Tucker Carlson: You’re Being Instructed Not To Notice This

I don’t disagree with any of this.

I’m glad that Tucker Carlson is using his platform to draw attention to the Congolese illegal alien who raped a woman on a train in Philadelphia while other people stood around and filmed it.

Is the solution to any of this Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy though? What are they going to do about it? Don’t you feel your heart swelling into a chorus of pride in this Glorious Union?

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    • @KT – Grew up in Chicago, its NW & SW sides were always white and therefore, safe. Well, until the 1990s. Downhill ever since tho as, “cultural enrichment” encroached upon those outposts of white, working class / middle class residents.

      For me, the nog dyke becoming mayor the dam giving way (speaking of dykes.) However, Rahm “Never let a good crisis go to waste” Emanuel signaled SEVERE cracks in the levee before that.

      His, “fellow white” JB Pritzker buying the governorship (a foregone “rig” if there ever was one) just a, “How many clues do you NEED to get the hell out? for me.

      I retreated from my home town last springtime, to eastern Washington state. The area of the continental US, I deem most hospitable to an, “E-state.” Time will tell on that call, but far as abandoning Chicago, been a long time since the place I grew up gone … Is what it is …

  1. Peripheral point:

    This is why America uses a fantastic amount of oil, because most all rational people know public transit is DANGEROUS!

    America uses 3 times as much oil , per capita, as other industrial nations, mostly in long commutes , to avoid ‘integration’.

    ‘Integration’ is effectively causing economic, resource, environmental and social destruction.

  2. Carlson is the only rational commentator in major media.

    ( “reality denial”, I really like that phrase.
    We need more wordsmiths on our side.
    We aren’t as proficient in creating catchy phrases as the (((others))) are.)

  3. Why would anyone interfere with the rape, “that would be racist”, you could be charged with a “hate crime”. Besides, it would be “culturally insensitive”.

    • Wait until the Afghans and other new diversity crossing the Rio Grande start roaming around. They will doing things like this all over the place, enriching White people everywhere. AG Merrick Garfinkle and his so-called DOJ approve of this too.

  4. Faux News does its part – with stories like this, aimed at its target audience – to help distract the working class from thinking about problem of the nature of the system itself.

  5. It goes without saying here that this subway/train rape was in Philadelphia, so there’s very little doubt in my mind that the people videoing and standing around while the rape proceeded were snickering “dat nigga boutta rape dat ho” while they were videoing it. This didn’t happen in the white burbs. As to the race of the victim, who knows. Congolese rapists aren’t picky.

  6. Yeah, the Nazis tried to save the world from these Zionist-Communist mongrel maniacs, but millions of white gentile Christian-Communist Allied idiots fought a war so these mutants could continue ruling the world…so what did you expect to happen?

    • And they continue to worship them and give them power. Like some of their preachers preach how the tribe is “better than you” or “more superior than us”.

  7. Was the victim black? Were the other passengers black? Did they even know it was a rape? Or was it ambiguous, like the guy was groping some passed out junkie that could have maybe been his girlfriend?

    It seems like everyone jumped to the conclusion that the victim was White and the other passengers were all White and they ignored it because of Karen memes. I haven’t really seen enough info to arrive at that conclusion.

    As for Tucker, Eric Striker pointed out the interesting fact that he is not going to be appearing at Yoram Hazony’s zionist controlled opposition conservative conference coming up in Florida. All the other big grifters of the phony “right-populist,” “trad catholic,” and “national conservative” Israeli astroturf influence operations will be there. Striker believes Tucker may be out because of his fight with the ADL.


    • Always – ALWAYS – kikes creating fake (((civnat))) orgs to lead schtupid goyeem on the endless Road to Nowhere.

      • Scroll down a bit to their “National Conservatism” magazine and take a look at the “fambly” they show sitting down to dinner. It looks like they’re all dressed up for Halloween all the time, ugly mofos. This is what they want to conserve?


        If this “National Conservatism” shit isn’t controlled opposition, nothing is.

        • What a pathetic kosher daydream right there. A group of ugly people who appear to not even be related. I’d rather see a planet-killer asteroid hit, than conserve whatever the hell that is supposed to be.

    • @Dart – According to the police who eventually arrived at the scene, it was a rape. A woman was raped on public transit by a male unknown to her, and no one intervened, according to police and local media reports. Do you seriously think this never happens??
      If you ever get your ass kicked — or raped — in public by diversity, I hope you are asked if it wasn’t just “horse-play”.

      • The definition of “rape” in the USA is ambiguous. Like I said, she could have been a junkie passed out with a needle hanging out of her arm while the guy penetrated her. To bystanders, that might look more like two animals being disgusting on public transport, a not uncommon occurrence. If it looked more like that than like rape, of course they would not intervene at all. Police just saying it was “rape” gives us no real information.

    • The fact that Tucker went to the first Yoram Hazony conference means he can never be trusted. Anyone who gets near a TV camera is working for ZOG. It really is that simple.

    • Given the outrage expressed by the the immigrant Black church lady at the beginning of the video, my guess is that the victim is non-White/non-Asian. As to her junkie status, who knows?

    • @Diversity because you are a normal red-blooded man like myself. Because like me you feel like a stranger in a strange land even though our families built this country. Because we are the villains in this story and if we do the right thing we will be the ones called out for accosting an innocent Congolese alien.

  8. Tucker not perfect and will not expose the jew for the most part but he is doing more than most when it comes to covering the crimes of the govt, whether it’s reporting on these invaders and their crimes and the “vaccine” mandates.

      • Bill O’Reilly was like that too. But I don’t even care about these trivial diversions. The big thing is them trying to destroy us by taking our jobs away.

  9. So what Tucker is saying is that during the Trump presidency this savage was given a pardon after sexually assaulting another woman and allowed to stay. But then goes right back to blaming Biden for all this. It is all so tiresome and pathetic. Dont forget Trump 2024

  10. Miranda Devine, an Australian reporter who lives in America and reports on American issues, has shined a light on illegal immigrants on the southern border being flown to all parts of America in the dead of night by Biden administration goons, and endeavouring to keep it from public view.
    Please sleep well tonight, knowing ‘your’ guvmint has your back.
    Military bases all over the world………. when they can’t even spare their own people from literal invaders.

  11. What are they going to do about rapes in Philadelphia?
    Import more enrichment perhaps? Maybe send more troops to Iraq to ‘keep Americans safe on home soil’.
    At least you have your………’democracy’.

  12. Had the Somalian rapist been a white Dane or Austrian, he would have been on the next flight out of the country.
    The authorities would have then held a press conference assuring the viewer that they will deport anyone who ‘threatens the safety of the American people’ and pretend to be tough on foreign criminals.
    Ummm…….ok , got it.

  13. People are now either too afraid or indifferent to get involved if they witness a crime being committed in front of them, so they record it on their phones instead. White citizens are basically forbidden from riding on most urban mass transit except for homeless junkies and schizos.

    How do authorities determine the age of a bluegum like the Somali primate on that rape train?

    • Like a horse, they check the teef. Speaking of teef, why doesn’t this Congolese invader have a shiny gold grill? There must be a gibs dental program for deprived blue gums who can’t afford their own grills.

  14. >Is the solution to any of this Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy though?

    A rhetorical question I know — but ‘No’ is the answer.

    But you have to ask in order to hold a mirror up to the Republitards — even then it does little good — admittedly there are few to none electable alternatives at the moment — still at some point you have to see a useless alternative for what it is and stop supporting uselessness.

  15. Tucker will not inform you about imperialism in the Congo, the reason why so many Congolese are here, and in Britain, and especially in Belgium that was led/figureheaded by Catholic King Leopold, the Second: https://medium.com/lessons-from-history/king-leopold-ii-the-man-who-murdered-10-million-people-3c587d972fbc But not just Belgium, other European little empires and especially the U.S. super empire all have bloody hands in the Congo. More musings: Can you believe it’s ten years today since Muammar Gaddafi was murdered by U.S. proxy forces under personal direction of U.S. agents (or possibly by one of the U.S. agents). Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Eugene Debs, who was released 100 years ago from political imprisonment that destroyed his health. And what’s most notable today: Russia is reaping yet another rich reward for adopting capitalism in the 1990’s in fear and slavish imiitation of the U.S.: One thousand Covid deaths per day in Russia now, thanks to the capitalist “health” policy of “herd immunity.” Hyper-capitalist India and Brazil are two more followers of U.S. herd immunity policy that are suffering the third and fourth worst per capita Covid outcomes, after the U.S. and Russia.

    • You realize that Belgium itself is a fake-country created out of the territory inhabited by Dutch Flemings and French Wallons after the defeat of Napoleon by the Rothschild-owned regimes of Britain and France. Before Napoleon it was known as part of the Spanish Netherlands. It’s been one of (((their))) important bases of operation ever since the establishment of the bogus monarchy by the Congress of Vienna. No surprise they would install some sort of pervert as “King” of such a “monarchy”. In related news, we note that Prince Andrew – the longtime client of Jeffrey Epstein – just walked away from the latest pedo changes.

      Funny how that works….

      • It helps to have friends in high places, and special pictures, video and financial records, hard copies that is, too, doesn’t it?

      • The Empire joined a war to “save” this false nation. Millions more dead, the death of Western Civilization. Anyone who believes that war was good, or worthwhile, is insane.

  16. I would like to know the demographic stats on the train passengers. We assume they are majority white but I suspect that is not the case. If the raped female was White and the majority of the train passengers were black I can’t see them coming to her aid but probably laughing and filming via phone.

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