Glenn Youngkin Is Probably Better Than Terry McAuliffe

Is Glenn Youngkin our guy? No.

Is the Virginia governor’s race the most important election ever? Hardly.

As I thought about this while at work yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I was setting aside my usual neutrality and indifference in this race. We actually do have an axe to grind in this race.

No politician in the entire country has done more to screw us than Terry McAuliffe did in Charlottesville through his control of the Virginia State Police. There were hundreds of Virginia State Police in Charlottesville for the Unite the Right rally. If they had been allowed to do their jobs that day and separate the two sides and maintain order, the last four years would have been very different.

James Fields, Jr. is serving 419 years plus life in prison because of Charlottesville. Several Rise Above Movement, League of the South and Traditionalist Worker Party members went to prison over Charlottesville. The Sines v. Kessler lawsuit is currently going on in Charlottesville. I was personally sued over Charlottesville. The entire movement was setback years because of Charlottesville.

Does it matter who is governor of Virginia? In Charlottesville, it mattered a great deal that Terry McAuliffe was governor of Virginia. He controlled the Virginia State Police. He allowed Antifa to attack us in Charlottesville. McAullife had his bullshit “State of Emergency” ready to go before we entered Lee Park. We walked into a trap in Charlottesville that had been set by McAuliffe. It mattered that McAuliffe was governor of Virginia, but Bill Haslam was governor of Tennessee. In Tennessee, we had no problems when we held the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville. Unlike the Virginia State Police, the Tennessee State Police didn’t attack us and push us into a mob of Antifa to deliberately cause a violent collision which could be broadcast on national television. Similarly, the Democrat governor of Oregon went out of her way to coddle the Antifa and BLM thugs who were attacking the federal courthouse and DHS personnel in Oregon. Even a milquetoast Republican wouldn’t allow shit like that to happen.

Terry McAuliffe wrote a whole book in which he boasted about screwing us in Charlottesville:

If Terry McAuliffe ends up losing to Glenn Youngkin, it will be a small victory. It isn’t much to celebrate, but I must say it would be worth it to get rid of him in light of the harm he has inflicted on us. At the end of the day, there are good men who are rotting in prison who have been separated from their families because of Terry McAuliffe and that is reason enough to vote against him.

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  1. Remember when they told these American white Christian idiots that they had to vanquish Nazi Germany to protect their ‘freedoms’? And now they’re living in a Zionist-Communist police state. They’ll travel thousands of miles to obliterate anti-Communist Germany, but do nothing about their own Communist dictatorship…You get what you deserve..

    • It is strange how all those WWII vets did nothing when jewish Federal judges ordered white schools and neighborhoods to be forcibly de-segregated.

      • they all went to college on the GI Bill

        and got Jew-brainwashed into believing that

        “Main Street ends in Burma”

      • “all those WWII vets did nothing when jewish Federal judges ordered white schools”

        Troops are basically sheep with guns.

      • The largest immigrant group was Germans. How could Americans fight their relatives overseas? It baffles me.
        They were told, “You’re an American!”, which meant hot dogs and Coke, not wienerschnitzel. People bought into this, because that generation, who came from a lot of European immigrants, believed in the American Dream.
        And why shouldn’t they have? Their parents left countries that were falling apart, people were starving, so they came here.
        They weren’t savvy as to the real problem, like they could have been though.

        • I remember sitting on my grandpa’s lap and watching Patton on TV when I was no more than 5 or 6 – he was a 100% German farmer in Central Illinois whose parents spoke German – and him yelling in delight when the “Nat-zees” got killed and even at that young age I felt there was something not right about him doing that.

          • Yeah, I don’t get that. Did they think some pseudo-goth subversive Teutonics took over Germany?
            I’ve met people who are almost pure German ancestry, who are very sympathetic to the tribe, and are ashamed of the Germans. It’s revolting and very sad.

    • I see a lot of confusion or disinformation on the 9/11 Truther site that you linked. You are correct that Nazis are/were anti-socialist, but you have been disinformed that Germany, or the U.S., is now a socialist state. Quite the opposite. Also, “Zionist-Communist” is a contradiction. The capitalist-imperialist conquest and colonizatiion of the nation of Palestine has nothing to do with socialism. Read accurate history. Discern propaganda and psyops.

      • In case you didn’t know, communism is a jew invention and ideology. If not for the jews that traveled to China from the Soviet Union to meet Mao, China might not be communist today and either would the US right now. Socialism is a form of communism and so is Marxism.

        • Socialism or communism is not a Jewish invention, and it dates back thousands of years and is likely pre-historic.

          Gentiles with no Jewish heritage (Engels and Stalin, for example) vastly outnumbered Jews and part-Jews (Lenin possibly and not more than 1/4 Jewish, although brought up Orthodox, Marx mostly Jewish although brought up Lutheran) among nineteenth-century theorists and early twentieth century Bolshevik leaders.

          Accurate history of the “Judeo-Bolshevik” conspiracy theory:

          • I’m aware that CT or myth-making works both ways. From The Orthodox Medievalist blog, an example of myth-making aimed in another direction: “The massive number of myths concerning Russia and the Jews also include the notion that they could not own land or could not engage in certain occupations. To the contrary, the state offered affirmative action programs to encourage it. Since all ground other than Israel was unclean, it was rare to find Jews tilling the land (…) In the 1897 census, Jews were 4% of the population of the Empire. The merchant class numbered 618,926 total, of which 450,427 were Jews. They created a cartel that then plugged into an international network. They could not charge interest against each other, but would charge it only to gentiles. Jews in major western cities were well organized, rich and well armed. They were a privileged caste far better off than the actual Russians in the area. In 1905, the Kiev pogrom saw a death toll of a few hundred, of which 12% were Jews. Most ‘pogroms’ were started by well armed Jewish revolutionaries making war on Russian nationalist groups in the area….”

          • @anonymous “Socialism or communism is not a Jewish invention, and it dates back thousands of years and is likely pre-historic.”

            If anything, prehistoric man survived NOT by sharing or making everything the same. The ones who survived took care of themselves and their families first.

            Besides that, it means nothing in regard to Jews starting Communism, which they did. So again, John is correct.

          • @anonymous (you figure out which one),

            ROTFLMAO! “Marx was mostly jewish, but raised Lutheran.” That’s probably the most ridiculous of all the statements you have made on OD, and that takes some real doing.

            Ffs, Karl Marx comes from several generations of orthodox jewish rabbis. He is the epitome of an Ashkenazi jew. His 23andMe results would be identical to Ben Shapiro’s.

  2. What was not to like about the tiki torch march? The yids flipped their yarmalukes tho. That was probably day 1 of the current era.

    • The tiki torch march was great, it caught the anti-white scum totally off guard and filled them with fear. After that successful event the UTR should’ve packed up and left Commieville. Sticking around gave the other side a chance to form a counter-attack using their pig mercenaries.

    • Yes, the tiki torch march was the high point of that entire period.

      And as you say, it was Day 1.

  3. I also think it is important to recognise that, for a great many Whites of Virginia and elsewhere, the Republican Party is symbolic of resistance to leftist cultural issues, as misguided as that is. Youngkin’s support is coming from voters concerned with things like critical race theory and transgenderism, and he has updated his messaging accordingly. Fighting the culture war (as easy as McAuliffe is making it for him) is effective, as Trump showed, and can even potentially flip Virginia. The Old Dominion still matters to the South, and putting it into the red camp of the New Solid South is psychologically significant. It signals the possibility of hope for the descendents of Lee, Jefferson, and Washington.

  4. I hope no one here is going to say “We shouldn’t ever engage in any public activism because the enemy will use it against us and somebody might get hurt.” I suspect a lot of OD readers believe that, however. They are the cowards whom Tom Metzger described as Meet, Eat and Retreat types.

  5. >Glenn Youngkin Is Probably Better Than Terry McAuliffe

    LOL, a ringing endorsement.

    I know you’re probably being semi-serious, and I really do appreciate the work you put in on your posts here (especially considering you seem to have another job), many of which are quite good (full of useful info/links and well organized), but I just can’t do it anymore; I cannot take any of this seriously anymore — all I can think of is ‘vote harder’ and ‘muh democracy’.

    Youngkin looks like a standard issue Romney-esque GOP establishment faggot — I can see him praising diversity and endorsing the Platinum Plan™ to benefit our beloved Platinum Americans™.

    The cops who were present in Charlottesville should have done their job regardless — but remember, ‘back the blue’.

    • I agree that Youngkin is milquetoast True Con, but I know people who are sitting in prison because of Terry McAuliffe and I have other friends who are being put through the ringer right now in the Sines v. Kessler lawsuit. So this isn’t a difficult choice.

      • “sitting in prison because of Terry McAuliffe and I have other friends who are being put through the ringer”

        The innocent never go unpunished.

  6. We need a secession party.

    We are never going to get anywhere with a Dem or Repub in office. We need to turn all the Southern states not Blue, not Red but Gray — no longer in the Yankee Empire.

    I am glad that the wicked Dems are teaching CRT to the Yankee Empire Republican White kids. The Yankee Empire White kids deserve every bit of it for the Empire teaching that the Southern people were all traitors worthy of death and that the South has earned/deserved all the abuse the Yankee Empire has given them for the last 160 years.

    The Yankee Empire has taught their version of CRT to our Southern kids.

    CRT = Confederates — Racist Traitors.

    This needs to stop!

    May God Save the South!

    • So….innocent White children deserve to be taught to hate themselves so you can feel better? I guess you don’t realize how short-sighted and foolish that is.

      • So, you believe innocent Southern White children deserve to be taught to hate themselves and hate their brave ancestors who courageously fought against the Yankee Empire 160 years ago and you don’t want to see this constant South bashing to ever come to an end…

        In 1864, an Irish (I know that all you Irish-haters/bashers out there will be pleased) CSA general warned this would happen. I pray for God’s vengeance on the Yankee Empire several times a day because of their over the top destruction of and 160-year occupation of the South. So take your “CRT” (Confederates = Racist Traitors) teachings against the South and keep it up in Yankee-land forever. And take with you also the “I-grew-up-in-Syracuse-NY” Yankee, anti-South troublemaker, McAuliffe who endangered the lives of all protesters and counter-protesters in Charlottesville by allowing law enforcement to stand down so the two sides would collide and viciously fight it out so he could call an unlawful assembly. McAuliffe should be EXECUTED for the death/mayhem he maliciously, deliberately set in motion to get the UTR rally called off before it was even scheduled to start. (And also take with you the South-basher/destroyer Nikki Haley who is so out-of-touch with reality she still has no idea the anti-South culture cleansing she set in motion. She will probably do the same to your beloved Yankee land unless the radical blacks beat her to the punch.)

        “Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late… It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision… It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties.”
        — Maj. General Patrick R. Cleburne, CSA, January 1864

        May God Save the South!

        • @Banned For Life,

          “God” didn’t save the South in 1865, and “he” hasn’t blessed them ever since.

          Btw, both side believed that they were doing “God’s” work during The War Between the States. With the Union’s military victory against the CSA, one could make the case that “God” was on the Yankee’s side during the war.

          • November,

            My comment is in regard to one of yours above. I also get confused when I read something nice and non-communist from anonymous. I always have to remember that there are at least 2 anonymous’ here. One comrade and one solid anonymous.

  7. “If we bring the nigger they’ll know it’s a false flag.”
    “Yeah, but if we don’t we might get killed or jailed.”
    “Better bring the nigger.”

  8. Blacks are not going to be voting for the Irish anymore. The Irish on behalf of their kyke masters are forcing and coercing hesitant blacks in to vaccinations.

    Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Hank Aaron both got vaccinated and both died a short time afterwards.

      • Re: “cardiovascular issues”: Did you know? Needle injections of vaccines should be aspirated, but they rarely are! A needle site is aspirated by drawing back on the plunger for a few seconds to make sure that a blood vessel has not been punctured – before actually injecting the vaccine, to reduce to near zero the chance of the material being carried to the heart instead of remaining in the muscle tissue.

  9. Rule #1 of Post Civil-Rights America is “Satan Always Wins”. Either the pedos cook the election as they did in 2020, or the republican offering is a typical conservatard: Democrat Lite.

  10. I’ve decided to vote for cucky Glenn Milquetoast just to do my tiny part to shitcan that god damned race traitor scum McAuliffe; I can vomit afterward.

    It’s about nothing more than that: a small taste of sweet revenge – and an outside chance to end (((CRT))) in Virginia.

    This is what voting has been reduced to for Whites.

  11. I noticed no article about Alec Baldwin’s screw up. Got me thinking. See the good news in all of this is that with this bizarre denial of human nature…hiring a purple haired female bimbo with a spider tattoo on her bellybutton to be his master of arms for handing guns in a western…even the Hollywood magic machine that they use to control us is failing to work properly.

      • Your site doesn’t come up for me on desktop on either Firefox, Brave, Chrome or Edge. I haven’t and don’t have this issue with any other web page. I mainly use Firefox. Firefox gives error code “SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP”. The three others: “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH”. I can load the mobile version on my phone fine and that is where I’m replying from.

  12. An interesting exchange.

    Kirk would seem to be seeing the same path forward that I’ve been advocating here for a while now. States can increasingly reassert themselves as Zog loses legitimacy.

    Does he actually believe it or is he just emphasising this to get on the record advocating “legal” means because he senses being entrapped? Who knows. He’s a known zioshill.

    Whats “legal” will be prosribed as soon as its expedient for Zog. The line that the fed/boomer poster is asking about comes into play when the states refuse to let Zog dictate whats legal. Beyond that is the need for force or the threat of force in defense of that independence.

    Kirk is right that we aren’t there yet. I would add though, when the time comes nobody is gonna be asking Charlies permission.

    • Yeah, really – just look at an SEC or ACC or any other college campus on a football home game weekend across the South – 100s of thousands of affluent, educated Whites gathered to worship 70 niggers on the home team’s football squad – and the whole event literally is the elevation of niggers to God-like status.

      • Yes, it’s disappointing to see that sportsball still has such a hold on Whites — I guess life for normal people is still fairly normal, and Whites seem particularly naive and reluctant to believe that the political leadership would countenance harming them just because they are white, even though the signs are there that they would — the ‘white privilege’ and ‘institutional racism’ rhetoric is clearly setting the stage for a racial reckoning, and there is a steady flow of events that can only be described as showing there is already a certain institutional malice directed at Whites, who are being separated from their past, denied a collective identity, and targeted for subjugation by the new regime.

        • I don’t think it matters in the slightest.

          Game day is just an excuse to support your college, relax, drink, socialize and eat. That’s what I see every weekend in Auburn.

          • Yes, I’m sure they see it as harmless, and perhaps at the moment it mostly is.

            >support your college

            But obviously there are other ways to support a school besides going to watch a bunch of 90 IQ Blacks who don’t belong there in the first place play sportsball.

            >relax, drink, socialize and eat


            This has developed into a quasi litmus test for me: does a white man have enough self-respect to kick the sportsball habit?

            The genetic link to IQ as well as important behavioral traits, and thus the irremediable nature of ‘the gap’ and all its consequences, is already a full blown litmus test.

        • Here is the new national anthem for football day since collegiate football is a form of virtual Negro worship for millions of White Americans. (Sung to the tone of Auld Land Syne)

          All hail to thee
          the God race
          Thy sacred Blackness be
          To me and mine a symbol of thy African divinity!

          White race will be no more
          Their time on Earth now done
          Behold the rising here today a new Black sun!

  13. >Terry McAuliffe wrote a whole book

    Just to note: I ignored the book link before, but in mousing over it I see it goes to AMZN — you do know that both AMZN as a company, and Bezos personally (e.g. his Instagram), went full BLM, right? — later AMZN donated millions to BLM and similar groups — so why post a link to the book on AMZN? — personally, I cannot imagine a scenario where I will ever purchase from AMZN again — I may look at their site to see a selection of the product I’m interested in, but I won’t buy it there — I’ve yet to encounter a case where there wasn’t an attractive alternative.

    >Is Glenn Youngkin our guy?

    How many of ‘our’ people are careless about this type of thing is something that bothers me a bit.

  14. Let s do an unannounced league of the south demo , literature distribution before a Vanderbilt football game

    We have to contest the South ‘s street

  15. I would assume Youngkin will stink, but anything that hurts McAuliffe in any form or fashion, makes me happy.

  16. I just got back from voting for Cucky Glenn at 6;20 AM: the parking lot was about half full on this chill, drizzly morning.

    Now we wait.

  17. It’s a two party dictatorship, if I was in Virginia I personally would abstain from casting my ballot. We will see the upcoming show they put on for us, funny enough it looks like the S0uth will r¡se again, but by the party of Uncle Abraham not the german Uncle ?

  18. Good points all. You convinced me.

    My mom wanted a new boss anyway. The state agency (law enforcement-related) she works for just hired two convicted murderers because equity. Plus, we gotta get this parole board straightened out.

    Of course, I always feel pressure from my family and church to vote Republican. They’d even admit, though, that they were just voting for him because he wasn’t McAuliffe. A fellow at church the other day, when saying as much, asked, “Where’s William Wallace? That’s who I wanna vote for.” I thought to myself, “I’d settle for George.”

  19. “No politician in the entire country has done more to screw us than Terry McAuliffe did in Charlottesville through his control of the Virginia State Police.”

    I disagree.

    Mayor Singer bears more responsibility than Governor McAuliffe.

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