Breaking Points: Top Generals Lie With Impunity On Afghanistan

The big takeaway is that the generals knew all along that their Afghan puppet government was fake and would collapse without an indefinite American military occupation and air support. They’ve spent the last 20 years lying about all the “progress” that they were making in Afghanistan and lying to presidents about how staying there only a few more months would work or how we would emerge victorious after launching another surge. Joe Biden was correct that there was never a good time to leave.

Note: In our system, Joe Biden was crucified by the media for making the right decision. The “journalists” are nothing but lapdogs of the Pentagon and “intelligence community.”

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  1. Lawyers, politicians, activists and ‘journalists’ are all one and the same………close to each other, but a world away from the average citizenry. Economists, industry leaders and the educational systems are complicit as well. We have powerful enemies who don’t speak for us.
    Forever off to war with nations we know little about, when we have all these absolute traitors in our own back yard.

    • The ruling class is in for a shock next time they start up a big war and need a big military to fight it like Iraq, 2003. The U.S. Government’s programs to replace White men with trannies, homos, women in combat units, minorities etc. has already weakened the military’s combat power. The Government is accelerating these lunatic programs at the same time it’s antagonizing China which is building it’s military according to proven military strategies.

      It’s difficult to see a good outcome from the strategy of crippling the U.S. military while China’s military capabilities grow rapidly and getting in a war with China. Perhaps the people in charge are traitors on China’s payroll and want a defeat. More likely they are just crazy, stupid and gullible and believe all the bullshit served up to them in college/grad school about the evil patriarchy, equality, 57 genders etc.

      • No right-thinking White man will want to fight for GAE. Let the illegal chumamas and mincing maggots do it.

    • linkLook at the list of awards and decorations that sissy Mark Milley has on his chest versus what someone like Ronald Speirs had. Milley never got a splinter in his career. Speirs parachuted into Normandy and served in combat for the entire war. He also served in Korea.

      Mark Milley

      Ronald Speirs

  2. The judeo-Anglo military brass has been immune from prosecution for the war crimes they committed both in foreign lands and inside the United States.

    Here is a history lesson for those that still hold Generals MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Patton in high regard.

    With unemployment in the USA in 1932 running at least at 25%, approximately 20,000 veterans of WWI (“The Bonus Army”) descended on Washington, DC to receive the money they were promised for their service in the First World War. These men were destitute and disparate. They wanted congress to give them the money they were owed (already being a financially jewish controlled nation, soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors that were owned less than $50 were paid, but those owed more than $50 were told that they would get their “bonus” 27 years later in 1945 with 4% interest). These men could hardly wait 13 years for the United States Treasury to pay them.

    So how were they welcomed into their nation’s capital? They were greeting with tear gas, mounted Calvary with swords, tanks, and machine guns. Their “Hooverville ” squatters camps were burned to the ground. Two were killed, and countless scores of others were wounded.

    Who was in charge of the US Army’s troops? None other than Army Chief of Staff Douglas MacArthur with his ‘right hand men’ Eisenhower and Patton.

    Major General Smedley Butler (USMC-Ret.), recipient of the Medal of Honor twice, and at the time of his retirement was the most decorated marine in American history was on the side of the Bonus Army. In the video that is attached, that General Butler who says, “They call you trash, but they didn’t call you trash in 1917 and 1918.”

    On a side note, the man rebuffed by Major George S. Patton at the end of this short video was former U.S. Army Private First Class Joseph Angelo who saved his life during the Meuse-Argonne offensive. Private Angelo (Italian and Catholic for those of you keeping score at home) dragged the wounded Patton into a bomb crater, tended to his wounds, and stayed with him,until Patton ordered him to inform his XO to take command. For this action, Private Angelo received the Distinguished Service Medal for bravery. Colonel Patton would say if PFC Angelo, “Without a doubt, he was the bravest man in the American Army. I have never seen his equal.”

    Think about what the jewsmedia and the zionist whores in DC have been saying about the so-called “Insurrection” on January 6th, and how they turned the District of Columbia into an armed camp of federal Zogbots, and the in humane treatment in captivity given to those very misguided Trumptards that trespassed inside the synagogue of democracy.

    The establishment elite will use the United States military against its citizens seeking recourse, if it feels threatened. You can bet the 30 pieces of silver both generals MacArthur and Milley received from their treasonous overlords on that.

    The US Army vs The Bonus Army in Washington, DC. 1932.

    • Yes, the job of the U.S. military is primarily to preserve the ruling class’s safety and its mighty privileges no matter what. Secondarily it is to fight the Empire’s innumerable wars although there is a great deal of overlap between these two duties.

    • BTW Herbert Hoover, a Republican was President when the Bonus Marchers were attacked. This certainly didn’t help the President’s reelection chances although he was probably doomed anyway because of the Great Depression which started under him also in 1929 which prompted the Bonus March anyway.

      The Republican’s are like herpes, the gift which keeps on giving.

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