Poll: 84% of Trump Voters Are Worried About Anti-White Discrimination

Yet another devastating poll for the antiracist Christians and anti-Christian White Nationalists was released this morning:

University of Virginia:

The poll shows what we have long pointed out on this website. The overwhelming majority of Americans who have a positive sense of White racial identity are Christians. It is the same constituency which is worried about both the decline of Christianity and White people in America.

If this rings a bell, it is because that YouGov poll in January found a very similar result. The same constituency of Trump voters is alarmed about the attacks on Christianity and also feel persecuted for being White.

The YouGov survey asked some more penetrating questions:

It found that Trump voters say that both their racial and ethnic identity and especially their religious identity was very important to their personal identity. When given the option to say that their racial identity doesn’t matter and is completely irrelevant, only a minority agreed.

The poll asked Trump voters about the threat posed by White Nationalists and Antifa. It found strong animus toward Antifa and little animus toward White Nationalists. The typical Trump supporting normie now sees Antifa as being their enemy. This wasn’t true at the time of Charlottesville.

In related news, I recently put together a Twitter thread which shows just how radicalized Trump voters have become since Blumpf lost the 2020 election. There has been a big shift on lots of issues.

New York Times:

“P.R.R.I. also tested agreement or disagreement with a view that drives “replacement theory” — “Immigrants are invading our country and replacing our cultural and ethnic background” — and found that 60 percent of Republicans agreed, as do 55 percent of conservatives.

The Reuters/Ipsos data showed that among white Republicans, those without college degrees were far more likely to agree “that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump,” at 69 percent, than white Republicans with college degrees, at a still astonishing 51 percent. The same survey data showed that the level of this belief remained consistently strong (60 percent plus) among Republicans of all ages living in rural, suburban or urban areas. …”

60% of Republican voters now believe in the Great Replacement.

69% of White non-college voters who supported Trump are convinced that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election. 51% of White college educated voters who supported Trump agree with them. 60% of Trump voters believe that the election was stolen and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

In August, this poll found widespread support for secession with 66% of Southern Republicans and 50% of Southern Independents in support of the idea. 44% of Southern voters would support disunion.

Maybe that poll was an outlier though?

No, a separate University of Virginia poll found that a quarter of Trump voters strongly support the dissolution of the Union and over half of Trump voters are somewhat supportive of the idea at the present moment. The same poll found that 82% of Trump voters want a strong leader to crush the Left.

Here is another recent poll which I saw in the Washington Post that measured attitudes toward the opposing party:

Washington Post:

In lots of other areas, your run of the mill Trump voter have changed their views over the past two years and mostly in a good way:

We’ve seen lots of polls about increasing openness to political violence. There has been a huge change on this front over the last five years.

Business Insider:

“Less than a year after a pro-Trump mob stormed the US Capitol, nearly half of Republican voters (47%) say that “a time will come when patriotic Americans have to take the law into their own hands,” per a new nationwide survey by George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs. …

The poll also found that a majority of Republicans (55%) say “the traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast we may have to use force to save it.” About 15% of Democrats agreed with this statement, but more Americans disagreed (46%) than agreed (34%). …”

Over half of Republican voters now say in some polls that force might be necessary to save the traditional American way of life. Once again, this is another startling recent change.

In sum, the idea that White identity and Christianity are incompatible flies in the face of 1.) pretty much all of American history in which populist and ethnonationalist movements like the Klan have been Christian and 2.) all the polls which continue to show that the two are still strongly linked in our own times. While it is true that there is a loud chorus of anti-Christian White Nationalists on the internet, there is no reason to believe that these people are representative of either the “radical right” in America or even White people in America who have a positive sense of racial identity who also value their religious identity.

AmRen conducted its own poll earlier this year and found the same underlying reality. It was also released last month:

Major findings:

White racial conservatives (26 percent of white Americans) outnumber white racial liberals (16.8 percent).

A majority of whites in the Republican Party are racial conservatives.

Measured according to which issues are most important to them, white racial conservatives feel more strongly than white racial liberals about racial issues.

White identity is important to many whites across the political spectrum, but the strength of that identification influences their political views. In general, white Republicans and conservatives are much more likely to say that their race is extremely important or very important to their identity.

White Americans as a whole are trending to the right and have been doing so — at least in terms of partisan identification — for several decades. This trend continues under President Biden.

Racial issues were the top driver of ideological change among whites over the past decade. …”

Over half of Trump voters have been radicalized to some degree.

There has been a big shift in consciousness over the past five years. It seems to have accelerated over the last two years. The George Floyd riots, COVID, the rollout of systematic racism, Trump losing the election and to be sure the scenes unfolding at the border have pushed millions of people over the edge. It is not really surprising given the fact that normies began the year by storming the Capitol.

Anyway, the upshot of this post is that marginalized ideas tend to reach a tipping point and then begin to spread rapidly. This seems to be what is happening with many of our ideas on the Right with the assistance of Joe Biden and the “journalists.” The violence, censorship, civil lawsuits and repression by the “intelligence community” hasn’t stopped this. They have increased the dosage of anti-whiteness to the point where it is destabilizing the system. It is just too obvious now that antiracism is an anti-White elite ideology.

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      • Its not a crutch, its a CROSS! Wignat’s white tribalism and failed white identity issues is a crutch

        Funny you say that Michael when I was in high school a smug atheist heeb told me the same thing…

        This year has been the most eye opening of antichristian and satanic cult like behavior from libtards and maxvaxxers The final hour is getting closer and closer and what get rid of christianity then what? All the pieces just fall into place?

        I urge you all to read the book of revelations from beginning to end and ponder on the hellish backwards society that we are living in today and try to tell me we don’t need Christ

        • The Book of Revelation reveals nothing except the poor writing skills of its author. There was a great deal of controversy as to whether or not it should have even been included in the New Testament.

    • “Throw that abrahamic garbage ”

      What would replace it, new age, Hinduism, some wacko guru ?

      People need a system of belief.

        • The same one who denied the Polish their independence from aggressive Russian communism and spent the last four years of his life sucking Stalins greasy Bolshevik commie cock?!

          And then shot himself like a coward because he gave the soviet/ allied armies a full long year of easy wins and couldn’t face the crowd? That one?! Don’t bother praying to sHitler Hitler was a phony Catholic btw and greatly admired the Jesuits lot of good that did him

          • Thom,

            Why would Hitler grant independence to a country he had just fought in a war? Even had he desired it he could not fight the Soviet Union in 1939 with the French and the British at his back in France.

            Also without the intervention of the United States in the war I believe Germany wins or stalemates while owning a good portion of Europe. I do not see how the current situation would be worse with a German victory than it has been with an Allied victory.

            I am not a National Socialist and I write from a traditional Catholic viewpoint. For religious reasons Franco is more my style.

            For those keeping score I believe the last traditional Concordants between the Vatican and countries when the Church was still the Church was 1933 with Nazi Germany and 1953 with semi-Fascist Spain.

            Falling on a sword like the Romans defeated in battle or shooting one’s self is historically considered brave rather than suffer humiliation. We saw what happened to the leaders of Iraq and Libya at the merciful hands of their conquerors.

            Either way I do not consider the United States to be the country of the future. Probably Russia and or China.

          • @Cristina – That is a quite a perceptive and informed analysis– excellent points! What makes Occidental Dissent so uniquely valuable (to this reader anyway) is the unique perspective one reads in the comment section.

      • Modern organized religion is no different than organized crime – there is a hierarchy and the leadership lusts for power and prestige just like the Mafia – let Whites believe in God, Odin, no Higher Being or whoever they want and they can deal with deal with it in the afterlife but the only thing the meek will inherit in this life is the oligarchs’ boot on their face.

    • There are a few things of value in the New Testament but most has been perverted and corrupted beyond use.

    • The Antichrists are strong on your site, HW… but only because you LET THEM REMAIN on this site.

      I’ve told you for over a decade, back in the days of Denise (when she was still sane, yet lovingly shrewish) and Stonelifter, that the demise of this site would come from the godless who have become


      Because to be White, IS to be Christian. You CANNOT divorce the two. All who are White on the outside, yet are black as night within, because they HATE THE MASTER, are nothing but niggers in white clothing.

      THEY ARE CHRIST’S ENEMIES, and therefore OURS.

      How long will ye halt between two opinions? – Joshua asked that question, centuries ago.
      I’m asking the same question.

      “Satan is not an original thinker. He parodies, in everything he does, the living God. Satan wants his will to be done on earth as it is in hell. And in hell there is no heart-to-heart communion among mortals and there is no heart-to-heart connection to the living God. The Trumpers want to maintain some remnants of humanity within the confines of hell. That cannot be. You must either resist the liberals’ determination to go where no nation has gone before – to hell on earth – with all your heart and soul – which means “to the knife” – or you must acquiesce to the liberals and descend into Satan’s hell on earth.”


        • According to God’s Sovereign Predestination and Election. Repent or Perish, dude.

          Oh, and I’m not a protestant bibliolater, Chronic Doofus. As if the “Father’ before my given name at ordination wasn’t clue enough…. sheesh.

    • But do we even know who Abraham really was?

      Was Abraham really a Hebrew, much less a Semite?

      Or was he Brahma, who was even married to a woman named Sarasvati who had a handmaid named Ghaggar?

      Do you know that Hindus worship Pra-Japati (Japheth, father of the Caucasian race) as the Lord of Creation?

      Do you know that a lot of Genesis with its mention of the Elohim was written centuries after the Sumerians recorded the Saga of the Annunaki who created what is modern humanity as a slave race to mine gold and other resources for them rather than allowing them to evolve naturally?

      Do you know that Enlil and Enki respectively parallel Jahweh and Lucifer in temperament? Conversely, Enlil and Enki respectively parallel Angra Mainyu (Destructive Spirt) Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord) in the ancient Aryan Zoroastrian religion of Persia which is now modern Iran.

      Of Abraham’s wives, the origins of only ONE is deliberately obfuscated and obscured by the same people who control the narrative, and that is Keturah, who is often referred to as, “the most ignored significant person in the Bible.” Some Midrashes purport that Keturah was the concubine, Hagar, whose name was changed and whose status was upgraded to wife after remaining chaste and faithful to the man who drove her and their son into the desert to die, at the whims of his jealous wife. Other Midrashes claim Keturah was another Hamite.

      There is evidence that Keturah was a Japhethite which I believe. First, if one goes by the Biblical standpoint, to fulfill the promise of the Almighty to Abraham that his seed would be more numerous than the grains of sand, making him the father of all nations. Second, Abraham’s sons all tended to migrate back to their mother’s origins. Ishmael even ended up taking a wife from Egypt. Many of Keturah’s sons migrated back to Europe, some even ending up in India as Brahmins (sons of Abraham). Last, by the time he married Keturah at the age of 140, Abraham had acquired wealth and prestige, so it makes sense that he would make a marital alliance by taking a high-ranking Japhethite in marriage.

      The Jews managed to appropriate many religions and weave them together into an ideology based on a god who reflects them and their POV, even designating them as a chosen people who is not only set apart from the masses of asses out there but superior to them in every way, above the chain of evolution to them as a human to some lower, reasonably competent primate.

      We don’t know what Christianity was meant to be before the Jews worked tirelessly, from jump street, to infiltrate it and subvert it into the mutant called Judaeo-Christianity. But we must accept that Christianity as the designated religion for White people isn’t going anywhere, because there isn’t really anything better right now as a replacement.

      So that leaves us with one of two choices. The first choice, which as already been tried, is Christian Identity AKA Whites R The Real Jews. That has either sputtered out or been ruthlessly discredited.
      Any non-hostile White Israelite movement has been infiltrated/subverted into much more Philosemite channels, i.e. Mormon Ideology which stopped being the official White American religion and is now mixing it up just like other Judeo-Christian nominations.

      OR we can find a way to make Christianity an authentically White (preferably more muscular) European or White Adamite religion by going back to the original Replacement Theology, i.e. God divorced Judaism (which had mutated to Pharisaic Talmudism and took Christianity as His new Bride AND incorporating the more positive aspects of Mormonism, i.e. networking and the intense charity they reserve for their parishioners. Of course, incorporating our ancient Indo-Aryan belief systems would not hurt either.

        • Shut up, Woman?! To quote the Bible. Wow. LOL.

          Your response was more illuminating and instructive than you know, illustrating PERFECTLY how The Synagogue of Satan got such an tight-fisted, iron grip around the throats of collective Whites everywhere to the point of even castrating and housebreaking Christianity itself.

          WHITE MALE HUBRIS. Of course, HUBRIS is a pre-Christian GREEK theme so it is probably something ELSE that you will automatically dismiss in a typically ignorant, kneejerk reaction while quoting the Bible, of course. If you are aware of it at all.

          You also betray an appalling mental laziness, preferring to rely on a clearly compromised narrative written by people who made a point to destroy any and all other knowledge that would lead to careful analysis, real critical thinking, and REAL IDENTITY.

          I guess you lean towards Christian Identity with its Whites R The Real Jews theme which puts us in great company with the Black Hebrew Israelites. Which is why my post only irritated you, rather than give you something to think about and probably lead to debate and some kind of productive, outside the box thinking. MY BAD.

          But there ARE things like the Laws of Nature that cannot be overcome by the force of the will of a vain, foolish, prideful man. Even one with scriptures to quote that back up his stupidity. But even if you could does not mean that you should, as Dr. Fauci’s Gain of Function research proved.

          FYI, the reason Jews are kicking your White behind is they enlist ALL potential allies, especially their women into their own cause. You don’t see THEM telling THEIR women to shut up. They don’t get in their own way, by alienating women who have as much invested in their survival as they do.

          Enjoy the fruits of the tree you planted in the manure of ignorance that ONLY MEN know what is best for their posterity!

          God, I hope and pray that you’re just another TROLL that frequents these boards. For a REAL White man to have his mind so wormed by thousands of years of Jewish Supremacist ideology that he can display this abominable mixture of ignorance and arrogance is just plain tragic, but explains full well how the debacles of Charlottesville, VA and January 6, 2020 ever happened.

          Feel free to ignore any posts from me in the future as I will be paying you the same courtesy.


  1. Stuff like affirmative action has always been unpopular. Even with democrats it has been unpopular in the past. I assume maybe that has changed recently with the “reckoning on race” going on, but haven’t seen any recent data on it.

    My theory is that the real goal of affirmative action is to allow sub-par children of elites access to elite institutions. If there were an objective college entrance process based on testing, then a lot of the elites wouldn’t be able to get their kids into elite schools. By saying that testing is racist, they lower the standards so then they can just buy their children access or get in through social connections. The end result is more underperforming races admitted to top schools, but also more underperforming children of elites that never would have made the cut in a uniform entrance exam standard. Jared Kushner is a good example of this.

    • “My theory is that the real goal of affirmative action is to allow sub-par children of elites access to elite institutions. ”

      Eh, they can always buy their way in.

      More likely, to push out working class kids who have merit, replaced with POC.

      • In effect that is the same thing. The coloreds do not pose the same challenge to the children of the elite that a hard-working white kid from a normal family would.

      • “coloreds do not pose the same challenge to the children of the elite”

        That’s the essence of it.
        Especially if the elite are of the kosher breed.

    • The DILE contingent is a minority of the democrat party. Most of their BS is not even popular with democrat voters at large. A lot of people vote democrat because they want universal healthcare and progressive taxation, not because they want to turn children into trannies, force people to eat bugs, or kill White people.

      • True. Many traditional, blue collar type Democrat voters still vote Democrat simply because they hate the Republicans whom they perceive as being the party of oligarchs. This is an obsolete viewpoint of course, the oligarchs own both parties but many Democrat voters in the North/Midwest are socially conservative and hate the globo-homo bullshit.

        This applies to older Democrat voters, not younger ones who don’t know a damn thing, especially recent college graduates renowned for their complete lack of even a grain of common sense.

    • “There’s a distinction between Trump and Trump voters.”

      Is there ever.

      “But they really need to move on from him.”

      To whom ?

      • @Arrian,
        Good question! I think the point is this:- democracy will never help us. Nobody in power will ever help us, and we’ll never vote our way to an ideal white society.
        To be more on point………we need to move on from democracy and it’s bogus claims of prestige.
        Revolution may be required down the track.

    • based on my current living experience in 90% White rural central Utah,

      there is no political distinction between Trump/Trump voters:

      he was an obvious Jew-stooge scammer in 2016, but they voted for him anyway

      he then spent 4 years shitting on them, but they voted for him again anyway.

      and these stupid sheeple will do it again again in 2024.

      • That is pretty much my experience living in south west Illinois, I live in a county that went 75% for Trump in 2020, I think they’d vote for him again.

        They also seem to be anxious even eager to go off and be killed in these endless low grade wars.

        “Yes I’d love to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair for the israeli war mongers”.

        That seems to be the thinking. All these wars are for freedom and liberty, liberty and freedom, the dumb fucks can’t think this through for three seconds apparently.

      • The Jews got plans for 2024, you are going to get a treacherous Irish general and if you don’t like it you can lump it. Stanley McChrystal is the top dog right now. Mike Flynn the devil worshiper is a close second.

      • @Haxo,
        They’re likely just going for the least worst option……..in their opinion. The reality is Democrats are leftists proper while the CONNservatives just stand for nothing of real value to us.
        Lots of voters don’t ‘vote’ for someone per se. What they’re really doing is just NOT voting for the other guy by choosing his opponent instead.
        Both parties have to appear different outwardly in ways that fool the voters, but are required by law to be on the same page with major issues. We’re fools to believe we can change anything by way of the stroke of a pen on voting day. We’re not high enough up pecking order to change shit.

    • As many have noted a better division is rural vs. city with suburbs a toss up. When the wheels come off the economy the suburbs will tilt decisively red especially as the U.S. Government, in its infinite wisdom brings the diversity into the suburbs. Much of the White, suburban support for the whole Left Wing agenda is paper thin. One good kick from reality and it will collapse like a house of cards.

      • The suburban areas have been targeted and are not much different from the inner cities at this point. Once they are there they are entrenched and not going anywhere. Many of the inner cities are being gentrified and blacks can’t afford to live there. A good example would be Victorville, California.

        I was there a few years ago passing through on my way to LA from Vegas, I grabbed some food and was shocked by the amount of blacks, ghetto blacks, there. I talked to a friend that moved there from Vegas and he explained that floods of blacks are moving there from Compton, Watts and other shitholes in LA. Mexicans are pushing them out.

        Point being those blacks won’t be leaving that area. And of course crime rates will increase in what was a calm nice White area. The blacks still have ties to those in the cities and they come and go.

        • You have a good point regarding places like Compton and Watts. I didn’t know the blacks went to Victorville though, never been there. Some of them went to Phoenix or Las Vegas and other places where they haven’t exactly improved things.

          There are still many White suburbs that haven’t turned diverse in other parts of the country. Generally they are older, wealthier, well established suburban towns in generally White states. The U.S. Government has a list of these suburbs no doubt with plans for their enrichment. That is one of the reasons the Government keeps bringing wogs into the country, to destroy the remaining White areas.

  2. I note that 3/4 of Washington Generals fans still think churches are a positive influence, while increasing numbers of the Globetrotter fans agree. All but a few churches are now part of the Church of Woke, even the Salvation Army is now converged, as noted by Paul Kersey.

  3. Why are their no white nationalist Evangelical preachers? It would be easy to do that. Am I the only person in the alt-right who was raised Evangelical? I never see anyone in this movement reference having an Evangelical background or anything about the experience of growing up Evangelical, having Evangelical relatives, theology etc. It seems like everyone in the alt-right is either from a Catholic or non-practicing, vaguely Protestant type background.

    It seems like virtually no one in the alt-right is an actual follower of any religion, instead, they all use various religions and sects as ideological statements or more like fashion accessories. I don’t think I have ever seen am alt-right “Christian” ever say anything about Jesus, God or quote the Bible. You literally never see it.

    • The SPLC recently released a study on alt-right and White Nationalist podcasts and audio content. It found that James Edwards has by far the largest audience. Nick Fuentes has the largest video audience. Maybe the anti-Christian stuff is just toxic and appeals to the small audience of alt-right atheists?

      • Nah, some of our best speakers,writers, and thinkers have put the Bronze Age relic in their rearview mirrors.

        It’s a ridiculous proposition in 2021 to attach White Identitarianism to 2021 Christian churches and their obscurantist dogmas.

        As polls have shown, it’s the widely panned White baby boomers who mostly identify as Christian.

        Dr. Dutton’s take on the likelihood of Jesus’ “virgin birth.”


        It’s time to face reality.

        • “It’s time to face reality.”


          I would agree. It’s time you faced your maker, Remember, Remember.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        May I dare say that you have a strange website. On this site I have been called a Mexican–whore/animal/insect/transvestite and said I should be raped and sodomized. And I should be stripped and forcibly service donkeys in Tijuana.

        Yet on this same website I have also received 4 offers of marriage sight unseen. White nationalists OD style are interesting. I do not know what to make of you.

        • LOL.

          Such is the commentariat. This is largely my doing. I tend to default to allowing people to say whatever is on their mind. Even still, you don’t end up seeing a lot of the crazy shit which gets posted here, which doesn’t make it through the filter. I have no idea how a lot of these people come across this website. We also have people with very mixed views posting here.

          • @Cristina Romana Alva

            This is the internet.
            Filled with trolls, shills, feds, saboteurs and pimply teenagers.
            Turn a callous side to the obnoxious and spiteful.

            As for the proposals of marriage, you can now make it 5 😉

          • Mr. Wallace,

            Okay. I do appreciate that there is some moderation. The website is less brutal now than last year.

          • Pilot,

            The opposite. I am not lonely. I also do not support people who are against my race and religion. Any attention from someone like you I would find extremely disgusting. Just like I find you and a good portion of the creeps on here.

            I have mutual enemies with Occidental Dissent. That is all. I do not have to seek attention. Males automatically will give it. If you were a man you would know that.

    • It’s contradictory to be in a religion that worships the tribe who is trying to get rid of us. It’s like some kind of Stockholm Syndrome.
      The same people who deny the basic tenet of Christianity, that Christ is the Messiah, and yet, they are elevated to some saint-like status.
      It’s more than obvious what is going on.

    • Wake up the alt-right was created by Jews to steer you away from Christ. The Jews aren’t going to lead you in your savior, you got to find him on your own.

      You will know when the end is near for the Jews when they take the side of white Christians. When all are becoming aware of just who and what the Jews are that will be the only safe place to go for the Jews.

      • How contradictory. You want God to save you from his chosen people. It’s like you can’t make up your mind about the Jews.
        How much more do they have to do, for you to see they aren’t on your side, and that your god isn’t really there to help anyone?
        At least early man survived by his wits and tenacity, and didn’t sit around and mentally beg some god to fix everything.

        • Jews are the great ‘wax nose’ (!) imposters. We who are true Christians do not consider them to be ‘Chosen People’ of God. Indeed, they are damned….. since Good Friday.

          Of course, were you not a Jewish agent provocateur, you might realize that fact.
          But the veneer of your blasphemy grows thinner every day, KIKE.

          Or are you merely a ‘kike-sucker?’ Because it takes all kinds…. even among the damned.
          Misericordie, Domine.

    • “Why are their no white nationalist Evangelical preachers? ”

      A preacher with a spine ? That’s a rare bird.

      • Arrian,

        Sorry to bother you again. All 5 were made with respect with the last one being amusing as well. The 1st one was in early summer 2019 when I had only been here a month or two. He did withdraw his proposal when he realized I was younger than he thought.

        I am still counting it as 5. My rules —My Math. I have had fun on here at times despite my serious nature. I could not tell a successful joke if my life depended on it.

        • You always write about yourself and your personal business on this political blog. It’s not even anecdotal. It has little to do with politics or history. We probably know more about you, than anyone else on this forum.
          You have to realize when you do that, you open doors to criticism. Calling people “creeps” is rather amusing. You have had quite a flirty response style to several of the posters on here.
          So if they got the idea you were interested…then it went both ways. And no…males don’t automatically give attention to a female, that they have NO idea what she is like, what she looks like, and is probably not white.
          “I have mutual enemies with Occidental Dissent.”. Really? Words on a page from people you don’t know? Chill out.

          • Pilot,

            You sure are obsessed with me. Do you not have a wife or a girlfriend? I have heard that many white nationalists are homosexuals and that they hate women. Is that your situation?

            Oh well. You may get the last answer in if it makes you feel good.

      • “A preacher with a spine ? That’s a rare bird.”

        Try Steven Anderson. He’s not bad… for a baptist. Is he racially aware? Sadly, no. But he does have a spine, and he’s not a FED PLANT, like the Westboro Baptists were…. just sayin’…..

  4. “The poll shows what we have long pointed out on this website. The overwhelming majority of Americans who have a positive sense of White racial identity are Christians. It is the same constituency which is worried about both the decline of Christianity and White people in America.”

    That may well be true, but the fact is that their identity as Christians prevents them from fighting back to protect their White racial identity. White Christian Americans will die like all good Christians, on their knees, humbly and meekly accepting Yahweh’s (ill) will. As befits the followers of that particular slave religion.

    Instead on being feed to the wild beasts in the Colosseum like the faithful of the past, they are offered up to feral nogs on tiktok, all to satisfy the brown masses need for bread and circuses.

    American style Christianity will not save you.

    • WP- “their identity as Christians prevents them from fighting back to protect their White racial identity. White Christian Americans will die like all good Christians, on their knees, humbly and meekly accepting Yahweh’s (ill) will. ”

      My presence here belies your FALSEHOODS. Your lust for dissing Christianity is so great, you wouldn’t know what to do with a valid Martyr if he stood before you in the flesh. And the only slave- the IDEOLOGICAL NIGGER ON THIS SITE, are half-men like YOU!

      Because you don’t UNDERSTAND TRUE RELIGION at all. Nor (to be honest) do most American Evan-jelly-goos. The ones that ABOTL mentioned, above.

      The Entire Evangelical wing of Xtianity was infiltrated, over a hundred years ago, via the Fundamentalist/Modernist Controvery. Are you all so historically illiterate, that you only get history from what Brad G. tells you?

      Did you stop reading books when you were 18?

      1) Non-catholic Christianity was also castrated from within, by women (who should never have spoken in leadership positions) thinking/allowing Jews (who are of all people, MOST DAMNED BY YHWH GOD, for the crime of Deicide)into your seminaries, pulpits, ‘interfaith breakfasts’ and all the rest of that shit; the Three usual Suspects (the world, the flesh, and the Devil) -the last three, visibly due to the Roaring 20’s, the WWI carnage, the inability of Christians to fight their own battles, and leaving it to the STATE to determine who was good and who was ill; NOT removing heretical professors from every University ‘by any means necessary’ – up to and including lynching. Yes, when evil is abroad, and death is the only solution, one never need hesitate to do one’s Godly Duty. Men in the South did that to bLACKs who dared date white women, but the Yankees welcomes the Frankfurt School Sodomite Jews with open arms?!?!?

      2) GIVING- literally GIVING the Film industry to the faithless Jews; and allowing them to flout Jewish whores (Theda Bara) open sodomites (Ramon Navarro, Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, etc.) as if they were NORMAL. Couple that with the abolition of the Hayes Code and the Catholic Legion of Decency -as they kept films at least suggestive, rather than overt- stopping with 1967’s interracial whoring in ‘Guess who’s coming to Dinner’ and the bitchy reality of ‘Boys in the Band’ coupled with the gritty vulgarity of “Good, Bad, and [Jewish] Ugly” all around this same time, and you can easily see THE JEW AT WORK, to destroy culture. But we couldn’t have a pogrom, because of HITLER???!? Please. We now see that A.H. at least KNEW of the evil the Jew represented, whether he was a tool of them or not….

      3) Vatican II should have had the laity rise up and publicly stone the TRAITORS in the Church- from Every peritus invited to the Council, to John XXIII- but especially sodomite Paul VI!
      Because, with the Pope/Papacy compromised, it was easy pickings for the Lutherans, Episcopals, Methodists, and yes, even the SBC. The Jewish involvement/ecumenical mindset of the Charismaniacs, and their Nigger brethren, pretending to BE Church, didn’t help at all, either!

      Russia was the model of what the Jews/Bolsheviks planned to do, did and are DOING AGAIN, here in the USA. Solzhenitsyn WARNED US, and we didn’t listen. Even Jewish American Sodomite Academics warned us ‘The Closing of the American Mind’ – Bloom- and yet, all we heard for four years of Trump was ‘Russian Collusion;’ when we never bothered to understand their Renaissance (even as tarnished as it is) as a wholesale return to an OVERTLY, HIERARCHICAL, CATHOLIC CIVILIZATION that is the envy of the Faithful around the world. Instead we BELIEVED THE JEWS, who now RULE THE NATION, in teh JEWIEST CABINET EVER KNOWN. And we are approaching HELL ON EARTH- a second time.

      And YOU- you filthy son of a b-word, think that Christianity- real, conciliar, CATHOLIC Christianity- is to blame?!? Why?

      Because you’d ‘rather rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven.”

      Fucking Bastard. Go to Hell. quickly. [Heb. 12:8]

      • The ‘normie’ is indeed awakening to the sound of the anti-White drumbeat. It is getting too loud, and too close, for all but the most insulated and clueless to ignore… And there are still far too many of that number.

        Probably, it is already way too late. Even many of those who do recognize what’s going on will defer to “I don’t notice race.” There are some painful examples in my personal circle, from whom I have recently heard this.
        And as many wise commenters on this forum have noted, the normie awakens, but to what end?? There is still no White solidarity, without which we are going DOWN.

      • Johnnie, quoting scripture from your book of fairy tales does not impress me.

        But I guess in your mind, you are doing your best to please your jewish demon god, like Renfield in the insane asylum.

        Keep doing all that you can to harvest more souls for Yahweh. I am sure that (((It))) will reward you in this life and the next.

  5. I don’t believe these people even care about Whiteness or about preserving it. They have just finally realized they might become targets because of it. They will still defend their mythical religion and red white and blue, long before they will stand for their race.

  6. “That may well be true, but the fact is that their identity as Christians prevents them from fighting back to protect their White racial identity.”

    I fear that that is the case. What is the ultimate source of all the genocidal anti-White poison today? The great diving force? The jews of course. Which means that they MUST be dealt with. But christers will never overcome that one great stumbling-block that prevents them from saving their race & re-taking their birthright:

    “B-But muh Jesus wuz a jew! The bible sez God’ll bless them that bless the jews ‘n’ curse them that don’t! Case closed!”

    Many White Christians can see the shit our race is in, and can finger the culprits as “liberals” or “antifa”: that’s easy. A smaller number can see the hook-snout peeking out from behind the curtain. Only a very few of them will be able to see that hook and draw the conclusion about what must be done.

    I was raised in Evangelical atmosphere: answered the altar call to salvation when I was 15, and remained a judeophile believer for decades. So I know full well the hold it has on the minds of its adherents.

    They can play an important supporting role in the struggle for our existence in the hopefully near future, but they won’t be in the vanguard that strikes the (((root))).

    • There are some major lies which have been accepted as truth by the majority of American protestants: 1) Jews believe in the Torah (false – the Torah is filtered through the subversion/inversion of the Talmud); and 2) Jews, Muslims and Christians all worship the same God (a lie from the Freemasons, who worship Satan along with Jews); 3) Christ was a Jew (No, because he rejected the nascent Talmud and refused to bow to Satan); 4) Christianity grew out of Judaism (false – Talmudic Judaism postdates Christianity by a few centuries).

      Cyrus Scofield, a grifter or the worst sort, penned an utterly heretical bible-commentary which expounded on the Darbyist heresy just over a century ago. The publication of Scofield’s bible (by Oxford University Press) was funded with Jewish money – likely set up by Scofield’s Jewish pal at New York’s exclusive Lotus Club. One would think that the fact that Christ himself referred to the nascent Talmudists as “The Synagogue of Satan” in the Bible would be sufficient to cause Evangelicals – who pride themselves about their scriptural knowledge – to reject Scofield’s lying commentaries. Sadly not the case. Most fell for it hook, line and sinker. Chuck Baldwin is an interesting exception to the rule. He used to believe the Scofield heresy but repented of it.

      • So you’re basically saying Christianity just came out of nowhere, that it had no antecedents. And you are also claiming that Christ wasn’t jewish, something that he, his family and the jewish community he lived in all his life would have strongly disagreed with.

        Guards, remove this wretched fool from my sight.

      • “There are at least 700, who have not bowed the knee to Baal.”

        And these lazy SOB’s who are White, yet are anti-Christ, and the kind of faggoty traitors we used to shoot for aiding and abetting the enemy in wartime?

        Never forgive, never forget.

        “America has two standards of justice: when they do it to you it’s social justice, if you dare to defend yourself it’s a hate crime.” – T. Carlson

        “Rioting is a federal crime; so is arson…. Authorities could identify all of them (BLM rioters) and charge them. but they don’t.”

        “Kill the colonizers, Kill Whitey”- written upon the statue torn down of Francis Scott Key in S.F. What does this mean? In other words, “Murder AMERICANS for the color of their skin.”- T Carlson

        “Ask yourself, ‘Who is being targeted for destruction right now?’ Anyone who is not on board with their [Democrat] program…. that includes local police departments, gun owners, ‘Traditional Christianity.’ That’s not a random assortment… It’s the people standing in their way. There’s a reason that BLM Leader Shaun King called for the desecration of Churches…

        None of this should surprise us; it’s obvious. Much of the poison emanates from the universities. We keep funding them, we send our children there.”- Tucker Carlson,
        “Our Institutions are not serving us equally” broadcast

    • I agree.

      Almost everything people hate about the Boomers is Christianity in action, or at least American Christianity in action.

      People who are pro-White AND Christian are pro-White despite Christianity, not because of it.

      As you say, they may be capable of providing support, but they can’t form the vanguard of the movement to retake our lands.

      If they lead it, we’ll end up right back where we are now. Even the “magic dirt” idea of anyone who comes here turning into a rock-ribbed Murikan is just a slight tweaking of the “magic water” ritual of baptism which holds you can turn an African into a White man by sprinkling a little water on him and invoking Jesus.

  7. From Revolver:


    This aggregator has become my favorite go to for news of late. Not only do they actually call things like they are, they aren’t overtly zionist, and do hint at their understanding of the JQ without being total retards about it.

    Our media can fall by the wayside if it can’t stay relevant. At least the more independent media is moving the right direction.

  8. I do believe that there should be one diverse nation somewhere on earth……….just not in EVERY white country. Just imagine:- a nation where every race comes together, accept the good and bad that comes with it, and if you get sick of it, you have plenty of nations to return to with just your people in them.
    Ideal locations for such a state maybe Israel or the whole of Ireland (the most leftist and useless nation in Europe).
    My point is……… Why is every white nation, and ONLY white nations set up for such division when only one or two diverse countries would be suffice?
    White America is becoming more race aware as time goes on. That alone supports my suggestion.

    • “Diversity” is a recipe for conflict, and eventually “corrects” itself. Diversity is maintained through separation. Israel can have “diversity” if they want it. Other than that, I see no reason for what you suggest. I have no great love for the Irish, but I don’t feel the need to wipe them out with “diversity”.

      • The Jews have targeted Ireland for extermination as well. They’ve imported many thousands of Africans and Muslims there – egged on by a Jew in charge of their immigration ministry named Shatter. Ireland – despite a bitter fight for independence from Jew-owned Britain a century ago – is now a mere okrug of the open-air gulag EUSSR (also run by Jews through their Euro step-n-fetchits). As in most of Europe, the Irish will be a minority in their own country in a century or less absent a real change on their own part. Returning to High-Fellatin’ Franny’s version of Catholicism will not save them from extinction. As someone noted: The future belongs to those who show up for it.

        Israel is one of the least diverse places on earth – and getting moreso with each passing decade.

        • There is racial, cultural and ethnic diversity in the Zionist state but Ashkenazi jews are clearly the dominant group. Large numbers of non-jews are needed for stoop labor, organ harvesting and as “human shields” to discourage attacks from hostile neighbors.

    • “Why is every white nation, and ONLY white nations set up for such division when only one or two diverse countries would be suffice?”

      “If it’s bad for gentiles, it’s good for jews “

      • @Guys,
        Having one diverse nation somewhere is better than carving up every white nation for reasons or benefits I’m yet to be convinced of. The time for suggestions is overdue.
        One day, western guvmints everywhere will be overthrown not by us, but the brown (by then) majorities. That could be our opportunity to then go in, overthrow these lower IQ forces and rid ourselves of them at last. Do we deport or just keep them but split the nation into smaller bits to suit everyone?
        I apologize if I sound a little ‘out there’ but we can’t keep running away, or reducing our territory. They will follow us.
        One dedicated diverse nation offers choice. It’s there if you want it, but if you don’t, you can avoid it or leave.
        Just an idea.
        We’re running out of time.

        • @goose

          The world is loaded with ‘diverse’ nations.
          India 18 major languages, Russia 170 different ethnicities, South Africa , with blacks, WHITES, hindu, Chinese etc.
          They just sell americans ‘diversity’ because they know americans are ignorant of the worlds nations and the race mixed mess, that most of them are.

        • @Goose But that’s not their goal. They don’t want to make white nations diverse, for the sake of being diverse. It’s to make whites mix and get rid of the white race, who they see as a threat.
          Read about the Kalergi Plan. Totally insane, but it’s obvious they are following this. They don’t want any pure races.

  9. HW, yesterday I tried posting on your site and none of my comments went through. I thought I was banned but I couldn’t think of any reason why. I guess you were updating your site because my comment is now in moderation compared to not even waiting for moderation.

  10. >anti-Christian White Nationalists

    Look, I explained this once before, and while I can only speak for myself, as a WN I’m not ‘anti-Christian’, and I do not remember encountering too many WNs who are ‘anti-Christian’ per se; it’s just not a major issue when compared to the obvious problems of Jewish influence in a multiracial one-man-one-vote democracy with an unending influx of non-white migrants that’s changing the country beyond recognition.

    But surely you can see that the commitment of the Christian church to, and its engagement on behalf of, racial egalitarianism and race blind civic nationalism is a problem for white countries and the people who would like to preserve them, right? — when the church is actively working to demographically destroy your homeland, it’s a concern.

    Here’s a recent example from the WaPo:

    One state has never taken in refugees. Will it welcome Afghans?

    Read the article — the suggestion to take in Afghans is coming from Christians in Wyoming.

    You seem hard-headed about some things.

    • I have seen this too. There are busses and vans at the border, bringing “God’s children” into the US. They pass the plate on Sundays for donations to aid all of this.
      None of them see this as an invasion. They are totally color blind. Their focus is on making God happy, and they don’t care about race. They don’t care about “this world”, just the next, where they will get their reward.

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