The Christian Question II

I don’t agree with the anti-Christian White Nationalists.

If you were an archaeologist from the distant future and you were trying to understand the collapse of Western civilization, the idea that Christianity is inherently opposed to White identity or White people would strike you as strange. The material record would suggest otherwise. The bones of White people exploding in numbers and appearing outside of Europe in places like North America and Australia would be strongly correlated with the spread of churches. Similarly, you would be struck by the fact that the relative decline of White people in all these places coincides with the decline of Christianity.


“Two dramatic trends that for years have defined the shifting landscape of religion in America — a shrinking white Christian majority, alongside the rise of religiously unaffiliated Americans — have stabilized, according to a new, massive survey of American religious practice.

What was once a supermajority of white Christians — more than 80% of Americans identified as such in 1976, and two-thirds in 1996 — has now plateaued at about 44%, according to the new survey, which was conducted by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute. That number first dipped below 50% in 2012. …”

Robert P. Jones has written a triumphalist book and “obituary” about this called The End of White Christian America. White people are descending in sync with Christianity.

I’ve spent twenty years studying and thinking about the causes of America’s racial and cultural decline. I have also at times studied America’s religious decline which is a closely related phenomenon.

White Nationalist complaints and resentments about Christianity are driven by the perception that Christianity is antiracist, anti-White and philo-Semitic. As Christianity has become identified with these things, White Nationalist rejection and criticism of Christianity has grown. Similarly, as “racism” and “anti-Semitism” have become taboo in American culture due to the shifting composition of America’s elites, Christianity has become increasingly antiracist and Zionist. The result of this is that the Christian antiracists and anti-Christian White Nationalists lose sight of what is so unique about their own times. The former and latter will both tell you that it has always been this way and exaggerate their case.

If we were to step into our time machine again and return to the America of 1921, we would find a different landscape. “White Nationalism” is not really a thing at this point. There are no White Nationalists railing against Christianity. Instead, American identity is still strongly associated with whiteness, Anglo-Saxon culture and Protestantism. The huge divide in American society is between elite Protestants and lay Protestants over racial bigotry, increasing secularism, nativism and the unrelenting tide of Catholic immigration and the resulting loss of America’s Anglo-Saxon culture. Lothrop Stoddard has just published The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy in 1920. Elite Protestants are condemning the Klan which was a movement of lay Protestants and a liberal urban elite with a modernist sensibility is creating the institutions of what would later become the “mainstream.” Prohibition was an effort by lay Anglo-Protestants to assert control over a culture which was already slipping away from them. The same was true of immigration restriction which culminated in the Immigration Act of 1924.

By the 1920s, White Christian America is already in trouble. The Protestant establishment is beginning to crack due to the divide between modernists and fundamentalists. The rift would only continue to expand over the course of the next century. Mainline Protestant elites used to have a highly influential voice in American politics in the 19th century, but this is the beginning of the end for them. Christianity itself used to have a strong grip over the imagination of American and European elites. This has been ebbing for the better part of two centuries though and it further accelerates after Darwinism.

The seeds of America’s racial, cultural and religious decline were sown in the late 19th and early 20th century. This was a critical period which has far more to do with engineering the collapse that followed than Christian doctrine which was losing traction with Western elites.

Imperialism – In the late 19th century and early 20th century, America’s elites made the fateful choice to embark on the course of emulating the British Empire. We annexed Hawaii. We fought the Spanish American War and acquired Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and a bunch of Pacific islands. We began to impose our will on Central America and the Caribbean. In the process, we came into conflict with Imperial Germany and formed an alliance with Great Britain which ultimately led to America’s catastrophic entry into World War I. The die was cast on the road to the American Empire.

Jewish immigration – Millions of Jews immigrated to the United States from Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century. It only took them a few decades to climb into the American elite where they began to “reimagine” America’s national identity as being centered on themselves.

Mass Media – The mass media – radio, film, television, large circulation national news magazines, which would eventually fall under the control of Jews – was created in this period. This really changed everything. Previously, Americans had gotten their news from their local newspaper and their culture from going to church on Sunday and their own traditions. Culture was passed down and transmitted locally. Now, culture was created by metropolitan elites in New York and Los Angeles and beamed outward. In the 19th century, Christianity was our dominant culture. In the 20th century, Christianity became a sub-culture. There was a fundamental shift in cultural power from the Heartland to New York and Los Angeles because afterwards our culture came to be controlled by gatekeepers there.

Modernism – I’ve already written at length about how different the sensibility of America’s liberal elite was in the Victorian era and how that ended shortly after World War I. The modernists began to seize control of American institutions in the 1920s and 1930s and repudiated and inverted everything that the Victorians had valued whether it was racial purity or sexual propriety. In the 19th century, liberalism had been focused on securing civil and political rights and free-market economics. In the 20th century, liberalism changed and became obsessed with the liberation of individuals from their cultural traditions and this was due to the elite embrace of the modernist aesthetic.

Urbanization – The 1920s were the tipping point when America became a predominantly urban nation and when the cultural rift between urban America and rural America, which began with the fight over Prohibition, opened up and has continued to expand down to the present day.

The PMC – Since the 1920s, the PMC has gradually become the ruling class in America as college-educated Whites have exploded in number and meritocracy has allowed them to take over all of America’s institutions. These people are sorted by the universities and deposited in their own insular communities in large metro areas. The concentration of political, economic and cultural power in this class and their effective secession from and contempt for the rest of White America is the primary cause of our boiling culture war. It has become a bigger dividing line in our politics than race.

I don’t agree with all the anti-Christian takes.

In retrospect, we can see that racialism, eugenics, immigration restriction, nationalism, White identity and all the rest thrived in America before World War II and became taboo as a result of World War II. To put it crudely, the Devil used to be the Devil, but after World War II the Devil became Hitler. American identity became “anti-fascist” and “anti-racist” from that point on.

WASPs haven’t ruled America in generations. Railing about Christianity is on the same level. The complaints about Christianity have grown as it has become steadily more marginalized and less influential and less relevant to anything. Christianity hasn’t been our dominant culture for a century now. America isn’t a White country anymore. It is not a Christian country anymore either. It certainly isn’t a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant country and that has everything to do with the 20th century. American elites go out of their way to emphasize that America lacks a racial, cultural, ethnic and religious identity and their proudest boast is getting rid of it. Whiteness ceased to be a pillar of American national identity between 1945 and 1965. Christianity ceased to be a pillar of American national identity by 1990.

Jews and PMCs (there is a high degree of overlap between the two, but the two are not exactly the same) who live in large metropolitan areas now have the cultural whip in their hand in our times. Cultural power is concentrated in the hands of a tiny minority who control a handful of tech, news and entertainment corporations. These people are anti-White and anti-Christian. They don’t care about Jesus Christ. Few have ever stepped inside a church. They care about PRIDE Month and “trans” issues. Imagine thinking that the people who control Citibank or CNN or Facebook care about Christianity!

As for the Christian loss of power in this country, the roots of this can be traced back to the twenty years before World War I when the divide was sown between Christian elites and the Christian laity:

By the 1920s, the Protestant establishment was already against the Protestant laity.

The roots of this can be traced back to the obsession with ecumenism around the turn of the 20th century and the rise of cultural relativism around that time in philosophy, psychology and anthropology. This change swept over giddy Protestant elites in the twenty years before World War I.

In sum, it was the ideas, values and events of the 20th century that created our world. The cause lies in the recent past, not the distant past. The ideas and values like White racial identity which are so dear to White Nationalists used to be mainstream in the Victorian era, but fell out of fashion in the 20th century. Even more importantly, the ideas which White Nationalists despise like “antiracism” (pushed initially by communists) or sexual liberation (you can thank Sigmund Freud for this who was active in this time period) only ascended to their present status in the 20th century and particularly since World War II.

The churches discovered how Christianity had always been “antiracist” as the attitudes of America’s new secular elites shifted. They are consistently a lagging indicator. The same is now true of the PMC’s LGBTQ and “trans” issues. Conservative Christians are the last people in the country to embrace everything. The idea that these people are somehow driving our culture is preposterous. The role of the conservative movement in this country is to normalize and assimilate these top down social revolutions.

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  1. A Christian is a racist. To be Christian is to be a racist. And the whole idea of racism was brought about by a Jew sense of unjust persecution.

    A Christian holds Jew blood responsible for the cold blood murder of the innocent Christ. “Let his blood be on us and our children”, is the relevant biblical quote. And folks Jews agreed to racism against them until the end of time in exchange for the murder of the innocent son of God. A deal is a deal. Admit the wrong and seek salvation through Christ is the only hope for the kyke people and these racist Jew games have run their course and the curse on Jew blood still holds. Admit your wrong and accept Christ and his teaching or go to hell Jews. The choice is yours.

    • Using a quote from NPR (National Propaganda Radio) as your lead-in, explains it all.

      As a parishioner of mine has noted, time and time again, working in at least 3 NPR affiliate stations, this person encountered: Jews, overt Wiccans, Members of the Communist Party, and Faggots.

      Nothing more needs be said. NPR is a fifth columnist to destroy White America. They are all guilty.

  2. I’ve mentioned Kenneth L. Roberts book, “Why Europe Leaves Home” to you any number of times. A little more nuanuced than his contemporaries, but, every bit as hard hitting, “Why Europe Leaves Home” was a huge best seller at the time. Someone back then might not know Lothorp Stoddard or Madison Grant, but, they sure as hell knew Kenneth L. Roberts.

    If anyone was responsible for stopping Jewish and Catholic immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe it was Roberts!

    • “If America doesn’t keep out the queer, alien, mongrelized people of Southern and Eastern Europe, her crop of citizens will eventually be dwarfed and mongrelized in turn.”

      LOL. There was a time when Americans were even more racist than Nazis.

      • >There was a time when Americans were even more racist than Nazis.

        1990 called and wants its word back: ‘racist’.

        But it was a much better/more livable country for the ‘racists’, and when you’re organizing a polity and subjecting yourself to coercive taxation to keep said polity going, that’s a very important goal/criterion, wouldn’t you say?

      • Just remember when these “protestant” (watchtower tier porch monkey sect cultists) morons talk about backward countries in Europe, that they don’t like to talk about ten counties in kentucky being among the 25 worst in the USA. Those places represent the distillation of their ethnic type.

  3. Notice that the Boomer generation, which is often criticized here, has the largest % of Christians.Let me make a modest proposal- the real Achilles heel of the white gentile population is not the Boomers..- it is white Christian Fundamentalists. In the early 80’s i thought they were the Faithful Remnant, but they now have embraced the social gospel(as opposed to the true gospel) with even greater zeal(and more money) than the Mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics, Additionally. Fundamentalists alone have also embraced the weird heresy of Jewish Dispensationalism- “He who blesses Israel is blessed, he who curses Israel is cursed.” Jews are still the Chosen people” blah, blah, blah! Up until the beginning of the 20th century, almost all Christians would have considered this rank heresy! it was only when the Moody Bible Institute started promoting the Schofield Reference Bible that Fundamentalists fell under it’s spell! Apparently the founding of the new Jewish nation in 1948 made the fundamentalists jump the tracks! As a result most Southern whites are now less than worthless in our cause- how can you defeat an enemy that you won’t name, and have been taught to adore? Only Fundamentalist believe this palaver- not the Mainline Protestants or Roman Catholics- but they are useless because denominational headquarters have been taken over by liberals- as have the headquarters of fundamentalist denominations- look at the Southern Baptists and Russell Moore, and what they did to James Edwards!! But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! – Christianity is the one true religion- if you want to find it, it exists today mainly between the covers of the original king James Bible- but not in most churches!

    • There was a video online of a preacher who told the Sunday School class that “Jews are better than you”, really verbally abusing the kids. This stuff is just horrible.

  4. BS: When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil. ~ Thomas Jefferson new evil is global totalitarian “dominionist” (ie. communistic as in you will be a serf-slave- corporate borg owning nothing and renting everything “and you will love it”) messianic jew man-god monarchy for the oligarchical collectivists (ie. Trotskyite corporate communism) (their so called “hierarchical” aristocracy)!!

    It is TREASON for aid and support any foreign monarchy and it’s oligarchy waging immigration invasion forth generational war on the several sovereign Republic’s of Dixie and Yankeedom!!

    See III sec 3; Article IV sec 4; Article 1 sec 10-15 of both the Confederacy and US constitutions!!

  5. White Nationalist complaints and resentments about Christianity are driven by the perception that Christianity is antiracist, anti-White and philo-Semitic.

    This is not a ‘perception’ — all of these things, with the possible exception of (explicit) anti-whiteness, are objectively true — as I pointed out in a comment on ‘I’ part of this, the commitment of the Christian church to neoliberal egalitarianism, i.e. race blind civic nationalism, has objectively harmed and is objectively harming the interests of white people and white nations.

    To say nothing of ‘Christian Zionism’.

    I honestly do not see how anyone can question/doubt this.

    The only question is how White Nationalists address this politically — as I said, I personally am not anti-Christian.

    • Jews came out in the media and addressed the whole “loyalty to Israel first” deal. They said they are “one people” and how Zionism promotes their having loyalty to their homeland first.
      So many of Christians got behind the Bush wars and Neocons, as if it was doing “God’s work”.

      If Christianity would stop the groveling and passivity, it could be an answer to unity among whites, but right now, it’s not.

    • “…driven by the perception that Christianity is antiracist, anti-White and philo-Semitic.”

      Please note the delimiter, ‘the PERCEPTION’ that the Xtianity of the Protestant or Romanist ILK, is EVEN Christianity, is what is at stake here.

      My comment in the previous post was skimmed over:

      The 19th century Russian philosopher…Alexis Khomiakov… stated:” All Protestants are crypto-Papists… to use the datum a; whether it be preceded by the positive sign +, as with the Romanists, or with the negative -, as with the Protestants, the a remains the same.”- Birbeck, W.J. Russia and the English Church, p. 67.

      As they stand TODAY, neither a) Romanism, nor b) Protestant-schism, are CHRISTIAN assemblies.
      They are godless, graceless, heretics.

      Only their race as the Adam/Elect of God has held them this long.
      But even YHWH gave up on O.T. Israel, and sent them into 70-year Captivity.
      The Russians have known this sort of living hell… White America has yet to experience it.
      May God have mercy on us.

        • That’s the real problem with Christianity and every other religion. They’re all man-made. Religions were conjured up by men for primarily two reasons… attempt to explain things they didn’t know or understand…..and to control and exploit other people. Friar Tuck will scream and shout and damn me to Hell. I say, show me some proof or STFU.

          • Agree. Religion is about control and exploiting the masses. They complain that the tribe killed Jesus, but wasn’t that what the whole “God sent his son to die” thing is about? Wasn’t that supposed to happen?

            The lack of logic about an afterlife just kills me. If there is no proof of a god, if there is no way one can truly know about any of this, it’s all just hoping and wishing.
            So if someone picks the wrong god or religion or nothing, and this god damns them to hell for essentially not knowing, and not being able to find a way to live in the fantasy, then he isn’t worth it, because then it’s just a sadistic game.

      • “Only their race as the Adam/Elect of God has held them this long. But even YHWH gave up on O.T. Israel”:

        Your heresy is something like British Israelitism, but expanded to other European ethnicities.

  6. I can’t take the Virgin Mary nonsense. She was a unrepentant Jew to boot. Give me a version of Christianity without this bullshit and maybe I’ll take it.

        • All of you will burn in hell for eternity, and I will remind the Lord of that for your blasphemy, DOGS.

          “Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.”- Rev. 22:11

    • Yeah, this Mary stuff is really illogical. The Catholics believe that Mary was the “mother of God”, well if she was the “mother of God” that means she existed before God in order to be his mother! I doubt the Catholics ever think about what they are saying? Unless they really don’t believe in the Trinity as they claim? I will accept that Mary was the mother of the man Jesus, but, not the “mother of God”.

      I won’t even get into these various “apparitions” of Mary, or the Assumption of Mary into heaven for which even an oral tradition doesn’t exist!

      This is just more crazy Catholic stuff like Papal infallibility, Confession to a Priest, worship of Saints, etc.etc.

      • From your other comments and some more here, KRAFTY,
        according to you, The Eastern Roman Empire , Constantinople , never existed,
        Charles the Great and what he did never existed. Jews were banned from all
        power and authority and persona non grata always, official laws and policy, these are the people that “worship saints” and have art, ‘idols’ , and Charlamagne empowered
        the Church to save Europe and they did, saving Latin, losing Greek, bring back
        literature, schools universities hospitals, all while fighting the invading moslems,
        creating Germany France, Europe, stopping the Vandals, crazy savages with
        with their savage customs, raping civilization, kidnapping over a million Europeans
        and selling them to moslems, pretending to be victims when Christian armies invaded
        to stop them.



        • “Charlamagne empowered the Church to save Europe”:

          Emperor Charlie selected and crowned his Pope, weaponizing the Roman papacy for his imperial ambition, the conquest of central, southern and eastern Europe. His heretical “church” did not “save Europe” but helped to subjugate and enslave Europe.

          “according to you, The Eastern Roman Empire , Constantinople , never existed”:

          The “eastern papacy” that supported and supported by the eastern emperors wasn’t much different, only to a lesser degree. The peoples of the Middle East, North Africa, eastern Mediterranean, Anatolia and Balkans suffered under its control, wanting their own ethnic churches and willing to accept conquest by the Muslim Arabs who generally allowed them more freedom than the Romans (Byzantines).

          • The Middle Ages and much of European history has been covered on here by

            Alot happens over thousands of years , you must be KRAFTY’S SOCK PUPPET.

            YOU are on the side of the Molsems and refuse to recognize basic European history.

            Europe is on the brink a few times and one of those times Charles saves us.
            It would have been all over if it were not for his family and what they and he did.
            You wouldn’t be speaking or even writing in English right now. Literally.

            You writing here the way you write, the credit goes to Charles, smart ass posters on here.

            No credit is given to our forefathers that saved us, not legit posters. Why they here ?


            O C ARTICLE

            Remembering Constantinople – Occidental Dissent MAY 29 2021



            UK , CELTS ANGLO-SAXONS DANES VIKINGS, all warring
            VIKINGS, northern raiders, many unknown, GAULS, VANDALS, ETC
            MOSLEMS, invasion, destruction
            CHARLES MARTEL
            OTHER FAMOUS BATTLES, Europe right on the edge of total destruction.

            Christianity Saves Europe , brings everyone together, despite everything
            else that happened, many of our Western Institutions are Christian, schools, Universities, hospitals, economics, you name it, what the Monks did, many of them Warriors defending
            the West, ” icons ” ” saints ” get them, non legit posters on here,


            BE STUDENTS

          • What you fail to mention is that Christianity and Islam were both spawned from the same poisonous seed.

        • Re: “YOU are on the side of the Molsems and refuse to recognize basic European history”:

          Not so. I merely noted that ethnic orthodox churches in North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans were so tired of being persecuted, and taxed heavily and militarily drafted by the Byzantine Roman Empire that they were willing to submit to Islam instead and pay jizya.

    • “The least shall be first” does NOT mean the Negroiid race is better. The sense of “least shall be first” means those who SERVE others in love, with humility, will be saved, while those who really TAKE from others will not be saved. In the words of John Ball the fourteenth-century English renegade revolutionary priest: “work for the love of one another,” each giving “according to his ability, to each according their need”:

  7. “The bones of White people exploding in numbers and appearing outside of Europe in places like North America and Australia would be strongly correlated with the spread of churches. Similarly, you would be struck by the fact that the relative decline of White people in all these places coincides with the decline of Christianity”:

    The presence of “primitive” Christianity – such as the Amish and other Anabaptist churches, and other nonconformist churches including Russian Old Believers – correlates even more closely with rapid White population growth, although these prolific Christian groups were presecuted, and even genocided (the “Anabaptist Hunters” fully eradicated the Anapbaptists in Germany) obscuring their full potential. True moral conviction that exists not only on the individual level but also on a societal level with strong social cohesion, correlates (logically and in reality) with increasing community prosperity and health, and rapid population growth.

    Another thought: Socialism/communism as such accords with the New Testament and some Old Testament social prophecy (Amos, Hosea) while feudalism, capitalism, and other systems of class exploitation may be called: Talmudistic.

  8. The churches are like the Republican party. They know their future lies with “hispanics” or Americnds, who are going to overtake the population here. They don’t really care about whites anymore.
    So a lot of that welfare money is going to wind up in the collection plate on Sunday.

  9. More and more I think that in America anti-White just means anti-WASP. WASPdom was the only identity America ever had. Since WW2 it’s been nothing but imperial capital, zionism, with consumer serfdom on the homefront. A degenerate wasteland with no point for the citizenry.

  10. Christians have to face the question whether or not preaching the gospel is relevant to everyday decisions involving culture.

    There is no support for “Unity in Diversity” as presented today. We have seen when God
    “who changes not” made the race of Christian Israel spiritually ‘different’.

    He required this race to have a separate and
    different culture to all the peoples on earth.

    The Encyclopaedia Judaica says:

    “Belief in a common descent from Adam was taken over by Christianity, and became one of
    the fundamentals of the Christian principle of equality of all men before God”.

    This “fundamentals of the Christian principle of equality of all men” is not a fundamental Biblical teaching at all.

    What this wrong belief is, is that it denies Biblical teaching about the separate culture of those begotten “from above”.

    John 8:23 Christ said to them, (Jews) “You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world.

    1 Peter 2:9 and ye are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people acquired, that the excellences ye may shew forth of Him who out of darkness did call you to His wondrous light

    The Wisdom of Solomon in verse 5:10 “My beloved is White and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.”

    Strong’s definition of Adam means ruddy, man who shows blood in the face and is able to blush. Strong’s H119 & H120.

    The majority of pastors and teachers today have changed the Bible message that there are a people who are “above” all races.

    Their new belief is promoted by big-name evangelists, organisations like the Promise Keepers and others who have teemed up with the Pope and the Anti-White Marxist New World Order.

    Big money is poured into there programs. They are trying to, as they say, “break down the barriers and pull down the walls” that God has erected between the cultures.

    They bring indigenous culture into the schools and churches and “teach the way of the heathen”.

    The concept of promoting multiculturalism, and the fusion of all races has the support of the anti-christ!

    We have imposed upon you an alien book {Scofield Bible} and alien faith {Judeo-Christianity, a false Christianity}

    Eli Ravage, Century Magazine, 1928

    From the churches we now hear that all men of all races are of the same ‘spirit’ origin and that all can “hear”.

    They will not agree with Jesus! They must be false shepherds.

  11. Christianity’s fundamental roots are jewish. That’s the end of the analysis. Just because we fought off the virus during the middle ages and the pre-Renaissance is just that. Europeans succeeded relatively in spite of not because of Christianity. The early church was not a populist thing, no written bibles for the masses, no tv preachers. The early church leaders used it for their own power, control, and fortune. Any racial identity was incidental through ignorance of what was really written.

    Christian doctrine is fully aligned with all the toxic jewish “-isms” plaguing us today. It just took some time to metastasize fully.

    A historical example is the utter racial suicide committed by the Spanish in the new World (South America). Church sponsored miscegenation on a massive scale.

    A more recent example is the 50,000+ hordes of black invaders form Mexico. No one is complaining on strictly racial grounds.

    It wouldn’t be Christian after all.

    Time for a massive trans valuation of our infective philosophies, lest we end as a meaningful race and people. Our culture is already diseased, now were down to our biology.

  12. HW, you seem to present the church as water that fills whatever shape the secular shifts into. I agree. Historically, the church has been racist and anti-racist, democratic and monarchist, antisemitic and philosemitic, homophobic and queer, and patriarchal and anti-patriarchal. Christian history is a long and pointless contradiction. Church history alone refutes the notion that any church whether orthodox, catholic, or protestant delivers unchanging eternal moral truth. The church changes as the secular changes. You repeatedly admit this fact. Thus, Christianity grows into what is now fashionable not what has always been true. I cannot understand why you are a Christian given your admissions that Christianity is not eternally true but rather historically conditioned. I have never understood why Christian ethnonationalists hate their atheist fellow travelers. Truly, I would give tithes to a ethnonationalist, antisemitic, patriarchal, homophobic, and monarchist church organization that opposed European dispossession. However, there are none of any import in the US. Nevertheless, how can you or I judge Christianity to be true when Christianity has always been amorphous?

    • The church has always clung to its core doctrines and has been focused on the salvation of souls. It has always rendered unto Caesar. The church is also like any other institution though. Every institution can be corrupted. Every institution is swayed by powerful elites. Every institution is full of people who are under the spell of the culture of their own times. A 2nd century Christian would find much in the church that is familiar and much that is not.



    It’s not hard to nor is it hidden, you can even find good stuff on wikipedia for now.

    HW on here maybe a year ago had some good related history.

    There are very deliberate liars on these boards and other WN sites.

    They do not seem to learn nor care and wear everyone else down.

    From the other article part 1 , Krafty Lurker, uninformed or wilfully blind , making shit up,
    sure posts a lot of dribble pretending to be knowledgable and sound smart, this act
    I have seen often on many boards. Either way no credibility.

    “The Protestant Reformation brought on the greatest burst of learning, science and technology the world had seen since the days of ancient Greece and Rome. Basically because the foot of the Roman Catholic Church was removed from the neck of the northern European peoples. Up until the time of the Reformation, any learning, science or technology might be considered heritical by the Catholic Church, and the individual broadcasting these views burned at the stake.”

  14. The church under the Catholics were corrupted when Vatican 2.0 took over. The same has happened to the evangelicals. Homo’s rein supreme.

  15. Well, these are all very elaborate theories, Brad, and I am not even calling them entirely wrong, but all I need to do, is, to look at my own country. The evidence is overwhelming and is a case study both in the effects of Christianity and the different forms of Soviet and US propaganda and indoctrination.

    East Germany is the last bastion of German nationalism, white as snow and Saxony even makes Russia and Poland look liberal. It is also overwhelmingly irreligious post-communism. The push for a multi-cultural and anti-white society comes primarily from the Americanized and cosmopolitan traitor elite -> the political class and journalists (sometimes actual CIA agents and noses), from state mandated reeducation programs -> state education, especially the universities and humanities and the state mass media, domestically produced and last but not least cultural osmosis through Hollywood, pop-music and sometimes literature. It is carried equally by atheist socialist/communists, those who shall not be named and by the (north-west) German Protestants. More recently even Catholics, too.
    Sadly Protestant socialists and the you know who have a terrible history of mutual cooperation in this country since before the days of Marx and Engels, or today Merkel, Frank-Walther Steinmeier or Heiko Maas and the councils. To call them fake Christians and no true protestants, especially Steinmeier, is sadly pure cope. – Catholic Bavaria held out for a while post WW-2 and was on average more conservative than the rest of the country, except for today East Germany, but it was never really enough. And since Vatican II, then Pope Francis and finally the resignation of Cardinal Robert Sarah, the dice have been cast.

    The mistake that you make, I think, is to see the 19th and even 18th century, including the Victorian Age, as deeply religious and more specifically deeply Christian centuries. The 18th century was the age of reason where science and rationalism truly rose to the ideology of the intellectual and ruling elite, including especially of rather “based” people like Friedrich der Große. And the 19th century was a deeply materialistic century, dominated by Industrialism, Darwinism, even Scientism and the birth of the global dominating ideologies, largely born from left and right-wing Hegelianism. The intellectual roots of Marxism, Fascism and liberal Globalism all started in this century. A century which already declared God as dead. And even among the commoners the vague believe in a higher being was much more prevalent than concrete dogmatic believes. True widespread religious certainty and stability ended at the latest with the first 30-years war. – And the only true dogmatists with some influence (by proxy) I see today are the Evangelical Zionists. But what is the most devastating effect of Christianity and Islam is the effect it has on Sub-Saharan birthrates and the total inability to stop them. They are the main contributors, next to Christian-Socialist ethics driven foreign aid, that we are now looking at a tidal wave of 4 billion Africans which actually can, unlike the Muslims, snuff out Europe.

    Whites made Christianity based,, not the other way around!

    I do believe however that the Christian problem is rather on second or third place. We all know who is the clear number one. And their and the cosmopolitan oligarchies stranglehold over media, education and yeah the means of production, are more devastating. Their propaganda is VASTLY superior to that of the Soviet Union and even more anti-white.
    But yes: What I do agree on is that the white nationalist race cults in America are weird and alienating to “normies”. For better or worse white America is married to Christianity and the atheist Zoomers are hardly more conservative. Europe itself has vastly different national cases however. The simple answer is freedom of religion and respecting national difference. After all it was a French man who gave Nick Fuentes half a million in bitcoin and France is a deeply secular country today.

    • I recognize that.

      If memory serves, I said above that Christianity once dominated the imagination of Western elites, but that it had been waning for at least two centuries before the early 20th century. It is just that the shift really accelerated after Darwinism. In the United States, this split between modernist and fundamentalist Protestants led to the crackup of the Protestant establishment in the 1920s. By the 1950s, the Protestant establishment has given way to a Catholic-Jewish-Protestant interfaith establishment. The American elite became much more secular around the turn of the 20th century although this process was already well advanced in Europe. Similarly, modernism was launched in France and had spread throughout Western Europe before it arrived here in the 1910s.

      As for the Victorian era, the United States was a cultural satellite of Great Britain in this period. American elites basically emulated and followed the tastes and trends of British elites. American and British elites were much more earnestly religious in the Victorian era and there was a huge cultural upheaval in both countries after World War I. The evangelical Protestantism that was so dominant here had a different history and trajectory than German Protestantism. In Germany, state churches lingered on until the Weimar Republic and long before that all the Protestant churches had been thrown together by Frederick William III.

      In the U.S. and Britain, the culturally degenerate liberalism that so plagues the whole world today has its origins in the early 20th century. In the aftermath of World War I, there was a reaction to Victorianism. The modernist avant-garde took root in both countries. Victorian morals were savagely assaulted – antiracism, for example, was rebellious because the Victorians had been so racist. Similarly, sexual liberation and degeneration and listening jazz was a way of rebelling against the older Victorian generations. Previously, men and women were assigned their own spheres and responsibilities. Exotic foreign cultures were also romanticized.

      This dumpster fire was only just getting off the ground when World War I and World War II happened. The war against the Nazis more than anything else shaped the course of the postwar era. It is what created the taboo on “racism” which didn’t exist prior to the war.

  16. Why is this antique kyke, the neocon, Midge Rosenthal Decter so interested in Christianity ecumenialism? Why?

    Christ destroyed the Jews. The Jews no longer exist. And if people knew the fraud that was taking place it would be a very very bad thing for some people.

  17. Christianity: the religion you have to save, not the religion that saves you.

    That is why the CQ exists. Think of it this way; we have to kill a cancer in the body politic, but the chemo will also wipe out the hair.

    Folks are rejecting the chemo because of the side effects of losing hair because of vanity. What is the vanity? Christianity.

    We need a Religion that can command loyalty and belief; Christianity has lost its claim to the supernatural access to truth and will never recover. Hanging on to it is killing us.

    Something new will take its place, The Enemy wants to replace it with the New Religion.

    Only the new can fight the new. Just as we need a New Nation Now, we also could use a new religion. No small task, but necessary and thus inevitable.

  18. Saying the US was overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon Protestant in 1920 is like saying the USA was overwhelmingly Northern Yankee in 1860.

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