The Viability of Mainstream Politics

I’ve been meaning to respond it this.

As I see it, you have five options under our system: go postal and become a domestic terrorist (result: death or prison), resignation (result: drop out of politics), try to organize outside the system (result: subversion by the “intelligence community”), vote for a populist candidate (result: subversion by the “intelligence community”) or vote for a conventional politician (result: ratify the establishment and give it legitimacy with your consent). There isn’t a scenario where you win without a fight.

Scott Greer imagines that there is a huge difference between “try to organize outside the system” and “vote for a populist candidate,” but the Trump era showed us otherwise. Many of us did both. The “intelligence community” subverted the Trump presidency. Trump himself was impeached twice. MAGA is now the target of the “domestic war on terror.” Those “white supremacists” and “militia members” are Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on January 6th. Those people attended a Trump rally which has become the American equivalent of the Reichstag Fire. It is being used to silence the opposition.

Somehow, Scott has forgotten the starring role that his group of friends played in bringing this all about. It was all those people in skull masks. They are the ones who did this.

Revolver News:

“Right-wingers of all stripes can never get enough of talking about the supposed civil war on the horizon. This topic got a boost in attention over the last month following America’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. …”

In the wake of Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, there has been a sharp upsurge in civil war talk on the Right although so far it is just talk. There has also been a sharp uptick in support for political violence on both sides. According to a recent survey, 39% of Republicans and 30% of Independents would support political violence “if elected leaders will not protect America.” Overall, support for political violence has gone up from around 8% in 2017 to around 33% in both parties. The truth is that what was once a marginal view now has significant support. Americans are more receptive to violence and that has showed up in the polling. The country has become much more polarized and political tensions are much serious than in the past. We don’t have to endorse this trend to acknowledge its existence.

“Some saw the Taliban’s defeat of the Globalist American Empire as a sign fed-up patriots can do the same in Appalachia.”

Very few people saw anything other than a vague geographic resemblance between Afghanistan and Appalachia. Afghanistan is an independent country. It is an Islamic country. It is rural and uneducated. It is deeply divided along ethnic lines. It has long been a battleground between empires where rival intelligence services arm insurgents. The Taliban were supported by Pakistani intelligence.

You could say that the people of Appalachia are proud, independent minded, heavily armed, religious and tend to dislike outsiders. Their ideal is to govern themselves and be left alone. In that sense, Appalachians are like Afghans, but otherwise they have pretty much nothing else in common. Appalachia is buried in the very belly of the American Empire. Afghanistan was a frontier war. It was more like a march.

Comedian Sarah Silverman further sparked discussion last week on civil war after she called for a national divorce.”

While support for secession is highest among Southern Republicans (66%) and Independents (50%), secession has considerable support in all parts of the country and across partisan lines. As with political violence, support for secession has gone way up in recent years and is increasingly seen as an enlightened solution to political gridlock and partisan polarization. The underlying reality is that our political system is failing and frustration with it is growing and ordinary people are becoming more receptive to radical alternatives. More people are giving up on mainstream politics.

“Many conservatives praised her for sharing this bold idea with the masses. They believe a peaceful national divorce is the only realistic option going forward.”

This reflects the fact that political violence, secession and revolution have all become more popular in the wake of Trump’s failed presidency.

“However, the conditions for a civil war don’t exist in America. There’s too much prosperity, a very powerful government, an overtly content population, lots of bread and circuses, and no institutions or leaders to bring forth a separation. I’ve covered these reasons at length on my podcast. …”

This is false.

Political instability that boils over into civil conflict is a feature of all states including prosperous ones like the United States. The most important driving forces of civil conflicts are elite overproduction, public immiseration, fiscal crisis, the number of radicals in a population and support for political violence. The most important cause of civil conflicts is fanaticism, not poverty.

We currently have all the ingredients of a large scale civil conflict in the making: a vast surplus of college educated elite aspirants combined with a lack of positions for them, a vast surplus of wealthy people who lack cultural power, elite fragmentation, declining life expectancy and immiseration for the White working class, a national debt that is exploding, growing support for political violence and a population that is growing more radicalized. Objectively, the conditions for a civil conflict are ripe.

The fact is, we have already seen the telltale signs of an impending civil conflict. Mass shootings are a symptom of this. Riots are a symptom of this. The Capitol Siege is a symptom of this. Censorship is a symptom of this. Even sports and consumer brands which have tried to be apolitical have been infected by the culture war. Some number of people have already died in the riots and shootings as a direct result of all the anger and radicalization boiling underneath the surface of our politics.

The government is not powerful enough to stop Minneapolis or Portland or Kenosha from going up in flames. It is not powerful enough to stop mobs from laying siege to the White House and Congress. Joe Six Pack is not satisfied with bread and circuses anymore and got off the couch and stormed the Capitol in a QAnon shirt. Something like 2/3rds of Republicans are still convinced that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election from Donald Trump. Most American institutions are considered illegitimate by the public and the overwhelming majority of the public also believes the system is rigged against them.

America in the years before the American Revolution and in the antebellum era before the War Between the States was prosperous, but primed with conspiracy theories. Americans had the highest standard of living in the world at the time. In both the American Revolution and the War Between the States, the conflict was brought on by fanaticism and the radicalization of the population and apocalyptic fears of the other side. Specifically, the thing that made the Civil War inevitable was that Southerners lost confidence in the willingness of the government and faith in mainstream politics to protect their rights.

The events of the last two years would have sounded incredible just five years ago. The events of the last five years would have sounded incredible a decade ago. Maybe the politicians will figure out how to compromise and stave off disaster and reverse these trends. Maybe they won’t though.

“Some readers will probably disagree with these arguments and insist civil war/national divorce is a viable option. But there’s one argument they can’t disagree with: The group that’s most eager for the Right to embrace civil war talk is federal law enforcement. That alone should make conservatives think twice about sharing Boogaloo memes.”

It is worth considering why this is the case.

Why is the federal government so concerned about the growth of “domestic extremism”? I would argue that it is because there is something to be alarmed about. The alarming trend is the lack of trust and legitimacy in our institutions, a growing embrace of political violence and radical solutions and an explosion in the number of radicals in the population. The government DOES NOT have this trend under control and recognizes that long term political polarization and gridlock could easily turn ugly.

John Brown was the most successful domestic terrorist in American history. He struck at exactly the right moment in a frenzied political atmosphere that was very much like our own. In every era of history, there are radicals and people who are disaffected. Usually, radicals who commit grotesque acts of violence like John Brown are condemned and shunned, but in certain moments in history – the points when the number of radicals in the population is soaring, disaffection is exploding, elites are fragmenting and a religious spirit infects and moralizes politics – they are celebrated as heroes like Antifa or Ashli Babbitt.

Once again, we are simply observing the trend and thinking about where it is going. It is not inconceivable some fanatic in the mold of John Brown could come up with some evil scheme and lash out. It is not inconceivable that it could have a dramatic impact on our precarious politics either. The social order is not stable. It is more fragile than it looks and it is a legitimate concern.

Can you imagine a situation in which, say, a black terrorist who has been indoctrinated in CRT kills dozens of White children in a public school both to start a race war and in revenge for systematic racism? If something like that were to happen one day, would it come as a surprise?

“Ever since Donald Trump’s election, the Globalist American Empire has sought to portray ordinary white Americans as the gravest threat to “our democracy.”

Yes, the same was true of the War Between the States when the Union side fought for “our democracy” and used the exact same kind of totalizing, existential and sanctimonious rhetoric like in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address where he talks about “the last great hope of the earth” and how “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” Every atrocity that was inflicted on the South in that conflict was bewilderingly done in the name of “democracy.” The portrayal of Americans who have conservative views as an “enemy within” who are standing in the way of “progress” and engaged in a sinister conspiracy against “democracy” is hardly unprecedented and has deep roots.

“They’ve been able to point at a few misfits and deranged mass shooters to make this point. Hate hoaxes were brandished as proof that racist marauders are attacking minorities with impunity thanks to Trump. A few insane gunmen killing in the name of some fringe ideology were blamed on the entirety of white America. Even protests and rallies were deemed acts of terrorism. See January 6. All of this has helped build the narrative that “white extremists” are the biggest threat to America.”

Is it normal to portray a third of the country as an enemy of America and a national security threat? Perhaps this type of rhetoric indicates that we are already caught in a vertiginous downward spiral? Doesn’t the conspiratorial rhetoric about evil white supremacists who are moral monsters oppressing and brutalizing poor, innocent people of color sound similar to the abolitionist movement?

“Federal agencies can point to all this activity and declare a domestic war on terrorism. The White House categorized “white supremacists” and “militia violent extremists” as the “most persistent and lethal threats” to America in a summer memo. That memo called for the government to “prevent” and “disrupt” domestic terror attacks before they happen. All Americans would like the feds to stop violence before it happens. But Revolver readers should know that these plots stopped by feds are often created by feds in the first place. …”

It is true that the “intelligence community” and national security state has been weaponized and unleashed on the populist Right. Is this because of secession though?

The federal government’s “domestic war on terrorism” has nothing to do with secession. It is a response to the MAGA movement and a crackdown on the “far right.” The people who stormed the Capitol were Trump supporters. The Oathkeepers, Proud Boys and Threepers aren’t secessionists. Nick Fuentes and the Groypers were also there. Scott ignores the fact that the Capitol Siege was another one of the “Stop the Steal” rallies that he personally supported and participated in. It was Scott’s friends and allies like Alex Jones and Baked Alaska who were screaming “1776 Will Commence Again” who did that.

How did this situation even come about? It happened because Donald Trump was elected president in 2016. The “intelligence community” and national security state turned on and subverted Trump from Day One because he wasn’t supposed to win the election. This went on for four years with the Russia Hoax and the Ukraine phone call. Trump was impeached twice by the House of Representatives. Joe Biden’s “domestic war on terror” is nothing but a continuation of the subversion of the Trump presidency by the “intelligence community.” To my knowledge, it doesn’t even mention secessionists.

The fact is, the “domestic war on terrorism” is the result of Scott’s own strategy, which is to participate in mainstream politics and go out and vote for candidates like Trump. This is what happens when you elect the wrong candidate. The national security state is weaponized against you. Once again, the reason all this happened is because the Republican candidate won the 2016 election. What does that say about our present moment? Do you not see how extreme, unusual and dire the situation is now?

“This is the chief problem with civil war rhetoric. People who are encouraged in the false belief that war is right around the corner will do stupid things and make themselves easy targets for federal entrapment. At best, civil war rhetoric is nothing more than empty chest-thumping on Twitter. At worst, it gets you several years in federal prison. …”

Scott can speak to this.

At last count, 654 people have been arrested by the FBI over the Capitol Siege, which was the culmination of the “Stop the Steal” rallies. Some people have already pleaded guilty and are going to federal prison. The number of people who have had their lives ruined by this dwarfs Charlottesville. The people who were entrapped by the FBI were also overwhelmingly MAGA supporters who were in DC to attend a Trump rally. It largely wasn’t militia groups or “white supremacists” who stormed the Capitol.

BTW, the “civil war rhetoric” is coming from … the Brookings Institution. Around half the country is now expecting it to happen and believes it is right around the corner.

“A 2021 national survey by pollster John Zogby found a plurality of Americans (46%) believed a future civil war was likely, 43% felt it was unlikely, and 11% were not sure. War seemed more likely for younger people (53%) than older ones (31%), and for those residing in the South (49%) and Central/Great Lakes region (48%) relative to those in the East (39%). …”

“Let’s take the example of the hapless souls arrested for the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot. The anti-government militiamen were set up by federal agents and informants. Their plan was frankly insane. Any sensible person would’ve told them that it would’ve never worked and it would put them in jail for many years. But the 12 federal informants (at least) involved in the case kept pushing these misguided radicals in a disastrous direction. They told their targets this plot would work and it would lead to the civil conflict they craved. Instead, it led to the targets facing serious federal charges. …”

Why does the national security state and “intelligence community” go to such great lengths to entrap these dimwitted militia groups? Why do they bother to embed so many informants in hapless “far right” groups? It seems like it would be a waste of time and resources.

The repression isn’t simply about creating a boogeyman and scapegoat that can justify their budgets and be used as fodder by “journalists” to help the Democrats win elections. As we have seen overseas, the bread and butter of the CIA is creating and arming these militia groups and fomenting insurgencies to destabilize foreign countries. It is also important to ensure that politics stays contained and continues to be channeled down the drain of controlled and managed mainstream politics.

Scott believes that the public is content with bread and circuses. Mainstream politics is the ultimate “culture war” circus though. It has gotten to the point where politicians and social media influencers are nothing but actors who put on a show to titillate the masses. Trump himself was a shitty reality television host who largely delegated power to others who ran his administration.

The managerial regime goes through all this effort to subvert tiny militia groups and “far right” groups because these groups attract the independent minded people who are convinced the system is rigged. Nothing that is truly independent of the status quo and which isn’t controlled by oligarchs and represents a threat to their interests can be tolerated and allowed to get off the ground.

Informants persuaded the would-be revolutionaries with a lot of the rhetoric you’d see on the Internet. They prodded the targets to continue on with the plot and called them wimps if they had doubts. They even paid for rides and provided training for the fantasy scheme. While the feds were responsible for these misguided subjects committing a federal crime, that doesn’t excuse the rhetoric from the targets themselves. They truly believed they could pull off a civil war from what they read on social media. They believed they could “kidnap tyrants” and bring down the whole system. The feds encouraged them in these delusions. …”

Granted, there are feds who do this, but the number of people who join these groups is vanishingly small because the reality of infiltration is so well understood. Also, the people who are violent, paranoid and highly individualistic usually don’t bother to join these groups anyway. Virtually all of the people who end up lashing out are lone wolves driven by fantasy ideology.

According to the polls, millions of White Americans are racial conservatives. Millions would support secession. Millions believe Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. Millions are ready to support political violence. Only a few thousand of these people join organizations. Surely, the potential is there, but the constituency is disorganized and currently paralyzed by fear.

“But when it all came tumbling down, these would-be revolutionaries insisted they weren’t serious and it was all just talk. One of the leaders, Peter Musico, bawled in front of his defense attorney when they first met. This same man had bragged about killing cops just a few months earlier. Like most people who talk tough on the internet, he wasn’t ready for war. He was just spouting off. His civil war plans weren’t serious. This talk can be easily exploited by bad actors for their nefarious ends. If you aren’t ready to go to federal jail for a long time, you should probably not brag about how you’re ready to be a guerrilla. …”

All of this is true.

There really are blowhards on the internet. I have to moderate comments to screen them out here.

The fundamentals remain the same though: institutions which have lost their legitimacy, the steady breakdown of the political process, deepening polarization, partisan dehumanization, the radicalization of the population, elite fragmentation, mounting fiscal problems, a growing acceptance of violence, a surplus of aggrieved rich people and embittered professionals, a growing tendency to frame politics in existential terms, a population that overwhelmingly believes the system is rigged, and so on.

It has gotten to the point where the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is openly subverting the president and declaring a third of the population to be “the same people we fought in World War II.” This is the view from the highest level of the military and national security state. The level of paranoia and alarm that is emanating from our elites is not something that happens in normal times. They are taking extreme measures like purging ideological dissenters from the ranks of the military.

“The entrapment scheme perfectly served the Globalist American Empire’s interests. Just before the election, feds and the media were able to scare the public into believing that right-wing extremists are the number one terror threat. These monsters tried to kidnap a governor and overthrow a state government! Of course, they didn’t mention that the feds were behind the whole affair or that these guys posed no threat to anyone. They were set up by bad actors, and their own mistaken desire for civil war pushed them into the feds’ trap. The Whitmer plot helped solidify the narrative the GAE pushes about domestic terror. Time magazine asserted: “The Michigan Plot Lays Bare the Dangers of Ignoring the Far-Right Threat.” Their answer? Focus more on the “far-right threat,” even if there isn’t one and it’s entirely controlled by the feds.”

Why are the feds doing this though?

Surely, the hysteria can’t be justified by what … three or four mass shootings? The few thousand people who join groups? In fact, it has been relatively quiet this year.

Most people now believe that mainstream politics is unviable. They see it as fake, rigged and totally controlled. It is managed to channel dissent toward establishment outcomes. A handful of oligarchs own the politicians who answer to lobbyists and the media. They purchase the policy agenda of both parties. Both parties also serve the needs of the “intelligence community” and the military.

That’s the real “far right threat.” More people than ever see through this sham. It is a crisis. The government isn’t afraid of the Hutaree militia or the Michigan militia.

“There are other recent examples of wannabe insurgents getting ensnared in fed honeypots. Atomwaffen and The Base are two such cases. Both neo-Nazi groups tried to be as edgy as possible, encouraging not only terrorism but genocide as well. They would constantly post that there is “no political solution” and the only thing to be done was to train for the upcoming civil war. Several members of both groups now sit in federal prison thanks to this rhetoric that was encouraged by federal agents and informers. Joshua Caleb Sutter, an influential figure and propagandist within Atomwaffen, was paid over $140,000 by the FBI to spy on white nationalists. He was paid $80,000 for his work on Atomwaffen. Sutter provided key evidence against Atomwaffen leaders to the FBI. Atomwaffen became a favorite media bogeyman during the Trump years due to their terror fetishism and alleged plots. Much of this was due to the work of a federal informant.”

BTW, the things that Atomwaffen was taken down for by the FBI include a “swatting conspiracy” and “conspiracy to intimidate journalists” and “possession of a firearm with a controlled substance” and red flag laws. In spite of its reputation on the internet, the group wasn’t doing much of anything on the domestic terrorism front and was rolled up on charges which could be used against almost anyone. Jack Corbin was prosecuted by the DOJ for doxing Antifa.

It is not like Atomwaffen did anything as bold as storming the U.S. Capitol, disrupting a joint session of Congress and declaring Donald Trump to be the God Emperor of the United States on the Senate floor. When Groypers did this on January 6, Nick Fuentes said it was awesome and epic.

“An undercover FBI agent was able to snare several members of The Base in a terror plot in 2020. The agent was able to access The Base’s encrypted online messaging platform and aid members in weapons training. He nabbed multiple members on serious state charges after they planned to kill Antifa members. It’s possible that the agent was the one who suggested this idea in the first place. The arrests were widely covered in the media and held up as another example of the threat of far-right extremists.”

There is nothing that anyone can do to stop the FBI from creating these fake honeypot groups like The Base or the media from breathlessly covering them. I should know because I was personally dragged into that story by the Atlanta Journal Constitution based on a rumor circulated by Atlanta Antifa on Twitter that I had published a “kill list” on this website. I never had anything to do with “The Base” and didn’t know anyone involved with the group. It didn’t stop a “journalist” from bringing me into the story.

“Most conservatives recognize the scrutiny of the federal government when it comes to protests. Very few people showed up to the Justice for J6 rally Saturday over fears it would be a trap. Based on the evidence of undercover cops mingling in the crowd, this fear was proven to be correct. …”

Yes, it used to be that “far right” groups were infiltrated and subverted by the “intelligence community” and targeted by the national security state. The lesson of the “Justice for J6” rally is that the same is now true of MAGA rallies. The techniques used to repress anyone stigmatized as “far right” like doxing or civil lawsuits or censorship is now applied to the populist Right in general. Perhaps we should go out and vote for the GOP again which only succeeded in making the situation even worse?

“But if people are rightfully hesitant to show up to public demonstrations due to feds, why would they not have the same opinion of associating with people aiming for civil war? It’s easier to press federal charges for trumped up terror plots than it is for protesting. It’s also easier for the feds to warn of the danger from right-wing extremists with foiled terror plots rather than demonstrations. For some reason, a lot of conservatives don’t grasp this concept. They still fantasize that their little militia will avoid fed entrapment and be prepared to duke it out with the United States military. They’re far more skeptical of those organizing protests than they are of people organizing secessionist movements. …”

Voting for Donald Trump in 2016 is what brought about this level of repression by the “intelligence community” and national security state, not small militias or white supremacist groups. Why on earth would voting for the GOP and empowering the very same people who allowed the First Amendment to crumble and the “intelligence community” to subvert the president solve anything?

The feds control the GOP who sign off on spending over a trillion dollars a year on “defense.” The GOP does absolutely nothing to protect our constitutional rights and civil liberties from assault by the “intelligence community.” At the rate we are going, virtually any expression of dissent on the Right will soon be crushed by the national security state and the primary reason for it is that your “representatives” allow it to happen and continue to get rewarded for it in futile bouts of backlash politics.

“The feds are investing a ton of resources into persecuting conservative Americans. They need “threats” they can show to the public to prove their focus is warranted. The number of feds sent to the Justice for J6 rally shows how eager they are to prosecute anyone they can paint as a terrorist. Civil war hype helps their effort tremendously. The federal government isn’t threatened by people spouting off about separation or war on the Internet. The feds know they have the military, the courts, the media, and the police on their side. They even have the family and friends of “terrorists” on their side, as evidenced by the large number of J6 protesters who have been turned in and disowned by their family and friends. The government knows civil war is unrealistic—that’s why they encourage it. …”

It is true that feds are investing a ton of resources in persecuting conservative Americans. It is also true that it has gotten much worse over the past few years. The censorship and erosion of civil liberties has never been worse all of which is a response to the accurate perception that millions of people have been radicalized over the past few years and that the government has lost legitimacy. The only reason that the flailing regime is resorting to hard repression now is because it has exhausted its other options. If the situation were not so dire, it would not be doing this.

The fact that the government runs so roughshod over the Constitution and that people are being turned in by family members for having the wrong political views shows that mainstream conventional politics failed. Donald Trump was elected president. We went through all of that. This is the result of that. This is what the other side of that looks like in the post-Trump era. What does that say about going back to the well and returning Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell to power?

“Entrapping wayward youths and rednecks in terror plots doesn’t just secure the FBI’s budget. It also justifies censorship, hate speech laws, deplatforming, and policies designed to weaken the historic American nation. If the feds can claim the arrested terrorists organized online, that puts more pressure on Big Tech to shut down free speech. If they say the terrorists used any type of payment processor, that puts more pressure on financial institutions to cut off anyone deemed a right-wing extremist. If they say the suspected terrorists believed in the Great Replacement “conspiracy theory,” that puts pressure on politicians to open the borders to stick it to the terrorists. An ever-present terror threat allows the Globalist American Empire to seize more power and erase more of our civil liberties. …”

Everything that Scott listed here – the censorship, the “domestic war on terror,” the weaponization of the “intelligence community,” the surge in support for hate speech laws, the radicalization of the Democrats on immigration, the loss of support from banks and payment processors, erosion of free speech, and so on – is the result of electing Donald Trump as president. It is how the regime specifically responded to Trump, not anything else. It has just gotten to the point now where Trump himself is censored and the Capitol Siege has been used to justify a “domestic war on terror” against MAGA.

“As the federal government hunts high and low for any domestic terrorists they can find, the smart thing to do is to avoid these traps. We are not heading to a civil war anytime soon. Kristi Noem is not going to declare independence from the United States. You and 12 of your friends are not going to take down the federal government. The work needed isn’t as exciting as that of civil war, but it won’t land you in federal prison and it actually has a chance to succeed. …”

Just a reminder … the hundreds of people who are at risk of going to federal prison were MAGA supporters who attended a “Stop the Steal” rally. Most of us had the sense not to go anywhere near that event. It was people like Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin and Alex Jones who were on board with that. Lets not forget that Trump’s last act as president was to pardon Lil Wayne and Kodak Black and a bunch of Jews for Jared Kushner and leave his most delusional supporters twisting in the wind.

“The Globalist American Empire wants you to give up on the normal political process. …”

This is hilarious.

It was the normal political process which gave us all of this. It pushed Donald Trump through the Republican primary. It pushed him into the White House. It was that which provoked this massive response from the managerial regime. It was also a MAGA rally hosted by Donald Trump which was supported by none other than Scott himself which was used to justify the “domestic war on terror.”

“Its minions know that you will either be so demoralized that you focus completely on your hobbies and accept the regime, or you will do something stupid and become a poster boy terrorist for the GAE’s agenda. Be smart—don’t end up like the Michigan militiamen just because someone on the internet told you to man up and DO SOMETHING.”

The smart move is to stay the f*** away from these people. We already know what it would be like to have Donald Trump as president and Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy in charge of Congress. It would be massively polarizing without much in the way of direct benefit to us.

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  1. I don’t think there will be civil war. I also don’t think we are going to “take American back” or anything like that, especially through the electoral process. There will be a gradual breakdown of American centralized power and a shift to more localized power centers, similar to every other imperial collapse in history. The American oligarchs will try desperately to hold on to their power, often overstepping into half-baked and tyrannical or borderline-tyrannical actions, but they don’t really possess the competence or even the ability to rule over the increasingly complex society that they have created. A lot of the stuff we see today, like the “domestic terrorism” scare or the war on “misinformation” is just this desperation revealing itself through their hamfisted and inelegant attempts to maintain control.

    Ironically, if they had maintained a homogeneous White Christian America, they could have ruled it much longer. They slit their own throats on the altar of diversity, imperialism, multiculturalism, and “anti-fascism.”

      • What occurred in the 60s was a top-down culture change from the elites, though. They chose to pervert the culture on purpose, in the name of “anti-fascism” and combating the “authoritarian personality.”

      • @Sunburn,

        What percentage of England was White in 1939? What percentage was France was White in 1939? What percentage of the Russia was White before and during WWII? What percentage of the USA and Canada were White before and during WWII?

        My point is that you can have a nearly homogeneous racial population, but if it is under the guidance and control of an alien, parasitic, and hostile race, then percentages matter not.

  2. Don`t forget the economy. Collapsing supply chains and hyperinflation forcing better supplied territories defend their food and other resources. Most of civil wars, secessions, enclaves and other separations were not wanted but forced by unbearable living conditions.

    “””…Secession is a long shot…”””

    In the evening of 18th august 1991, most of Soviet people also thought so. Less than 12 hours later this was reality. When crisis crosses certain line, it will escalate really fast.

    • “In the evening of 18th august 1991, most of Soviet people also thought so. Less than 12 hours later this was reality. When crisis crosses certain line, it will escalate really fast.”

      Into what??! MORE Jewish hegemony?
      Yeah, well. As someone who speaks Russian (a bit) has studied Russian Orthodoxy, and has connections to people in Russia, I always hoped that becoming an expat there, if things got too bad here, would at least be an option.

      Then I listened to FTN’s recent podcast, ‘Don’t Fink me, Bro.’

      The YIDS are in charge there, too. Like, just as deep and as kosher as DJT, who is a TRAITOR to White America.
      SO, the ONLY OPTION is secession- and a white Ethnostate. Or hell on earth.

      If y’all are too lazy to do it, then no… I guess we wont have one. Until the Fema Camps, the mandatory vaxxing, the hyper-inflation, the ‘social credit’ SchlomoHOMO schemes, and Kabala Ha’aretz as Whore Prez make you wake up. IF we’re lucky….


      No wonder why the Kingdom has not come. White/Adamic men are effing lazy. Sorry, Lord Jesus.

      • Father John,

        An excellent comment. I have been studying Russian for around 3 years. Because of that I have listened to a lot of Russians, their news, and their belief system. They are not currently the white hope some naively think.

        While many Russians are baptized they are not that religious. According to a Pew Survey only around 7% of Russians attend church at least once a month. The latest election had the Communists receiving 22% of support. There are more active Communists in Russia than active christians.

        One woman that I am studying under on the Internet mentioned that in Moscow they shut down the hot water for 2 weeks in the summer to check them in order to prepare for the long winters to come. Another Russian teacher scolded a student on the internet during one of our classes for mentioning they would like to visit Germany. She said it has bad history and the student should not go to Germany.

        The information on this website and indeed this website itself could not exist in Russia at least not in it’s current format.
        Can you imagine what would be done with the people on January 6th if that would have occurred in Russia or China for that matter?

        People mentioning how horrible the current USA is does not magically make Russia wonderful.

    • Collapsing supply chains will force change. I’m guessing civilian run checkpoints will pop up to keep out marauders and these will eventually turn into new borders.

  3. Yes, all it would take, like you said, is one stupid mass murder, or something similar to set it off. Many civil rebellions start this way. The astonishing thing to me, is how the government can’t see that the constant doubling down on their bullying is not going to end well. It’s like nobody can see two days into the future. Wise leaders would try to calm things down, and to have some empathy for the country they lead. But these sports are like deer on a country road at night when a car is coming. Just bolt forward and get hit.

    • I watched Alex Jones interview an Australian anti-vax dissident yesterday. She was one of the first to start protesting there. They’ve had her locked up in jail for 6 months awaiting trial, on charges of “incitement” (free speech), and only just now did she win a court case to get out on bail, while she awaits her trial.

      She said the Australian authorities only got triggered and arrested her, after she started organizing business owners who are friendly to anti-vax people on her website. All she did was let these business owners advertise their services on her website, and she made a paid discussion forum for them and their customers to communicate with each other, without interference from trolls.

      That is how they are controlling us already. They use their connections in big business to do to the people what most Western governments are not allowed to do. Already they have used the private business excuse to shut down free speech on social media, and now they are rolling out that policy into the real world.

      They are admitting that organization of private business and their customers is how you can beat them. Not voting for Republican or Democrats, or larping on the Internet. If you can’t organize large numbers of people, you aren’t going to win a civil conflict anyway.

  4. Futile deradicalization attempts like this Revolver article project an imaginary America where there is a robust population of “normal” and “ordinary” ppl who would have representation if it wasn’t for “fringe” actors. America is a fringe state. The only people who could rightly be called “normal” are those not engaged at all in the system, which at this point is limited essentially to those who can sustain themselves somehow and don’t use the internet or watch television. Everything about ZOG is extreme and polarizing. The system *used* to allow for neutral spaces, and the loss of those spaces are a blow conservatives can never recover from. Plague-politics have been the coup de grace to neutral spaces.Capitalism, jewish culture-distortion, police state tyranny, and neolib imperialism have turned the North American continent into an open air insane asylum.

    The system will demand increasing displays of self-debasement and violation of conscience in order to be spared imprisonment in its gulags or rendered destitute and homeless. If you are gonna call yourself a dissident you should actually think like one.

    • @N.Mason – ^^^That is a truly brilliant comment — from start to finish. “America is a fringe state.” The leadership definitely is, at all levels.

  5. They know that they’ve blown all credibility; that millions of White people & more every day are now wise to the fact that ballot box politics is just a cul-de-sac scam designed to give a fake stamp of approval to the status quo. This awakening is what scares the jews, the billionaires, the CEOs of the MIC & the other globalist corporations and all their whores in the “intelligence community”, the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill. So in order to keep these enraged millions divided, confused, fearful and thus unable to come together to form any effective alternative, they incite decent, patriotic but low IQ White men into their traps, then have their eager judenpresse allies start pointing & shrieking.

    The big question is: what can be done to counter this? Neither “Vote harder” nor “secession” seem to be any answer in this rigged shell game.

    • But…but…but…If we just Voat Moar Harder, and put in the right RINOs, I mean CON-servatives, we can save Murka!

    • There are several non-violent ways to foil the idiots in charge:

      Starve the beast:

      Where clothes are concerned, go to thrift stores in areas where the residents have more dollars than cents. Don’t buy anything brand new if you can possibly avoid it.

      Where food is concerned, avoid convenience food (which is loaded with all kinds of additives, anyway). Make sure you stock your larder with generic staples. Avoid name brands like the plague, lest you further line the pockets of Madison Avenue Jews who orchestrate all those commercials pushing miscegenation and making fun of Whites anyway.

      Where insurance is concerned, ditto. There are competitive insurance companies who can’t afford big advertising budgets and will pass on any savings to you.

      Pay off any debt and close your credit cards ASAP.

      Rescue your children:

      Take your children out of public school. Invest in a private school that shares your beliefs. If you can’t afford public school, there are excellent home-schooling programs and you can investigate pod learning with other parents who do not want to subject their children to any anti-White swill.

      Schools are not only reliant on your property taxes, but they also get federal funding for every little behind parked behind a school desk. I saw a Chicken Little Sky is Falling article where the Marin County California school district sat up and took notice that they were hemorrhaging White children. White parents had simply withdrawn their children from public school.

      Bleed the beast:

      Take your income down as much as possible while simultaneously having more children to claim those added income credit. Your tax dollars are being used to pay for somebody’s children; they might as well be yours.

      Lawfare-proof your life:

      One of the biggest mistakes I see White male posters at this board and many other right-wing boards commit, is talking about their arsenal of self-defense weapons.

      Not enough focus is made on fortifying your property from “joggers.” The MFIIC are just looking for a reason to upend Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrines. So, if you are forced to shoot and kill a home invader who happens to be, ahem, a “person of color,” then you can bet dollars to donuts that the prosecutor is going to pull up all your internet posting and anything to the right of some moronic leftard lunacy is going to end up having the home owner convicted as a “White Supremacist” and thrown into prison for “hate crimes.”

      Never assume that you live in a safe neighborhood. Always assume that your goobermint is quietly shipping in all sorts of dievershitty to give your formerly boring, White Bread neighborhood lots of vibrancy. The goobermint is well aware that the White middle class is wary of Section 8. No problemo, they got rid of it and now refer to it as Section 41 housing.

      Instead of going broke buying more ammo and guns, use your money to to reinforce your locks, your door-hinges and the gate to your back yard with strong locks and door-hinges. Clean out your garage, make sure the door leading to your garage and also be locked, and be sure to lock your car in there as well. Put protective film on your windows that enable you to see out but no one on the street to see in and take inventory of your possessions.

      Don’t sleep in on the weekend; wake up early and get your errands and grocery shopping out of the way. It greatly reduces the chance of any confrontations with the more vibrant new communities being imported into the country. Most of the little dears will still be hung over, snug in their little beds while you conduct your business unmolested.

      Prepare for the Worst:

      Have a well-stocked larder. If you have room for it, invest in fruit and nut trees and a garden. I’d highly recommend investing in a bidet in case toilet paper is scarce.

      Send the Right Message

      Boycott the elections. If all White people boycotted the elections … yeah, the Democrats would win, but who’s to say that they couldn’t jiggle the results to give themselves a small lead (which means nothing in a winner take all election)? The politician who wins with two percent or less more votes than his competition still gets the whole ball of wax.

      In any case, it would be very telling, if only half the likely voters showed up and not a single vote was cast for the Republicans. Not only would it be hysterically funny watching the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN and even Fox trying to spin a voting boycott, but it would be a more effective protest than the January 6th Stop the Steal Rally Fiasco.

      Moreover, it would signal to the controlled opposition which is the GOP that we see them for what they are and we have decided it’s better to deal with open Democratic hostility than Republican treachery.

      Wait Them Out

      Everybody believes that the North Vietnamese and the Taliban both defeated the United States military.

      That’s not exactly true. The old saw about guerrilla fighters being impossible to defeat is not necessarily true. But what happens is that guerilla fighters have lighter weapons, can engage in hit and run ambushes and, if the invader proves too intractable, they can fade into the countryside and simply wait them out. In the meantime, the Military Industrial Complex keeps soaking the American taxpayer until even the sorry excuses we have for representation in Congress take notice or even the military notices we are stretched too thin.

      The main thing is that the American Deep State when faced with the looming threat of being taken down through bankruptcy from fighting on several fronts, lost interest in Afghanistan, just like they did with Vietnam and withdrew. That enabled the Viet Cong to take South Vietnam and the Taliban to take Afghanistan in one fell swoop without enduring the mass casualties they’d take if they fought the US Military head on.

      As a Taliban fighter noted, “The Americans have watches, WE have all the TIME.”

      Well, the same is true for us … just as Vietnam and Afghanistan and all these Middle East wars wasted a lot of money and spread our military too thin, the American Deep State will have its hands full juggling and trying to manage the diversity they brought in. Yes, they have reduced us to a small, dwindling majority in our own country, but the good news is that they can make no successful appeals to any misguided patriotism for the next military engagement to the majority of Whites who caught wise to what they are doing.

      In the meantime, we can simply focus on honing our skills, creating networks with other Whites that encourage benevolence to and advancement of our own and help as many of our own to prepare for the inevitable day the crazy ineptitude and gross incompetence of TIIC makes the wheels fly off.

      And I really think that’s what it is going to take. The only way to purge this country of the traitors in control of our government is just to be like the Taliban and Viet Cong. Sabotage what you can by not putting yourself in a position to be of any financial benefit to them, keep your children out of their clutches, and just melt into the woodwork until they destroy themselves by destroying the American dollar as the global reserve currency.

      I am not saying it wouldn’t be rough for us for several years, but if the Viet Cong could and did subside on a handful or rice and the Taliban lurked in caves for as long as it took for the US Deep State to throw in the towel, adjusting ourselves to an austere life style would only benefit us and our posterity in the long run.

      • /\ /\ /\ Many good points here. As many have noted, resorting to violence is the road to failure and it’s also exactly what the U.S. Government wants. Jan. 6th was a gift, a fucking gift to the U.S. Government while Charlottesville caught the bastards by surprise at first then the State govt. over reacted. Charlottesville at least opened the eyes of people on the Right as to how vicious the U.S. Government is and how there are no longer Constitutional protections for the Right to peacefully dissent.

        It also showed (for those who wanted to learn) that DJT and the Republicans are worthless and that there is no reform through the political process. The country is so far gone down the path of disintegration anyway that national failure is inevitable now as there is nothing to hold the country together except money. It’s inconceivable that even another 9/11 would result in a patriotic outpouring like in 2001, those days gone.

        As Lenin asked in a different context: “What is to be done?” the best thing to do, as has been noted above is to withdraw as much as possible, become as self sufficient as possible, lay low, prepare with supplies and also practical skills i.e. engine repair, machines, electrical, automotive, carpentry, plumbing etc. for the dark days ahead. it is a fool’s errand to get involved in national politics with the idea that DJT or the Republicans are our champions. We have the advantage that only the White man can rebuild society up from the ruins, a society without the old mistakes.

        • @12AX7, first off, what is the purpose of entrapment operations by actual feds?

          Deterrence, buddy. To make an example out of someone. “Don’t you dare under any circumstances even think of doing X or you wind up like this ‘moron’.”

          To **prevent** others from doing said behaviors

          Nice try though.

          Sure, feds don’t mind the status quo since 1945: fringe pro-Aryans delivering counter blows (&/or trying to), who then get widely denounced & thrown under the bus by their own comrades as they’re preferably roasted over the coals.

          “Nice try sacrificing your life (for us), but you’re probably a fed cuz da gubmant seriously wants an unapologetic serious Aryan revolt on their hands & anyone who says otherwise so stoopid”

          The feds dont mind a Roof or Breivik once every few years, & they do probably actually welcome such a thing. Once, every few years. Denounced by their own movement.

          But, do they want a Breivik every month? Especially a Breivik who isn’t widely condemned & thrown under the bus by his own “cause/movement”?

          You know what Mandela (father of muh rainbow nation, S.Africa) said when confronted about using “terrorist” tactics?

          “Anything that helps destroy apartheid=Good, anything that doesn’t help destroy apartheid=Evil.”

          That is how you have a real chance of winning, my proud lamb friend.

          Mandela basically started in the same boat as are pro-Aryans. Blacks were touted by the Aryan led Apartheid regime as some of the “happiest blacks in Africa.” Of course they hated whitey, but initially, very few of them wanted to rock the boat. They had it more comfortable than any blacks ever in Africa (other than in Rhodesia, who were proud to have even happier blacks, where the same thing happened before Mandela became a Kang).

          Anyway, so how’d ” i be father of dis rainbow nation & shiyiit” convince blacks to start chocking grenades into apartheid era Aryan churches (many of whom had funded & trained him, btw) full of Aryan kids?

          Simple. Mandela’s goons began beating blacks & massively shaming them as race traitors. They terrorized them & demanded they fight dem crackaz.

          A few blacks began changing their minds, but not enough.

          So, they took it to the next level. Surely you’ve heard of Necklacing? Power=Fear.

          Bark at the moon all you want. Wail streams of tears that your “I genuinely want to obey my executioner’s rules & anyone who disagrees=nutcase/moron/fed/jew” mentality is “tru courage” or “pragmatism” all you want.

          But you should understand, normies ain’t like you or me.

          They’re not impressed by a cause that always only suffers blows but never delivers any. They’re not idealistic. They dgaf about anything beyond their immediate needs. They follow, & they follow whoever scares them the most (unless there’s an also scary aka “serious” but more appealing alternative that they can follow).

          Why was the S.A. created again? Because this isn’t some polite kosher “war of ideas.” This is just a war. You don’t have to outright agree b/c there is a risk there, but boy o boy do you shoot the cause in the foot by forbidding other paths & going out your way to attack. Silence is an option if you want to avoid lawfare.

          But dont go crying about how awful it is that there are so few pro Aryans out there taking decisive action. Because its this mentality you exhibit which deters Aryans including myself from acting more decisively.

          Who wants to sacrifice his life (even if it’s a sh*tty life), get roasted in the media/etc, for a cause which will automatically denounce him as a “fed/mossad agent”??

          Do you get it yet?

          If pro Aryans didnt have these insane “this isn’t just some legal disclaimer: we’re genuinely proud to obey our enemy’s rules even though those rules = our guaranteed defeat” mentalities, the normies that males with your mentality obsess about appealing to would respect this cause/movement.

          Ever hear of Horst Wessel? Better yet, the S.A. itself?

          Did Noble Wolf or Goebbels go out their way to be like, “See!? This Horst Wessel lad broke the enemy’s rules, he got his face blown off by a commie, what a retard/loser/maniac! Comrades, we obey our executioners! Either obey your executioners, or get out of this movement!! We keep it kosher, we’re the real vanguard of our people!” ???

          Nope. They praised Wessel as a hero & a martyr, & vowed vengeance. So long as the pro-Aryan man in question was believed to be loyal to the cause (of actually winning, instead of being a whining matryr), he was praised. Goebbels bragged about being charged as a “criminal” (he was charged at least 20 times). Go look up his speeches at, or go deeper into denial & psychologically project.

          Teh normies luved it & joined up, despite being told up front, “you’re going to be fired. You must give up everything. The only thing you may be sure of is that you may get killed joining up.” They won (till WWII).

          Against an enemy that doesn’t follow their own laws, against an enemy that has no rules (other than crushing you by any means necessary), you must be *willing* to do the same in kind. You can’t try to have a zillion rules & expect to have a chance. Normies rightly have nothing but contempt for how pro Aryans go out their way time & time again to 1)denounce it’s own heroes, 2) to reiterate that it’s a kosher anti revolutionary revolutionary movement, 3) runs for the hills when heat comes down, 4)after steps 1, 2, & 3, proceeds to go back into “yyyyyy are Aryans putting up with this nightmare!? o, why o why aren’t Aryans fighting back!? Why wont ye normies plz listen to us!?” before the cycle begins anew when a pro Aryan realizes he must act despite knowing all he’ll get is denounced by most of the figureheads of aforementioned “cause/movement.”

          • The Jan. 6th fiasco and similar actions are more like the 1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch which not only failed but strengthened the Weimar regime. There is a time and place for more direct action but that time is not now. Violence will play into the hands of the Feds (and the Lügenpresse) and accomplish nothing.

            The Nazis rose to power through the electoral process after the Weimar regime had run its course, was unable to govern Germany effectively and was an abysmal economic failure. The Weimar regime destroyed its own legitimacy through economic failure primarily but also implementation of its unpopular left wing agenda.

            Nelson Mandela’s terrorism didn’t bring down the apartheid regime so much as more than a decade of relentless western sanctions as well as external support for the ANC terrorists. Without external pressure from western governments, direct political/financial support for the ANC and relentless, crippling sanctions the ANC would have remained contained and Mandela would have died in jail. Mandela and the ANC didn’t end the apartheid regime, governments in Washington, London, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin etc. ended the apartheid regime.

            In Imperial Russia there were numerous attempts to kill the Tsar and overthrow the Government especially after the 1904-1905 defeat by Japan but the Tsar remained in power, all attempts failed. It was only after numerous battlefield defeats and economic collapse in WWI that the Tsar was removed and the communists took power, not through the various pre-war plots and protests.

            Yes, it’s true that working within the system accomplishes nothing but so does attacking a powerful, centralized state with a sophisticated intelligence apparatus, a thoroughly corrupt judicial system, deep pockets and elite support. The U.S. Government knows exactly how to deal with violent plots, that’s why the FBI sponsors so many of them like the ridiculous FBI initiated plot to “kidnap” the governor of Michigan.

            The USSR collapsed not because of a successful coup d’état, insurrection or riot but because the public checked out of politics, ideology and supporting the State. Public apathy turned out to be a long term, corrosive threat the USSR couldn’t deal with at all.

            The U.S. Government is attacking the very class of people, Whites and particularly White males who actually make the country run. Whites are slowly waking up to threat of racial replacement by the U.S. Government. The next crisis whether it will be economic like in 2008, military such as Taiwan being attacked or Israel dragging the country into another war in the Near East will leave the Government without public support. There will not be a rallying around the flag like after 2001 this time, instead it will quickly grow into a crisis of legitimacy for the Government itself as citizens refuse to be conscripted into the Government’s hare brained schemes and wars.

  6. But really, secession is an attempt to prevent violence through a peaceful separation process. Trying to hold America together despite its internal contradictions and fracture points is what would potentially lead to violence.

  7. The masses for the most part have been brainwashed by one thing or another. In order for a civil war or revolution you need cohesiveness and planning. I don’t see it happening anytime soon. We are more divided than ever and that’s just the White race.

    • I agree. I’d say most Americans are fairly liberalized in their views now. They want everything to be “fair”, they want to give everyone “a chance”. Most of them are not affected by the hoards crossing the borders for several years now.

  8. Surely either one (or more) of those 654 arrested on Stop the Steal day, when they get out of prison, will be tempted to be the next John Brown.

    And you didn’t even mention all of the unvaxxed millions whom are facing job loss with no unemployment insurance for refusing their employer’s jab mandates! If they get hungry or face homelessness, some of them will open fire somewhere.

    And it only took one assassin to kick off World War One, a much greater conflict that our Civil War.

    • Not unified citizens with rifles are no match for the 5 branches of the military plus the riot police. Most people don’t even know how their neighbor feels about things.

  9. How does an empire collapse? Slowly, then all at once.
    I feel like we will have the same scenario here, but I also don’t think it will be anytime soon.

  10. “”As I see it, you have five options under our system: go postal and become a domestic terrorist (result: death or prison),””

    There is a way to fight without prison or death being inevitable.

    I work for a large employer in a certain industry which I will not name.

    An individual (who is not me) has being waging his own private war against my employer over the company’s COVID policies.

    He has set 3 fires that have each cost the company millions of dollars in damages. Although the ATF has been called in to investigate, he has thus far eluded capture.

    All 3 fires have made national news and were reported as accidents, but insiders know the real motives.

    • Doesn’t make sense if they have surveillance cameras. Most states allow employers to fire employees without any reason or cause now.

  11. “Something black murders white children
    If something like that were to happen one day, would it come as a surprise?”

    Yes, because of Sailer’s law of mass shooting body counts and average IQ. It’d represent one SD up in competency.

    Sailer’s law of mass shootings is if more dead than wounded, white. If opposite then black.

    Real long fed post, if civil war on the horizon better to post about stronglifts and couch to 5k. Both great apps,


  12. I agree that mainstream political activism and militia organizing cannot succeed in the foreseeable future. Moreover, unorganized European Americans will likely lash out in tactless political violence. This will serve to justify the regime’s persecution of them. Nonviolent strategies towards overthrowing the regime have failed and will fail. Violent strategies towards overthrowing the regime have failed and will fail in the foreseeable future. Future direct action will be the only way to reverse the dispossession of European Americans. The time is not yet ripe.

    Immediately prior to the War of Northern Aggression, there were two well-defined competing power-elites in the United States: the Southern planter class that depended upon slave labor and the Northern industrialist class that depended upon free labor. These two power-elites demonized each other. The Southerners wanted to expand the plantation economy and the slave labor system into the Western U.S., Mexico, and Cuba while the Northerners sought to expand their industrial capitalist system with cheap immigrant free labor across the North American and South American continents. Financial interests deeply motivated the rival power-elites. Both power-elites had very intelligent, wealthy men with international ties who could manage to wage a viable total war on economic, political, diplomatic, and martial fronts. Both power-elites were deeply entrenched inside the US regime prior to Secession. CS leaders were former U.S. Army generals, U.S. diplomats, transnational bankers, lawyers, U.S. senators, and U.S. representatives. These men could wage a modern, industrial total war and chose to do so. Where are today’s right-wing counter-elites that could viably overthrow the regime?

    A viable civil war will not occur in our lifetimes since the power-elite is not yet fragmented. Elite academic, media, political, financial, and military institutions all support the regime and its ideology of the destruction of European heterosexual men. Traditional right-wing institutions such as big business, churches, and the military no longer tolerate right-wing individuals. The establishment right-wing sector that could potentially wage a total industrial war has no financial interest in doing so. The regime supports the free movement of labor and capital, deregulation of markets, and the proliferation of the super rich. The one wedge issue that could mobilize the establishment right would not be financial, but rather diplomatic. If the regime changes its unconditional support of Israel, then the Neo-con establishment right would become radicalized. This seems highly unlikely.

    Until this state of affairs changes, all right-wing dissident activity whether violent or nonviolent will not actualize systemic, sustainable change.

  13. When ALL is hopeless, when people have nothing to live for, the only option left is lone wolf suicide bombings, etc. Tears up society and everybody on all sides but when this starts happening full scale nothing and no one is safe. When major political figures start getting killed, the two major sides may be forced to come together and figure out a way to “peacefully” separate.

    At the end of the War for Southern Independence the South had the option of continuing violence — a guerilla war — to gain their independence but they chose peace instead. The Yankees apparently have viewed this as a sign of weakness and cowardice and today are cheering the removal of everything to do with the South and love to see Southerners in misery and rub it in calling the South incompetent traitors and try to make them feel like powerless cowards with powerless political representatives who couldn’t care less for the South and do all they can to help obliterate the demographic with no mercy falsely charging them with the sin of slavery. Other non-Southern White nationalist are being treated in similar manner as well.

    Hope it doesn’t come to this violence but that is where the totalitarian Left is pushing this by taking away free speech, the right to organize/assemble, de-platforming, infiltrating/creating groups trying to “sting” people to throw them in prison for 20+ years, etc while totally ignoring all the violence perpetrated by terrorists on the Left which is free to organize, assemble, etc and receive lots of cash from Soros and other big donors on the Left and support from all levels of government and the media.

  14. @Brad I am going to launch a radio program on telegram and it actually is going to be a pro-secession show that will also explain the evils of the American Empire. I concept I am getting more redpilled on daily as time goes on. Instead of Bill Richards, I am going to use my new title Mr. Confederate Man. I will talk about how mainstream politics is a disaster.

    Keep the content coming!

  15. This is really the issue with how current circumstances are being considered, and why it seems there are no good options.

    “There isn’t a scenario where you win without a fight.”

    Define win. Whats the goal?

    I argue that the goal must be, and I think the majority of us would agree, to end up with a breakaway parallel state, or one that remains after a precipitous collapse of the current imperial government.

    No part of that goal requires any of those options but maybe the dropping out one, if you mean dropping put of the current system to commit resources to a new one.

    The current system isn’t salvageable and talking about it is pointless. We should instead be doing what we can to make other people see how unsalvageable it is so that they too get fed up and stop bothering.

    Its for this reason that I find the Arizona audit to be of understated value and why its being misrepresented or ignored by people that support the current regime, Biden.

    This is the kind of thing we should be giving time to spreading the word about and explaining in simple terms for the normie. The Arizona audit rightly highlights the corruption of the political process and our loss of franchise within it.

    Instead of doing this though, we aren’t even acknowledging that its going on because doing so means retconning all the bullshit about the election we were putting out about how Orange man was bad and that the election really was lost because of urban PMCs switching parties to spite orange man because he was so bad.

    I’m holding out hope that this thing picks up speed in Georgia and Pennsylvania and Michigan. There’s signs it is.

  16. The political climate now of demonizing the South can’t be ignored. Not only does the South need to defend itself but it needs to charge the North for war crimes against the Southern people and the Native Americans whom the USA tried to exterminate. The South needs to secede and then go on the attack against the USA for the war crimes they committed and bring them to justice. I am not talking about attacking them militarily (that would be suicide) but rather an intense world condemnation campaign against the Yankee Empire for all the suffering they have brought on the American South, American Indians and all of their other victims of total war since their formation in the 1860s. This has been long overdue for 160 years now. It is good to see pro-Southern writers bring to light these crimes.

    Excerpts from an article today posted at the Abbeville Institute:

    Who has not heard of Wounded Knee? Most know at least the general facts surrounding what is acknowledged as an atrocity committed by the army of the United States. On December 29th, 1890, the 7th Cavalry surrounded a band of Ghost Dancers—a spiritual movement of the Lakota Sioux—near Wounded Knee Creek. The soldiers demanded that the Indians surrender their weapons. As the Indians made to comply, a fight broke out between an Indian and a soldier and a shot was fired. When it was over, it is estimated that between 150 to 300 Indians—nearly half of whom were women and children— had been killed; the cavalry lost 25 men. Wounded Knee is considered the last major confrontation in the deadly war of extermination waged by the American government against the Plains Indians.

    But Wounded Knee was also a fitting footnote to the tactics of the United States military that began some thirty years earlier when it was loosed not against the Plains Indians but against people with whom that military shared a common heritage of struggle and liberation from the tyranny of Great Britain. Despite growing ill-feeling between the sections which only deepened as the 19th century progressed, the United States still taught the principles of civilized and just warfare as codified by Hugo Grotius and Emmerich de Vattel. Indeed, Lincoln’s lead general Henry Halleck wrote General Order 12 declaring that assaults on civilians were: “coming into general disuse among the most civilized nations.”

    Yet, the first strategy created by General Winfield Scott at Lincoln’s request and utilized from the commencement of the war targeted non-combatants. The Anaconda plan was created to starve the South into submission, depriving her people not just of arms and munitions, but food and medicine, the essentials of life itself. Thus, the nature of the war that was to be waged against the people of the South was in place from the beginning. All that happened afterward was simply the extension and exacerbation of the already chosen path of total war against every man, woman and child of the Confederacy.

    Lincoln grant’s himself the right to “murder, plunder and pillage under the concept of “military necessity!”

    Much has been made of Lincoln’s General Order 100, also known as the Lieber Code. Most of those who have commented have bestowed upon Lincoln the mantle of the first man to create an “extraordinary code that emerged … to change the course of world history.” And that Lincoln’s Code is the … inspiring story of . the idea that conduct in war can be regulated by law.” But these votaries forget that prior to Lieber there were the codes of Grotius and deVattel that had been taught at West Point and other such institutions and these codes forbade assaults by armies upon noncombatants. Lieber, on the other hand, gave Lincoln what he wanted—something that sounded good but allowed him to murder, plunder and pillage under the concept of “military necessity!” Confederate Secretary of War James Seddon recognized—and denounced—this cunning duplicity, stating that:

    “…a commander under this code may pursue a line of conduct in accordance with principles of justice, faith, and honor, or he may justify conduct correspondent with the barbarous hordes who overran the Roman Empire…”

    Indeed, despite its pretense of “civilized conflict” Lieber openly endorsed the concept of “hard war” by defining it as a struggle not limited to armies and navies. Remember Halleck’s observation that assaults on non-combatants were “coming into general disuse among the most civilized nations.” Are we then to assume that Lieber’s code was written for a nation that was not “civilized?” In Article 21, Lieber states: “The citizen . of a hostile country is thus an enemy.and as such is subjected to the hardships of war.” Article 29 states, “The more vigorously wars are pursued, the better it is for humanity.” One has to wonder how Lieber defined “better” and “humanity.” Finally, he concludes, “The ultimate object of all modern war is a renewed state of peace.” Well, there is nothing more peaceful than the grave.

    Sherman and Sheridan become emboldened.

    In Lieber’s code, necessity always trumped both legality and humanity. Sherman and Sheridan would never have undertaken their atrocities had they followed any of the codes of war taught at the Point under Halleck. Indeed, on August 4, 1863, Sherman wrote to Grant at Vicksburg,

    “The amount of burning, stealing and plundering done by our army makes me ashamed of it. I would rather quit the service if I could, because I fear that we are drifting to the worst sort of vandalism …You and I and every commander must go through the war, justly charged with crimes at which we blush.”

    However, in a later response to a Southerner who called him a barbarian, Sherman said that he, as a commander:

    “may take your house, your fields, your everything, and turn you out helpless to starve. It may be wrong, but that don’t alter the case.”

    Author Otto Eisenschiml, writing less than 20 years after the Nuremberg war crimes trials, asserted that Sherman should have been hanged just as the Nazi war criminals had been hanged! Instead, he was lauded, honored and promoted by a grateful government.

    Some in the Union army and the North were against these barbaric tactics.

    Of course, there were federal officers who objected. Robert Gould Shaw, the commander of the famous black regiment honored in the film Glory, was commanded by a superior officer to burn Darien, Georgia. Shaw later wrote to his wife:

    “for myself, I have gone through the war so far without dishonor, and I do not like to degenerate into a plunderer and robber—and the same applies to every officer in my regiment.”

    Union hero, Joshua Chamberlain, wrote to his sister on December 14th, 1864, after having burned the homes of women and children near Petersburg, Virginia at Grant’s order:

    “I am willing to fight men in arms, but not babes in arms.”

    Union General Don Carlos Buell resigned in protest, writing:

    “I believe that the policy and means with which the war was being prosecuted were discreditable to the nation and a stain on civilization.”

    Even Northern newspapers commented upon such atrocities. One New York paper, referring to Sherman’s “capture” and deportation of 400 young women with their children from Rosewell, Georgia cried:

    “…it is hardly conceivable that an officer bearing a United States commission of Major General should have so far forgotten the commonest dictates of decency and humanity… as to drive four hundred penniless girls hundreds of miles away from their homes and friends to seek their livelihood amid strange and hostile people. We repeat our earnest hope that further information may redeem the name of General Sherman and our own from this frightful disgrace.”

    Many of the women were raped by their soldier captors during their journey to Marietta after which they and their children were imprisoned, starved, mistreated and then sent North without subsistence. Not one of these poor unfortunates ever returned home after the war, an act more savage than Wounded Knee.

    “Prototype of modern total war”

    Indeed, distinguished military historian B. H. Liddell observed that the code of civilized warfare which had ruled Europe for over two hundred years was first broken by Lincoln’s policy of directing the destruction of civilian life in the South. On this matter, Liddell wrote “This policy was in many ways the prototype of modern total war.”

    Neither was Lincoln ignorant of his armies’ atrocities. In his memoirs Sherman wrote that at a meeting with Lincoln after his March, the President was eager to hear the stories of how thousands of Southern civilians, mostly women, children, old men and slaves, were plundered, tortured, raped, murdered and rendered homeless. According to Sherman, the President laughed almost uncontrollably at these narratives. Sherman’s biographer Lee Kennett, concluded that had the Confederates won the war, they would have been:

    “justified in stringing up President Lincoln and the entire Union high command for violations of the laws of war, specifically for waging war against noncombatants.”

    It had always been Lincoln’s strategy not only to defeat the South but to destroy both the culture and the will of the people by targeting civilians. Under the concept of “military necessity,” Lincoln’s new code of war allowed him to do whatever was required to achieve that end and his commanders followed suit. Even General Halleck author of General Order 12, abandoned his concern for civilization. Ulysses Grant decided after the Battle of Shiloh in April of 1862, that the only strategy possible was to annihilate the South. Writing to Sheridan and Sherman, Grant stated,

    “We are not only fighting hostile armies, but a hostile people and we must make old and young, rich and poor feel the hard hand of war.”

    Contrast this strategy with Robert E. Lee’s General Order 73 issued during his campaign into Pennsylvania:

    The commanding general considers that no greater disgrace could befall the army, and through it our whole people, than the perpetration of the barbarous outrages upon the unarmed, and defenseless and the wanton destruction of private property that have marked the course of the enemy in our own country. Such proceedings not only degrade the perpetrators and all connected with them, but are subversive of the discipline and efficiency of the army, and destructive of the ends of our present movement.

    It must be remembered that we make war only upon armed men, and that we cannot take vengeance for the wrongs our people have suffered without lowering ourselves in the eyes of all whose abhorrence has been excited by the atrocities of our enemies, and offending against Him to whom vengeance belongeth, without whose favor and support our efforts must all prove in vain.

    The commanding general therefore earnestly exhorts the troops to abstain with most scrupulous care from unnecessary or wanton injury to private property, and he enjoins upon all officers to arrest and bring to summary punishment all who shall in any way offend against the orders on this subject.”

    The South rejects military strategy that could have helped their cause but would have been uncivilized and barbaric but not so for the North.

    Now, a point must be made here. Lee is acting according to the God of Scripture to whom he refers as “…Him to whom vengeance belongeth…” Grant and the federal commanders—along with Lincoln— were obeying the will of their god, the almighty national government. As the war developed, this religious dichotomy redounded badly to the Confederacy. In England, Confederate agent and procurer of warships, James Bulloch had built such ships as could bombard Northern cities from the sea—but their use was rejected by the Confederate government as uncivilized and barbaric.

    The simple fact is this: while the North sought to occupy the land and obliterate the culture and will of the people of the South, the South—whose military commanders were steeped in military tradition based on Christianity, humanitarianism and Western civilization—did not seek to foist its cultural and social values on the North, neither did they wish to rule it. They sought only to leave it. When all was lost and Gen. E. Porter Alexander recommended that the Confederate armies take to the hills and wage guerrilla warfare against their wicked conquerors, Lee opposed the idea. Author Jay Winik in his book “April 1865” wrote of Lee:

    “Lee was principled to the bitter end.. .thinking not about personal glory, but…What is honorable? What is proper? What is right? … he quickly reasoned that a guerrilla war would make a wasteland of all he loved.even if it worked, and perhaps especially if it worked.For Lee that was too high a price to pay. No matter how much he loved the Cause.there were limits to Southern independence.”

    However, there were no limits recognized by Lincoln and his forces as to what could and should be committed and sacrificed to the mythical concept of a “perpetual sacred Union.”

    The treatment of both civilians and Southern cities were reminiscent of ancient wars long before men such as Grotius, de Vattel and even Lieber wrote their codes. The US army expelled civilians from their homes in retaliation for their forces being fired upon. They burned cities and left them in ruins. They executed civilians in retaliation for attacks of which they knew the civilians involved to be innocent— expressly forbidden by Lieber Code paragraph 44 and Paragraph 148 which forbids the proclamation of infamy on civilians, declaring that, “The sternest retaliation should follow the murder committed in consequence of such proclamation made by whatever authority.” Gen. Eleazer A. Paine committed such murders and was reputed to have hanged so many uniformed Confederate prisoners that he was nicknamed “the Hanging General.” Yet, Paine was never brought to book for his crimes.

    During his masterpiece of atrocity, the infamous March to the Sea, Sherman wrote to Halleck in 1863, a masterpiece of the rationale of Total War:

    “If we can, our numerical majority has both the natural and constitutional right to govern. If we cannot whip them, they contend for the natural right to select their own government.”

    In effect, Sherman speaks here of might giving the Union the right to force Southerners to accept a government—or more precisely, a god—they had rejected. But the right to select one’s government was exactly what the Declaration of Independence—and all that followed—was about! However, to ensure that the South would be prevented from exercising this right of free men for which both North and South fought in the Revolutionary War, Sherman would, in his own words, “remove and destroy every obstacle, take every life, every acre of land, every particle of property, everything that to us seems proper.” (Official Records Series 1, Vo. 30 part 3).

    The Lincoln myth that he was gentle and compassionate

    The Lincoln myth of a gentle and compassionate man who, in his own words, “had no desire to take bloody vengeance” on the people of the South or to kill or subjugate them or confiscate their property or to deprive them of their legal and constitutional rights is both absurd and a lie. After issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln stated,

    “the character of the war will be changed. It will be one of subjugation…the South is to be destroyed and replaced by new propositions and ideas.”

    Lincoln’s policies eradicated not only the South, but the concept of a Federal Union as laid down by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.

    We have heard about Andersonville but the actual cause of p.o.w suffering there and Confederate p.o.w suffering is the fault of the North

    Then there are the crimes committed against Southern prisoners of war. In 1903, Adj. Gen. F. C. Ainsworth estimated that more than 30,000 Union and 26,000 Confederates died in captivity (that is 12% died in the North and 15.5% died in the South). However, the numbers and the death rate of Confederate prisoners were vastly understated first, because many captives died without their deaths being recorded and secondly, the winners did not wish to admit to the hideous rate with which those in at their mercy perished. Indeed, Rhodes admitted that there should have been a much greater disparity— even using his own numbers—in favor of survival for those imprisoned in the North, given the superior conditions existing in the North. But the simple fact is this: from the beginning of the War, the federal government intended to “make treason odious” by treating captured Confederate soldiers as traitors and rebels rather than legitimate prisoners of war.

    Even the usually chivalrous George McClellan forced Confederate prisoners to clear mine fields after some of his men were killed despite the fact that such usage of prisoners was expressly forbidden by the Lieber Code in paragraph 75. Sherman added his own perverse twist to this practice when he used civilians as well as prisoners for this purpose. Prisoners were routinely tortured mutilated and killed in Northern hell-holes called “camps.” Confederate officers were used as human shields in the famous instance of the Immortal 600 and the morality rate from torture, starvation, exposure and disease in Federal prison camps was astonishing. Elmira prison in New York had a 24% death rate, higher than any other prison on either side including the infamous Andersonville.

    As for Andersonville: yes, there were war crimes, but they were not committed by either the Confederate government or camp commander, Col. Henry Wirz. The crimes were committed by Ulysses S. Grant and Abraham Lincoln. On August 19th, 1864, Grant wrote to Union Secretary of State Seward:

    ““We ought not to make a single exchange nor release a prisoner on any pretext whatever until the war closes.”

    Now the exchange problem between the two sides—hampered by former slaves found fighting for the Union—was by no means all the fault of the Union. But in Andersonville, there was a much greater crime than the problem of exchange. The South, starving and destitute, could not feed or care for its own people much less its prisoners. The greatest problem lay in Andersonville where the prisoners ate the same food as their guards—and in the same amount—but that was not sufficient, neither was there enough medicine to care for those who became ill.

    Col. Robert Ould, who had been in charge of prisoner exchanges since the beginning of the war, wrote about the situation in Andersonville to his Union counterpart Gen. Mulford. Ould recites the efforts made by the Confederate government to succor the federal prisoners even after prisoner exchange had ended.

    “My government instructs me to waive all formalities and what it considers some of the equities in this matter of exchange. I need not try to conceal from you that we cannot feed and provide for the prisoners in our hands. We cannot half feed or clothe them. You have closed our ports till we cannot get medical stores for them. You will not send us quinine and other needed medicines, even for their exclusive use. They are suffering greatly and the mortality is excessive. I tell you all this plainly, and still you refuse to exchange. What does your government demand? Name your own conditions and I will show you my authority to accept them. You are silent! Great God!, can it be that your people are monsters? If you will not exchange, I will give you your men for nothing. I will deliver ten thousand Union prisoners at Wilmington any day that you will receive them. I will deliver five thousand here on the same terms. Come and get them. If your government is so damnably dishonest to want them for nothing, you shall have them. You can at least feed them and we cannot. You can give us what you please in return for them.”

    Was there a war crime at Andersonville? Yes! Upon the cessation of exchange, the Confederate government asked for medicine for the exclusive use of the imprisoned federal soldiers and were ignored! The anguish, frustration and bitterness of Ould are voiced in the sentence: “Great God! can it be that your people are monsters?!” The answer to that was, “yes.” Their own men were considered expendable in this campaign of genocide. Edward Wellington Boate was a soldier in the 42nd New York Infantry and a prisoner at Andersonville in 1864. He wrote of his experiences in the New York Times shortly after the war and commented on whom he held responsible for Andersonville’s legacy:

    “You rulers who make the charge that the rebels intentionally killed off our men, when I can honestly swear they were doing everything in their power to sustain us, do not lay this flattering unction to your souls. You abandoned your brave men in the hour of their cruelest need. They fought for the Union and you reached no hand out to save the old faithful, loyal and devoted servants of the country. You may try to shift the blame from your own shoulders, but posterity will saddle the responsibility where it justly belongs.”

    When some of the Andersonville prisoners were returned to the North without exchange, these poor animated skeletons were taken, photographed and used to generate hatred in the North for what were condemned as the evil, wicked, brutal people of the South. Shortly after the photographs were released, the United States Senate passed the following:

    PREAMBLE TO HOUSE RESOLUTION #97 Also known as the Retaliatory Orders

    “Rebel prisoners in our hands are to be subjected to a treatment finding its parallels only in the conduct of savage tribes and resulting in the death of multitudes by the slow but designed process of starvation and by mortal diseases occasioned by insufficient and unhealthy food and wanton exposure of their persons to the inclemency of the weather.” … passed by both houses, January 1865.

    Of course, this very policy had been ongoing in most of the federal prisoner of war camps since the beginning of the war. The Andersonville photographs merely gave an excuse for a policy of long standing.

    North’s sudden freedom of Blacks proved to be fatal especially for the very young and very old

    Interestingly enough, in this litany of atrocities committed against non-combatants and helpless prisoners, one of the groups to suffer most both during and after the war were the very people for whom, if one believes today’s rhetoric, the war was fought—the slaves. Sherman exhibited a virulent hatred of blacks. He believed them “obstacles to the upward sweep of history, wealth and White destiny—and he felt the same way about the Indian, a situation that eventually led to “incidents” such as Wounded Knee. Lincoln’s opinion of blacks is, of course, well known. When Lincoln met with Confederate Vice-President Alexander Stephens just before the end of the war, Stephens asked Lincoln what would happen to the former slaves—some three million—cast adrift in a desolated South and not permitted to migrate north. To this Lincoln smiled and repeated an old minstrel show line that they would have to “…root, hog or die.” What Lincoln meant by this was that it would be a matter of the survival of the fittest. Sadly, a great many former slaves—especially the very young and the very old—found freedom to be fatal.

    Slavery was no justification for these atrocities committed against the South

    The atrocities committed against the People of the South, military and civilian, men and women, white and black, slave and free, young and old, well and ill, sound and wounded are on such a vast scale that they cannot be comprehended, much less revealed in a small article. There are books on the subject such as Dr. Brian Cisco’s War Crimes Against Southern Civilians, but there are also writings suggesting that, in effect, the South had it coming. Given that the people of the South wished only to leave the Union without violence, and that the institution of slavery in those states was not unique to the region, neither was the South involved in the slave trade—that was a Yankee enterprise—it would seem that such horrific treatment of a people whom Lincoln declared to be Americans, citizens of his sacred Union is inexplicable.

    But holy wars are vicious. The enemy is not a man or a woman or a child or a neighbor or a brother— but an apostate, a blasphemer, an infidel—and as such, is worthy of no less than death—and even annihilation! That is why Lincoln, his government and his military waged bloody jihad from April of 1861 to April of 1865. Had the war gone on longer, the people of the South might well have been reduced to the conditions of the Cheyenne, the Apache and the Lakota Sioux. Certainly, Generals Sherman and Sheridan and their leader Abraham Lincoln would have shed no tears for their plight…
    — Abbeville Institute,”Lincoln’s Total War”, Valerie Protopapas, 09/28/2021.

    • Being Christian gentlemen & adhering to civilized codes of war did Lee & the rest of the Confederates absolutely no good; on the contrary: it’s one of the most decisive factors in their loss of the war, their freedom and their country. It’s also why their statues are getting ripped down by triumphant nigger apes & Cultural Marxist race traitor scum.

      When fighting tyrannical opponents who believe that might makes right – as Lincoln, Grant, Sherman & Sheridan certainly did – Christianity must go into the toilet. To win – to survive as free men – you must go as low and lower than your ruthless enemies. Terror for terror. The Confederates should have issued a proclamation laying out in detail the atrocities being committed by the North – and stating their new & essential policy of responding in kind. When it came down to the choice between surrender & guerilla war, they should have chosen the latter: the apocryphal statement Lee was supposed to have made that if he’d known to what use the Yanks were going to put their victory he’d never have surrendered shows his likely belated understanding of the deadly mistakes he & they had made in the name of civilized Christian behavior.

      Would it have made for a different outcome? Who knows. But it would have been the logical, correct course of action.

      • In NC, in late 1863 early 1864, some Union officers had to be reminded that the tables could be tunred on them to make them get back in line and conduct the war in a more civilized manner. General Pickett had to hang one of the Union Black USCTs from the same beam that the Union troops had hanged a suspected Confederate guerilla weeks earlier. Union General Butler took the “hint” and affirmed his intent “to carry on this war according to the rules of civilized warfare.”

        Despite the mixed results, Wild’s raid stood out as particularly noteworthy for its aggressive conduct. In a December 17, 1863, dispatch to Captain John T. Elliott, Wild warned that he would treat guerrillas as “pirates” and tell them, “you will never have rest until you renounce your present course or join the regular Confederate Army.” At one point during the raid, Wild captured and executed Daniel Bright, “a man of about thirty, a rough stout fellow . . . dressed in butternut homespun [who] looked the very ideal of a guerrilla.” Bright died at the end of a rope, but not until he had dangled for twenty agonizing minutes. A slip of paper pinned to his back bore the message: “This guerrilla hanged by order of Brig.-Gen. Wild, Daniel Bright, of Pasquotank County.” Union soldiers left his body where it hung as a warning to “bushwhackers.”

        In his official report, Wild candidly admitted he had “adopted a more rigorous style of warfare” that included burning houses and barns, consuming livestock, and taking hostages from the families of suspected guerrillas. The hostage taking, particularly the seizure of white women, struck a raw nerve among Confederates. The symbolism conjured by the operation caught the attention of many. Dr. William Porter Ray, a correspondent for the New York Times writing under the pen name “Tewksbury,” accompanied Wild and prepared a lengthy account of the raid that was published in early January 1864.94 Ray reminded readers that Wild’s expedition ranked as one of the war’s first large-scale operations conducted solely by black troops. The reporter recognized the revolutionary nature of the event: “It is an instructive turn of the tables that the men who have been accustomed to hunt runaway slaves hiding in the swamps of the South, should now, hiding there themselves, be hunted by them.”

        The raid ignited outrage among Confederate officials and North Carolina politicians. Major General George E. Pickett, head of the North Carolina Department and the scion of an established slaveholding family in Virginia, was beside himself. “Butler’s plan, evidently, is to let loose his swarm of blacks upon our ladies and defenseless families, plunder and devastate the country,” Pickett complained. “I will not stand upon terms with these fellows any longer,” he fumed, and “against such a warfare there is but one resource—to hang at once every one captured belonging to the expedition, and afterward any one caught who belongs to Butler’s department.” He understood that the Lincoln administration’s efforts to arm former slaves would strengthen the Union army while weakening the rebel labor force, and he urged the War Department to transfer all slaves in exposed areas into Confederate lines. He passed on his correspondence to his subordinates in the Albemarle region, and in turn, these men acted. On January 12, 1864, state troops under Captain John T. Elliott seized Private Samuel Jordon of the 5th USCT from his confinement in northern Pasquotank and promptly hung him from the same beam used to execute Daniel Bright weeks before. In an effort to quell this escalating violence, Butler wrote to Confederate Colonel James Hinton, a prominent lawyer in Pasquotank who commanded a unit in the region. Butler announced that he did not wish “to conduct the war like a fishwoman in Billingsgate by calling hard names, such as ‘brute,’ ‘beast,’ &c.” and affirmed his intent “to carry on this war according to the rules of civilized warfare.” However, Butler’s word did little to reduce the bitterness.
        — Newsome, Hampton. The Fight for the Old North State, pp. 30-31).

  17. I think the reality is fairly simple. America is disintegrating because it’s no longer an actual country. Powerful Jews and leftist subversives have mostly succeeded in eradicating White racial and cultural consciousness, with almost the only remnant being the “muh freedom!” stuff sold to conservatives since the 1980s by oligarchs pushing laissez-faire small-government invade-the-world-invite-the-world. The decades-long effort to subvert and deconstruct White society metastasized into the religion of Wokeism, which is now running wild as it faces no coherent ideological opposition – at most small delaying tactics and temporary local setbacks. Institutions ranging from corporations to churches and the FBI and military have jumped on board as they faced the stick of internal coups and public pressure from the Woke mob, along with the carrots of positive PR, greater budgets or funding, etc. from hitching up to the fastest horse.

    Secession is not a solution to these problems, and the idea of “civil war” is silly because the dissident side has no shared ideology or set of demands, to say nothing of an actual political structure or organization. I would argue that race and the dispossession of gentile whites is the key underlying issue, but Trump horribly botched pulling off the Sailer Strategy last year and consequently many of the whitest states still vote Democratic.

    I believe (hope) the next big shift will be the development of an explicitly White racial consciousness, along with a cultural revival of sorts, but that could be a ways off.

  18. Interesting topic, lots of good insightful posts. But, the regime is never going to allow any kind of succession, nor will they collapse and go away.

    They will continue to flood your towns with third world military age males, and work overtime to displace you and yours, while they go out of their way to demonize you. Soon, they will simply arm the invaders and turn them loose.

    Our people’s minds have been collectively poisoned, and our bodies are being physically poisoned. They want us dead. And people think they can somehow “wait them out”, watches and time stuff; not going to happen.

    Soon, White people will either wake the F up, and realize, that they cannot avoid reality, they cannot “vote” their way out of this, and there is nowhere to run to. Sadly, it will probably take millions of our people being genocided before many realize they will soon have nothing left to lose. Time is shorter than our people want to realize.

  19. Nice one HW.

    Greer is a smart fellow for sure. He is basically of the same mind as the current thought-leadership of the right.

    – Michael Anton – Not now. “100-200 years” (The Stakes)

    – BAP – Not now. “Wait for a ‘real’ king” (The Asylum 2021/09)

    – Yarvin – Now now. “It doesn’t exist”; “It’s too decentralized” (Tucker interview 2021/09)

    They have a credible fear of what comes to socialist “America”. They see the scenario being more like the South American variants than the typical Occidental flavors. Their unwillingness to acknowledge the role of “Big Capital” in all of the present troubles is a blind-spot.

    On the other hand, sovereign money systems, banking, and capital allocation are still important for nations that aspire to world leadership in some form. Remember what Red River Dunson says after the war, “Thousands of heads of good beef. And there as they stand, there isn’t a head worth a plug three-cent piece.” In this respect, the DR has a blind-spot due to its lack of a coherent economic vision.

  20. There’s a show on the Australian ABC called ‘Question Everything’. If you watch it, you’d swear that Sarah Silverman has moved to Australia! I haven’t watched the show, but given its on the ABC, I’m assuming it’s just another libtard crapfest where they pretend that only their source of news is ‘fair, balanced and truthful’.
    When it comes to msm, we need to indeed question everything.
    Sam Fran is her name. Do the comparison.

  21. The Amish have done very well since the 1970s, their White population has more than doubled.

    The Amish don’t worry about terrible J media mafia sh*& like Jeff Zucker’s CNN, Social Media like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Hollywood perverts like Harvey Weinstein and anti White snuff movies. The Amish don’t watch or are bothered by any of this sh**.

    The Benedict Option is viable – separate, form smaller separate communities. Orthodox Jews are another good role model.

    Look at this horrible thing that happened in my former neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago – the Obama’s flew in by helicopter to take control of a big chunk of a Chicago Lakefront Park (Andrew) Jackson Park to create a Black Liberation theology Obama cult of personality temple, mini United Nations training center.

    Local White Liberal Park lovers are pissed:

    • “Amish have done very well since the 1970s, their White population has more than doubled”:

      Even that is understatement of the increase, not counting the large number that left the church. Otherwise the population of the church might have tripled.

      Also, the districts that allow the least modern technology and are most strictly agricultural have the highest birthrates. More modern, less children.

  22. More than a decade ago, I was in Virginia and North Carolina. I couldn’t believe the number of blacks and mixed race people in the small towns. We are always told how racist the South is, but apparently there is a different kind of camaraderie.
    So many towns in the South are full of transplants. Atlanta and Dallas come to mind.
    How do you secede, when you are full of nonwhites, just like the North?

  23. God has a fix. Send a severe drought where everything breaks down in this country trying to deal with it — no food, no water, no nothing. And then allow us to be nuked made captive and then driven into slavery to serve foreign cruel masters with the whole world mocking and laughing at us. How’s that for a fix?

    You better get your “mess” straightened out — this cesspool of a nation. We’re headed to death and destruction for all of our sins which we just take for granted.

    May the South repent!

    May God Save the South!

    • The Abrahamic God is on the side of the chosen folks.
      He isn’t all-powerful. He can’t get everyone on his side for his chosen few.
      Whites were always better as pagans. They weren’t worried about approval or being liked or God’s command to take care of everyone else. It was so simple. Take care of yourself and your bloodline.

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