Kyle Rittenhouse Testifies In His Own Defense

I wish there was more that I could say about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

I haven’t written anything about it though for the same reason that I haven’t written about the ongoing Sines v. Kessler trial. There is nothing that I could add that hasn’t been said here a hundred times before about people like Kyle Rittenhouse who find themselves in these volatile situations.

Whether it is Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville, DC or Kenosha, it is the same issue. The police aren’t able to do their jobs in leftwing cities and that is due to the toxic political climate inside these cities. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are given permission by state and local Democratic authorities to riot, engage in violence and attack others. Progressive DAs look the other way and engage in selective prosecution. Democratic governors look the other way and refuse to maintain order. The media pushes the same narrative about “rightwing domestic extremism” regardless of the truth about these incidents. The cities like Kenosha burn whenever leftwing mobs are in the mood to torch them. Democratic donors and celebrities bankroll the violence and shower millions of dollars on their bail funds.

The moral of the story: if you are in anyway associated with the Right, even if you are a Boy Scout like Rittenhouse or a little old lady who was at the Capitol Siege and you find yourself in a place where order has been allowed to collapse into anarchy, you can’t count on the police or the judicial system. This is the reason why I said that Glenn Youngkin was probably better than Terry McAuliffe because what McAuliffe did to us in Charlottesville is exactly what Gov. Kate Brown allowed to happen in Portland last summer and what Gov. Tony Evers allowed to happen to Rittenhouse in Kenosha.

In Charlottesville, Portland and Kenosha, it was the Democrat state and local authorities who deliberately allowed the violence to happen. In all of these cities, the police stood aside and watched it happen and the Democratic governors protected the Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs. These little explosions of anarchy have become an unwelcome recurring feature of our partisan divide since 2017.

Note: It has been four years since we stopped holding preannounced rallies in these leftwing cities. It is sad that people like Rittenhouse continue to relearn this lesson over and over again.

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  1. Well said brother! Many on the right still think it’s the same judicial system that existed back in the 1950s, when harsh punishments were served upon non-Whites who engaged in rape, riot, robbery and murder against peaceful White communities. Not any more.

    Jury tampering and intimidation is now common and many blacks brag about doxing jurors and witnesses in criminal trials when other blacks are in the dock, or when they want a conviction of Whites who dared to protect their lives and property with lethal force against blacks or Antifa.

    Could you imagine a Mafia Don bragging openly about doxing jurors? Or a Mafia Don packing a courtroom with known mob associates in order to frighten a jury into rendering a “correct” verdict?

    Packing a courtroom with “black pastors” including Al Sharpton in order to “support the family?”
    No one but a willful dupe or moron is fooled by this charade.

    • The Ferguson, Mo. riots back in 2014 were a test run of the DOJ’s anarcho-tyranny program. BHO and his (so-called) “Justice” (sic) Dept. refined their techniques of encouraging riots against Whites, arranging sympathetic propaganda from the Lügenpresse, selective prosecution, bringing in allies like the ACLU, ADL, BLM etc., various grifters like the “Rev.” Al et al. stirring things up and defying legitimate local authority to destroy White communities.

      They have perfected their anarcho-tyranny program having used it effectively against the hapless and helpless Herr Trump to drive him from office. Now that Dementia Joe is (nominally) Mr. President the riots have ceased, they are counterproductive now. Look for the Deep State to resume their program of riots when the useless Republicans obtain power, especially if it looks like the hapless and helpless Herr Trump will get reelected in 2024.

      The coming economic troubles will dwarf everything else however no matter who is in power. Inflation is already on the loose and getting worse. This will destroy the USD’s purchasing power impoverishing most people including good “liberals” and their “conservative” allies. This will come as the greatest shock of their lives for most people who believe the fantasy of endless money printing, Globo Homo Shopping Mall degeneracy, multi-culturalism and diversity can continue without consequences.

      The world is about to be served up a rich banquet of consequences and people aren’t going to like it, especially the normies.

      • “Trump will get reelected in 2024.”

        I’m not sure Trump will win the primaries unless it’s nothing but Jeb Bush running against him. Trumpism has become much more popular since 2016 and I suspect other candidates will be talking similar themes and most of the voters will want to go with someone who can win, not the endless impulsive gaffs Trump keeps self sabotaging himself with. Remember, he barely won in the primaries last time, there was still a lot of reluctance due to his crude classlessness, definitely no Reagan who in fact was presidential. I’d rather take a chance on Desantis.

  2. @ Another great piece of work by the host of this site, my compliments and my thanks, Our people need too keep their heads down, stay out of trouble, in all things do your duty, protect your people, your property, save your passion, your energy, your focus, there is a new country coming and a better day along with it, don’t go down with this ship……….

    • @Terry Smith So with your easy optimism, did you have to get the vaccine with your employer or do you have a job where it’s totally unaffected?

      • @ Pilot, no mandatory vax, I am very lucky in that regard, but I am effected in other way’s, I pulled my kid out of the public school system, she is going too a very good parochial school, but it is expensive, the local school district implemented in a most draconian manner, the mandatory vax mandate, last year they had the mandatory mask policy, she hated it, lasted a week we pulled her from class last year, she was home schooled for a year and a half, but I want her too have a good quality education, this parochial school, has no vax or mask mandate, they have a good grades, good attendance mandate, but it is expensive, as the host of this site can testify, also pilot sir, I have been voicing my concern, about this vax tyranny, my post testify too that, I am right there with you, I am concerned about the jan.6th party crashers, RELEASE THEM NOW !!!! I am concerned about our folk Same as you and doing what I can same as you, thank you for your response…….

  3. I am telling you both trials are cases of hatred of the innocent. And if the Jews could hate the innocent Christ for 2,000 years they sure as hell can hate some guy who wanted to live or another who dared to speak out.

  4. I really hope Kyle gets off without any charges because he did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, I believe he will be convicted of something to appease the left and keep them from rioting and burning as they said they would if he was found innocent. Justice isn’t blind when it comes to Whites, it’s bias.

  5. This kid was naively trying to defend a system that hates Whites. We have no skin in this (((game))). Whites need to save resources and energy for when it truly matters and the chimpouts of Summer of ’20 were not that time – “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by”- Sun Tzu.

    • “We have no skin in this game?” What kind of racial traitor ARE you?

      Kyle is WHITE. He was attacked by CRIMINALS, and FAGGOTS! Even a WOMAN like Ann Barnhardt knows what a racially-connected society does- STICK TOGETHER and DRIVE OUT OF EXISTENCE, THE XENOS.

      Whether layman or cleric, SODOMITES are ALREADY guilty, per Rom. 1:32. As Ann notes in a related post on this issue: “This is why any morally sane culture would do with this satanic sodomite priest exactly what Pope St. Pius V, our father in God, ordered: laicize him, and turn him over to the civil authorities for trial, and EXECUTION upon conviction. Because these are CLEARLY capital crimes.”

      We may not have 1950’s civil jurisprudence anymore… fine. But that does NOT mean we have to take on TALMUDDIED perversions of the same. We merely take the National Socialist model, and think/act on the mantra:

      ‘But is it good for the Christian Whites?”

      All else follows…

      • Rabbi John+ – was there any kind of positive outcome that could possibly have come from this “White”(lol) kid roaming the streets of Kenosha – a nigger/Mexican shithole – by himself with an AR15. You nitwits don’t understand the Long Game and that is to avoid these Bolshevik pissing contests in Big City shitholes like Kenosha or Chicago or Portland or wherever.

    • Forget what he was defending. If he loses, it is a strike against the right of self-defense and sends a message that lefties can have run of the streets and that you should not oppose them in any way.

  6. The police aren’t able to do their jobs in leftwing cities and that is due to the toxic political climate inside these cities

    Police have to become sort of constitutional officers, sworn to uphold/enforce the law, like sheriffs — this way police could not be ordered to ‘stand down’; in fact any such behavior would be dereliction of duty and grounds for some form of impeachment and removal from office — the problem today is that police are municipal employees, and sit below the mayor and/or a city manager in the chain of command.

    I’m not sure Rittenhouse had much to gain, if anything, by testifying/not taking the 5th — he just gave that smarmy DA a chance to do more insinuation — what a little faggot he is.

  7. Yes it can be tough for the Right at the moment………..but the fight must carry on. The alternative down the track is much worse.
    I often have people saying to me ‘you can’t say that’.
    Well too bad……….I just fucking did!
    We must speak now, because we won’t be able to in a commie paradise where we are 10% of the population in 2060.

  8. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Attributed to Edmund Burke, including by John F Kennedy in a speech in 1961.
    Burke didn’t say it, and its earliest form was by John Stuart Mill, who said in 1867: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

    Even if the lowly dogcatcher sad it, doesn’t make it any less true. Lots of “do nothings” around these days.

    When the white man finally organizes and “does something” instead of watching from the sidelines, this madness ends. I salute Rittenhouse for his courage to act and rejection of modern America.

    In our case, “doing something” might cost you your job, your freedom or your life. When it gets bad enough, and it WILL, those costs will be easier to bear than current times with our material obsession and faux “security” that we traded for liberty.

    Tick tock.

  9. The crying game he did was weak, effeminate & probably hurt his case. This cherub is the worst representation of White Men that I’ve seen in a long time.

    He is still a victim though, of his mother. I do not understand why we go down this destructive path as a people.

    Kyle is no hero. His life is ruined, even if he is acquitted. Sure we can send him money so that he can retire somewhere. But he has not Lived. Not at all.

    I think we need to examine a few things.

    • I agree about his sobbing, or attempted sobbing: it also made me uncomfortable — I don’t think it boosted support among people who are already on his side, and the people who hate him probably hate him even more.

      But if any of the predictions in the rest of your comment come to pass, it would be a real shame, a great injustice, and due to the corrupt system and its robotic sycophants, and not due to anything Kyle actually did — never forget that.

      And never forget that he’s just a kid.

      • @Vickey Who’s side are you on? You think he is a weakling? You call him “effeminate”?
        You never know when…you will have to defend your own life against a nonwhite. Which will you pick? To take a bullet or be beaten to death by them? Or try to defend yourself, and possibly face a life sentence in prison, for going up against one of those big contributing saints to society?

  10. The satanic,child raping kikes and their greedy pig shabos goy gubbmint henchmen dont have to take our guns away…its literally illegal to defend yourself against leftists and POC if you are white.

  11. “The crying game he did was weak, effeminate & probably hurt his case.”

    That was no “game”: that was a teenage White boy buckling under the unjust oppression of a system usurped by jewed vermin like that persecutor.

    I will grant that it looked bad and may prove counter-productive.

    “This cherub is the worst representation of White Men that I’ve seen in a long time,”

    This “cherub” shot 3 filthy commie gutter scum who were trying to kill him; he snuffed 2 and crippled the 3rd for life. 2 of them were kikes. All were criminals. That was the action of a brave, skilled fighter with the innate will to resist the jewing of his world (not, of course, that that’s what he thought he was doing in so many words).

    Maybe that doughy baby face of his doesn’t jibe with your ideal image of a square-jawed romance novel cover stud, but it’s still the face of a hero.

    The pity in all this is that he was too young, idealistic & inexperienced to understand that in going with a gun into that commie race traitor-run shithole, he was walking into a bear trap.

    • “The pity in all this is that he was too young, idealistic & inexperienced to understand that in going with a gun into that commie race traitor-run shithole, he was walking into a bear trap.”

      He did more than any Boomer male has. Most Boomers aren’t doing a thing to save what’s left of our White world. They are set for life with their money and their ability to move further and further away from the cities. He’s braver than anyone twice or three times his age.

    • Yes, whatever the outcome Kyle proved himself a proper warrior when in battle. He deserves our salutations. I pray that he is found innocent.

      • @ CD Very sad, but very true, more balls than brains, very poignant example, of a father failing his son, he should not have been there in first place, I wish him well, I sure hope he gets out of it, us older men, we are failing our young brothers, we got too do better.

        • Boomers are so quick to judge, when they themselves have never done a thing but cheer on black football teams and go to sports bars!!

          Boomers don’t get what is really important out there. Most Boomers are not affected by the vax mandates. Most Boomers have enough money to live far away from the problems out there, while other generations have to live near the jobs and commute to work.

          Boomers simply don’t give a damn about anything but their money. They go on and on about Paleo-Conservatives such as Buchanan and MacDonald.

          Oh, what will you do, when some nonwhites bust into your home.

          • “Boomer, Boomer, Boomer… blah blah blah”

            Spot the guy (Pilot) who’s life plan was to live off his Boomer parents inheritance but it didn’t work out.

            What happened, they cut you off?

        • Typical worthless Boomer/cuckservative, throwing anyone remotely on his own side under the bus at the slightest opportunity.

          Terry Smith, you’re an absolute scumbag. Go off to the other side, where your sanctimonious mewling and quacking will fit in better, and quit pretending to be anything but leftist garbage.

          Goddamn Boomers.

          • @ Third positionist, You yourself sir, have nothing to offer but insult and complaints, taking the lord’s name in vain as you do, say’s all that needs to be said about you, so, go on now , stupid boy and get in line with the rest of the people, ” I don’t give a shot about”, It’s you and your fagged out generation, that’s so intralled with leftism.

    • “The moral of the story: ”

      Is that Dixie, and the interior West need to get out from under the thumbs of the sixteen states that make up Yankeedom, and their three urban, Pac-Rim colonies. They’ll never vote, or act in the collective interests of the former United States. Only for their own region and states. They’re not gonna give up the gravy train with biscuit wheels, that they’ve been riding since 1865. It’ll give them up, when it derails, however.

      It’s no coincidence that all of this is happening in States and regions that are the eternal enemies of the Southern People. And also have the Puritans’ ill ease with constitutional, Jeffersonian, republican government.

      End Reconstruction. End the War.

      The Democratic and Republican Parties must be destroyed in Dixie.

  12. Its untrue to say that nothing has changed.

    Nobody in normie meatspace gives a shit about Charlottesville or our persecution as a result because our movement positioned itself in such a way that to support us in any way put our supporters in untenable jeopardy of losing everything. A clear cut case of self preservation. So we got left out to dry. Its only our autism that keeps us from being honest enough with ourselves to admit how stupid Cville was.

    By contrast, the Rittenhouse trial is something that everybody can get behind, relatively consequence free, and folks are doing just that.

    • Agree. Rallies are a waste of time, and only give the other side more opportunities to make whites look bad, and even imprison them.
      It looks like a lot of people are just judging him from their armchairs.

  13. There are other ways to fight right now without being exposed à la Charlottesville or Kenosha, for example:

    1) Stop supporting globo homo. Turn off the TV, throw out the playstation, stop watching sportsball.

    2) Support dissidents and activists – whether Hunter here at OD or your personal favorites. Even $5 a month is something.

    3) Boycott. Actively refuse to spend your money on those that hate you, e.g. don’t buy Nike – and tell everyone you know your reasons.

    4) Annoy your local Congressfag or regime commissar. Be creative and untraceable. Use your mischievous imagination.

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