Tucker Carlson: This Is Why Americans Put Up With Woke Garbage

Tucker is right.

I think even the anti-Tucker crowd here will grudgingly acknowledge the point.

The reason why this continues and no one rises up and fights back is because most people are afraid to organize and challenge the status quo. They are afraid of being labeled “racists,” getting in trouble and losing their jobs. They prefer to live their lives and gripe on the internet about their racial and cultural decline. That is just the way it is. We live in an individualistic culture. This is even true of White Nationalists. There are millions of explicit White Nationalists, but no organization among them.

It is not that millions of people don’t agree with us. They do, privately. By and large, those people aren’t willing to risk imperiling their material standard of living for their politics. They have families. It is human nature to put your own family first. These people isolate themselves and stay disorganized to protect themselves and their own families even when pretty much everyone in their area agrees with them. Their first instinct is to shield themselves and their own families with their money.

I see this every day in the Montgomery area. White people are always moving further away from the Gump. They build these nice communities way outside of town in places like Emerald Mountain. If you have enough money, you can live in a nice place like Emerald Mountain, keep your head down, raise your kids in a good area, feather your own nest and try to ignore what is going on around you. What sense does it make to challenge our elites? What can you do about it as an individual?

This strategy will probably continue until shit happens and the dollar loses its status as the world’s currency. Tucker is right that most people will put up with all kinds of outrages so long as they can continue to live in material comfort. Fiscal crisis is usually the final stage of state collapse. We can imagine ZOG getting into a fight with China over Taiwan, Walmart going tits up and the dollar crashing and becoming worthless. Millions of people will be ruined. In such a scenario, they would be so angry that they would be much less willing to put up with everything they have tolerated all these years.

Note: Peter Turchin’s formula of state collapse is Political Stress Index = Mass Mobilization Potential (MMP) x Elite Mobilization Potential (EMP) x State Fiscal Distress (SFD).

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  1. I was labelled a waysist YT the other day. I thanked him for the compliment, then invited him to listen to why I feel this way when he has the time to lend an ear. I’ll have a lot to say………and it’s all factually based!

    • @Goose – This is a badge of honor — and courage! By calling you the r-word, the world has recognized that you are unapologetically White and are going to take your OWN side. I have only publicly been called a “White b#tch” by a black girl (and no doubt much worse by many others privately!)… I’ll have to up my game 🙂

      • @Old Enough,
        Never let the ‘R’ word silence you. Too much is at stake.
        Stand your ground, and say what you believe. The left can’t win an argument with facts and figures, so try doing it with silly labels, threats and lies.
        You have a right to believe what you believe, and to say what you believe.
        ‘your such a waysist’ no longer cuts it. We’re becoming extinct in our own nations……and never gave consent to it.

  2. We put up with the “woke” garbage because most of us are still too comfortable. I emphasize still.

    • ” What can you do about it as an individual?”

      Support WHITE media, build WHITE education, create WHITE associations.

    • “Put up with”. I don’t see where we have any choice. It’s not like this stuff is coming from some radical group, it’s coming from the gubbermint.

  3. And who can we thank for this situation? The Republican party that has been working for decades to destroy labor protections and bargaining power. The same Republican party that Tucker continues to shill for.

    • I have heard Tucker highly critical of the Republican Party. He hates Lindsey Graham for example. He does shill for the few such as Rand Paul, JD Vance a few others who are decent. I don’t think it is fair to say that he shills for the Republican Party.

  4. @Brad If I had a dollar for every little lie an Irish, or Italian, or other Roman Catholic politician ever told me, I would have a lot of dollars, maybe not as many as Trump, or Bezos or even Tucker Carlson, but I would have a lot of dollars. LOL.

    A good example would be a few weeks ago, a developer was starting to work on a plan of 1/2 Million Dollar and up homes being built off of a narrow country lane. I asked the building inspector in the area if the state, and or county had done a traffic study prior to giving the builder the go ahead. The Italian Roman Catholic building inspector swore up and down that the County and the State had done traffic studies. Well, to make a long story short, I found out that, no traffic studies had been done, the Roman Catholic had lied to me. There’s nothing you can do about this kind of a lie.

    I don’t care if it is a Catholic Judge, or one of the Holy Kennedy Trinity, Catholics are congenital liars like the Jews. How can anyone organize anything with Catholics and Jews. LOL.

    • Krusty Wanker, you do know most of us just ignore you, right? Just sayin’.

      On side note, did you have a bad experience with a irish priest in the rectory back in the day?

        • Yes, because it was PLANNED to be that way- ever hear of Rose’s book, ‘Goodbye, Good Men’? (I note, Kranky, you din’t answer his question, tooo…)

          So, WP the answer must be yes…. Or Kranky’s just a racist… against Celts. But he’s still a racist.

          • @Fr. John I’m a Protestant, from an old Protestant family, I have always tried to avoid Catholic “Priests” of all discriptions including crackpots like you. LOL.

            Personally, I don’t believe in “Priests”, and, I don’t need any sort of an intermediary between myself and Jesus Christ.

          • Krafty – thanks for being honest. So I’ll ask you a question: if you don’t believe in any intermediary between yourself and Jesus Christ, how can you be your own priest? Aren’t you sinful? Aren’t you biased in even acknowledging your own sinfulness? In other words, you need an individual outside of your self, to give right judgment, just as the priests of the Old Testament did. They didn’t act on their own initiative, they were commissioned and appointed by YHWH God himself.

            If you say that Christ takes care of all that, then you are still acknowledging a priesthood – Christ’s. And if Christ designated the apostles to be priests of the new covenant, then who are you to deny that existence? And if you deny that priests exist in the new covenant, how can you do so, with the witness of Hebrews 13:10?

            “We have an altar, whereof they have no right to eat which serve the tabernacle.“

            Please note – we’re talking about: a) an altar; b) food; c) this earth and not heaven; d) a corresponding sacrifice NOT of the Mosaic Temple; e) And one in which the Jews cannot partake, because they are not Christians. f) a priesthood, because you cannot have an altar without Priests

            All I’m saying is, God established a priesthood in the Old Testament, and while the geographical/ local priesthood no longer exists in Jerusalem, a priesthood still exists- On earth, to offer sacrifice, to this day, until the Parousia. As the old hymn says: “Christ the victim, Christ the priest.“

            The concept of the “priesthood of all believers” is a nice idea, but you’ve got to acknowledge that some people are more capable of doing that office than others – for example, women cannot be Priests. They can be mothers, but men cannot.

            [Unless you are one of those liberal protestants who believe that there are 400 genders, and men can become women, and women can become men. If you do, then no… We have absolutely nothing in common to talk about. You are a heretic in that regard.]

            So, assuming you aren’t one of those godless liberal nut jobs, your argument is moot. Because, since the protestants have no sacrifice, they are still dead in their trespasses and sins, because they deny Christ’s appointment of an eternal priesthood mirroring his own priestly intercession in heaven. That is why the Orthodox, the Catholics, the Anglicans, and even some Lutherans believe that the priesthood is still valid and exists. And why protestants who don’t, are outside of the covenant. Not as bad as the Jews or the Muslims, but equally as damned. Because they deny the means of grace. And, by extension, the Holy Spirit.

            I’m not trying to be provocative, I am merely saying put your money where your mouth is. Precisely because that’s the only way you can save your soul. To bow before God and his appointed leaders, and to not “play Church.”

  5. Hunter,

    Half-agree here. People in Northern Ireland were comfortably off, but still had 30 years of The Troubles. Ethnic war broke out in Yugoslavia in the 1990s without the spur of severe poverty.

    • In Northern Ireland it would have meant, and still would mean a 30% or 40% cut in the standard of living for Ulster to merge with the Republic of Ireland.

      People forget that Tito, the communist dictator, was a Croatian. After Tito died the Croatians decided to ally with the Muslims in opposition to the Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo. As, one of my acquaintences put it, there goes the neighborhood.

  6. Inflation is just getting started and it’s going to tip over that scumbag, Dementia Joe’s schemes for “Build Back Better” and so-called “Green Energy”. Inflation is also going to ruin most people and end the U.S. Dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency. Poverty is in the future for most people in the U.S. and the good “conservatives” and “liberals” will get the chance to enjoy their precious multiculturalism and diversity up close and personal by the time the dust settles.

    As inflation takes its mighty toll there will be no more ethnic restaurants to brag about serving tasty mystery meat dishes as the neighborhood cats and dogs disappear. Enrichment classes for Zoe and Jared will be right next door as Laqueesha and Shitavious and their wonderful “famblies” become neighbors. The search for “good schools” will give way to the search for food and fuel as inflation takes its toll and the real American Dream comes true: a multi-cult, globo-homo shit stew the “liberals” and “conservatives” all get to enjoy together with their diverse friends, like it or not.

    The American fever dream of equality will finally be achieved for all except the .1%: equal poverty. At least we will still have our wonderful “democracy” and Constitution. Don’t forget to vote at least once next election and remember, Democrats are the real racists and that notorious degenerate, scumbag, whore monger, woman beater and drug addict, Saint MLK Jr. would be a Republican if were alive today. Truth is, he probably would be a Republican after collecting suitable bribes. Shows what the Republicans are worth, doesn’t it?

  7. No one organized in the Soviet Union, because they would kill you if you tried. It’s pretty much the same here, now.

    • It’s really funny that the USA is still trying to do the “leader of the free world” schtick in 2021. They’re like “we need a war to protect freedom and democracy in Taiwan” while the FBI is black bagging MAGA boomers and throwing them in secret political torture prisons for attending a Trump rally.

    • Without serious, effective party organisation, the Russian people would never have enjoyed socialism.

      This year is the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Chinese communist party, another very serious, effective organising effort that liberated the nation from a century of impoverishment and humiliation at the hands of imperialism in just 28 years.

  8. We’ve evolved into individuals. Pioneering selects for this. The problem is domestication, and the delegation of all violence to the state. Once you can’t even discipline your own wife and child, and 2 men can’t have a consensual fight, the spine of the nation will wither, and r-selected collectivist types (non-Whites) simply wait to rob, rape, and kill us from the borderlands.

    • @WASP – If White men had ‘disciplined” themselves, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  9. “The reason why this continues and no one rises up and fights back is because most people are afraid to organize and challenge the status quo. They are afraid of being labeled “racists,” getting in trouble and losing their jobs. They prefer to live their lives and gripe on the internet about their racial and cultural decline. That is just the way it is. We live in an individualistic culture. *This is even true of White Nationalists.*”

    Especially true of White Nationalists. We fear financial collectivization, and that’s why we lose.

  10. All the guns Americans have are being used as decorations. We are not disarmed physically but we are disarmed psychologically.

  11. Tucker has no principles. He denounces those who “broke the law” on Jan 6. He refers to Caitlin Jennings as a she. He was a war monger until he realized those Muslims were not going to get genicided, and they fight back. That’s why he loves Tulsi; she loved killing Muslims. Now, bored with hating on Muslims he’s railing against China . He sucks up to Latinos like its nobody’s business. If Muslims were transporting drugs , murdering ,and trafficking kids from south of the border he’d be calling them terrorists and wanting them all rounded up and tortured at Gitmo. Or droned. He goes down there to Latin America and commiserates and empathizes with their plight. Says he’d do the same, sneaking in illegally if he were them. But Chinese women who come here as tourists while pregnant he denounces! Latinos can want USA citizenship for their kids but how dare not Chinese or any non Latinos. He’s woke incorporated. The few crumbs he throws out he makes sure he is not to close to. He dots enough i’ to conform enough to the PC correct the establishment leftist deep state woke ideologues.

  12. Whitey hasn’t done anything, because the only people they can vote for (Conservatism Inc.) that could make a difference, only exist to betray them. Also, whenever nationalists tried to organize in the past, they were censored and bankrupted by spiteful Jewry, and their junior partners the Anglo elite. Do not forget the traitors, when the tide turns.

  13. my experience is that ten to fifteen years ago people used to make efforts to meet face to face. There were organizations with local branches. We still suffered problems with getting folks motivated and committed, but at least we sought each other out and were willig to meet. Today, it seems like getting a small group organized is nigh impossible. What’s different is doxing like never before but also just social media technology. Seems like everyone is plugged into a bubble and not interested in IRL. Our social activism is just memes and avatars– all virtual. Internet can be handy like a home phone, but it seems with tech’s more full blown evolution into fourth industrial revolution, we are basically neutralized by devices.

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