Poll: October Harvard / Harris Poll

We’re continuing our special coverage of the collapse of the Democrats. The GOP hasn’t done anything. The Democrats have self destructed across a range of issues.

Harvard / Harris Poll:

Note: It has gotten so bad that Blumpf is poised for a comeback.

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  1. The response of the Democrats/Republicans to the negative polling about immigration? A big middle finger to White people.

    • They, and the rest of them here, living off our social programs, should be sent back to Mexico. The idea of welcoming them and giving them money is immoral.

    • Problem is most of these bums aren’t even from Mexico anymore. At least Trump could reason with the Mexicans that if you want all your nationals over here sending money back your federales need to make sure it is ONLY Mexicans hanging around that border and to keep all the foreigners out. Liberal Judges may subvert his effort here but I bet a private deal with the Mexicans could ensure they take off the kid gloves and kick the bum Haitians out of Mexico so we don’t have to deal with that camp of the saints under the border bridge.

      • Mexicans are continually coming in, along with Central Americans. There’s plenty who are old, and they come right in, and get on Social Security and Medicare. They never paid into it, but they get on it, and there’s no monthly charge.
        You’re right that Mexico is the problem with the Haitians, but Mexico sends everything they don’t want up here.
        The border is wide open.

  2. Why were Mike Pence and Nicky Haley listed as prospective GOP favorites? Does anyone really care what they have to say?
    Neither have done a thing but talk.

  3. The Democrats keep being for Abortion, Gay Marriage, Transgender Bathrooms, Secular Humanism, the destruction of Traditional Family Values, Illegal Immigration, and White People having less and less rights. So it’s natural Democrats have a hard time getting the White vote. I’ve always agreed that Independents and Moderate voters decide elections. Just not enough left wingers and right wingers that will ever be enough. President Joe Biden won because of Covid-19. 100%. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have hurt the image of the Democratic Party. That hurt image might not ever change. Joe Biden and the Democrats should have 100% focused on Covid-19 and how it was released in China through a US funded medical lab and that release was an act of War. That alone would have been enough and got Joe Biden elected. He could have hammered down on Medicare for All and it very well could have been in law now. He could have went after Moderate Whites voters and picked voters off from Trump who had lost loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic. All these things could have changed the image of the Democratic Party. He being Moderate on Guns would have won him even more votes.

    Why are the Democrats losing in the Polls right now? The fact that Joe Biden was even elected was a miracle after what Antifa and Black Lives Matter did. Those idiots destroyed America in less than a year. Now the the Super Rich Republicans raising prices on everything, on purpose causing Supply Shortages so they can keep fighting with China, and naturally the government likes inflation because they want more tax revenue….this is all why he has problems. He should do something and bring the price of everything back down and fix the problem with the ships and ports. Use government power and make that happen. Focus on Covid-19 and the Vaccines. Focus on Medicare for All. Chill out on social liberalism and Gun Control. Educate people more about the Environment and the future looking better with Electric vehicles…move forward on those issues.

    What should White People do during these times? We should have our interests represented regardless of who’s in office. We should support ideas that are good for White People….regardless of party. I’m a Third Party supporter 100%. I believe a Nationalist style Third Party kind of like the British National Party would be good for America. I think we should keep looking in that direction because the D and the R are both damaged politically and we’re all better off with a White focused Third Party representing our interests. Deo Vindice !

  4. I think the open borders will backfire on Jewish America unless they planned on making their cities like Brazil. Open spaces and rednecks in pickup trucks scare blacks (and Jews). You can resettle them in Montana but they probably wont stay there long. Hopefully White Fish changes it’s name to something more diverse and inviting now that it’s occupied territory

  5. Narrative on prog California Gov Gavin Newsom is getting more and more bizarre

    – disappears for two weeks after Moderna vax booster shot
    – Robert F Kennedy Jr and his ‘Defender’ publishes, and stands by, a source, confirming Newsom was vaccine-disabled with nervous-system-type side effects
    – Newsom cancels going to Glasgow climate confab despite how it is ultimate Dem-Progressive event he normally craves
    – idiotic excuse Newsom disappeared for two weeks ‘to be with his kids on Halloween’ … even tho Glasgow conference goes well into November, he could have flown there afterwords
    – public ad is posted on the web hiring Gavin Newsom lookalike actors & models
    – physicians say images of Newsom now, show Bell’s Palsy recuperation signs in his face
    – new Newsom ‘live’ video, sitting in chair and talking, looks weird, and is said by many on Twitter etc to be some kind of attempted deepfake or greenscreen mash up

    seems Newsom got laid low by the vaccine, but they are patching him up and hiding what happened
    seems even elites don’t have quick good antidote when the vax nails people
    nurse maybe messed up and didn’t give Newsom the dose from the special (elite placebo) batch
    they seem to have gotten away with trotting out Biden(s) in bad shape, who sometimes don’t look like the old Biden (ear lobes loose vs attached etc) so why not Newsom in bad shape or with a body double they hired in that public ad on the Backstage site

  6. 52% think the “climate change” crap is necessary? Don’t they know Biden’s war on oil is factor number one in this malaise affecting us? It’s oil or live like the Amish, how many bimbos and brothers want to give up their trips to Walmart for milking the goats? Not to mention the Earth can’t carry 8 billion “Amish” nor the US landmass support 320 million. Populations in preindustrial China peaked at the carrying capacity for that mode of technology of around 50-100 million people. Less than 10% that exist now. The Green New Deal would be a Mao famine for all the world on steroids. Anyone serious about this carbon would simply slowly phase our electrical grid over to Nuclear as coal power plants reached end of life…nope for these dopes like AOC and Greta Thunberg it has to run on unicorn farts.

  7. Next time you see video of one of these scumbags getting injected with a “vaccine” or “booster” it will be a vial of saline solution labeled Covid-19 Vax, Moderna (or Pfizer, CCP, J&J etc.). They won’t risk getting the clot shot, that’s for the peasants. The NYT, WSJ, WP, CNN etc. all know what happened to Gov. Newsom, none will report the truth.

  8. I didn’t think Blimpf had a Chinaman’s chance of ever returning to the Dark House. But Shitpants Joe is a friggin’ catastrophe. Even the jews might bail on him! I heard Gov. Desantis is annoyed that Zion Don might run again because Desantis wanted to toss his hat into the ring. Maybe he could be offered the VP slot instead? But that’s generally considered a dead-end job.

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