whether 6.) Trump would lose the election and 7.) whether the military would be deployed to force people to be vaccinated and 8.) whether every doctor and hospital in the country was part of a vast conspiracy to pretend there was a virus. This was long before the vaccine came out in December.

            Where do we stand nearly two years into this? Donald Trump lost the election and is no longer president. The official death toll has surpassed the Civil War and the Spanish Flu. The economy briefly slipped into a recession and pulled out of it. The economy did not collapse into something like the Great Depression. Millions of people did not starve to death. The military has not been used to force people to take the vaccine. The lockdowns DID NOT last forever as so many people said they would at the time. Joe Biden has announced a vaccine mandate, but as far I know it hasn’t been implemented and is being instantly challenged in court.

            I pushed back on that nonsense because none of it was true. Some of the morons who fell for that stuff who watch Newsmax and OANN and read Infowars and Daily Stormer couldn’t even spot basic contradictions like how the virus is a HOAX, but also the flu. The virus also didn’t go away when Joe Biden became president which was also confidently predicted by many people in the comments. Back in the early months of 2020, people like Zman and Ramzpaul were confidently saying that fewer people would die from COVID than 2009 flu pandemic. It is too bad those videos aren’t around anymore because they have been scrubbed from their archives.

        • >Do you remember the original SARS virus?

          I guess I wasn’t clear enough: I DON’T CARE — it’s freedom vs government micromanagement and control — I choose freedom — in fact, I don’t want government to have the needed power so that control is even an option — I mean, take a good look at the despotic idiots to whom you’ve ceded control over your life — and to state the obvious: once government arrogates such power unto itself, it will never relinquish it willingly.

          And for the record, I do think it was and still is being deliberately hyped (COVID fear porn) in order to justify the tyrannical arrogation of power and accustom people to an all encompassing control state — it’s for your own good after all, just like everything the government does.

  2. @ mr.dore, there is a whole lot more at stake, than pissing off the righteous, it’s called soverieghty, whether we have it personally or not, I still insist on believing, that I’d you don’t own your flesh, you own nothing and you certainly are not free. That is an unnatural state for an adamite and I think their are a whole lot of adamites out there, need too wake up, before it’s too late.

  3. Nah, it doesn’t help the Democrats. Believing “the polls” is a sign of a strong delusion. Of course, that is not why they are hellbent on imposing it, here or elsewhere around the world. They are imposing this thing because it’s something that has been planned for a very long time. The majority is not getting off on forcing people to get vaxxed or be fired. It is being done because the vax is part of a much bigger conspiratorial program. If you can’t see that, you’re willfully blind.

  4. Eventually the public will get bored with this manufactured hysteria and ZOG will have to invent another boogeyman to scare them back into submission. There are a lot of live music events I won’t be attending because of their vaccine requirements. If I feel that way there must be millions of others as well.

  5. Down here in Australia, specifically NSW, shops, hairdressers, venues, etc will be reopening in about a month, unless something changes in the meantime……..and only the double jabbed will be granted access. To prove you’re double vaxxed requires a fiddly process of getting a digital vaccination record set up on your phone, and it’s a headache for many, particularly the elderly, to navigate.
    It’s basically get double jabbed, or lose your right to do anything that two years ago, was seen as just ordinary, everyday activities.
    Through no fault of our own, we’re being inconvenienced in ways that are genuinely infuriating, and whoever is responsible must be hung out to dry.

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