Ryan Grim: Saudi Arabia Is Why Your Gas Tank Costs So Much To Fill

Interesting theory.

What do you think?

Is this feud between Joe Biden and Mohammed bin Salman and Middle East geopolitics the reason why gas prices and inflation are so high?

The Intercept:

“SAUDI CROWN PRINCE Mohammed bin Salman is enacting revenge on Democrats in general and President Joe Biden specifically for the party’s increasingly standoffish attitude toward the kingdom — by driving up energy prices and fueling global inflation.

Biden himself seemed to allude to this at a town hall event with CNN last month, during which he attributed high gas prices to a certain “foreign policy initiative” of his, adding, “There’s a lot of Middle Eastern folks who want to talk to me. I’m not sure I’m going to talk to them.”

Biden was making a not-so-veiled reference to his refusal to meet with Salman and acknowledge him as Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler due to his role in the grisly murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October of 2018. The move came after Biden vowed during a debate with President Donald Trump to make MBS, as he’s known, “a pariah” and represented a stark departure from Trump’s warm relations with the desert kingdom and the crown prince. …”

Who cares about Jamal Khashoggi?

The economy is the top issue in the country. Gas prices are the top reason why so many people are angry about the economy. This is especially true of those of who live in rural America who as a result drive more and who are getting hammered by this shit EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Note: In hindsight, a $1,400 check was nice, but I have already coughed up that back several times over in gas prices on two vehicles this year. Keeping gas prices low compared to Obama and Biden was one of Trump’s genuine accomplishments. It still isn’t as bad as it got under Obama.

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  1. High Gas prices are good for White oil and natural gas workers in places like North Dakota… Also good for those FU$U# as*$&%# Scottish people who want to have their own independent country and be like the worst Leftist Swedes – live off of North Sea Oil and EU subsidies.

    I really F%#*&%$( hate these fake nationalists in the Scottish nationalist party that mouth off pro BLM, BlackLiesMatter, pro Nelson Mandela Leftist crap and bash white English people.

    F#*&$@ em.

    They’re Scotts not Swedes.

    • “Fake” nationalists? Ha! Welsh nationalist socialists are even more left than the Scots, and the Welsh were the first people in history to march under the red flag.

    • @Jaye Ryan,

      Biden’s administration closed the XL Pipeline on their first day in office, and hydraulic fracturing AKA fracking (which imho is one of the most unenviromentally ways to extract natural gas and oil) are verboten.

  2. I think the Saudi Royal family has been subverted by Chosenites so yes, it is their fault. The Jewish-Sunni alliance goes back to slave raids into Europe where captured Europeans males were castrated and the women sold into sex slavery. Nice people we have attempting to control the entire world right now. If they win what remains of our grandchildren’s future will be a literal hellscape.

  3. I do NOT believe it.

    It is corporate ‘International Finance Jewry’ that is behind this, as it always is behind EVERY attempt to genocide White, Christian America. Just been listening to Ep. 446, “Inverted Totalitarianism’ over at FTN. As long as we pretend the Juden are NOT behind everything, we hamper our overall effectiveness at wresting control from them, and we also empower them to make us their slaves.

    Who owns the big business? What kinds of people are on Biden’s Cabinet? Who is in control of the Federal Reserve? Who created the COVID Pandemic? (there’s an ‘l’ in that last word).

    Same answer, Every.Single. Time.

    • Why would you expect anything less from the folks described by Christ himself as the “Synagogue of Satan”? Orwell got it wrong about the “two-minute hate”. It’s a really a two-millenia hate. Their behavior has not changed one bit in all this time. If there were not so many whites (and other goyim) willing to take the 30-pieces of fake-silver to do their dirty work they would never have gotten this far. Yes. Every. Single. Time. Try telling this sometime to a Trumptard “Christian” who clings to his Scofield Bible and wants to sacrifice his sons and daughters in wars for Israel.

      • It’s not even about religion. It’s about race. Genetics. “They” want to be the white people. They don’t want us in charge of anything. We are only slaves to them.
        Yes, the people who would let their sons go die over in the Middle East are clueless. For thousands of years, man didn’t let foreigners take over or ruin their bloodlines.
        Now, they are in charge of EVERYTHING.
        They don’t hate us over religion. They hate us because we are better than them. We are the only group of people who can surpass them.

  4. Keeping gas prices low compared to Obama and Biden was one of Trump’s genuine accomplishments.

    It’s interesting what people give a president credit for, as well as what they blame a president for.

    Due to fracking, which accelerated under Obama (i.e. not Trump), the US passed Russia to become the #2 producer in 2017, and Saudi Arabia to become #1 in 2018 (link) — the US is still today the top producer as well as a net exporter of oil.

    It wasn’t all that long ago that Russia and OPEC/Saudi Arabia (Russia is not a member of OPEC) failed to agree on output cuts, causing oil to crash to below $30/barrel:

    Russia Strikes Back Where It Hurts: American Oil

    At the time it was speculated Russia wanted to keep output high in order to hurt deeply leveraged American shale producers/competitors, companies that took on a LOT of debt to acquire rights and acreage when prices were MUCH higher:

    Amid mounting sanctions aimed at crippling Moscow’s economy, Putin seems resolved to do the same to Trump’s re-election.

    It seemed to work: stock and bond prices of many once high-flying frackers (e.g. CHK) declined steeply — energy stocks generally fell to literally generational/once-in-a-lifetime lows.

    I don’t think gas prices had much to do with Trump back then, nor do they have much to do with Biden now.

    I also don’t know exactly what’s going on — but like all financial markets, the oil markets are heavily manipulated/controlled, and vested interests ALWAYS take advantage of any uncertainty to raise prices.

    • Energy production increased not because of Obama but in spite of him. The global warming crap really wasn’t vamped up yet from 2008-2012, they were focused on Obamacare and their recession spending. Only during his second term did we see a prelude for what we have today, the little girls in charge shutting down our economy to appease the angry weather gods…

      Yes, sure Biden, nice excuse, blame Saudi Arabia and not your shutting down all drilling on public lands, cancelling pipelines, and sending a shock through the commodity markets with this green madness. If we were still going full throttle with Trump’s energy plan what the Saudi’s do wouldn’t have the same effect. They also say New Mexico gets a great deal of funding from oil revenue, they are a blue state, but also full of long term pre-1965 hispanics similar to South Texas who have soured on the democrats when they see the real quality of life declines caused directly by their policies. At this point Biden and his Jewish Handlers are so rotten that suddenly George Bush Jr. doesn’t look that bad anymore.

      • >Energy production increased not because of Obama but in spite of him.

        Another midwit with reading comprehension problems: I said shale production ‘accelerated under Obama’, meaning while he was president — I did not say or imply any more than that — in fact, my entire comment was more or less a slap at people who give presidents unwarranted credit and/or blame.

        I generally say exactly what I mean.

        >Trump’s energy plan

        LOL — as I pointed out, US production was already high and rising — the fact the US surpassed Russia and then Saudi Arabia in oil production shortly after Trump took office had nothing to do with him; that trend was already established.

    • It appears we had a strategy of accelerating domestic production of oil and gas to keep the prices down in order to 1) deny Russia of export income and 2) increase US exports of liquified natural gas to increase our foreign policy leverage. Reagan pursued a similar strategy against the USSR in the 1980s.This probably contributed more to the fall of the USSR than the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan or the threat of an arms race in response to Star Wars.

      For some reason, Biden has been directed to abandon this strategy.

      • >For some reason, Biden has been directed to abandon this strategy.

        Biden is not ‘with it’ enough to decide anything — that said, I don’t really follow what the Biden admin is doing in energy, but the most highly publicized step so far was canceling permits for Keystone, which was meant to bring oil from shale fields in Alberta south, ultimately to ports on the Gulf of Mexico where it could be exported — as I pointed out, right now the US is the world’s largest producer and a net exporter, and so doesn’t really need Canadian oil — conceived some time ago, Keystone evolved to be more of a benefit to Canada and Canadian producers than the US and US consumers.

  5. I try to minimize my gasoline use, because I don’t want the federal government to get the excise tax revenue.

    I stopped drinking and smoking for the same reason.

  6. @ ” Getting hammered by this shit EVERY SINGLE DAY.” being governed by these dysfunction able woke lunatics, is like having an alcoholic, drug addict or somebody mentally ill, in your.family of under your roof, it’s like what kind of shit, have we too deal with today, ” Lord have mercy”, do we ever need a break from these political WACK JOBS. !!!!!!………………

  7. Also, keep an eye on Belarus. I was unaware they had a nationalized central bank. Looks like we will be doing some Shlomo Ops there very soon.

    • Belorussia is probably the last relatively free country in Europe. But even one such country is too many for Uncle Shmuli.

      • Breitbutt is calling Belarus Communist now. Not letting Jews control your banking and currency makes you a commie Boomers! No worries that Jews controlled the banking in the USSR right from Wall Street. So tiring.

        • “Not letting Jews control your banking and currency makes you a commie Boomers! No worries that Jews controlled the banking in the USSR”:

          Do you realize that is a contradiction! It is a myth that the Rothschilds bankrolled and directed soviet Russia. The goal was always the people’s (national) control of money, even if being constantly under cold war or hybrid war attack by global imperialism makes it necessary to deviate from the plan somewhat and deal with private bankers and use the Dollar.

          “Belorussia is probably the last relatively free country in Europe”:

          …which is because it is the closest to being truly socialist in Europe. Therefore the Empire wants to change Belarus even more than take over Russia. NATO troops are massed on the border now, and for its survival Belarus is preparing to re-unite (as an autonomous republic) with Russia: https://thesaker.is/meeting-of-the-supreme-state-council-of-the-union-state-russia-belarus/

  8. Not trying to stir anything up or rub any salt, but it’s typically “red state” types who have anti-fuel efficiency, anti-alternative energy ideas/policies bundled into the broader political package sold to them. Driving a fuel efficient vehicle is “gay”, etc. I understand they don’t all think like that, but that’s a general trend. Lots of missed opportunities over the last 30-40 years to plan the economy out of this particular corner.

  9. This is absolute bulls**t. I work in the oil industry. America is now totally energy independent. This electric car crap is a total f***ing fraud. Hydrocarbons are FINITE. THEY WILL END. But not anytime soon…

    • A Tesla or other electric car is really a coal or oil burning car with the electric grid as the intermediary. People who promote electric vehicles as somehow “clean” vehicles need to ask where the electricity originates. The batteries aren’t an original source of energy but a means of storing energy produced elsewhere, perhaps hundreds of miles away.

      There are inefficiencies everywhere in the generating station, transmission system, distribution system, charging system and battery storage system that waste energy before the electric car goes even 100 yards. All of these inefficiencies must be overcome with increased electricity production to charge the battery. It would be more efficient to burn the oil as gasoline or No. 2 diesel fuel in the vehicle engine directly rather than by burning the fuel at a generating station then transmitting the power perhaps hundreds of miles to the vehicle.

      Electric vehicles only make financial sense for the average driver because of tax subsidies from the government. If the subsidies were to go away sales of Teslas and other vehicles would shrivel up. Besides Federal tax subsidies there are also many state level subsidies and non-tax advantages to electric vehicles such as free charging stations and favorable parking plans.


      These subsidies are a testament to Elon Musk’s ability to manipulate political elites such as BHO, Trump, Biden and the loathsome scumbags in Congress, not Elon Musk’s engineering genius. Musk is a ‘bidnessman’ and very successful too but it’s the taxpayers who paid for his success such as his failed “Solar City” boondoggle that made his first fortune. He has been in and out of court lately because of his shady ‘bidness’ deals involving Tesla and Solar City. He always managed to stick the bills to the taxpayer through his Government pals like BHO. What a guy.


      • Re: Elon Musk. I have a hard time believing rational people would seriously invest their money and efforts in colonizing mars. My suspicion is that the new rocket system that SpaceX is supposedly developing for colonizing the moon and mars is designed to be a very low cost launch vehicle for either some kind of geoengineering technology or a weapon. In the 1960s, it was conceived that a high density mass returning from low earth orbit would have the same destructive power as a nuclear weapon without the radioactivity.The concept was not feasible at the time or since then because the rockets have been too expensive and could not put enough mass in orbit.

        Musk is a useful front man for this effort. I think this explains the extraordinary forbearance he is provided by the federal government which is also explicitly subsidizing him through tax credits and government contracts and probably covertly as well. By having this technology “privately” developed for ostensibly noble purposes, it allays suspicions of Russia and China.

        Musk is proposing a massive expansion of operations at his Boca Chica TX test site which requires an environmental assessment. Among other things, he wants to build a 250 MW natural gas fired power plant. Why not use solar since he already owns a solar company. I suspect he will skate through this process.

        Musk is also being sued by Tesla shareholders for buying the nearly bankrupt Solar City company owned by Musk and his cousin.Will the thumb be on the scales in this trial?

      • I don’t dispute your statement. We have big car companies that make more revenue in China etc than the u.s. market, if we want to keep manufacturing cars, they have to be sold globally. China doesn’t have gas and oil pipelines, it’s a strategic advantage for them to have electric cars. The ev can also power your house when the rolling blackouts become more frequent

    • Thank you. This entire government is FRAUDULENT. It must come down. Dear God, smite the Entire FEDGOV. Restore unto us the light of Thy countenance. Teach us to repent of our sins.

  10. The US has more oil reserves than all the M.E. put together. Why use our own when politicians can get rich making deals with outside sources.

  11. Problem:
    That dumbo Trump made America energy independent. That means the USA doesn’t have to be in the Middle East protecting its oil supply (serving Israel’s interests).

    Destroy the USA’s energy independence, so they must again focus all of their attention on the Middle East, which means destroying Iran for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    What if Biden’s windmills and solar panels make America energy independent?

    Ha-ha! Was that a serious question?

    • That is why the Likud administration of Kushner/Pompeo/Haspel were engineering a coup d’etat in Venezuela in order to gain access to the world’s largest known reserves of oil.

      ZOG-USA understands that in the opening week of any attack on Iran by Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran will annihilate Saudi Arabia’s oil extracting and refinery industries. That will send ripples throughout the world, and the cost of a barrel of oil will hit never before seen heights.

      If ZOG-USA was rational, it would wait until they have installed a friendly puppet regime in Caracus, but when zionist hatred is involved, rationality is thrown out the window.

      Already, the US has provided Saudi Arabia state of the art anti-air batteries to protect their essential infrastructure. AIPAC owned congress have okay the sale of 15,000 pound “bunker buster ” bombs. All that is holding up the attack is Israel either manufacturing their own bombers capable of carrying these bombs, or the US “selling” them some of the ones in our inventory to carry out the attack on Iran’s nuclear research facilities.

      • Today’s gasoline prices will be looked at as “the good old days when that occurs.”

        Israeli objectives supercede gentile suffering.

      • I think you are entirely correct regarding Venezuela.

        I don’t think the war on Iran will be a drawn out process like that of Iraq. They will not try to make a case before what they call the “International Community”. I think Israel will strike first and there will be a chorus of voices saying the US must “demonstrate global leadership as a credible world power and reliable ally” and join in. It will happen quite rapidly before political opposition could be mounted. I think they recognize sympathy for Israel among the people has eroded over the past 20 years. The war will probably be intended to be an air war with manned bombers and drones.

  12. I’m glad Biden is no friend of the Saudi regime or of its war of aggression against Yemen. But the US doesn’t import a lot of Saudi oil, Japan does. And the reason gas prices were unusually low in 2020 is because the US economy almost collapsed thanks to Trump’s stupidity in handling the “pandemic”.

    • Exactly. The choice to be held hostage by the Saud Gang is a Jewish one. A free America could buy gas from Iran or Venezuela, but because neither nation pretends ‘israel’ is a real country, this isn’t allowed.

  13. “This is especially true of those of who live in rural America who as a result drive more and who are getting hammered”

    I don’t know about that.
    I know of ppl who drive more than 100 miles each way , to work in a city and commute to a safe area. Also, you rural folks don’t creep along at 15 mph in congested freeways. Urban workers have long commutes, high parking fees etc.

  14. “In hindsight, a $1,400 check was nice, but I have already coughed up that back several times”

    Hmmm, I seem to remember someone posting that the stimulus ck would be eaten by the consequent inflation , several times over. I just can’t remember who 🙂

      • Printing money is like a narcotic, it feels so good, then you need more and more to keep the high going. If it stops, you experience some really nasty withdrawal, maybe life threatening.

        I foresee the same for our economy, if they can’t keep printing cash, the economy will go into a severe recession. Maybe the worst in 90 years.

        You can have both, high inflation and a bad economy.

        • This. /\ /\ /\

          But, but, but muh Free Market! Everyone knows Government intervention in the (so-called) “Free Market” is bad except when it helps the degenerate oligarchs preserve and increase their ill gotten gains.

    • I only got a $400 stimulus check. Second time around, nothing. It’s not a stimulus check then, if they decide you don’t need it. Then it’s a welfare check. A stimulus check would go to everyone, so it can be spent.

      • “I only got a $400 stimulus check”

        That’s called ‘crumbs’.
        While Blackrock got 1.5 trillion to play with.

      • @Pilot – There should be a way to remediate this on your income tax filing; probably, you can even do it retroactively. There was a provision on the year 2020 tax form to indicate if you had not yet received all of the stimulus, allowing you to deduct it from your income taxes. That is, if you were “entitled” to receive it.

  15. In the last few days alone Biden has made moves to shut down a pipeline from Canada to the mid-west. These sorts of policy decisions aren’t without ramifications.

      • Sometimes I think he says these kinds of things, just to provoke people. Like when he was out campaigning and he would insult people. Calling them fat, grabbing them by the lapels, smirking. “Go vote for someone else, then”, he would gloat.

  16. These are my thoughts exactly on the Rittenhouse trial


    The intellectuals of all stripes have done nothing but bring this cauldron to a boil, then walked away from the mess. The result is a dumb kid like Kyle in a fight for his life in court after fighting for his life on his own streets.

    And we don’t even cover it, when its the single best example of the prosecutorial over reach and weaponized law enforcement against Whitey we’ve seen.

      • People don’t see the purpose of the trial.
        It’s to scare the common citizen.

        The message is:
        “Don’t dare defend yourself against terrorist left or we will imprison you, at the very least wreck your life in a courtroom.”

        • @Arrian That’s what I thought. It’s to scare people into not defending themselves against nonwhites. Either you die by whatever means the nonwhite wants to use, or you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison. The same way they just took the DC rally guys to prison and locked them up.

  17. It’s all of the Holy Catholic O’Biden’s anti-oil, anti-gasoline, anti-natural gas, anti-coal regulations & policies that are hurting us! Meanwhile pie-in-the-sky nonsense like windmills and solar panels are getting government money, government subsidies and tax breaks.

    We all know that the O’Biden administration has been setting up choke points on our distribution systems by stopping pipelines from being built, or being used.

    Btw, what are we doing with an African military/naval base?

    • A base over there is probably some form of welfare. Let us put a base here, and we will give you millions of dollars in aid.

  18. America was not and is not oil independent, no matter what the lying liar named Trump said.

    Texas refineries were built to use a mix of Texas sweet and Venezuelan sour. Then ZOG completely destroyed the Venezuelan oil industry. Iran has all the sour we need, bit ZOG won’t do any business with them.

    That leaves Russia, Iraq and Saudi. We import a lot from Russia. Saudi too. But O p e c has set an output target, and is sticking to it.

    ZOG has a bad habit of putting sanctions on suppliers.

    • So what, Israhell doesn’t care.

      By treaty obligations, the USA is committed to supplying all Israhell oil, even if it means shortages in USA.

      • Here is a story from the BBC involving oil that is typical in the Third World:


        This bad shit happens all the time in Africa and other benighted places including Mexico:

        ” . . . The governor of the State of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, called on the community not to steal gasoline.”


        None of the reporting ever touches on the fact that these people in the Third World act the same, think the same and cause the same problems whether they are in their home countries or a First World country. Their actions contradict the official U.S. Government/UN Globalist, multi-cultural, diversity agenda of our destruction.

        Remember, in the big Globo-Homo Shopping Mall that is the U.S. now ” . . . All Men are created Equal . . .”is true because I read it in the Bible or the guy on TV said it or some colored college professor or something so it must, it must be true.

        Who are you going to believe, your lying eyes or the guy on CNN?

  19. “But O p e c has set an output target, and is sticking to it.”

    The equation is simple.

    Do yo want to sell 2 million barrels at 20$,
    or do you want to sell 1 million at 80$.

  20. I’ll say this for the dumb gulf Arabs.

    They know that they don’t know, so they hire some of the finest minds in Europe to do their strategic planning. Just as they do in their engineering, medicine, military and finance.

    • “They know that they don’t know”:

      They do know. They are intelligent. Yemeni Arabs for example astound the world with their intelligence, impossible strength and courage as they defeat against impossible odds the U.S.-Israeli-Saudi (and U.K.-Emirati-French, etc.) alliance and take back their land with its rich resources including rare metals and very large
      yet-untapped reserves of oil and gas. Ancient Sheba may be wiser than Solomon and will be pumping oil when it defeats the Anglo-Zionist empire:


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