Marjorie Taylor Greene: Should America Get a National Divorce?

I have mixed feelings about this.

In my head, I always knew that it would end like this. I knew that I had traveled far ahead of public opinion. I knew from studying the antebellum era how frustrating it could be to advocate for what seemed like a hopeless cause and how long it would take for White people to “wake up.” I knew that we would go through all the stages of denial, procrastination and false hope. If normies ever “woke up” one day, I knew it wouldn’t be until the last minute when the house is literal burning down around them.

Daily Mail:

“Marjorie Taylor Greene conducted a poll on her Twitter asking her followers if they feel America should divide into two different nations based on red and blue states.

‘Should America have a national divorce?’ the Republican Georgia congresswoman posed on Monday.

The three options are ‘Yes, by R & D states’, ‘No, stay together’ and ‘Undecided’.

More than 18,500 people have cast a vote as of Tuesday morning and there are still two days remaining in the polling period set out by Greene.

So far, a simple majority of survey respondents – 50.8 per cent – claim they want the country divided. Another 38.7 per cent say they want all U.S. states to stay together and 10.5 per cent say they don’t know.

Greene, a Donald Trump loyalist, has 448,300 followers on her personal Twitter and more than 331,800 on her official congressional account. …”

That’s how secession happened the first time.

The Union was dissolved in a partisan temper tantrum. The John Brown raid on Harper’s Ferry only radicalized Southerners at the very end in 1859-1860. The Democratic Party fell apart over squatter sovereignty. Lincoln was elected as a sectional candidate. The resentments and grievances had steadily built up for decades, but it only crystallized and exploded all at once. Disunion seemed distant and unlikely to happen in 1858. It would have sounded incredible to Americans in 1850.

This is something that most people don’t understand about the Old South. It is not like the secessionists spent decades building up their own institutions and mass membership organizations. Robert Barnwell Rhett, the most outspoken of the Southern fire eaters, was defeated and retired from politics when secession finally came in South Carolina. Secession had fallen on deaf ears for decades. Southerners only became radicalized in a very short period of time. We went out of the Union in a fit of rage.

We’ve now seen two recent polls – one from YouGov and another from UVA’s Center for Politics – which shows over half of Republicans and Trump supporters supporting secession. The number of Republicans who supported secession was around 25% in 2012. 40% of Texans were ready to secede from the Union in 2016. Tens of thousands of people have voted in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter poll and it is still relatively even after the national media picked up the story and shitlibs began to brigade the results. Secession has definitely entered the mainstream now that Joe Biden is president.

This is what we have always wanted to happen. I feel like I should be more excited about it, but I mainly feel drained and exhausted. I’ve gone through disappointment and disillusionment. It has been a tough five years for the organized movement. Normies are just beginning to open their eyes and entertain ideas and draw conclusions which people like us reached 10 to 20 years ago.

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  1. Who would have predicted in 1983 that the mighty USSR would dissolve in less than ten years? Or that in the summer of 1914 a World War was about to topple three European monarchies and kill 20 million people? In 1765 America was a loyal British colony. Talk of rebellion against the King was unthinkable. So world-shaking historical events can unfold when we least expect them to.

    • I’d wager that the leftists will never allow this to happen. They cannot make civilization function by themselves, and must leech off of White people. Leftists cannot allow White people to have lives free of them, as they demand that they own your mind. White people could be free of the parasites in 72 hours, if everyone would just do what needs to be done. 30 years ago, we knew this day would come, either White people would wake up, or they will end up being genocided.

    • MIPA was a meme I recently heard that people are using when a certain ethnic groups talks about how America needs to be diverse but Israel mist remain Jewish. The response: Make Israel Palestinian Again. See how they like it!

  2. “This is what we have always wanted to happen. I feel like I should be more excited about it, but I mainly feel drained and exhausted. I’ve gone through disappointment and disillusionment. It has been a tough five years for the organized movement. Normies are just beginning to open their eyes and entertain ideas and draw conclusions which people like us reached 10 to 20 years ago.”

    If you do a job long enough without seeing real fruit for your effort, eventually you are overwhelmed by spiritual apathy and just become cynical.

    You are a terrific writer, a good historical commentator, a father and a husband.

    If you are right and the normies are waking up, then this fight is theirs to shoulder finally.

    20 years of service earns retirement in the military. Maybe you should take a break or write part time for the lulz about whatever, and work a job in meatspace to pay the bills.

    Lots of us actually have jobs as surprising as that might sound.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        Krafty mentioned there might be an age minimum for this site. 2 questions. Is one required by law? And do you require on your website on your authority an age minimum?

        • Don’t let Olde Dutch pull your leg, Miss. He used to play lots of practical jokes on the late CIA Director Richard Helms.

          • @Cristina Romana Alva – I shouldn’t think so, re an age restriction. After all, this website is political and historical analysis; not something age-restricted, like pornography. Also, much appreciation for your clearly very well-informed and insightful comments. The commentary would be less valuable without you.

          • Spahnranch1970,

            Thank you. On the Evangelist Slide article his comment to me sounded very real and authoritative. You know a lot about him. Perhaps i should not take him so seriously.

          • Agreed, Cristina. You are a gem. If only our own children were as astute as you. But they’re Americans, and can’t imagine Dad might be right…. lol

  3. Yes, America should get a divorce from the jews who run this nation and the politicians. I’m not sure Greene would agree, she might have to visit a holoco$t museum or two and than apologize.

    I don’t trust anyone that grovels to the jews.

    • I think these Republicans are just playing assigned roles. They act “outraged”, say something “controversial”, then apologize, to those “offended”, and it’s a constant play acted out, over and over…which is all worse than if they never had said anything at all.

      So when they wave the blue and white flag, or do the Is-Real First thing, does anyone truly believe they are on your side?
      They’re just employees, all of them, of the US corporation. And you KNOW who the top management is.

          • The same reason they think Mark Levin is for America 1st. The same reason they listen to Hannity, and all the other so called conservatives on the radio. They’re brainwashed and told Israel is our greatest ally and it’s the Chinese and Russian who are our biggest enemy.

            Most “conservatives” can’t or won’t think outside of the box. I used to be one until I starting expanding my knowledge. I used to listen to Rush, Hannity, Levin, Savage (Weiner) until I realized they have an agenda and it’s not White America. It was pretty easy for me because I was always racially aware. Most conservatives are not.

          • I think they form an allegiance to Israel due to religion. The “Holy Land” and the “Chosen People”. They believe God wants them to take care of them.

  4. I think we should attempt to keep the idea in the public consciousness, but to push for a divorce now would be a mistake. The government is still too powerful, but it is weakening. The USA will go the way of every other empire and split up, so then the divorce will be a fait accompli.

    • Yep, as long as they keep calling it a “Democracy”, it will be destined to fail big using the usual cycle outlined by Alexander Fraser Tytler in the 18th century. I used to think we were at “complacency”, but it seems we’ve moved on and skipped right past “Apathy” and dove headlong into “Dependence” and IF it holds together much longer, we will surely round back to “Bondage”. A once and for all divorce may be the only saving grace.

  5. Here is where we will finally learn the truth about all the leftist Peacenik-hippie-make love not war-koombaya post 60s, post-history West.

    Are they really all about resolving things through peace and diplomacy, or are they full of shit about all that and ready to spill blood?

    My money is on the latter.

  6. Same. I am tired…of the talking. The noise. I don’t even pay attention to others I despise anymore, I’ve lost all interest. I visit this site and a handful of accounts on Twitter, and that’s it.

    Civil War probably will not come. And if it did, so what? Whites are old and barren. Feminism has sterilized the race. I feel like a young white child in public is like seeing a unicorn. All Red states are punctured by gaping Blue urban zones. There is no unified front. There are no heroic, noble elites like Jeff Davis able to step into the big shoes, not even close. The time for the white man and woman to pull the ripcord was in the 1960s with Desegregation. They folded. You don’t wait until you are completely and totally and utterly dispossessed to try and do something. The Confederacy didn’t wait that long and neither did their ancestors in 1776.

    • Agree and great post.
      There are no real leaders in the alleged white movement.
      Primarily because most people have not had to sacrifice or suffer anything. I also agree about the 1960s. The window of opportunity was way before the Patriot Act.
      Now, every form of technology is used against us.
      Your point about not waiting until we are totally dispossessed is the great point.
      Now, it’s all just talking, because we have NO power. You see conservatives still pretending that voting matters, and who should run, etc., because they just don’t want to admit that the party’s over.

  7. We need first to divorce ourselves from the parasite. Margie Three Names should go home and cook and clean. Who is Margie Three Names that we should follow her? As the apostle said, the women should stay at home and keep the house. She was the one out there waving the Star of Remphan, AKA, the Israeli flag. Go home, Margie.

    If it wasn’t for the treason and idiocy of The Man Who Would Be King, George Washington, we wouldn’t be in this mess. He is in hell now, powdering his wig once again and looking around for a pretty slave girl to plug. Sorry, George!! You are not in Virginia anymore, Mister Grand Master of the Blue Lodge.

    Seriously, any leaders we can follow in good conscience are NOT in Washington/Babylon/Sodom on the Potomoc.

    In the end, probably foreign powers will come and occupy this failed nation, and force a divorce on us. But yes, I pray for freedom, which means separation from the parasitic tribe, and separation from the Yankee, and his hoardes of unwanted visitors.

      • Old Enough To Be Mother,

        I am glad I checked this site before rushing off. I thank you for your sweet and helpful comment. I have received more kindness than otherwise on this site. Every once in a while I do get angry on here but I have a feeling so does everyone else.

    • Washington was basically offered kingship, and he refused it. Not sure what you think he was being treasonous against. You prefer to be a subject to the English Crown?

      • Agree. It’s funny how they try to blame Washington. The colonists felt they were being overtaxed and had no representation.
        They had more guts than people nowadays.
        The colonists went up against the King and the mighty British Empire. And they won.
        France did help them. We would need another nation to be involved.

  8. The best cases scenario is solid red states and red counties in blue states and parts of Western Canada should form one nation separate and independent from from the United States.

  9. I don’t believe it will come to a hot civil war or a formal de jure secession,

    I believe that we will continue to see what we already see. Just as Leftist Democrat enclaves ignored and openly flouted any Triumpian edicts about deporation, declaring themselves sanctuary cities and states, Republicans will become “right wing” enclaves who ignore and openly flout any Biden edicts, much the way DeSantis and Abbott are doing.

    Squishy, go-along-to-get-along True Conservative Inc, David French types will be purged by the voters.

    So, I think it will be a slow-rolling, cold civil war with de fact secession. The “union” will probably hold, but Washington is going to lose as much power and prestige at home as it does abroad. Most likely saner adults will prevail in Washington, forcing Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and Biden-Harris that it is better to hold on to the trappings of and graft obtained from power than roll the dice and lose it all by provoking the population, the majority who despise them, into open conflict.

    FEDGOV’s authority has always been in wielding soft power. Their draconian crackdown on the farcical January 6th protesters has put egg all over their stupid faces, whether they want to admit it or not. You can bet China throws it in their faces if they try to lecture them about oppressing Uyghars and probably, Russia does the same damn thing.

    I honestly think that the Democrats will hold the WH again in 2024, because the wheels are about to come off and no intelligent Republican wants to be behind the wheel of a car whose brakes have already been cut.

    My prediction is that the Republicans pick up more gubnatorial seats and local/state offices, there is a good chance they take the House because Pelosi is so toxic, the Senate is anyone’s guess, but the Dems hold onto the WH.

  10. As an outsider looking in I don’t see this happening. Especially not through a Murricah meme like this lady clown. This is so far the highest approval of separation and at that I give it a high 5% chance of happening and only for a short period of 5 years, before the sentiment has passed. The empire will find a way to rally it’s peasants with some false flag or other.

    Usually it’s the minorities in a federal state that want to secede, and within the minority there has to be an overwhelming majority of those that are for this option. There has to be a willingness to shed own blood for the cause. So it really is some 25% of republicans at best. They are scattered around a huge country. Far rom critical mass, the best thing for this cause would be another Biden Harris win in another questionable election.

    In that scenario there will be fewer red states and under no condition will blue states give away red counties. Even then, if the separation is peaceful like Checkoslovakia the Red states will get fucked and cucked from the start with republican neocon mismanagement, it wont be a white etnostate and normies will realize that it’s not just democratic party politics that’s the problem, but also a racial issue. Also the globalist bad press will make the red state mean a fascist nation and it will soon start bending over in order to placate it’s huge minority. This would be a bad separation doomed to more of the same, but worse.

    I just see the white American being shamed and guilted into more concessions and too afraid of the r word to assert himself. The sad thing is that it’s such unrealized potential.

    Only a driven white populace can create it’s state for itself, not the politicians. What would be a proper separation? Only armed rebellion on a massive scale with clearly drawn racial lines. For that, things have to get much worse. you will have to become a minority to get this and then do something like Mao did with his armed revolution. Mao did have the benefit of the century of shame behind him and huge Chinese cities being run by foreign powers with the collaboration of the Nationalist China (in name only). So he could point to that as a clear wrong. American white position of subjugation is not so clear cut. The good news is that the empire is completely incompetent in warfare and a strong domestic militia would overwhelm it in a matter of a couple of years. It would be funny if something like that succeeded and the globohomo blue states exile to Hawaii like the Nationalists did to Taiwan.

    Sorry for being all over with this comment.

    • @Gorgeous George

      I don’t see any states breaking away from the Union. I do see states breaking up. For example, there is a move by Virginians in red counties to get annexed by West Virginia. Parts of Oregon want to merge with Idaho.

      Still think any saner members of the Deep State are going to use 2022 to curb progressive overreach, so the Repugnants will end up controlling the House by large numbers and the Senate by a small majority.

      Not so sure about 2024. I don’t think the Repugnants.want the White House.

  11. I find it amazing that secession sentiment appears this strong. I can not imagine the Federals allowing it.

    I wonder if Texas were to secede from the Federal Union what Mexico would do. Perhaps continue like now with successful trade? Or more likely Texas would probably do something to stop the illegal invasion. And they would stop most of it.

    I am pretty sure Mexico would be against secession since Mexican self-interest is the current status. If the American Federal government needed military help to quell secession I think Mexico would send the army to help the Union. Too much American free money is at stake. Most or all of that would disappear with secession.

    A weakened and separated United States would be a relief to much of the world but to Mexico it would mean dealing with a separate tougher group of people in one country that is productive or a compliant other country that is full of a stranger group of people. The Mexican economy is heavily depended on the United States.

    I think if secession occurs then I support friendly trade with the new country. The new country curtailing illegal invasions does not bother me. All this secession talk might just be interesting speculation.

  12. I always get amazed at the idea some people seem to express on this site that the enemy is 9000 feet high. All I see is more and more incompetent leaders trying to push things nobody wants. Good grief, rebellions are breaking out all over the place. Airline pilots, John Deere workers, cereal workers, air traffic controllers, etc, etc, etc,
    I live in the Ozark region for instance. Nobody here pays any attention to what Biden or Fauci says or thinks. What people think in a few urban bubbles simply doesn’t matter. Sometime rebellions become wars. Sometimes they react in other ways. America is becoming like a huge clump of dry silicone cement. Push in, and resistence gets harder the more you push, then pops back when you stop. People just are beginning to ignore what people in power say. All empires end, so will this one. I just may not see it in my lifetime. “in the fullness of time” as the bible says “

    • Well, no one would care what Biden or Fauci thinks…but when they push legislation, or allow employers to mandate their experimental vax, or you lose your job, then it’s more about survival.

    • @Mark Sullivan

      My sentiments exactly.

      Prohibition was still going strong when my mother was born. That didn’t stop Americans from drinking, whether they went to speak easys or made their own and none of the government propaganda about people going blind from bathtub gin stopped people from drinking it.

      And the progressive left is getting incredible pushback over various agendas and mandates. Their imposition of draconian Chinese type social shaming and ruination systems which only hurt heritage Americans rather than protect and preserve them, is only guaranteed to generate less respect for their authority.

      I think it’s going to end up being a point of honor for formerly patriotic Americans to mess with the system. I don’t see it going to open violence or a hot war. I see what is happening now in steroids. Sick Ins, work slowdowns, boycotting public education through homeschooling, etc.

      Because Cloven Piven does more, in the end, to bolster the case for white homelands and white separation than soft power and a great economy. People with nothing left to lose become formidable adversaries after dispossession.

      Riddle me this. What do nation wrecking parasites do when they discover that their next host nation has been blessed to view their antics in real time and are on to them? No soft landing this time?

      They scramble to piece something together out of the wreckage while they regroup. All this talk of secession and another civil war from the right has them soiling their collective panties. They know that while the left did it, They were only grandstanding. But the right is serious.

  13. We’re just getting started.

    Recall Farage and Brexit, it was a 12 round bout.

    I’d put us in round 3. But yeah, a siting member of Congress calling for the Union to be Dissolved in the same year the Stars and Bars were marched through the Capitol – we have risen to the challenge in The War of the Spirit.

  14. There is one huge fallacy in your civil war argument: The South’s elites’ cash was in slaves; the North’s was in capital property.
    There won’t be a civil war over the destruction of our society or even genetics. Whites don’t operate that way.

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