Mike Pompeo: Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Exit

This is painful to watch.

You have to watch it though.

Hannity’s show represents where Republican politicians are at these days. The people who make the policies like Mike Pompeo – a piece of garbage who Trump moved from the CIA and put in charge of the State Department – are always on Hannity. You get a much better sense of how Republican politicians are actually going to wield power in office by watching Hannity’s show.

So, what’s the message here? The takeaway is that the peace deal with the Taliban was always fake. Trump would have never withdrawn troops from Afghanistan. He would have kept Bagram Air Force base. He would have spent more money on the Pentagon. He would have continued to defer to the generals and kept troops in Afghanistan. This would have meant going back to war with the Taliban.

Note: Hannity is still obsessing over all the SIV and green card holders who were left behind in Afghanistan.

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  1. Hunter;

    You are right, that was some painful bullshit to watch. I couldn’t finish it but I’ve seen the same thing one thousand times before anyway. Sean Hannity has to be the worst, thick as a brick, repeating whatever lies are in front of him, shedding crocodile tears over “Americans” (named Haji, Akhmed and Mohammed) he wants to bring “home”. News flash Herr Hannity; Haji, Akhmed and Mohammed are already home in Afghanistan, that’s where they belong.

    Hannity is expecting to ride DJT’s coattails into the White House in 2024. The country will be a shambles by then anyway so it’s possible DJT can pull it off. None of these people learn anything or get better so if Trump were to get elected in 2024 it’s unlikely to change things. The ruling class, particularly the worthless Republicans are incapable of changing, they will just loot what’s left of the country as things collapse along with The Usual Suspects, it’s what they do.

  2. Withdrawal was right, just the execution was bungled. Worse than Saigon. Sheer incompetence and arrogant lying idiocy. Murdering the aid worker and his family by drone strike was the cherry on top.

    • Biden’s string pullers were preoccupied with scheming of ways to use Covid to fight Red State Governors and were caught by surprise when the puppet regime folded like a deck of cards.

  3. Pompeo. The same dullard that spends more time in Israel than America and has a town and vinyard named after him. He seems trustworthy. Hannity is impressive in so much that he has taken a fake every man construction worker persona and used it to become a mouthpiece for a foreign government and irrelevant political party while also become filthy rich.

    I unfortunately hear Hannity in the background almost every night and although he is despicable he is effective. He hammers home the same meaningless shit tested phrases like “Radical socialist democrats”, “Chinese communist party”, and “Radical Islamic terrorist Taliban”. And it works. There are millions of clueless ignorant people who will argue with us tooth and nail just repeating this expressions while calling you a “racist antisemite”

  4. It looks as if Pompeo had a few hundred pounds surgically removed. The Hannity show is for aging Reagan Republican boomers, aka, the terminally stupid.

    • @Spahn I thought that as well but Hannity leads in the cable news 25 to 55 age demographic getting quite a lot more than Tucker Carlson. Even though we can’t imagine a 48 or 30 year old man watching his awful program they are. Trump made politics the new form of entertainment for tens of millions of people. Only Fox news takes the Trump side so when a 20 something year old Trump voting mechanic comes home, he is cracking a beer and sitting down to get his dosage of “based Maga news” because it is his only choice

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