Donald Trump’s CIA Plotted To Kill Julian Assange

I’ve been scarce around here lately.

It is because I have worked myself into a rage about the Pentagon and the “intelligence community.” It is because of stories like this one. I had to step away to think about my anger.

Rolling Stone:

“The CIA reportedly plotted to kidnap Julian Assange, and some senior officials in the agency and the Trump administration allegedly went so far as to consider options for how to assassinate the WikiLeaks founder, Yahoo! News reported Sunday.

According to the report, then-director Mike Pompeo was apparently motivated to get even with Wikileaks following its publication of sensitive CIA hacking tools, which the agency found to be “the largest data loss in CIA history.”

Pompeo and others “were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about Vault 7,” according to a former Trump national security official, referring to the document dump. “They were seeing blood.”

Additional CIA plans allegedly included “extensive spying on WikiLeaks associates, sowing discord among the group’s members, and stealing their electronic devices.” …”

Do you know what is so maddening about this? It is our lack of options.

These people control both parties. They can get away with anything including murdering people. They are rewarded for colossal failures like we saw with the 2022 NDAA. Above all else, you know that any effort to oppose or reform these corrupt institutions will be subverted by them with the media.

What do you do? Do you take your anger and go vote Republican and empower people who are angry that not enough money is being spent on the Pentagon and that American troops are not in Afghanistan? Do you vote for the Democrats knowing all that entails? Do you try to organize outside the system in which case “journalists” try to ruin you and feds are sent into your group to try to entrap you in bogus plots?

By voting for Donald Trump, we ended up with a dumpster fire of an administration which was full of people like Mike Pompeo. We empowered a group of Jewish gangsters who go around murdering people. The choice came down to either Mike Pompeo and John Bolton or the Democrats.

Note: The Pentagon and “intelligence community” deserve to be defunded and abolished.

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  1. Yes the world’s ‘human rights’ champion wanted to assassinate a whistle blower. The greatest human right of all is the right to not be dead!
    The DC sewer supports neither human rights, democracy or free speech.

  2. The Empire’s British “intelligence” accomplices offered to do it for the U.S. A few years earlier, capitalist-run (no longer even halfway socialist) Sweden helped the Empire captured Assange on a false charge. The U.S. also installed a puppet administration in Ecuador that obeyed orders to let their embassy be bugged and invaded, and hand him over. Meanwhile capitalist-run Australia does nothing to rescue its citizen. What is the common denominator in all this?

    While focusing on Assange, don’t overlook other independent, true journalists who have been arrested and imprisoned in the Empire’s REAL gulag, or have been otherwise silenced, or died too conveniently, around the world in recent years.

  3. I still don’t know what Assange revealed that wasn’t obvious to anybody with .5 of a brain and access to the internets.

    • To my knowledge Wikileaks has never revealed anything about “Our Greatest Ally” in their document dumps and there is a lot there, too.

      For starters there is the Dimona nuclear complex in the Negev making nuclear weapons, then there is the funding, equipping and paying for the Isis terrorists to destroy the Assad regime in Syria, a program that went awry badly. There is also the story of numerous terrorist attacks against Iran, in Iran, all acts of war under International Law (ha!). There is also extensive espionage against the U.S. such as Jonathan Pollard who was welcomed into Israel as a national hero after being released by DJT.

      I hate to say it but the CIA was correct on Jonathan Pollard, he never should have been let out jail, he should have been hanged as a traitor to the U.S. He had U.S. citizenship which he used to spy for “Our Greatest Ally” which led to the deaths of numerous U.S. spies and transferred critical information to the USSR in the early 1980’s.

      The list goes on but never a peep about “Our Greatest Ally” misbehaving, mostly just the U.S. Government’s bad actions. Who is really behind Wikileaks, who is really funding it? Is it another George Soros type front promoting “democracy”?

  4. What a load of crap. Assange is a deep state asset. Cass Sunstein helped create wikileaks. Just google sunstein and assange and you see what I am talking about. There is a reason why Assange never had anything on 911 or Israel.

      • Let me guess, other prominent NSA whistleblowers lsuch as Bill Binny and Thomas Drake were also glowies, huh?


        Snowden, Assange, Binny, and Drake were at worst libertarians.

        • If Snowden and Assange were legit you wouldn’t be hearing about them on the MSM – that’s always the Tribe’s Tell – if someone is legitimate and a threat to the Cabal then that person(s) are marginalized – not the lead story on ABC World News.

  5. The ongoing destruction of my people is what gives me rage. The Pentagon and “intelligence community” are impermanent things that are obviously not going to last forever, given conditions in this downward spiraling country. What certainly cannot be allowed to be lost forever is the White phenotype and genome. Things are not looking good.

  6. >I had to step away to think about my anger.

    You’re not alone.

    >Do you know what is so maddening about this? It is our lack of options.

    Anger and foreboding.

    Assange’s partner is on Twitter — they have two sons:

    Twitter/Stella Moris

    It was sad to see her get her hopes up when rumors circulated late in 2020 that Trump would do something to free Assange — instead he pardoned a Jewish Medicare fraudster.

  7. Good article, HW. I feel the same, we have no options. Even if votes could matter, both parties are the same results.
    We need another party that represents our interests and has some power.

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