Republicans Freak Out Over Iron Dome Funding

As we saw yesterday, the debate in Washington over foreign policy is entirely within the paradigm of strong imperialism and a strong ZOG or weak imperialism and a weak ZOG. The GOP has no objection to government spending so long as our money is spent on Israel or occupying Afghanistan.

Note: If you don’t stand with Israel, don’t want a new Cold War with Russia and China, don’t support assassinating foreign leaders like gangsters, don’t support occupying Afghanistan for another 20 years or squandering a trillion dollars a year on “defense,” you have “no place” in the GOP.

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  1. Let’s be honest:- on some issues, we’re closer to the Left than the Cuckservatives. It kind of……hurts to say that. I really despise both sides.

  2. If you stand with Israel you stand Moshiach. If you stand with Israel you stand with the anti-Christ. And if you stand with Israel you are going to hell.

    • Not according to most Christians. Not too long ago, a preacher was telling the Sunday school class that Jews are better than them.
      The level of worship of the tribe is pretty solid among a lot of denominations.

  3. I despise the anti-White democrats but I despise the Republicans more. With these sellout Republicans, it’s always Israel 1st and the American people, especially Whites last. The Dixiecrat Southerners were the last Democrats that actually cared about the White majority. Unfortunately, they’re no more.

  4. If Republicans ‘stand with Israel,’ then I say, destroy them all- every single las GOP’er.
    For they are all traitors to God, Christ, AND the Constitution- IF they ‘stand for Talmudistan.’


    That ‘shitty little country’ in the Levant is accursed of God- and has been, since AD 70.

    And so are all those ‘goyim’ who worship the ‘Great Whore’- because THAT is what the image in Revelation is all about- Jewish whoring around and her irredeemable IDOLATRY, and (of course) the denial of Christ’s Messiahship over the race of Adam, and the once-Chosen People.

    Thank God none of today’s Jews… are either- Adamites, OR Israelites/Chosenites in the biblical meaning.
    Their destruction, therefore, is assured. Molon Labe.

    Arise, O Lord and destroy Thine Enemies- the Jew, the Turk, and the Infidel.

  5. The only reason the left votes against pro Israel stances is because the colored retards and woke trans lunatics equate the terrorist apartheid state of Israel as a white supremacist country hurting nonwhite people.

    They believe the lie that Jews are white.
    It’s that simple and ignorant.

      • “Jews…Neanderthals”

        I agree that this is likely. A pure Jew that looks like the caricatures of Jews looks exactly like a Neanderthal.

        The big genetic study done that said Europeans are 5% Neanderthal was done by a Jew and he very well could have cooked the books. Notice very carefully that he said the combination of all the races besides Africans equaled 5% Neanderthal. He DID NOT break out the different groups only an average fro the whole. So Europeans could be .001% and Jews 50% or some other such number.

      • False. All Europeans have a small percentage of Neanderthal DNA. Neanderthals also had larger brains than modern humans, which are currently in the process of getting smaller. African blacks are the only ones who DON’T have some Neanderthal DNA.

      • @Diversity is Genocide. You are correct. I also don’t believe the “Out of Africa” theory, that states blacks evolved, then moved to other areas of the earth, and turned white. If that was true, they’d have Neanderthal genes.
        Neanderthals were always portrayed, and they still are, as some goofy-looking, dumb human species, but it’s probably not true.
        Just recently, it was found that blacks have some other African DNA, perhaps from Homo erectus or Homo habilis, which is obvious to us. If Neanderthals are another species, surely blacks are…and whites who race mix are undoing thousands of years of natural selection.

    • @James Bell – You, sir, have hit the nail on the head!

      Those tweets above drive home how humiliating it is to be a White American at this point. And how can Ted Cruz be so absolutely cringe ?? It’s embarrassing to watch.

  6. When someone says it better than you, you defer. I defer:

    “ Accepting the lie that the Jews are the Israelites of the Bible is the equivalent to being an accomplice to all of the crimes which the Jews have been able to commit against Christendom because of the mistaken belief that the Jews are the Israelites of the Bible. That is because the Jews themselves use the vaunted position of their claims of being “God’s chosen people” as the moral foundation for their treachery. It is not giving the devil his due. Rather, it is giving the devil something which he is not due, and something for which he hungers, but to which he is not entitled. Once that foundation is removed, a foundation built upon lies, only then can the true nature of the devil be exposed.”-–-tolerance-evil

    • There are so many who honor their claim of being “chosen”. It’s in the bible. Which is why I reject Christianity, because it’s so nonwhite. Jews are semites, just like other Middle Easterners. I think a lot of people are uncomfortable with things, so they say the Israelites and Jews are different. But that makes no sense, because Jews went back there and re-established Israel as their homeland, not Judea or some other place.

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