Bill Maher: Time for a National Divorce

If you are willing to knuckle under and accept the following as the new elite consensus, the United States can be preserved in its current form:

  • White men will be demonized on the basis of their race and sex
  • Free speech is harm and “trauma”
  • Every major institution in the United States has been captured by elites who subscribe to woke progressive ideology
  • Every monument of a cisgender heterosexual White male who represents the old America like Thomas Jefferson will be torn down for being racist and problematic. The calendar will be replaced by new holidays. We will trade Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples Day and Independence Day for Juneteenth. History has already been rewritten
  • The federal government, military, law enforcement and “intelligence community” will be staffed by commissars who will purge anyone who doesn’t subscribe to woke progressive ideology
  • The “intelligence community” will be unleashed on “extremists” who question or dissent from woke progressive ideology
  • The internet will be systematically censored to repress anyone who dissents from woke progressive ideology
  • Banking will be reserved for those who subscribe to woke progressive ideology as will other privileges like flying on planes
  • Woke progressive ideology will become a litmus test to hold a professional class, academic or corporate job with those who remain inside these institutions self censoring until they are identified and doxxed and hounded out of employment by mobs
  • The judicial system will become the social justice system and will punish (or choose not to punish) people on the basis of their race, sex and ideology
  • The public schools will indoctrinate children in CRT and gender fluidity and doubtlessly other things which haven’t been imagined yet
  • The border will be abolished
  • Books will be censored by Amazon on the basis of woke progressive ideology
  • Law enforcement will either be defunded, dismantled or repurposed toward hunting down and arresting dissenters
  • It is important to understand that the Bill of Rights has been nullified. Some protected classes will continue to enjoy constitutional rights and civil liberties while “extremists” will not. Silence is violence. It is not violence to engage in physical violence against people who dissent from woke progressive ideology who no longer have rights
  • We can expect further innovations on the medical front in the name of protecting public health. Racism and gun violence have already been declared public health emergencies
  • Wealth will be systematically redistributed from cisgender heterosexual White males to BIPOC and other “marginalized” groups
  • At some point, we will get around to reparations and land redistribution like in South Africa

So, these are the conditions.

Is this really too much to ask to stop “fascism” and “authoritarianism”?

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  1. You can rest assured that the police won’t be dismantled. I’m sure the Jews and Libtards will put them to good use keeping waysis YT’s under control.
    You know what these people are like:- happy to use the very people they hate if it helps their agenda.

  2. For a “healing” sort of monologue, he sure did take at least a dozen opportunities to still make fun of white people.

  3. He’s a jew. He’s the guilty party. All of those conditions ALL OF THEM, are non-negotiable.
    Yes, Call for violence. Overthrow this demonic antichrist state.
    It’s either a White Christian Ethnostate, or death.
    And I don’t intend to die… just yet.

  4. Just the other day I had a conversation with two boomer liberal White women, both retired teachers. Upon learning that I was a Pureblood™ and didn’t plan on taking any experimental gene therapy clot shots, they both told me I should die. How do you reason with people like that? The fact is, you just can’t.

    These are mentally ill people who have no problem with forcing kids to wear masks all day at school and say “it’s your fault we can’t go back to normal” because you won’t take the “vaccine”. This is in a deep blue state in the Upper Midwest with the worst type of cucky shitlibs you could ever imagine.

  5. Bill wants to turn down the volume, stop the hate, debate in good faith, moderate views etc. but of course, it’s all in one direction: anti-White. The problem for Bill is that Whites are waking up to our dispossession and more importantly, waking up to the fact that this very real dispossession is not an act of God like a hurricane or an earthquake, it is a long standing policy of Bill’s pals who run things. Whites are finally waking up, at least enough White people to get the attention of The Usual Suspects, that is the fundamental problem Bill is really talking about here.

    The corrupt, horrible ruling class apparently is scared and that is all good. As the country disintegrates, exacerbated by shortages and inflation, people become angry and want to hold those responsible to account. Theoretically, that is the proper working of this wonderful “democratic” system we suffer under but when the ruling class is finally, even just a little bit held to account it’s suddenly an apocalypse, a disaster, Hitler is on the march again. For Bill to notice and disparagingly comment (again) in his condescending, mocking tone how terrible Whites are means these scumbags are scared.

    The truth is they need us but we don’t need them, they know it and finally, perhaps enough White people are realising this too.

    • There are two choices if you want to actually change anything: kill the Regime’s authority figures and acolytes or refuse all cooperation going forward. Either choice would succeed if followed through to the end. Noncooperation is the easiest and simplest way to win.
      Or we can all do nothing. Then the Regime will totter forward until the dollar is no longer accepted as legal tender ( i.e., the world’s reserve currency), say after China destroys our Sixth Fleet trying to defend Taiwan. At that point, the Empire cannot pay for anything, as mere taxes cannot cover the costs committed to by government policy. Then the collapse begins, as the necessities of life no longer get delivered, electronically or physically. No food, no money, no nothing. The state of nature. Among a People taught 24/7 to hate each other.
      You can guess the rest. So the moral of this story is inaction now means a return to autarky later, which none of us Moderns can handle anymore. Therefore, critiquing things changes nothing. Fight or die. The choice is that simple. How you fight is optional. Must you fight is not.

  6. Didn’t watch the video of the hideous Jew, but I can tell you 100% for sure, if you are not woke, you are worse than worthless.

    If you are not woke to the JQ, you don’t know squat. You are then dumber than the stupid midget Anglin, who just wrote that the United States is the head of a project to make a one world government.

    With everything that is happened, what kind of retard could write that? They are destroying the United States, right before our eyes.

    The United States is not in charge. The bankers are not in charge. The Chief Rabbis are in charge. Any banker steps out of line, the Rabbis can destroy him in no time.

    A National Divorce won’t solve the problem. The Jews are the problem. But if handled correctly, we might avert the Jewish plot to enact White Genocide.

    God divorced old Israel and married the Church, New Israel. I say yes to a National Divorce. But only if we are in control of our new currency, not the Yids.

    • Once you accept that the US power structure has been totally hijacked, Anglin is obviously correct. The US has been the main driver for “one world government” since WW1.

    • @Tim,
      If your restaurant pizza arrives at the table incorrectly topped with anchovies when you didn’t order that ingredient, the answer is not to cut the pizza up into eight pieces. There will likely be still anchovies on each cut piece. The solution is to get the anchovies taken off.
      Same with the secession argument:- divide the nation up, there will still be Jews, nig nogs and Hissies in each
      divided part. The same issues will play out, but just in smaller territory. Same demographics, with less land mass to call yours. Lose, lose situation.

  7. A national divorce from jews, blacks and other non Whites with no chance of reconciliation otherwise we will be back to square one.

  8. Maher once said something that struck me as true and that I still remember: ‘There is no such thing as being qualified for the job when it comes to politics — Mary Bono is in Congress because her husband skied into a tree.’ (Read the Wikipedia entry for Mary Bono here — with her post-congressional career she’s a poster woman for Beltway corruption).

    Otherwise I find Maher uninteresting and have no use for him.

    Thanks for putting the bullet list together.

  9. Great post, HW!

    – The judicial system will become the social justice system and will punish (or choose not to punish) people on the basis of their race, sex and ideology

    Two big put-down/kill YT show trials (like a one-two punch) where YT gets no justice and is totally demonized by the Red Communist fake news media for “equity’s” sake are beginning.


    The whole thing comes down to a black man making a dumb banzai attack on a white man who was armed with a shotgun and the black man making an even dumber move by pulling the shotgun towards himself trying to get the gun away from the white man who had his finger on the trigger and the black man may have actually shot himself in the process. Look what one of the earlier DAs on the case concluded (before the case was moved from the judicial system into the social justice system):

    The video made by William Bryan clearly shows the shooting in real time. From said video it appears Ahmaud Arbery was running along the right side of the McMichael truck then abruptly turns 90 degrees to the left and attacks Travis McMichael who was standing at the front left corner of the truck. A brief skirmish ensues in which it appear Arbery strikes McMichael and appears to grab the shotgun and pull it from McMichael. The shot is through Arberys right hand palm which is consistent with him grabbing and pulling the shotgun at the barrel tip, the 2nd and 3rd wounds are consistent with the struggle for the shotgun as depicted in the video, the angle of the 2nd shot with the rear of the buttstock being pushed away and down from the fight are also consistent with the upward angle of blood plume shown in the video and that McMichael was attempting to push the gun away from Arbery while Arbery was pulling it toward himself. The 3rd shot too appears to be in a struggle over the gun. The angle of the shots and the video show this was from the beginning or almost immediately became–a fight over the shotgun. Given the fact Arbery initiated the fight, at the point Arbery grabbed the shotgun, under Georgia Law, McMichael was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself. Just as importantly, while we know McMichael had his finger on the trigger, we do not know who caused the firings. Arbery would only had to pull the shotgun approximately 1/16th to 1/8th of one inch to fire weapon himself and in the height of an altercation this is entirely possible. Arberys mental health records & prior convictions help explain his apparent aggressive nature and his possible thought pattern to attack an armed man.

    OCGA16-3-21 Use of Force in Defense, once confronted with a deadly force situation an individual is allowed to use deadly force to defend themselves or others OCGA16-3-23.1 Georgia’s No Duty to Retreat Law, an individual is not required to back away from or submit to an attack; OCGA16-3-24[b] The use of force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm to prevent trespass on or other tortious or criminal interference with real property other than a habitation or personal property is not justified unless the person using such force reasonably believes that it is necessary to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.
    OCGA16-3-24.2 A person properly and legally defending themselves is immune from prosecution

    For the above and foregoing reasons, it is our conclusion there is insufficient probable cause to issue arrest warrants at this time.

    — George E. Barnhill, District Attorney, Waycross Judicial Circuit

    Plus, Ahmaud Arbery’s violent and aggressive behavior can be traced to his own fault for “literally being off his meds”.

    “…[Ahmaud Arbery] was also off something different: the drug Zyprexa, a psychiatric medication to control violent and aggressive behavior.

    Arbery had been prescribed Zyprexa after his probation officer had recommended psychiatric evaluation. However, the toxicology report showed no trace of Zyprexa in his system. He was literally off his meds.”

    — VDARE: John Derbyshire: The Arbery Show Trial Begins—More Human Sacrifices To Appease The BLM Gods, John Derbyshire, 10/22/2021.[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]


    From an article posted on American Renaissance:

    The most important civil suit against rally organizers and participants is Sines v. Kessler. The suit alleges that 10 organizations and 14 named individuals:

    conspired to plan, promote, and carry out violent events in Charlottesville. . . . Starting at least as early as the beginning of 2017 and continuing to today, they have joined together for the purpose of inciting violence and instilling fear within the community of Charlottesville and beyond.

    James Fields is listed among the defendants; the plaintiffs claim that the death and injuries from the ramming were the result of a conspiracy between Fields and the rally organizers. Kessler notes:

    [T]hey are saying the rally was just a pretext to violently attack counter protesters, specifically racial minorities. Yet they have no evidence of that. They say that we conspired with James Fields, and yet there is no evidence of that. They’ve gone through all of our text messages, all of our emails, all of our social media. . . . We have the head investigator with the CPD Steve Young testifying under oath that there is not only no conspiracy in the death of Heather Heyer, but that there was no communication with James Fields whatsoever.

    Many defendants suspect the suit really amounts to “lawfare,” i.e., a “factually baseless attempt to use bad-faith litigation to cripple them reputationally and financially.” This interpretation finds some support in lead attorney Roberta Kaplan’s response when asked what she hoped to achieve with the suit:

    We absolutely can and will bankrupt these groups. And then we will chase these people around for the rest of their lives. So if they try to buy a new home, we will put a lien on the home. If they get a new job, we will garnish their wages. The reason to do that is because we want to create a deterrence impact. So we send a message to other people that if you try to do something like this, the same thing will happen to you.

    American Renaissance, “What Really Happened at Charlottesville, Part II”, by F. Roger Devlin, 10-15-2021, a book review of Anne Wilson Smith’s Charlottesville Untold: Inside the Unite the Right Rally

    Roberta Kaplan is a radical Jewish homosexual attorney whose previous court case win led to DOMA being done away with and same-sex marriage being forced on the South against the will of the majority of the Southern people. Kaplan’s plan is to not only bankrupt these WHITE MEN and their WHITE organizations for daring to defend the Robert E. Lee statue in a peacefully intended rally which they had acquired a lawful permit for but she plans endless torture/punishment on them for the rest of their lives. You can’t have much more wicked intentions and satanic hatred than that.

    – White men will be demonized on the basis of their race and sex
    – Free speech is harm and “trauma”

    – The internet will be systematically censored to repress anyone who dissents from woke progressive ideology

    HW, I would not be surprised if this site and other sites who would dare defend White people against this anti-White social justice system will be shut down during these trials or sometime in the future in order to block all truth opposing this radical totalitarian anti-White system with its fake Ministry-of-Truth radical sjw anti-free-speech media.

    May God Save the South!

    • I was born in Brunswick, GA, and lived in nearby St. Marys for a while. I am very much familiar with the Satilla Shores subdivision, where the negro (the decedent) was looking for construction sites for his friends to rob.

      I’ve noticed that no one in the main stream media has asked the obvious – why was Aubrey “jogging” in Satilla Shores, and how did he get there from his home in the nigger-town section of Brunswick all the way to Satilla Shores??

      I’ve been told by friends in Brunswick that there is nothing in any of the police reports that address the question of how Aubrey magically transported himself from coon-town all the way out to the Satilla Shores suburban subdivision before he went “jogging”.

    • @Banned For Life – EXCELLENT post !! Should have been its own stand-alone article. Thank you for this information that is absolutely crucial to ALL White people– especially the blissfully ignorant, who have no idea of the freight train that is headed straight for them.

    • Thanks for a helpful comment about these cases; they do not get nearly enough attention on the Right.

      >conspired to plan, promote, and carry out violent events in Charlottesville

      The lawfare over Charlottesville has always seemed batshit crazy to me; the outright lies about both the event and its organizers are astounding, especially when you consider the organized violence directed at Trump supporters and others during the 2016 campaign, most of it excused or ignored — even a vicious creep like Eric Clanton got only a slap on the wrist:


      A former East Bay college philosophy professor who was charged with four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon, causing great bodily injury, has taken a deal resulting in three years of probation for an attack at a Berkeley protest last year, court records reveal. … According to Alameda County Superior Court records, Clanton entered a “no contest” plea Wednesday to one misdemeanor battery charge. The felony charges against him were dismissed

      Not to mention the way James Fields was railroaded.

    • @Mike Clements, @Old Enough To Be Your Mother, @eah

      Thank you for your positive comments. Our enemies are liars who think they can charge us with anything and all those selected for jury duty are anti-White liberal Communists like themselves who have been brainwashed by the Communist media enough to render all guilty verdicts. We have no powerful media on our side to show the truth. But as Dr Michael Hill has recently stated:

      Our trial in Charlottesville, Sines v. Kessler, begins Monday with the first day of jury selection. Please pray that justice will be done and God’s truth will be revealed in that courtroom.

      I would encourage everyone to read Anne Wilson Smith’s (daughter of Dr. Clyde Wilson) new book: Charlottesville Untold: Inside the Unite the Right Rally.

      You can purchase a paperback version of it at Amazon and other book sellers for about $25.00 or download an eBook version for only $5.00 at the publisher’s website:

      I am about 3/4 of the way through it and have learned some things about Charlottesville that I missed. I am so glad that someone took upon themselves the task of truthfully putting this all down in writing so the Yankees/Communists won’t get away with rewriting history as they always try to do.

      Here is an interview with the author Anne Wilson Smith by Dissident Mama:

      Anne Wilson Smith is the author of the brand-new “Charlottesville Untold: Inside Unite the Right” as well as “Robert E. Lee: A History Book for Kids,” both produced by the good folks at Shotwell Publishing. Having called the Republic of South Carolina home for most of her life, Smith was reared in a family that believes Southern history is something to be cherished. The daughter of preeminent Southern historian and scholar Clyde N. Wilson, Smith is a formidable researcher and writer in her own right and has taken up the difficult task of authoring two books in less than a year – even though she’s a wife and a mom of two boys – because some things just gotta be said.

      Unlike me, Wilson actually attended Charlottesville: the watershed event that forever changed our political, cultural, social, and legal landscape. So much of what ails America is built upon the government-induced, elite-supported, and media-contrived false narrative resulting from that fateful day of August 12, 2017, so Smith and I talk about some of the big-takeaways from her hot-off-the-press release.

      So if you want to grasp just how cancel culture, anarcho-tyranny, anti-whiteness, civil rights for thee but not for me, inescapable gaslighting, monument destruction, and other assorted leftist schemes have taken root and been able to grow so strong, this book is a must-read. After all, if you resist to even a modicum of the madness, dear non-woke citizen, you’ll simply get Charlottesvilled.

      Through first-hand experience, countless interviews of people who were there, in-depth media and legal research, and raw drone footage from the rally (which can be seen by linking to the book’s many QR codes), Wilson’s exposé explains what really happened and connects the dots for those who have for so long been intentionally kept in the dark about the “deadly white-supremacist rally.” After all, sunlight is the best antiseptic, and I do believe that good people are finally primed and ready for the truth. Deo vindice.

  10. If a dysfunctional country like Mexico can hold together despite all its crime, poverty and corruption then how likely is it that the US will break up?

    • @ Lickspittle1970, You should head on down to Philly, Bagel Boy, take yourself a train ride, your sissy ass will get the royal treatment, just what a queen like you deserved, I ‘m sure you can find yourself a mandingo looking garbage man and a trash can too, save yourself a few shekels, they say those testosterone blockers don’t come cheap, I guess that’s why me and the rest of founding stock america are taxed, the way we are, too pay for your testerone blockers, do us taxpayers a favor, pay for your mandingo man treatment and your testosterone blockers out of your own purse, spend your own shekels, stop bumming off of founding stock america, Bagel Boy…………..

  11. Turd Nose and other kikes & the smarter leftist race traitors are scared that things are getting out of control; that their long-planned gradual genocide of sane Whites is now being advanced too fast due to premature triumphant chutzpah after their successful ousting of Cheeto Jesus: the usurpers simply cannot resist rubbing the faces of the loathed “Flyova white trash” in humiliating defeat because they have taken total control of the all the levers of official power – but as Maher rightly says, they will be butchered like the filthy pigs they are if it finally comes down to war.

  12. Smug wormy piece of shit, a failed comedian/actor does political huckster comedy that greatly favors liberalism wags his finger at truecons when he needs his libtard audience to clap at his lame jokes and banter.

    Hates Christianity and Christ is not religious himself but has a immense respect for Judaism tho in his religiousity film his piece showpiece Judaism as more sane religion out of the main 3

  13. Many divorces are based on irreconcilable differences. If that isn’t the realty in the United States I do not know what is as regards red states and blue states. Put it this way: if America was a parent and we were her children she would have already been arrested for criminal neglect of her children!

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