Niall Ferguson: Chimerica

Speaking of Chimerica, it is worth recalling when, why and how the Walmartization of the U.S. economy came about over the last thirty years. It seems like this could be important in the “era of great power conflict” or the new Cold War that is so desperately wanted in Washington.

Why couldn’t China simply dump all the debt that it owns and sink the U.S. economy? What happens when all of those container ships stop coming here and the dollar is worthless?

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  1. The reason China owns all our dept is because we make nothing anymore. We have no bargaining power. Everything from cheap goods to brand names is made in China. China has all the power over the US when it comes our debt.

      • I don’t think China is going to cut its nose to spite its face, unless you are being sarcastic. There’s other ways for China to take down our ZOG govt without hurting themselves. Yes, they can cancel all our debt but in the end it will also hurt their economy because we are one of their biggest importers of their garbage.

      • Why would they do that? All the trends are going their way and all the trends show us going the wrong way, of woke moonbats, ghetto slugs, and fatherless bastards. All they have to do is wait and day by day their position just gets stronger. They’ll just use their money to buy a puppet government here, if they in fact haven’t already done that with Hunter and his millions, congressmen bedding Chinese spies, etc. When the western world got rid of it’s Kings, it just got a new aristocracy of psychopaths and jews. With a King sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you get a bad one, with the latter you ALWAYS get bad ones.

    • It’s funny watching the American commentators all explain how China’s economy is a house of cards that will collapse any day now. Meanwhile America’s economy is 90% scams, rent seeking, and various bubbles that need to be constantly inflated or they will pop. If China’s economy takes a downturn, they still have all of their capital goods, their workers have skill sets, etc. If America’s economy goes down, there is nothing there. Everything’s just gone because it was illusory.

      • Some neo-Con with a Chinese surname used to appear regularly on a Zio-WarHawk program titled “Secure Freedom Radio”. (Maybe still does; I no longer listen.) He had written a book entitled “The Coming Collapse of China.” I think that book is nearly 20 years old at this point…

    • Too many people high up the food chain in both countries have an interest in the status quo. Why China never got so much as a slap on the wrist for the covidian lab escapee. Working class people from Africa to Vietnam to Australia aren’t happy about the rise of China & loss of good jobs, but it’s what the elites want so tough titty!

  2. Edward III defaulted on debts he owed the Florentine and Venetian banks. Italy never recovered. What were they gonna do if your son was The Black Prince? The debt the Chinese have the chit for is worthless.

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