Tucker Carlson: Lowly Marine Punished For Speaking Out Against Military Brass

This is another blood boiling story.

No one has been punished or held accountable for the 20 year grift and debacle in Afghanistan EXCEPT for some lowly Marine colonel who demanded that some of the failed fat ass generals who have gone on to sit on various boards of defense contractors be held accountable for it.

BTW, when we shovel dirt on the graves of dead Americans who fought in Afghanistan, the overwhelming majority of them are not people who died in combat with the Taliban or ISIS-K terrorist attacks. It is veterans who have killed themselves because they were sent over there and had their lives ruined by these generals for defense contractors could suck trillions of dollars out of the American taxpayer. The “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) was a far bigger and more explicit grift than World War I.

Military Times:

“Per researchers’ estimates, 30,177 Global War on Terror veterans have died by suicide, compared to 7,057 who have died while deployed in support of the Global War on Terror.

There are myriad stressors endemic not only to combat deployments, but also to military service, that may contribute to the rising suicide rate. …”

The House just voted to increase “defense” spending. The bill also ensures that people who have the wrong political views will be purged from the military by an “Office of Countering Extremism.” For all the Republican grandstanding about CRT, it was included in the bill as well.

Note: BTW, if war breaks out between ZOG and China, it will be women and trannies on the front line, so maybe purging the “extremists” will be a good thing for us in the end.

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  1. Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham want the US Military to reinvade Afghanistan…20 more years of Wounded Warrior Project Infomercials….2 trillion….

    What makes Sean Hannity tick?

  2. The house has voted to increase ‘defense spending’………..while the southern border is violated daily and the white population percentage slips from 90% to 58% in fifty years. Can someone define ‘defense’ for me? I’m kinda lost with that one. Seems they’re doing a wonderful job…..

  3. If you’re a god damned top general or other high official with connections, accountability doesn’t apply to you: you can break any law or rule, and you will still get your golden parachute for “services rendered”.. OTOH, if you’re an honest, patriotic lower-level combat officer without connections, you get fired & thrown in the joint.

    FUCK the jew Ass Oy Vey and the Pentagon. I long for the day when their shiny new fag/mud/bitch force is slaughtered by a real army.

  4. >Lowly

    He’s a Lt Col, a high-ranking career officer, i.e. someone with a lot to lose — which is why the fact he broke ranks is newsworthy.

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