The Washington Post: Against White Appeasement Politics

It almost goes without saying that this how White voters are perceived and casually discussed in the mainstream media these days due to Wokeism.

The Washington Post:

“There is a flip side to the White grievance of the right — and it’s one of the most important but under-discussed aspects of American politics.

In the decades since the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts in the 1960s, the Republican Party has embraced a strategy of White grievance, perennially pushing policies and rhetoric that imply that the United States has gone too far in supporting civil rights causes and people of color. The 2021 version of this strategy is Republicans attacking how public schools teach about race and racism, with conservatives often falsely suggesting that White students are being told that they should be ashamed of their race.

The Democratic Party, to its credit, has remained committed to civil rights. It wants to be aligned with people of color. But Democrats also want to win elections in a White-majority country. So, party leaders for decades have informally adopted a strategy of White appeasement — by which I mean they have frequently taken actions, often subtle, to demonstrate to White Americans that they aren’t too tied to civil rights causes and people of color.  …

But the questions of if, when and how Democrats pursue White appeasement politics have always been contested within the party. And right now, that debate is perhaps more relevant than ever before. …

And that’s a real problem. White appeasement leads to policies that hurt people of color. It incentivizes public humiliations of prominent people of color. It results in civil rights causes and candidates of color being sidelined. And it’s of limited and diminishing electoral value. The party needs to stop and think hard — every single time — before it turns to this deeply troubling, increasingly outmoded reflex.

Democratic White appeasement should be narrow, careful and, most importantly, rare.”

I could make a super obvious point here.

Can you imagine a conservative publication talking about how do we appease the blacks or the Hispanics and arguing against doing so because it would be harmful to Whites? It has become normal in the media to talk about White people with utter contempt and disdain. This is how far the pendulum has swung toward “antiracism.” Democrats talk about White voters like they are a degraded caste.

In contrast, when conservatives talk about winning more of the non-White vote, which is every election cycle, they are almost always earnest and eager to do so. They are desperate to prove that “Dems R Real Racists.” They are currently hugely proud of the fact that Winsome Sears won the lieutenant governor race in Virginia. It is impossible to imagine the Democrats trying to win White rural voters.

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  1. Re: What “hurts people of color”:

    It should be expressed: “What hurts working people of color,” because Class exploitation hurts all workers regardless of color. “Race” and Class are two different issues. Class is the primary problem and is the main cause of interethnic mixing and conflict. Media focus on the effect is a fog to cover the cause that cannot be mentioned.

    • >Class is the primary problem

      No it’s not — it’s the natural result of the importance of high cognitive ability in an evolving, advanced high tech industrial economy.

      Disregarding ‘blue bloods’, ‘high society’, inherited wealth, etc, class today is largely synonymous with socioeconomic status (SES) — people who are deemed, or regarded as, upper class are those with high SES — the single best determinant of high SES is educational attainment — in turn, the single best predictor of educational attainment is IQ (intelligence), which is undeniably genetic in origin.

      Considering one racial group, e.g. Whites, everyone knows that some Whites have higher SES than others; these high SES Whites are generally more intelligent and have higher educational attainment — so white society is naturally stratified along SES; most everyone accepts this as entirely normal.

      But only about 1 in 8 Blacks is as intelligent as the average White (for Hispanics it’s about 1 in 6) — so barring massive intervention, e.g. via affirmative action or wealth redistribution, Blacks will always significantly lag Whites in SES — this large, obvious difference in average SES across racial lines is seen as a problem, a kind of social pathology — the government intervention needed to remediate this is not really compatible with living in a free society.

      Your comment is a lot of midwit nonsense.

    • Yes, yes, all races are equal, all people are the same, racial differences in IQ, inventiveness, intellectual curiosity, impulsiveness, violence, time preference etc. are all equal. Contradictorily, the people asserting (against all experience) that all races are the same (equal) in the aforementioned characteristics at the same time acknowledge the truth; people vary vastly by race. Laughably they attribute this destructive difference in racial characteristics to White people persecuting hapless and helpless colored people when Whites want nothing more than to be left alone, free from the destructive pathologies of the black/brown types. This is straight Cultural Marxism 101, right from the Frankfurt Schul.

      Racial differences explain life outcome differences vastly better than anything else including class differences which in the U.S. means income differences. Prince George’s County MD is one of the most affluent, majority black places in the U.S. courtesy of the U.S. Government giving blacks preference for Government jobs especially make-work jobs. PG County is also one of the most violent places in MD. If class (income) accounted for crime PG County would be one of the safest places in the U.S. Occam’s Razor here: blacks account for the massive crime in PG County because of their high time preference, propensity for violence etc. ergo their differences by race, not class (income).

      Compare and contrast with this condescending article from The Week mocking the good people of Appalachia mostly because of poverty but never asking why and how poverty increased there over the last 50 years. Even the scumbags and hypocrites at The Week acknowledge that violent crime and crime in general is low in Appalachia: ” . . . the overall crime rate throughout Appalachia is about two thirds the national average . . .” Appalachia is %98 White, much poorer that PG County, MD yet has vastly less crime. If “class (income) is the primary problem” then Appalachia would be much more violent than wealthy majority PG County, MD but the opposite is true.

    • @anonymous – No. This is all about RACE. Non-Whites are elevated and celebrated regardless of their socio-economic background over WHITE people.

  2. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a direct consequence of post-1945 anti-commie foreign policy.

    It would have been much better for the Native White Working Class if North Korean Dear Leader was allowed to take over South Korea during the Korean Civil War in 1951..for if this had been allowed to happen, no Koreans in America in 2022=no Koreans voting the Historic Native Born White Working Class Majority into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America on Nov 3 2024…

  3. More counterfeit words and reality inversion, typical for j-media.

    ‘civil right’s’, just a code word for WHITE dispossession.

    ‘White appeasement’……HA, we’ve had over 50 yrs of black appeasement and pampering.

  4. The assumption they’re making here is that woke stuff is popular with “people of color.” Most don’t care about wokeness, don’t like gay/tranny stuff, and definitely don’t like their neighborhoods descending into anarchist violence. Wokeness is exclusively popular with Jews and college educated Whites, along with the aspirational college educated black/brown people who wish to brown nose them. Democrats haven’t just been losing White working class votes due to wokeness, but have also been losing moderate Latinx votes, for example.

    • True, the ‘brothers at work were talking about the gays cancelling Dave Chapelle and how “he has to pay a huge cut of his upcoming show to the CEO of the LGBT Community” and one of them who is very disapproving of homosexuality burst out “Where’s Trump when you need him.”

  5. “And it’s of limited and diminishing electoral value.”

    Of course this nigger knows that that’s because the White majority was never asked if they approved of the wide open borders that’s “diminishing” them in this kike/corporation-usurped “democracy”.

  6. These pronouncements about what is “true” and “false” by the Jews’ media go over like a lead balloon. They use these Leftist neologisms like “whiteness” “white grievance” and then complain about the natural reaction to the crude belligerence of such forced ideological language. It is a mistake to engage these sophists directly, rather, we need to continually expose the vile criminality of the government, especially the US Congress, the Pentagon, the State and Justice Departments, and their obscene hordes of Rosenbaums et al. These people in the government, in Congress, monopolizing the press and the banking system are garbage and filth and they are hell-bent on the destruction of the country, and they can’t paper it over with their lousy propaganda much longer.

  7. The attacks on whites, it is the hatred of Christ. Who attacks the innocent? Who hates those who did no wrong? Who Goddamnit who?

    Let me remind you it is our ability to reason that separates us from the animal…and the animal among us must be flushed out and made to explain their irrational, inhuman hatred of the innocent.

  8. No matter what race or class is being appeased, appeasement is wholly unjust and politically dangerous.

    The reason Black Bacon is against fair play for Whites which he calls White appeasement, is because he, like many of his racial brethren, fear the eventual overturning of Affirmative Action and preferential treatment for POCs, especially Blacks and he knows that Black supremacy is overtly encouraged and financially supported by Marxist/Capitalist joint ventures across all major avenues of society today, and if this encouragement and financial support ever takes a nose-dive, his kind are probably looking at the cotton fields again.

    There is no way, Arabs, Latin Americans, Hispanics, Indians, Orientals and countless admixtures in-between are going to suddenly co-exist in multi-racial harmony and trust in a country devoid of White people when numerous lessons from history contradict such utopian nonsense. The fact is that some group or groups of humans are going to end up marginalised and exploited in such multi-racial jungles so Blackie had better watch his back.

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