The COVID Vaccine Debate Is Turning People Into Retards

This is another reason why I haven’t felt like writing.

The debate over the COVID vaccine has become a ridiculous culture war battle. There are people on both sides of the issue who are building their identities on their vaccination status.

Over the summer, I would often see black people riding around on their lawnmowers in over 90 degree heat while fully masked in the middle of nowhere. The Asian restaurants around here also have COVID portals where they are completely sealed off from their customers.

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  1. I don’t yet have a real position on any of this as it’s still a fairly recent development. I just know it’s been a massive interuption to our general way of life, and I just want it to go away. History and hindsight will tell us who was correct.
    I’m supecting that Jewish run pharmaceutical companies will enjoy a bonanza as a result of all this.
    I’m not a doctor or a politician so it’s pretty much beyond my field of expertise.
    I do wish everyone good health, regardless.

  2. Several thoughts:

    Much of the U.S. population (note that I don’t say the people) is science-illiterate, or deluded, because in this system science education and even science itself have been commoditized (not just politicised) and the division between facts and the illusions of commercial advertisement is blurred.

    Mainstream media continues to spread propaganda that the virus was created in a Chinese lab, while it buries or does not report the real discovery that SARS Co-V2 was circulating in the U.S. in 2019, months before Chinese scientists discovered it circulating in Wuhan. The viral RNA has been found in 2019 city sewage samples and blood bank donations all around the U.S., and several 2019 Covid deaths have now been confirmed, including a grandmother in Kansas who hardly left her house except to be taken to doctor appointments, which would indicate it was circulating widely in the U.S. by the end of 2019. The viral RNA has also been identified in 2019 blood donations in Italy and other European countries, months earlier than it was identied in Wuhan. The disease is almost undoubtedly of natural origin and may have been circulating and being naturally selected among humans for years before some perfectionist Chinese doctors, who were on the alert in the midst of a severe Type A flu epidemic, and still on the alert for a return of the orignal “classic” SARS, finally discovered it in pneumonia cases in Wuhan.

    It is also interesting that not only household pets but even wild animals in the U.S. have been infected at least since early 2020. More than one third of samples of wild whitetail deer in five northern states contain antibodies to the virus. So-called “Spanish” flu certainly did not originate in Spain, and so-called “Chinese” flu might not have appeared first in China.

  3. Just practice sensible time tested hygiene , wash regularly with soap and water .

    That s what doctors do with patients and their arns and hands .

    COVID gives us perfect excuse to segregate from the underclass , racy homeless people , Haitian Zombies etc

  4. I was under the impression, maybe from health class in public school, the bacteria and viruses don’t live very long in the fresh air and sunlight. For example wearing a mask when out riding a bike is pointless, there is no one to catch the virus from.

    I can see though why the right, or what passes for the right doesn’t trust the wear a mask forever crowd.. With some exceptions these are the same people, gun grabbers, there are 66 genders, critical race theory advocates, to put it less politely, the same old nigger lover commie buttholes, who are always trying to shove around the ordinary white guy.

    • The only thing Colbert ever did in his career that was funny were those Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoons for SNL. But even then he wrote them in collaboration with a dozen other staff writers.

  5. Those face masks are literally useless for preventing the spread of any virus but they do give the cowardly and the simple-minded a false sense of security.

  6. It isn’t just a culture war battle. Personally, I don’t watch Colbert, CNN, FOX or anything mainstream. It’s also not a debate, since they want to force this on children and the naturally immune, people who have no need of big pharmas help.

    “Get the vaccine. Then die.” It’s simply a fraction of us little people not wanting the science juice injected in us and infinity boosters and at the same time retaining employment or access to public spaces, see Israel’s green pass.

  7. “Beat this virus”. No idiot, it’s here to stay now, thanks to open borders. You can’t beat it with leaky “vaccines”, either.

  8. “The vaccine comes from God”, spoken like a true High Priestess of the Politically Correct religious cult. There is no debate about the vaccine. You either accept the Politically Correct Truth or suffer the consequences for questioning or rejecting it.

    • So I guess “Satan” made the virus? And why would “God” send such ineffective and harmful vaccines? These people are liars, morons, or probably both.

  9. The vaccine mandates are going to end once the liberals figure out that the biggest anti-vaxer group of all out there are their pet blacks. Blacks feel empowered to act up so it’s no doubt that they are the ones escalating incidents in New York Restaurants. These bans by democrats were meant for “Trump Supporters” some of who seem to have come to associate the vaccine with Bidenism. But the biggest unreported story is that blacks are the biggest demographic of all refusing to get vaccinated. No surprise to me as I saw this play out for the last ten years at work with the annual flu shot clinic where virtually every single black employee refused the vaccine spinning X file type conspiracy excuses about the friggin’ flu shot.

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