Merrick Garland Gets Roasted On Capitol Hill

This was good political theater.

Progressives no longer believe in the First Amendment.

If you think this was heated, you have to wonder what Cotton and Hawley’s constituents think about Merrick Garland’s despotism back home. What are those folks thinking?

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  1. When the political grandstanding is over, no one will lose their govt job or go to jail. They put on these shows to give the impression of they’re on your side. When it’s over, they laugh and make back room deals with each other.

    • When Reagan was president and Tip O’Neill was Speaker Of the House they to pull the old Fingerpointing Routine during the day and then O’Neill would go over to the Oval Office in the evening to have a drink and shoot the shit.

    • I think you’re right John. Not one of these big bad Republicans will ever utter the words that describe what all of the White hating radicalism is about: White Genocide.

    • Cruz will be the groyper president, memed into office by Nick Fuentes

      Based conservative Latinos will be the new cultural leaders

      The white-Latino alliance will defeat political correctness, and restore morality and decency

      White-Latino marriages will shine the light on upholding family values

      Castizo-futurism is America’s future

      • That’s the Roman Catholic future you are talking about, and Latinos/Latinx/Hispanics are natural family values conservatives. LOL.

          • Olde Dutch’s beloved Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite died off almost as quickly as the woolly mammoths, LOL.

          • LOL. Well, Holy Catholic Mary, the Holy Kennedy’s and the Pope too. Hopefully, they will drive all of you Catholic bastards over the border into Mexico where you belong.

      • In that nightmarish future the U.S. would collapse to the average level of Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico or one of the other shit hole countries south of the Rio Grande. That would mean intermittent electricity at best, bribes and tributes paid to get things done and to avoid trouble, grinding, deadly poverty everywhere and the worst of these criminals rising to power in a completely unstable, dysfunctional polity. Combined with the massive nuclear arsenal the U.S. Government owns it’s hard to conceive a more nightmarish scenario than what balticus outlined above.

        The U.S. has no future the way things are going and that is primarily because of the Third World invasion of the country since 1965, most of it from south of the border. Look at California for an example of the future, such as it is. When the U.S. collapses it will be much worse than now in California because there is still a large functioning White country supporting the Third World. When that goes away it’s lights out everywhere.

        • “the U.S. would collapse to the average level of Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico or one of the other (…) countries south of the Rio Grande. That would mean intermittent electricity at best, bribes and tributes paid to get things done and to avoid trouble, grinding, deadly poverty everywhere”:

          I noted on the Nicaraguan official news site (which has become very difficult to find using Google, Edge, or other U.S. search engines) that supposedly “stupid” Mexicans are producing Russian Sputnik V, the world’s best and safest Covid vaccine, which is fully public, not for profit, and has no secret proprietary ingredients, the full formula with every trace ingredient published on the internet. So how are Mexicans stupid? But if you travel to Mexico for the safest vaccination that the U.S. does not allow, you will not be considered vaccinated when you return to the U.S.

          • You conveniently forgot to mention the recent shooting in the “low-key, care free beach town” of Tulum, Mexico which killed several foreign tourists. Apparently there were rival drug gangs extorting money from local businessmen who shot up the tourist area. Tulum is in the supposedly “safe”, tourist friendly part of Mexico so one can imagine (or not) the horror show that is Mexico writ large south of the Rio Grande. Violence is endemic throughout Mexico.


            The false narrative that Mexico is a great place and by extension so is the rest of S. America and Central America gets innocent people killed who travel to these shitholes believing they are safe when they are really extremely dangerous. The danger comes from the violent nature of the people who live there. When these people come to the U.S. they bring their violence, superstitions, misogyny and anarchy with them.

            The problem is the people from these places. Mexico doesn’t have tragic dirt and the U.S. doesn’t have magic dirt that civilizes these people when they steal across the border.

        • @ the metropolitan areas will collapse, the farms, the forest, the desert, the plains, the small towns, they will be just fine, this is where the crops are raised, where the herds are, where the resources are, this.fair.and blessed land, is as good as it ever been. The people are the problem, those among us, who survive the fall of BABYLON, hopefully will remember these hard times and will appreciate and cherish this revived southern republic……


          • 12AX7

            Additionally, much of the crime goes unreported.
            Mexico is heavily dependent on tourism, they go to serious lenghts guarding thier reputation.

      • There is definitely something to the White-Latin Alliance…a hammer blow to the vaunted “Black-Jewish Alliance” birthed in the Sixties.

      • That reads like a Jaye Ryan comment. Latinos gain nothing from an alliance with pro-Whites. We have zero political power, and they are NOT on our side.

      • balticus, White-Latino marriages?? That is genocidal for my people, White people of European descent. Those who care about the survival of Whites must oppose any such thing.

  2. I am really getting tired of all of this Anti-Semitism – how dare these goyim question one of God’s Chosen People!

    • Crazy Dipstick (CD) I know you’re joking, but really. Don’t give the (((Tribe))) ANY legitimacy, at ANY time.

      First, they are not Semites.
      Secondly, they are not God’s Chosen People.
      Third, they are psychopathic neurotics.. who should all be behind barbed wire…. FOR OUR SAFETY.

      Fourth, they killed Christ… as they themselves admit, openly- for their ears, but lie, for ours.

      “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account …
      (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

      HW, the latest issue of ‘Imprimis’ has an article entitled, ‘The January 6 Insurrection Hoax,’ by one Roger Kimball, editor and publisher of ‘The New Criterion.’

      Are the sheeople awakening? Please, God…..

  3. Garfinkel not Garland. There are actually laws in Europe prohibiting such name changes. Now I understand why.

  4. Expect very, very few of normie republitard voters to make a connection between merrick garland’s tyranny and his background/ethnicity. All you will hear from so called conservatives is how the biden administration(which is run mostly by jews) is the new fourth reich and how a jew like merrick garland would do well in nazi germany. These brainwashed tools on breitbart/gateway pundit seem to completely look over the east german communist police state, but go straight to nazi/third reich references. They call jew soros a nazi and antifa brownshirts. Just pathetic and ignorant. That’s what talk radio/fox news addiction does to your mind.

    • Yep…just saw a “Fourth Reich” comment on Amren, as a matter of fact. Those people are so clueless.

      • Its meme. It is done on purpose. They are not clueless. When they repeat it, they know exactly why they are doing it.

        With calling jewish leftists facist-nazis, they condition people to not look into the fact that communism was founded by jews. They condition people to hate nazis and facists, because they are associated with racial nationalism which weakens jewish power.

        Its all about herding people away from communism and nationalism, towards jewish controlled capitalism, while keeping jews as a group safe from expulsion.

      • @Diversity is Genocide – The AmRen comment section is utterly hopeless in its cluelessness.

        • Commander Rockwell, Dr. Oliver and Terrible Tom Metzger repeatedly warned us about milquetoast racial conservatives like Peter Brimelow and Jared Taylor, Madame.

  5. It would be far better if they stopped all of the talk. Trump would talk big, and take on the Dems verbablly. “He really showed THEM!”, the MAGA people would say. But he never did anything. There is more strength in being quiet, and trying to actually stop their mandates on our free speech.

    • Indeed, my friend. The GOP would rather play fair and lose while the Democrats play to win. The GOP/conservatives are nothing but weak play by the rules and lose cowards.

  6. In the old days, hypocrisy was accepted and all of this smoothed over, and the left at least made some pretensions to American life. Since Obama, they simply don’t care how venial or contradictory they seem. There is no interest in subterfuge anymore.
    Is it good? Yes, it can make people see what’s really happening. As they say, things haven’t changed; they’re just more clear. But the right has no leadership unless it’s going for Trump again or some kind of new American candidate…Brian Kilmeade really pumped up the “perfect” team…Nikki Hailey and Tim Scott…”come on, it’s the 2024 ticket!”
    And the left now has control of the instruments of intellectual and legal power, and aren’t shy about using them.
    Then, there are just too damned many old people running both sides who should be farmed out.
    Garland will refuse to answer Cruz’s questions. Why should he?He has the power.

  7. Glad this kike shitbag was blocked from the Supreme Court. This is one of the best decisions the National GOP ever made, even if they did it for the wrong reasons

  8. A good grilling of the kike scum by Cruz. I won’t hold my breath for anything more than traditional Repuglicuck grandstanding.

  9. Did any of those doing the ‘roasting’ mention that Garland is a Jew? — and that his real family name is Garfinkle, not Garland, which is something you put on a Christmas tree ffs.

    Let me know when they do.

    The connection is obvious and important, not just pejorative: the ADL and organized Jewry generally are the forces most pushing to restrict freedom of expression in the US today.

  10. None of this represents any kind of actual pushback against the Biden regime. Its for soundbites and clickbait articles with titles that include words like, slammed, elbowdropped, roasted and blasted.

  11. Garfinkel. They do change their names often. Like Jesus said, their Father is the devil. Not that Hawley is worth even a penny for our people.

  12. It was all theater.

    Where was the outrage from those retardican senators when neo-Bolshevik Lazar Kaganovich said the “White supremacy and White males” we’re the greatest domestic terrorist threat???

    Ffs, 25 retardicans including Bitch McConnel voted to confirm usag (((Garfinkle))).

    • “Where was the outrage from those retardican senators when neo-Bolshevik …”

      Nearly all are under some form of duress, either financial, political, sexual, drug , alcohol or family problems.

      That’s the reason the ((tribe)) has at least one spy in every congressional office.

  13. Look at Garfinkel. Kikes are so ugly. Nature tried to warn us, but we ignored it, and look where it got us.

    • “Nature tried to warn us,”

      The greater populace has been so ‘dumbed down’ over a few generations and lost all pragmatic sense. We only advance because of our ancestors and a thin layer of elite techno-innovationors.

  14. Agree with rick and Pilot. I think one of the qualifications to become a conservative talk show host is the ability to say “Nazi” in as many occasions and situations as possible.
    Much like Rush. I listened to him all the time, but I don’t miss him one bit. He would, however, be on Garland night and day, but never mention Jew.

    You’d think that photo of Biden kneeling to the Israeli would have been enough for people, but no.

  15. Apparently Garfinkel’s family fled Russia out of fear of pogroms. When this demonic kike is doing his absolute best to bring about the most extreme abuses of the Feds described in The Turner Diaries, it’s really not hard to see why (huge shame they didn’t get to them before they washed up over here.)

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