Poll: Glenn Youngkin Leads Terry McAuliffe In Virginia Governor’s Race

I attribute it to the dancing.

I saw it yesterday and it nearly moved me off the fence too.

FOX News:

“Republican Glenn Youngkin has moved ahead of Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race, less than a week before the election.

McAuliffe receives 45 percent to Youngkin’s 53 percent in a new Fox News survey of Virginia likely voters. Youngkin’s eight-point advantage is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error.

That’s a big shift from two weeks ago, when McAuliffe was ahead by five, 51-46 percent. …”

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  1. I wasn’t gonna even vote but after considering how cool it would be to have
    Mculiffe lose during the C’ville trial I voted for Youngkin,

      • True. But WHAT a reason. Send a message to McAuliffe, and every God-damned liberal in the NE of the state- Virginia is not for sale, or Bolshevikization.

        Defund UVA, cleanse C’ville, Restore the Statues!
        (Why not dream big?)

        • I’m leaning that way, as much as it turns my stomach.

          My people have lived in Virginia since the very beginning, and it enrages me to see god damned race traitor SCUM like McAuliffe & Northam swaggering around shitting on everything we hold dear just to get the shekels of dick-nosed kikes & the votes of rabid nigger thugs. So the desire to at least help send the bipedal filth personally responsible for ordering the VSP to drive the UTR folks into the commies BURNS…

          I of course expect nothing good for Whites from conventional Repuglicant moneybags Youngkin. If he does win & decides to keep his word to stop CRT, I’ll be pleasantly astonished.

    • Make sure to blast that black owned and Republican endorsed hip hop “Lets Go Brandon” tunes. Lets gooo

    • Yes, I agree. But Youngkin will cuck bigtime and be a total wimp disappointment. Still, McAuliffe is a truly repulsive reptile.

  2. Just another jew controlled politician that will never put Whites above his minority constituents. Opposite sides of the same shekel.

    • I’m sure the Commonwealth of VA could function just fine if not better without a governor. Isn’t “governor” usually a title for the chief administrator of a penal colony?

      • . . . or the name of a device on a carburetor to limit the RPMs of an engine. At least that is something useful.

    • I know it seems that way but there are a few really cool boomers, such as Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper and Jesse Ventura. I think that’s about it though.

      • @ largest generation in american history, ten’s of millions of us and there’s three really cool boomers, ” I think that’s about it though”, you should stop trying too think, it’s not working for you at all, good thing there is still some of us boomers around , we will do the thinking you and C “cornhead dunce” D, just do what your told, you and your asswipe generation, by your behavior, has proven yourselves too be the very worst generation, this country ever produced, go take your testosterone blockers and stifle yourself.

    • @cd They won’t talk about the vaccine mandate, after all, they are all so rich they don’t need to work.
      They don’t care about the next generations, who are subject to this tyranny.
      They think you can just “go get another job”, when everything in your industry is bending over for Biden.

      I never saw such selfish people. One told me how he was bored with hearing about Covid.
      This Covid mandate on business is the worst thing ever, and obviously he is too stupid to understand it. Most businesses do some kind of work with the government on some level, so it’s not just Federal employees, but millions of private sector jobs.

      Lose your job, and you’re finished for life.
      At this point, they usually tell you to start a business, which means they have absolutely NO idea of what it’s like to start a company, and how much money and time it takes. We don’t have several million in our back pocket.

  3. The Über-Faggot Boomer – Bon Blumpf – now has a line of “Let’s Go Brandon!” merch – if you chip in $45(because he was the 45th president – get it?) to his grift – er, campaign – you get a t-shirt with that printed on it. The depths of my loathing for this country know no bounds.

    • I’ve unsubscribed from Blormp’s mailing list several times but that sleazy con-artist keeps sending messages beggjng for donations.

    • I”d buy merch with that slogan, but not from Drumpf.
      Just sayin’…

      He can go to Tel Aviv and retire.
      He’s not my President, any more. I’ve moved on.

    • What else would you expect from the God-Emperor of Grift – or anyone running for the Gay Old Pedobears? Geniune opposition to various minions and ministrations of Satan, particularly the (((Synagogue)))? Time to wake up, Mr. Van Winkle.

    • I keep getting emails from the Republican Party, so I hit the spam and block button.
      They do not care about all of the working Americans who are losing jobs due to Biden’s mandate.
      They only care about being able to travel and go on their stupid cruises.
      They don’t care about what we think. They are like some HOA who has power.

      I didn’t see anyone under 50 in the photos. No, I don’t want to go to barbecues or rallies.

  4. When will you ever learn? It matters not an iota who gets in. NOTHING will change. Even if it did, it’s confined to Virginia only. Democrat vs Republican = Republicrat win.
    None of them give a shit about you.
    Please cover something interesting……….with respect.

    • I agree. American politics is a complete waste of time. The candidates are whores and a large portion of the voters are fools. Too many believe if we just get enough Republicucks in there, we can fix this thing. Sorry, but the Titanic is sinking.

      • “American politics is a complete waste of time”:

        Also it is harmful to pay attention. Do not encourage Them. Avoid giving any “views” to any election news. Turn eyes and ears and thought away from the show, so you can think and learn about what is good government.

      • @Diversity,
        Unless someone like David Duke or Jared Taylor ever got to run(literally impossible in today’s system) there’s just no point even paying attention to it.
        The system is set up so that outliers are ineligible to run.
        A new politician will over promise and under deliver. They promise the world at first, do a couple of popular things, then just become another Jew puppet.
        We don’t need new politicians. We need a new system…….one that takes into account what the voters actually want.

    • If enough of the population boycotts the (s)”elections,” especially if it is loud, conspicuous boycotting, perhaps They will make voting mandatory with fines for not voting, or PAY everyone to vote, giving Dollars in exchange for explicit consent to the Dollar Empire.

  5. A circus to entertain ‘muh democracy’ retards.


    If you are White, last November you had the privilege of choosing between the guy who wants to give Mexicans $450k each and the guy who wanted to give blacks half a trillion dollars. … There is no political solution.

  6. Vote for Youngkin to make the Obama establishment upset. Virginia is one state that needs serious cleaning up. The politicians are so corrupt and selling out Confederate heritage and White people to make a profit.

    • Mcauliffe personally screwing us in Charlottesville and writing a book in which he boasted about doing it is reason enough. Not to mention the destruction of all the monuments. He deserves to lose. But again, aside from that, nothing much is being won

      • Yeah, and it’s all public record, including the role played by Mcauliffe’s O’Asshole pal the VA public safety director. Let’s not forget about the Roman Catholic woman who was President of UVA at the time, and did much to ferment the anti-memorial & communist-socialist behavior.

      • Yep. Youngkin said that the rise in violence in Virginia was due to “White supremacy.” Definitely, not a friend but a lesser enemy at best.

    • I have already drawn up a map that would set the borders for a country that would include West Virginia, S and Western Virginia, Western Marlyand and parts of PA, also, for after the US breaks apart.

        • @ 1970, franklin was the name they designated for east tennessee, the federals wanted too break it away from the rest of tennessee, same method they used in virginia, with their creation of the so called state.of west virginia, as hey were not successful, but they were very successful in driving out loyal confederate’s from east tennessee, the vast majority of them, moving up into eastern kentucky, some of my kin among them, thank GOD, for the noble state of kentucky, providing refuge for the righteous ,………..

  7. Seeing McCauliffe lose would be good for morale and there is much to be said for that. But it will lead to little practical change.

  8. Youngkin SAYS that he’ll ban CRT. The question facing us is if that tissue paper campaign promise coupled with the satisfaction of helping to shitcan that filthy openly anti-White scum McAuliffe is enough to induce us to choke back out lunch one more time to vote for yet another jew-lackey cuck.

    • So she’s an anti-vaxxer, or pretends to be, is all you need to know. She won’t win anyway despite having all that money to spend. Maybe she can buy a seat next next time around. It was a waste of time looking up the information, so typical and unimportant.

      • Vaccines are good. Gene therapies that don’t prevent infection or transmission, damage your immune system, and have high rates of adverse effects, are not.

    • “fire Fauci” from What? The CDC head is :

      the Jewess Walensky. Let us know if “Jane Timken”

      runs some “fire the Jewess Walensky” ads.

    • @Krusty,

      F*ck firing Fauci. I want his vocal cords removed, and his head enclosed in a cage with hungry sand flies.

    • From the dailywyoming:

      “Bouchard demands that Fauci be tried and then executed …”

      Hope he wins the federal senate seat for Wyoming. ( super pro-gun).

  9. I hope OD readers are just “noticing” what works in this VA governor’s race:

    Opposing Harvard and Yale elites who force Critical Race Theory, Sexual perversion on regular (White) Citizens, torturing our children while the elites all send their children to $50,000 a year elite private schools, just “Noticing” that and at least giving lip service to opposing ending this child torture – that works.

    As our best political, cultural writer Ann Coulter (yeah she’s a mean bitch, especially to me) was wrote:

    “GOP Conservatives can’t do simple things, like just noticing” a $100 bill on the sidewalk, bending down to pick up the $100 bill”. (words to that effect)

    So all White sympathetic candidates in any party should just “notice” that the voters will strongly oppose anyone pushing this critical race theory, pushing torture of our children in public schools or any other schools.

    This is an easy one – same as opposing allowing 8th Century Islamic extremists to get student visas to go to flight school in Florida, then hijacking our airplanes and mass murdering thousands of our people in our countries. That was/is an easy one.

    But, again, too many of our people can’t do simple stuff, like knowing red lights mean stop, green lights mean go.

  10. If McAuliffe steals this latest edition of the “mostest important erection evaahh” (entirely possible as nothing has been done to address massive fraud), it might actually prod some of the western counties to leave the worthless shithole full of foreigners, negroes and other scum and join West Virginia. It’s also entirely possible the machine will allow the worthless cuck wearing the R-jersey to win just to stop any initiative among tax slaves in the state. We are not voting our way out of this. Cloward-Piven works in our favor in the log-run. The regime is not reformable. The sooner it collapses the more of us will survive to fight the enemy. The only strategy for now is to encourage things to shove the empire over into the abyss. Fly only the black flag.

  11. Where are my posts going? I cant see messages pending approval anymore and stuff is missing.

    Anyway. I find this hilarious in so many ways. Sorry, I know its been a personal axe of mine that I have ground pretty hard, but the tiki torch march being an inspiration for this kind of hoax is too good to pass up.


    Also, how did they think the fat chick and the coon would help their gayop? Even the gayops have to be diverse? Idfk.

    The tikitorch march was the zenith of the Altright. This meme is the only lasting legacy of the entire thing haha.

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