Joe Biden’s State of the Empire Speech

Even from the perspective of the Empire, it made little sense to continue the war in Afghanistan. As Joe has repeatedly pointed out, jihadists can operate from any country. The puppet government in Kabul was a hopeless lost cause. The vital interests of the Empire are elsewhere. The conflict was draining the United States and strengthening China. The last three presidents have all wanted to get out of Afghanistan and execute the long awaited pivot to “the era of great power conflict” with China.

Nothing that has happened in Afghanistan has made Joe Biden any less of a globalist, an imperialist or a liberal internationalist. As he said in his speech, he rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization. He recently announced the new alliance with Britain and Australia the whole point of which is to try to contain China in the Pacific. He said that he doesn’t want a new Cold War with China which is laughable. There is no difference between Biden and Trump on that issue.

If anything, this speech shows that there is always more continuity than change across administrations. For all the people losing their minds over the culture war, the vital business of the Empire carries on. The refugees, asylum seekers and illegal aliens keep flowing in. The container ships continue docking. The drugs and weapons continue flowing. The national debt keeps growing. The military budget continues going up as failure is rewarded. It was an ordeal for Obama, Trump and Biden to withdraw from Afghanistan which ultimately was nothing more than ending a frontier war.

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  1. The state of the Empire is perilous however as the endless financial drain, papered over with endless debt, debt, debt grows ad infinitum. The Evergrande situation in China is a symptom of this as China has built its modern manufacturing economy with too much debt and also its real estate too, just like in the U.S. Debt is always the Achilles’ Heel of Empire.

    All of the financial conglomerates all over the world are interlocked so a massive, systemic failure anywhere will bring down the world’s financial system everywhere and quickly, too. The systemic failure this time appears to be in China with its unpayable debt threatening to tip over the whole rotten edifice of modern, debt based capitalism. If the Evergrande bankruptcy is not contained and spreads throughout the Chinese financial system it will quickly ricochet like a .30 cal. bullet around the world, European banks first.

    The U.S. Treasury and Fed will have to print, print, print to cover the unpayable debts of the TBTF banks like Goldman and the rest of the scumbags on Wall Street. The problem with that strategy is that unlike 1929 there is already massive debt at all levels of society; government, business and personal, much of it unpayable too. This massive printing will result in massive inflation, much worse than what’s already in the economy.

    Runaway inflation will destroy the ability of the Empire to fund its many malevolent activities, further impoverish the productive, honest, White working class who make things work and also destroy confidence in the miserable system of “democracy” afflicting the country. Ironically, the Empire’s policies of endless wars abroad and endless welfare at home combined with inflicting massive numbers of wogs on the country will destroy the very unity and patriotism the Empire needs to survive. The Empire has signed its own death warrant with its warfare/welfare bomb them over there, bring them back here policies. Fuck ’em.

    • EXACTLY RIGHT. Good show, sir. I always admire your ability to see correctly perceive reality and conceive what that reality means for us wage slaves. No get Brad off his “owning the conservatives ” gig and onto the General Strike to crush the Empire of Evil once and for all.

  2. They don’t care about China. They want full-on White genocide within the next decade. That starts with rounding up all the swinging dicks that could lead a resistance against that. If they don’t find a huckleberry, they will make one.

    • Yes – China is too tough of a nut to crack by the US Armed LGBTQ Forces – droning some White guy in his West Virginia bug-out cabin is more their speed.

  3. I would agree that there is continuity between administrations absolutely. When the official cold war ended with the end of the Soviet Union and German reunification about 1990, the military industrial complex panicked I think. They looked around and realized that they didn’t have the commonist menace to yell about all the time and justify hog wild defense spending, so they quickly came up with Arab Muslim terrorism. People like Bin Laden and his followers who had been allies when they were fighting the Soviet Union, became bearded fanatics. Iraq had been an ally, and became an enemy almost overnight, and they were invaded, with reasons that were as thin as piss on a rock, so to speak.

    The merchants of death need something going on all the time, the reasons don’t make that much difference it doesn’t look like. And the Army and Navy bigwigs, who don’t do the actual fighting and dying, need wars also for career advancement, and the ‘intelligence’ community scumbags as well.

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