Jimmy Dore: NY Governor To Fire 70 Thousand Healthcare Workers Over Vaccine Mandate

COVID authoritarianism continues to spiral.

As many of the critics predicted, COVID has become an excuse to justify increased surveillance of the population, censorship and a vast assault on our constitutional rights and civil liberties. This is also true regardless of your views about the merits of the vaccine.

Note: My own personal view has consistently been that everyone has the right to make their own health decisions. Vaccines are available now. Those who want to get vaccinated are free to do. Those who would rather not get vaccinated for whatever reason also have that right. I would leave it at that, but there is too much to gain for some people in creating an identity out of the issue, trying to dominate others and further ripping up the social fabric. I don’t believe it is wise or worth it.

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    • Am struck by how tens of thousand of nurses accept to get fired from their highly-paid jobs rather than take the vax – that says something, as these people are seeing vax consequences first-hand, they are not just reading Alex Jones

      Nurse ‘whistle-blower’ forums are assembling with all these stories of vaxed sick and dead, talking about how everyone is under orders to pretend it’s unrelated

      If it does turn out to be lots of slowly accumulating death over the decade, and people infertile / sterile unable to have kids … Jones and the ‘conspiratards’ will be seen as correct after it’s too late to do anything about it

      • I have personally noticed that people who get all their info from the MSM are vaxxers. People who get their info from the internet or who have health care workers in the family are often anti-vax.

        • People who work in healthcare do see the results of those being vaxxed. Notice it’s only whites being pressured into this.
          The MSM is not reporting the side effects or even deaths from the vax. The pro vax people think it’s “science”, when the vaccine doesn’t protect anyone, and it came onto the market super fast.
          There’s all of these contradictions, too, as they claim you need to get the vax to be protected, yet, you can still get Covid.
          There’s even more health risks with foreigners coming in. Aids, Hepatitis, and who knows what other flues they bring. They are NOT being tested and are NOT required to get the vaccine.

  1. >YouTube’s curbing of anti-vaccine content is a strong first step.

    Jews or free speech: choose one.

    It’s emblematic of America’s decay that repugnant Jew Adam Schiff can emerge wholly unscathed from the absurd Russiagate witch hunt and still easily win reelection — no apparent consequences whatsoever for being one of the leading proponents of that travesty (along with Nadler and Schumer, also Jews).

    But I think I have even more contempt for Blumpf, who despite being reviled and persecuted by unctuous Jews throughout his administration, kissed Jew ass the entire time — and then they voted against him 4:1.

    YouTube is effectively a monopoly — due to the enormous financial resources of its parent Google, YT has access to huge server farms located around the world, which gives it streaming QoS (Quality of Service) that is generally far superior to other platforms offering video upload/streaming (other features of YT would not be difficult to duplicate) — Google does not separately report financial results for YT, so no one really knows if YT itself, as a business unit, is profitable (some suspect it is not) — Google must be forced to divest YouTube — having to operate as an independent company with a profit imperative in a competitive market, as well as pay market rate fees to Google for server capacity, YT would have to rethink its arbitrary ToS (Terms of Service) and other primarily political censorship practices.

    • >YouTube

      Also re YouTube, yesterday YT deleted the entire channel of the German language service of RT — since German authorities have denied RT a license to broadcast in DE either terrestrially (DVB) or via cable (it was only available in DE via satellite), YT was the main way German language RT programming reached Germans (and other German speakers).

      The Russians are angry because they think the German government pushed YT to delete the RT channel (which offered a lot of dissident/alternative news and programming).

      It’s rumored the Russians will retaliate, e.g. by kicking out a German broadcaster, or maybe all of them — the main candidates are Deutsche Welle, ARD, and ZDF, all German state broadcasters operating in Russia (with offices in Moscow).

  2. I agree that what’s going on re vaccine mandates is ridiculous and a further sign (if one was needed) of how abusive and malign government is (of course some private employers are also foolishly and malevolently mandating the vaccine as well).

    But the following is also true: generally, and barring other factors, e.g. union agreements or other relevant contractual conditions, employment in the US is ‘at will’ — this means an employee may be terminated at any time and for any reason (or no reason at all) — on the other side, an employee can also quit at any time and without giving a reason (even a notice period can usually be waived).

    So people who are understandably outraged about these terminations should keep this in mind and perhaps support efforts of those who would like to change the legal situation around ‘at will’ employment.

    Barring some legal remedy, which I don’t really foresee, mass non-compliance was and still is the best way to oppose this.

  3. I actually agree with your position. The virus is endemic in the U.S. and most of the world now. It needs to be controlled (good, safe vacccination is one method) and treated, but it can only be eradicated within the secure borders of a real nation with a real public health system.

    With Covid deaths now exceeding the death toll of Spanish Flu in the U.S. – a thousand times more deaths per capita compared to China – the pandemic is a lesson that be learned, to prepare for even worse disease, that is bound to appear.

    • >It needs to be controlled

      Exactly *who* needs to control it? – and *how*?

      >COVID authoritarianism continues to spiral.

      What about the above do you not understand? — do you seriously believe you can concede ‘it needs to be controlled’ without inviting/enabling ‘COVID authoritarianism’?

      The main duty/obligation of government is to preserve freedom.

      Do whatever you feel you must to safeguard yourself and your family — but please do not encourage or approve of government measures that infringe on my freedom.

      • I do not agree. Government does not exist to preserve freedom to cause harm to others, although most governments do just that: working to protect usury. Freedom to spread the contagion should not be preserved.

        • Little faggots like you are part of the problem — after having seen that people in authority know and show no self-restraint, what stupid evil NPC robotic liars they are, how they make it up as they go along, e.g. ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ turned into ‘two jabs to keep your job and feed your family’, you still endorse and invite more of it by writing ‘freedom to spread the contagion should not be preserved’.

          An EUA is not legally possible unless there are no other treatments available, which is why the Establishment set out to discredit drugs like HCQ and ivermectin so the vaccines could get an EUA — it should be the same with government coercion, and here there is an obvious alternative: YOU stay home or limit your excursions, YOU wear a mask (or two), YOU get the vaccine, etc etc — like I said, YOU take whatever steps you want to protect yourself, but let the rest of us make our own decisions re how we want to live our lives, including the risks we want to take — because we don’t want to grant government the authority to micromanage our lives, knowing they will NEVER relinquish it, and under pretext after pretext will use it again and again.

          One way to judge the moral character/quality of someone is how willing, even eager, they are to use coercion on others, or to approve its use by higher authority — by that standard, we all live amidst and (unfortunately) under the influence/control of a good many profoundly immoral people — and YOU are one of them, you piece of shit.

        • You sound exactly like the hysterical jews accusing people not vaccinated with the zero liability covid-19 vaccines of “committing another holocaust.”

          Me thinks you’re one of those Chinese babies adopted by a barren, but politically and culturally corrosive jewish couples.

    • @ anonymous When you talk about controlling things, how come hispanics, and anyone else comng in, are exempt from mandates?
      If anyone should be tested for any disease, it’s foreigners coming here. The Swine Flu came from Mexico. It’s not just Covid, either. They bring Hepatitis and AIDS. We’ve even seen Tuberculosis from Mexicans coming here.
      Yet, you’re focused on whites.

  4. Did Dementia Joe actually get a second shot of the Covid vaccine or a second shot of saline solution? What about all the other repulsive characters getting vaccines such as Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff? Are they getting vaccines injected or is it just saline for the cameras?

  5. Has the Influenza vaccine eliminated the flu? Of course not, and influenza is always with year round (like Covid-19), but the number of cases surges between December and February. On average, 36,000 Americans die from influenza complications (co-morbities), as seen in Covid-19. During the 2017-18 flu season, 61,000 Americans died due to ‘catching ‘ that particularly virulent influenza variant.

    Evidence has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of the Covid-19 vaccines exhibit low efficacy. Not only are they ineffective at protecting the vaccinated from contracting covid-19, yet these rushed to market (thanks you POS trump and “Operation Warp Speed”) without due diligence, but they are also responsible for the most vaccine related deaths combined in American history. Check out all death annually reported to VAERS by year. Those numbers don’t include dangerous side effects such as myocarditis and blood clots.

    Singapore and Israel are two of the most covid-19 vaccinated nations in the world, and they are breaking previous records for cases of the WuFlu. In addition, the so-called “Delta variant” likely is the result of evolutionary pressure accelerated by the vaccines.

    Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have lifted ALL covid-19 restrictions, and will be treating the WuFlu like any other respiratory virus. Compare that to the absolute madness taking place in the Anglosphere and the rest of Western Europe.

    There is something very sinister afoot. Despised and unpopular globalist political leaders, “medical experts,” deceitful propaganda, fear porn, lies by omission are all a part of this international psychology operation.

  6. These same health care workers were heroes until they dared to question the Politically Correct dogma concerning the Truth about Covid-19. Political Correctness is a religion. The former heroes have made themselves dangerous, evil heretics.

  7. Since the vax does so little in protecting against Covid, and cause numerous side effects and problems, one has to ask what the real intent is.
    Why would anyone take a vaccine with so many health risks, especially if you have to sign away your rights with a consent form?

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