Republicans Will Always Be The Stupid Party

I’ve never met Brion McClanahan.

My old friend Bill Cawthon always spoke very highly of him though. For all our differences, I have a lot more in common ideologically with McClanahan than Matt Heimbach or Richard Spencer. This rant about the new Bret Baier book and conservative liberalism is ground that I have covered a thousand times here.

I’ve always been of the view that the pro-South movement in all of its various forms – this includes the SCV and the Abbeville Institute – is incapable of coexisting with “antiracism.” This is why I joined the CofCC and used to mock the Rainbow Confederates. I’m unabashedly pro-White and pro-South. This has been my consistent position for twenty years now.

Is anyone still stupid enough to believe the “Heritage Not Hate” slogan which Boomers thought was so clever a decade or two ago? I haven’t gone on Facebook in years. I don’t see how anyone can still possibly believe that “antiracism” ISN’T poison after the events of the last five years. It is like being a pro-free enterprise communist.

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  1. The Republican Party is the party of business. Business is all about making as much money as possible. Business is amoral therefore the Republican Party is amoral. The Republicans stand for nothing.

    The Democrat Party is immoral. It chooses evil such as racial hatred against Whites. The Democrats win about half the time because unlike the Republicans, they actually stand for something even if what they stand for is evil.

    You can’t beat something with nothing and the Republicans ultimately have nothing. The only reason the Republicans win about half the time is because the Democrats are so bad. The Republicans’ last slogan during election season is always the same: The other guy is worse.

  2. The Republicans have always been the party of we are not racists like the Democrats. They’re just as corrupt as the democrats but pretend they are on the opposite side. We are in this mess because of the two party stalemate.

    • Good post. I’ve thought exactly the same. The Repubs are so busy competing for the things the Dems want. Open borders, Israel first, anti-white rules, etc.
      There is no party that represents us. We Whites are without a party or anyone who cares about representing us, yet we keep the economy going.

    • @John,

      Sorry brother, but there is only one political party, and it is the party (both democrat and republican) that gave bibi netanyahu 28 standing ovations when he addressed a joint session on the US congress.

      • I would wager he already gets that.
        I saw some of those standing ovation speeches. I can’t think of any other country who gets to come into our government meetings and conduct them. Pretty telling.

  3. @. ” I’m unabashedly pro-white and pro-south, this has been my consistent position for twenty years now”, Young sir I come out of the womb, pro- white and pro-south, I go too my grave pro-white and pro-south, I would like too compliment the host of this site, you been hitting the ball real hard lately, I thank you and if I might add, you are carrying on the southern intellectual tradition, with strength and skill, you are making a difference, I thank you.

      • @Spahnranch,

        You crack me up.

        You went from being NS to “Yankee by birth, but Confederate by choice” over the past couple of years.

      • @ Spahnranch1970, defection eh !? I will think about it and get back with you on that, I thought about it, I stick with my kin, besides, I look forward too meeting you and your husband on the battlefield, you and him and your dark skinned children in tow, you are a shining example of a beautiful multiracial family. spahn ranch you are a sissy, who fights with his mouth.

      • @ Spahnranch1970, you could have been my replacement in the southern army, but that would require some manhood, which obviously you seem too be lacking, but don’t despair bagel boy, they got medication for you and your type, you don’t have to go thru life, looking like, feeling like and acting like a woman, check with your black husband, maybe he has enough money too take you too urgent care, yes, they really can help a trickbitch just like you.

      • @ Spahn ranch 11,22,33, I love the south , you don’t, we are not going too protect you from your angry black husband, you are a runaway wife and he has every right, under sharia law too chastise an uppity wench such as yourself, Dammit !!!!! Spahn, do the right thing, go back too your man and try too be a good mammy, stay off this site, you belong with the athiest’s and the fags.

      • @ Onthedownlow1970, You are a punk, the south don’t need no asshole transsexual transplant like you are banned from the southern nation, try angola, someplace like that, you will get the welcome you wish too receive,

  4. I’m pretty sure this guy lives a few minutes up the road from you, FYI. He’s better than most conservatives.

  5. The Republicans are Stupid, but the Democrats are Evil and Stupid.

    There is no real choice for people like us. If you need to participate in this illegitimate system at all, you have to become a one issue voter. You have to ignore all the other garbage when submitting your ballot, because it is so toxic and moronic when considered together.

    I am going to vote for whoever gets this inflation under control. That is my only issue going forward. Biden has been an utter disaster, far worse than Trump’s weakness and incompetence.

    • @other anonymous:

      I do not agree that the twin parties (two sides of the same coin) of U.S. “democracy” are stupid. The vetted, career politicians of the U.S. have a kind of intelligence. “Our representatives” are clever to serve and know how not to disobey the top elites that they really represent.

      “Biden has been an utter disaster, far worse than Trump’s weakness and incompetence”:

      I haven’t noticed any practical difference between either Zio-Anglo figurehead.

      “inflation under control. That is my only issue”:

      Inflation will be lightened up, when it needs to be. Populism, or other reform, appears whenever it needs to appear, as a pressure release valve to protect the System, but the System remains.

      • @commie anonymous,

        Populism is reactionary, and impotent without a veto proof supermajority. It dies out faster than it burns once promises are not achieved due to malfeasance or incompetence.

        United European social nationalism is the only way to defeat our ethnic and tribal cohesive adversaries.

        The SPLC and ADL are effective because they pick on a few atomized Pro-White, but a a solid block all on the same page, they would lose most of their abilities to inflict harm on us.

    • @non-commie anonymous,

      But rampant inflation along with unchecked levels of degeneracy are the Weimar conditions that (hopefully) will bring about Weimar solutions.

  6. “I’m unabashedly pro-White and pro-South”:

    The South will not rise again, or really rise for the first time, until it becomes unabashedly ethno-socialist.

    “it’s like being a pro-free enterprise communist”:

    There are some of those fake socialist absurdities in U.S. Congress. Yes, it is impossible to serve both God and Mammon.

  7. In politics?

    The Heart is a lonely Hunter

    It Will trap you once!

    And it will trap you Again!

    Jump over the barriers!


    Fight fire with fire????

  8. I worked for the Republicans in the early 80s. Chaired my College Republican Club in 1983, took a low level job with RPV ( Republican Party of Virginia), there on Grace Street, in Richmond.

    Doing gopher work ( go fer this go fer that), I got to hear the real rulers of the Republican Party talk, when they were in private conference.

    The money bags would come in, corporate leaders, law firm leaders, the financiers, the top lobbyists. The way they talked was opposite of everything Republicans said in public. Their contempt for us was intense, the hatred open.

    Soon I quit, and never voted till 2016, another mistake, yes a mistake.

    I understand when people, even smart people like Sam Francis was, call the Republicans the Stupid Party. He was never on the inside.

    I saw the inside in Virginia, and I saw no stupid, none at all. That is what they project to you. Trump is a master of it. No, what I saw was pure evil, in raw form.

    Its been 35+ years since then, and I sense no change in the Edomite Party. Still the same after all these years, pure evil. Youngkin is not stupid, not by a long shot, he is evil.

    • @Tim: Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m not the least surprised. But which side did Reagan fall on back in the 80s, the real Reagan? His public persona seemed sincere, was he faking it all along?

    • Conservatives ARE the stupid party, but it’s the voters who are the stupid ones. The insufferable stupidity on display in the comments section of Breitbart or Freerepublic is what allows the elite elements of the GOP to get away with their evil congame.

    • It was Mc Auliffe acting through his fellow O’Asshole Safety Director who pulled the Virginia State Police and caused the riot at Charlottesville. That’s a matter of public record isn’t it???

      How bad could Youngkin be?

      The Republicans usually have the best food, booze, money, jobs and connections. Isn’t that what politics is all about?

    • The Repuglicucks are nothing but the cheap whores of the rich socially leftist scum who utterly loathe working-class Whites. They hate Cheeto Jesus only because he gave the “Flyova white trash” false hope that encouraged them get enthusiastic about the possibility of once again having a voice in the system that the jews & the race traitor money boys had them safely frozen out of. Previously, the only “choice” allowed was between a full-on shitlib White-hater like Obongo or carpet-muncher Cankles, or a milquetoasty McCain or Jeb! who would make quiet grumbling noises as the march of (((Cultural Marxism))) continued unopposed.

      There will be no salvation in voting for those bought vermin. The shell game is rigged, The table must be kicked over.

      • It seems more extremely rich people are Democrats. If there are any extremely rich people who are not Dems, they don’t make a difference.
        Steve Jobs’ wife is worth 7 billion dollars, and used her influence to get school curriculums changed.
        Look at Bill Gates and George Soros.
        I think it’s a falsehood that Republicans represent rich business types.

      • @NBF “Previously, the only “choice” allowed was between a full-on shitlib White-hater like Obongo or carpet-muncher Cankles, or a milquetoasty McCain or Jeb! who would make quiet grumbling noises as the march of (((Cultural Marxism))) continued unopposed.”

        Exactly. That’s their goal. To keep the status quo so the invasion goes on.
        Most Americans are NOT suffering enough to even care.
        Most people don’t even care about politics or what is going on.
        There’s too many people who don’t need to work, that don’t even care about the vaccine mandate.
        People are going on vacations, spending money, going out for entertainment, buying second homes, new big vehicles. They aren’t hurting. Until all of the fun stops, they won’t care.

    • Calling Republicans “stupid” is like calling Biden “stupid”. Really underestimating your enemy. They know exactly what they are doing, and they’re successful at destroying white lives and this nation.
      When they make “bad decisions”, they are not being stupid. They are making decisions intentionally against us. Calling them stupid is giving them a free pass.

  9. Tim,

    You wrote what I have long suspected. When it comes to politics or humans I always suspect duplicity before stupidity or insanity.

  10. An openly treacherous, shabby party are better than a party with no positions on anything. With the former, at least you know what you’re getting, and what to NOT vote for, prior to putting pen to paper.
    In nations throughout the West, the ‘Conservative’ parties never reverse or oppose a single bad policy the Left brings in, apart from some useless, token words to fool the public. A friend who won’t defend you…….is as bad as an enemy proper.
    At least the Left are honest about who they are.

  11. The fact that self-professed “Identitarians” such as Spencer support Biden further demonstrates that Cultural Liberalism trumps White Solidarity, even among those involved in the Movement. I don’t buy the argument I’ve seen from him on Twitter that he supports Biden because “Biden is managing America’s foreign policy decline.” Biden may not be a neocon warhawk, and I’m glad he got America out of Afghanistan, but he’s a decades long member of the establishment, and he doesn’t fundamentally oppose an American led global order, as evidenced by his sabre rattling of China over the fake Taiwan democracy.

    The foreign policy plea is likely a decoy to cover up for the fact that cultural liberalism is shunned by half the movement. If you voted for Joe Biden, its because you’re a Cultural Liberal at heart, and you wish to see Cultural Liberalism triumph. I can see how Cultural Liberalism and Identitarianism might be connected, in the sense that Cultural Liberalism is the authentic expression of the personal and collective identity of a significant portion of White America – the college educated professionals. Like you’ve been saying since the summer of 2020, its a sensibility with these people, which inexorably leads them to support Brown immigration, trannies, climate…the whole nine yards.

    The “identitarianism” of Culture Liberals should not be respected or tolerated. It should be eradicated out of existence. It would be great if Identitarianism was decoupled from White Nationalism and the “Pro-White” mantle altogether. Fuck Alain de Benoist and his “All Cultures should be respected” platitude that started all this shit. The culture of White Liberals is the cancer of existence.

    • My take was…that Spencer supported Biden to show rejection of Trump. I could be wrong on this, but I didn’t support Trump either, but I didn’t vote for Biden.
      We need another party, and there is NO party for whites.

  12. Cheese may be commenting on this?


    Ace Of Base 1993:

    All that She Wants((( ))) what do they want?



    Fight Fire With Fire!

    Thanks HW

    You Rock!

    The South Rocks!!!!!

  13. What your kids do and how they act towards others is a reflection on you. You are responsible for your own blood. And when your own kind acts in an uncivilized manner toward innocent people you are responsible, that is your blood that killed that person. you are responsible. You raised him. He is your kind.

    I am telling racism is punishing the blood for atrocities committed against the innocent. Who is responsible for that kid killing an innocent old man. The blood is responsible, they did not raise him right.

    And anti-racism is tolerance towards those who mean the innocent harm, the Christ killers and all that want to be like them, all that want to prey on the weak and the innocent, all that want to feast on the flesh of the weak and the innocent like animals.

  14. McConnell and the rest of the GOP/RNC mainstream establishment are happy with everything that is happening.

    They are confidently betting that the pain being inflicted will most assuredly bring them back to power or shift the tide in ’22 or ’24.

    New life once again breathed into the rotting and toxic Kosher Sandwich. The endless cycle of crushed hope, permanent disappointment, and complete betrayal.

    The hardest thing for many is to not react and feed this endless cycle while the sh*t is so out of control.

    2 Trillion dollars in wealth added to the Ruling Class during the Covid 19 era.

    McConnell, McCarthy & Co. are exuberant. These are good times.

    We have to learn to take care of ourselves. They do.

    That’s the bottom line.

  15. Think locally, act locally? I propose instead what we need is to think racially and act politically!

  16. They’re not stupid, they’re crooks. Banish “Stupid Party” from your vocabulary. When you call them stupid you mitigate their crimes, stupid people can’t help themselves. Their job in the system has been literally to sell white people to their executioners. To keep white people on the plantation while they’re being assaulted, robbed, raped, murdered, dispossessed, and ultimately exterminated. Absolute evil, that’s what conservatism is. Soon the system won’t need conservatives and Republicans to perform this service, it has imported enough colonizers to rule by brute force instead of guile. But remember the crucial role Republicans and “conservatives” knowingly played in this war crime.

    • @JohntheSecond Exactly. Calling them stupid is like saying they don’t know what they are doing. Of course they know. They have agencies, experts, and counsel at their disposal.

      Sometimes, I wonder if some people just keep saying how “dumb” they are, because they cannot grasp it that they are trying to get rid of us. It’s just too hard for them to handle the idea, but throughout history, it’s repeated itself.

  17. They’re not stupid, they’re crooks. Banish “Stupid Party” from your vocabulary. When you call them stupid you mitigate their crimes, stupid people can’t help themselves.

    Very true. The McConnell’s, McCarthy’s and Kushner-Trump’s aren’t the stupid ones in this recurring con-job. The truly stupid ones are their marks – those who keep on falling for the same old flim-flam over and over again. Contract for Murika, Tea-Party, Trump-Train – what will be the next name to lure the eternally stupid into pulling the R-lever for the latest “most important erection evaaaahh!!” The sole purpose of “conservatism” is to conserve the gains made by their alleged ‘opponents’ in the establishment of a totalitarian gulag.

    As our new Kangz have shouted on occasion: Burn the bitch down!

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