Turning Point USA: When Do We Get To Use The Guns?

Do you remember the Groyper War?

In hindsight, it seems rather tame compared to where we are now. I’m just saying these are the kind of questions that Charlie Kirk is getting from the audience now.

As I have been saying all year now, the best strategy at the present moment is inactivism. We don’t need to go out and “do something” in the public square to bring people over to our side. The George Floyd riots, the rollout of systematic racism and Trump’s defeat has radicalized millions of normies. These normies are talking about using their guns to kill leftists at Turning Point USA events now!

There are long stretches of history which are characterized by stability. Nothing much happens. There are always frustrated radicals in the population, but they are vastly outnumbered and checked by moderates. Elites are strong in these periods and rule through consensus. These long stretches of stability are punctuated by periodic crises. The number of radicals in a population slowly starts growing again until suddenly their numbers go vertical before a society destabilizes and plunges into a crisis.

Andrew Yang recently shared this on Twitter:

This is based on the Turchin-Goldstone theory of historical cycles.

The Strauss-Howe generational theory is similar. It holds that there are big mood swings that define the transition from one period to another across historical cycles. In a Fourth Turning, the public mood sours and turns destructive. Everything becomes extreme. All it takes is for a spark to start a conflagration that shakes a society to its foundations. Strauss-Howe and Turchin-Goldstone came to this conclusion with very different models, but agreed that the next time this would happen would be in the 2020s.

Sure enough, there has been a sudden and dramatic radicalization of normies across a broad spectrum of issues, but especially in their openness to using violence to resolve political disagreements. It is happening right on schedule. Draconian censorship has accelerated radicalization.

Anyway, I say this because I have believed for a year or two now that we are caught in a vertiginous spiral. It is not because I have changed. Instead, it seems like most people have changed on both sides and have become much more extreme over the past few years. Normal people have been radicalized.

I’m just saying, you know, a lot has changed over the last two years.

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  1. Wait, talk amongst yourselves and the people you know.

    Beware of outsiders eager to join and promote violence, these govt. people are here and are searching for you. He will purport to be kicked out of the military for his views and will offer access to arms and explosives. The official records will verify his story. Stay away, photograph him and circulate to others.

    The key post is county sheriff and his ability to deputize armed individuals. This is the legal context from which you must operate.

  2. Watched the Garland Senate Hearing. Those defending Garland/Garfinkle were almost all Roman Catholics like Durbin, Jews like Blumenthal and other pagans like Mazie Keiko Hirono.

  3. You are not wrong about this at all.

    I have a buddy that was a normie magafag a couple of years ago and now he sends me “every aspect of Covid is jewish memes” and “fuck this system memes” lol love to see it.

    I think a lot of what has radicalized people is a combo of things, like Blormpf still taking credit for Operation Warp Speed™, which in hindsight, now looks like a total disaster. Pfizer now recommends you should inject your five-year-old with clot shots. Show up to a school board meeting? Domestic terrorist! Southern border? Total shitshow while Congress votes to send another billion to Israel. Yeah, that’s gonna tend to piss a few people off.

    Check out the ratio on this Fox News video with jews Wallace and Walensky telling the the sheep they can “mix and match” their so called “vaccines and boosters”. Read the comments. Nobody wants this shit.


    • I really think that in order for things to change we need a good chunk of the public to understand the JQ. If you don’t know who your enemy is or what their motivations are you can’t properly fight a battle. At least conservatives have changed the narrative from “the elites are just incompetent” as recently as the Trump 2016 campaign to “they are doing this on purpose.” People need to see this not as a good egalitarian motivations, but an ethnic mafia who showed up around 1900 selfishly making destructive changes for their own selfish power grab.

  4. I believe the term is “agent provocateur” for the Feds and scumbag/grifter for the Charlie Kirk, “conservative” types.

    BTW, why is Charlie’s head so big Hunter? Any ideas? perhaps because of all the deep thoughts he has, perhaps that’s where he keeps his meds to keep calm. Charlie should get an operation or therapy, maybe take some pills or something to make his head normal sized.

    He looks like Hell with that big, ridiculous head combined with all the stupid, obviously insincere things he says. He’s looking to keep his grift going, I understand that but events are outrunning him now and he looks ridiculous with that head of his that is about three sizes too big. He needs to do something about his head before he worries about politics or ridiculous “conservatism”.

    • 12AX7,

      Even Charlie Kirk’s king of Israel and (((Hazony))) approved form of civil nationalism was too much for fagtifa. TPUSA had their conference in Eugene Oregon shoahed due to threats of violence and property damage to attendees, staff, and hotels.

      I’m sure most of OD’s readers are aware that both Trump’s DOJ under Sessions and then (((Barr))) never listed fagtifa or blm asdomestic terrorists. Merrick Garfunkel’s DOJ, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Christopher Wray’s FBI do not keep track of crime statistics committed by fagtifa or blm.

  5. Remember the 2010 G2 summit in Toronto, where men in black set fires to cars and smashed windows of businesses, the ran off? Then the riot police went after the truly peaceful demonstrators.

  6. >Normal people have been radicalized.

    Yes, ‘bipartisanship’ would be so much better.

    Aren’t you the same guy who wrote:

    >Conservative intellectuals are trying to rebrand to cover up the stench of decades of failure

    Speaking of people on the Right, maybe they’ve been ‘radicalized’ by ‘decades of failure’ — and betrayal.

    As I’m wont to say: ‘I now understand better why, after the French Revolution, they brought out the guillotine.’

    • I understand the French revolution and Hitler a lot better than I used to. After awhile the bullshit gets old.

      • The French revolution did not deliver on the promise of equality, and National “Socialism” was violently anti-socialist.

        • @Anonymous,

          You are mistaken. National Socialism was the anti-marxist vaccine that was extremely effective, until jewish, French and Anglo elites conspired to wage war against the only nation to ever arrests and deport the Rothschild bankers from their soil.

          National Socialists were violently anti-judeo bolshevism being peddled by the likes of jewesses Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg.

          • Clara Eissner was not Jewish or of Jewish ancestry. “Judeo-bolshevism” is also an anti-socialist propaganda myth.

            You also did not comprehend what I wrote that National “Socialism” (Naziism) was not socialist at all. It was a populist (capitalist) force used to destroy genuine socialism that was threatening to overthrow capitailsm in the Weimar period:

      • Yeah, I never used to understand why people voted for Hitler (of course, they didn’t know what was coming down the pipe). Looking at Bolshevized Weimerica, however…

  7. Charlie Kirk is just figuring out now the White race is diminishing? He is slow or his audience is no longer is interested in his brand conservatism.

  8. I hope you’re correct, HW. I certainly see plenty of capacity for armed, organized anti-White violence on the part of the jew,gov and its street-level enforcers. On the White Right? Just more

    yakking….and Trumpchumping.

    • Absolutely right.

      So Merrick Garland was “roasted” on Capitol Hill. So what?

      Charlie Kirk: “if you do what they want us to do they’ll clamp down on us harder.” Pathetic.

      The “right” is a bunch of pussies trying to protect their grift and pension checks.

  9. The GOP establishment has been so thoroughly disgraced that they can no longer control the conversation. I love it. It’s like 2015 but multiplied a hundred times.

    • David French is the only “man” that can bring civility back to the Republican party if only Tratior John McCain was still around and not cooking in Hell?

  10. The vast majority of whites are individualist and very selfish and will only rise up when the bread and circuses stop. No mass protesting against black on white terror or white genocide, but protest only when shabbos goy trump had the election stolen from him and throw a big fit over the vaccines, which apparently seem to be scaring the shit out of the christ-tards/religious nuts/alex jones-tards. Have no worries though, cuz trump in 2024 will come back and save america and return us back to the good old days of 2017-2018. Just be good goyim, vote harder and buy more ammo which will never be used. Trust the plan.

    • I read somewhere, that 70% of Americans get some form of financial assistance from the government every month. That’s why they won’t go after the gravy train.

      • Exactly. So long as the food stamps and disability checks keep coming and the crack dealers remain in business, and transsexual porn stays available on the internet, no significant rising up will occur among the sheep.

        • It’s so easy to be disgusted by a lot of whites now. I’ve noticed how some of these “white forums” go on and on about the Covid vax, but they just can’t figure out why people succumbed to it. They never mention jobs. It’s like the topic of employment doesn’t exist in their world. They try to assign some philosophical meaning to why people do or do not get the vax.

      • Only a massive white awakening to the jew and a return to racial segregation from violent sub saharans will save us. Secession will be useless if the new country allows non-whites to remain in it and out-breed whites. Look at how blacks have successfully destroyed/burnt down the entire white west thanks to the jews. They’ve reduced America/Europe to ashes.

        • @Rick,


          With the pernicious jewish power removed, all the other problems and challenges will be addressed with extreme prejudice.

    • Re: “throw a big fit over the vaccines”:

      The insane right wing opposition to vaccines, and to masking and other simple, historically-practiced and scientifically-proven hygienic measures is just what the system ordered. The right wing opposition to public health makes it appear that capitalism has done enough, even more than enough, to control the pandemic when in reality (one million excess deaths in the U.S. since February, 2020) it has done as little as it could possibly get away with. Here is a podcast with accurate explanation of the requirements of public health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIEyL5yP2Ck

      “The vast majority of whites are individualist and very selfish and will only rise up when the bread and circuses stop”:

      Exactly. The working class is corrupted by the system that punishes morality and rewards all kinds of immorality, especially the “virtue of selfishness.” By contrast, a proper government, of a real ethno-state, would practice, teach and enforce morality, and the people would become increasingly unselfish, socially-cohesive and puritanical.

      • Actual vaccines stop viruses from spreading. These are moderately effective gene-therapies, with unknown long-term effects.

        • “These are moderately effective gene-therapies”

          It is not gene therapy. Messenger RNA, whether produced by a natural Covid infection or a Covid vaccine, does not enter the nucleus and does not alter DNA. Rarely do virus infections alter host DNA, although some retroviruses can alter DNA.

          “Actual vaccines stop viruses from spreading”:

          That is more lying anti-vaxx propaganda. Only SOME vaccines consistently create very strong immunity except in the most immuno-compromised. Many vaccines including Covid vaccines and influenza vaccines are “leaky,” not 100% effective at preventing but still useful to reduce serious or fatal infection.

          Covid vaccines that were based on the older strains such as Alpha are not as effective against the extremely contagious Indian strain, Delta. Vaccines are useful but vaccines alone will not solve the problem of lack of public heallth under capitalism. Vaccines must be public/national property, not products sold for profit, and must be shared globally. The problem of global epidemic disease is caused by and will never be solved by the “free” market.

      • @anonymous Hey, the vaccine doesn’t work. You couldn’t be more wrong. I can’t imagine why you’d want to be forced to have to take a vaccine that is virtually ineffective, and causes myocarditis, pneumonia, lymphadenopathy, and other issues.
        CDC figures state that over 50% of the “vaccinated” have caught Covid.

        If there was really a pandemic, would they let millions of Mexican and Central Americans just come in? And why don’t any of them have to get the vax? Hmm??

        This is just a ploy to rip jobs and economic freedom from whites.

        • 100% of the adult Cuban population is now fully innoculated, mostly with the Cuban Abdala Covid vaccine, which is not MRNA. 80% of children in Cuba are now vaccinated, very soon to be 100%. The innoculation of the entire population has been very rapid, completed in just a few months and the people trust their doctors and scientists and are happy to comply.

          The U.S. Pharma industry has not made one penny in sanctioned, blockaded Cuba. No thanks to global capitalism, the soon-to-be eradication of Covid in Cuba is a triumph of Cuban medical science and public health system.

          Re: “If there was really a pandemic, would they let millions of Mexican and Central Americans just come in? And why don’t any of them have to get the vax?”

          You conflate two different problems. The importation of cheap labor, deliberate diversification and mass migration caused by capitalism is one thing. The other is that the pandemic is real, deadly mostly for the old and weak, and has already caused about one million excess deaths in the U.S., and ten million worldwide, mostly in capitalist states and their neo-colonies that pretend to try to control it while increasing big business profit-making.

      • @anonymous,

        You know damned well that none of these covid-19 vaccines are effective at preventing the recipients from coming down with the virus.

        Just look at your beloved mother Russia. Putin made the Sputnik V vaccine mandatory for all Russians and non-Russians inside of The Russian Federation. Have you seen over the last two weeks that Russia is breaking records for both cases and deaths by the WuFlu? There can be no doubt that both numbers are surging due to the faulty vaccine causing more virulent strains of SARS-2 COVID-19.

        • (1) Note that I said that Covid vaccines are “leaky,” like flu vaccines, bacterial pneumonia vaccines, DPT, and many (most) other vaccines: which means they tend to reduce but do not entirely prevent infection, or even serious disease or death in some cases. Note also that I said vaccination is only “one tool,” by itself insufficient to control let alone eradicate this disease.

          (2) Vaccines do not CAUSE more violent strains to appear. Mutations of a virus occur naturally over time with or without vaccination. Strains/mutations that are more INFECTIOUS than others tend to predominate and outcompete less infectious strains, with or without vaccination.

          (3) You are mistaken if you think vaccination is mandatory in Russia. It may be required of medical workers or military, but never for the general population, and not for employment. See: https://www.morganlewis.com/pubs/2021/04/covid-19-is-vaccination-mandatory-to-work-in-russia-cv19-lf

          (4) Replying to a comment you made elsewhere that has no reply box: Yes I said Marx was “mostly Jewish.” I know his ancestry is Ashkenazic elite and Sephardic elite, on both sides, with some Gentile ancestry of course, most recently on his mother’s side; and I know he was a cousin of Nathan Rothschild, the wealthiest Rotschild and wealthiest man in the world; and that he was also related to Levy Barent-Cohen of the city of London, who was perhaps the most well-connected (by blood) elite Jew in the world. Nevertheless, I wrote “raised Lutheran,” since he was baptized Lutheran, both parents having “converted” (for social reasons and because his father hated Judaism) before his birth, and he received Lutheran religious instruction to confirmation; and his descriptions of Jews are nearly identical to those of Luther. Karl Marx also said mankind wouild never be free as long as Judaism exists.

        • Being NOT mandatory correlates with low compliance (except in China and a few other places were compliance is not mandatory but universal due to social norm, superior public education, and high intelligence of the population). Only about one third of Russians have received any “jab” so far, hence the high incidence of serious disease and yet another partial “lock down”: https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-vaccine-why-are-so-many-russians-skeptical-of-the-covid-shot/a-59644858

  11. I don’t like the idea of “organic” cycles. Although it cannot be discounted, I prefer to believe what we are going through is man-made.

    “Elite panic” triggered by rapid technological change(i.e internet, smart phones, social media etc.)

  12. Here’s a fun game to play when you are Hangin’ With the Normies, maybe just watching a game or TV show – ask them if they notice that every single ad on TV has Blacks in them and no/hardly any Whites – it’s like “What’s up with that – Blacks are only 13% of the population?” – watch them avert their eyes and look at the floor or wall – ahhhhh, but the seed has now been planted and from that little acorn the mighty White oak will grow.

  13. Re: “when to use guns?”: Not in war but in a national military parade, peaceful celebration of ethno-nationalism that is under blockade, crippling sanctions and constant hybrid war attack by the global money interests:

  14. It is all a childish game, to get under your skin, to bother you, to make you feel uncomfortable. Go about living your life and leave the rest to God. He has got big plans for those who want to remake his world.

  15. We absolutely must DO SOMETHING.

    Street activism is foolish, but economic warfare and social warfare is essential.

    It is very simple. Do not give your money to your enemies, and do not give your friendship to inveterate enemies.

    The vanguard needs to set a good example for the normies who are radicalizing en masse.

    If we don’t give them something to do, a plan of action informed by reality, then they will follow conmen who give them a plan of action based on lies, which will only strengthen our enemies.

  16. It’s often argued that the Left is doing our job for us, and they are, but we can’t be complacent. It’s important to continue pointing out what’s wrong with the world, and how we’d rectify things if given the opportunity. As the left creates push factors from their ideology, we must create pull factors to ours. There’s so much logic and truth in what we’re pushing…….so we should push it hard.

  17. “These normies are talking about using their guns to kill leftists at Turning Point USA events now!”

    If we get the point of having to shoot, we don’t have a civilisation anymore, anyway. There’s nothing left to fight for, except base survival.

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